What Do Feelings Have To Do With Money? #FinancialFreedom

Feelings are a Part of Each of Us!

Choosing black as a color for this blog is definitely intentional because I want every reader to feel the color it is in their heart! Yes, I do, because feelings are always with us. Money is such an emotional subject for most people. It does depend on what is happening for each of us at any moment that helps to determine how we feel about money at that moment. And, no matter what you are feeling at that particular moment is perfectly fine as long as you realize it is a feeling, it is an emotion, and you have feelings all of the time, What matters is how you let those feelings, especially about money, affect you.

Do you give yourself time to breathe and then to think, only briefly, what feelings you are having at that time ? Or do you find yourself avoiding the feelings because you do not want to think about it at all? Or do you find yourself desiring whatever is causing the feeling, and does that bring happy or sad thoughts that the desire can or cannot be fulfilled? It is not easy, is it?

One thought for you to consider: Do not think too much about it! It is the too much thinking, either about the past or the future, that can cause the feelings to be pushed down or pushed forward too quickly. The secret is to live in the moment with the feeling, and then go on to the next moment or the next feeling naturally. The feelings are ok, the thoughts can cause feelings that may or may not be wanted.

The Law of Grace, Happiness & Joy

It is possible to reconnect to your truth of your being, to your wholeness, to your wisdom, and to your power. Things happen through you, and the entire Universe is aligned in your favor. When you realize it, it is a holy instant. It also reminds you that happiness is part of a finite game: you are happy because of a moment. What I am believing is that I prefer JOY–it is the part of the Infinite game that lasts my whole life.

Legacy Manipulation…Really

Many of my readers are women, so let’s talk about happiness and manipulation this morning as we walk further into Legacy planning.  Be aware that once “family” begins to see what you are doing, manipulation can also begin.  My simple definition of “manipulation” is skillfully controlling another.  The reason is usually to gain something that needs control to achieve.  Oh yes, in my past life I have referred to it as “chinese water torture”…keep skillfully working a situation until it becomes what the manipulator wants it to be.  It does require a certain breaking of the object the manipulator is attempting to control.  And it is simple, you can’t break a woman that seeks happiness from God.  And happiness is many times what the manipulator promises:  “Do this, and you will be happy!”

The basic foundation for a Legacy for me is that Source is called upon to guide the formation of the Legacy; that Source is within me; that Source is part of me.  That makes me happy.  Source is also what operates when the manipulator brings fear to the table to accomplish their goal.  They get up in your face, they unnerve you, and they depend on that inner fear rising up to get you to do what they want you to do.  Surprise, surprise, when Source is at the table with me, the fear melts away.  Fear leaves the table, and life goes on.  Happiness is stronger than fear.  Manipulators should know that before trying to cause harm for their own personal gain.


Finding Joy Every Day

Joy in the Ordinary

This very moment I am exercising self care as I finish an extremely busy but productive week…my mind tells me there is much to do but my body tells me it is time to just “be”.  And so I am “being”.  Self care is a priority for me for I know that results are good when I consider my energy; and that is how I make my decisions.  Forced Energy is so much less effective than joyful Energy.  Forced Energy involves actions that are more habitual than happy and productive.  Forced Energy often involves many distractions which are one way ego keeps us from priorities, and priorities are a way to value our own well being.  Bringing in that inner freedom into our daily life is joy producing.  Take the time to clear your mental path while looking at new and fresh paths replacing negative influences.  Do what is meaningful to you.  The resulting well being renews vitality, happiness and joy.

You Say You Want Independence, But…

Happy Snoopy Monday

Just like Snoopy. you want to be “cool” and independent, but…  

You are thinking about becoming a couple with your significant other; you are thinking about merging your finances, but you insist on being financially independent!  Wow!  Welcome to chaos!

Should you have a shared account for joint expenses?

Should you pool all of your money and decide jointly how to spend?

Well, there are as many answers as there are couples.  but the one goal is to remain “financially happy”.  Keep in mind everyone has their own money style, and that is a definite starting point.  Sit down, talk, and really communicate!

A good place to start is with a form for each of you that I use called a “Spending Plan”.

No, I do not use the word “budget”.  That is what everyone says you should do; and you rarely are happy with the budget.  You usually spend what it is that feels right for you–good or bad!  So, start with a “Spending Plan”.  I am happy to send the “Spending Plan” form to you if you email me or place a comment here (email is:  janicelitterst@gmail.com)  Once you each complete your current spending plan, and that is the secret to success:  complete it, then it is time to talk to see where you might be:  do you have income left at the end of the month or do you have bills left over at the end of the month?  

This is the starting point for the two of you.  

Then you do another joint spending plan to move forward.  Sounds easy, but you do have to work out the issues of going into one account for all expenses or contributing to a joint account and maintaining your separate independent accounts.  

Get this much done and then call me for a free 30-minute complementary coaching call to get the next step:  440-670-2252

I did not say this was easy…

It’s Your Money, Honey!


While it is your money, money does not give you happiness!  And, by the way, I hate it when anyone calls me “honey”, so I hope I got your energy moving when you read that.  While I dislike being called “honey” with a passion, it does not make me unhappy.  I totally believe that you, or me, can find happiness simply by becoming very still, becoming very quiet, and breathing.  We have everything we need to be happy.  Yes, there are additional needs that money can help you with, but nothing beats that internal, mind-body-spirit happiness.  It is the foundation for all of the life you long to live.  Yes, in a way, I am talking about a meditative state, but you can call it whatever you want.  Just be quiet, be still, and really breathe.  It makes everything better!  And, when it comes to the money in your life, here is the solution from the mind-body-spirit perspective:  be quiet, be still, and really breathe.  Really, it puts you into a frame of mind where you will find calm, you will tap into your intuition (whether you believe you are intuitive or not), and you will have energized your total body with the breathing.  Then, you are ready to think about answers to whatever it is you might be questioning.  the mind automatically begins looking for answers once it knows what you are asking…

Apple Glasses Studying

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There is No Cost to Give of Your Heart!

Heartprint 4 3

Give a little bit of your heart today!  Many times when money is of concern there is anxiety over what someone should or should not do on a day like today.  Well, I am here to share that you can give a little bit of your heart without a cost!  Smiles, words, gestures, kindness cost nothing but not only give happiness to others, but it physically was your heart too.  Make that phone call, send that text, do a private message, hold open a door, say “Good morning”, but let those you love know that, even if they are a stranger.  Make their day a happy Valentines Day and you will make yours a little more full of love as well!  

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Do One Hard Thing Today…

Happiness Question

Continuing to build mental strength by doing one hard thing today and every day!  

With Sara Bareilles on iTunes, and Tama Kieves on my Kindle, I find inspiration to do just that every day.  Tama’s share today —

If you want to experience magic, you have to take a risk.  You can read all the books on parachutes.  But you won’t ever know the feeling of true support, insane grace, and wonder until you’re falling through the air and your parachute opens like butterfly wings–just like all the books promised.

Be willing to leap, …you will know support when you do

Butterflies Happiness.

Being happy is a key component of mental strength!  So strive for your own brand of happy no matter what anyone else asks you!

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