Happy Sunday

SUNDAYS are kind of like the extra day of the week…kind of, sort of.  They are not reality days; they are the days that you kick back and dream of unrealistic things…

But they are days to let go of reality.  They are the days of sunshine.  They are days of calm, quiet rains.  They are the days of memories; and they are days to think of what your future reality will be…

They are the days to be happy…

They are the survival day to beat the every day grind, especially if you are an entrepreneur in love with what you are doing.  So many times, Sundays could be the days to consider what you have accomplished throughout the week, if we would only let ourselves do that.  So, today, this Sunday, I am not going to be the realist.  I am going to be me.

And, I do appreciate me.  I appreciate all of the hard work it has taken to get to this spot, to be doing what I love.  Yes, I have had to watch my words, my actions, even my thoughts.  Especially my thoughts.  Yes, I have had to learn to be totally in control of my time.  Yes, I have had to ignore others who think they know what is best for me and how to grow my business.  Yes, I have had to be more connected than I ever wanted to be.  But, now, it is time to be me.

But now, on this Sunday, it is time for me to celebrate me as I move forward with the growth and success of my business.  It is time to be more me, to be the happy me.  It is time to be a little less careful with my words, my actions, and especially my thoughts.  It is time to dream really big!  It is time to be in control of my time, but it is also time for more fun and happiness.  It is time to separate myself from others who feel they know what I should be doing better than my heart tells me.  It is time to disconnect a little at a time.  

On my way to “HAPPY”, I have learned a lot which will now be put into play…and what everyone, including me, will see in the coming months is the real me.  The irreverent me.  The snarky me.  The creative me.  The successful me.  The me who chooses to make Sundays a day of total isolation…Oh yes, Sundays!



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