The Law of Grace, Happiness & Joy

It is possible to reconnect to your truth of your being, to your wholeness, to your wisdom, and to your power. Things happen through you, and the entire Universe is aligned in your favor. When you realize it, it is a holy instant. It also reminds you that happiness is part of a finite game: […]

Legacy Manipulation…Really

Many of my readers are women, so let’s talk about happiness and manipulation this morning as we walk further into Legacy planning.  Be aware that once “family” begins to see what you are doing, manipulation can also begin.  My simple definition of “manipulation” is skillfully controlling another.  The reason is usually to gain something that needs control to achieve.  Oh yes, in my past life I have referred to it as “chinese water torture”…keep skillfully working a situation until it becomes what the manipulator wants it to be.  It does require a certain breaking of the object the manipulator is attempting to control.  And it is simple, you can’t break a woman that seeks happiness from God.  And happiness is many times what the manipulator promises:  “Do this, and you will be happy!” The basic foundation for a Legacy for me is that Source is called upon to guide the formation of the Legacy; that Source is within me; that Source is part of me.  That makes me happy.  Source is also what operates when the manipulator brings fear to the table to accomplish their goal.  They get up in your face, they unnerve you, and they depend on that inner fear rising up to get you to do what they want you to do.  Surprise, surprise, when Source is at the table with me, the fear melts away.  Fear leaves the table, and life goes on.  Happiness is stronger than fear.  Manipulators should know that before trying to cause harm for their own personal gain.

You Say You Want Independence, But…

Just like Snoopy. you want to be “cool” and independent, but…   You are thinking about becoming a couple with your significant other; you are thinking about merging your finances, but you insist on being financially independent!  Wow!  Welcome to chaos! Should you have a shared account for joint expenses? Should you pool all of […]

Do One Hard Thing Today…

Continuing to build mental strength by doing one hard thing today and every day!   With Sara Bareilles on iTunes, and Tama Kieves on my Kindle, I find inspiration to do just that every day.  Tama’s share today — If you want to experience magic, you have to take a risk.  You can read all the […]

Leave Your Boring Job…Really!

OMG, if you are bored at work, why are you there?  I can hear the answers now:  I need the money, I have student loans to pay off, my spouse will kill me if I leave, I need the benefits, and more.  We have been talking about happiness, self esteem, and more lately, and you are […]