Getting Ahead with Empowering, Connecting & Sharing…Really it is all Jan Litterst, LLC, and we are getting ready to be ready!

Oh boy, it is already December 6th, and the daunting task of rebranding Empower Excellence, Professional Women’s Connection, and Ageless Women of Wisdom into the one entity of Jan Litterst, LLC in 2020 is becoming the reality. As it should. And it will. We are getting started! It is just like life, everything happens when […]

Your Immortal Self SHARES the Wisdom!

Wisdom does not come from reading books and watching holiday movies. Wisdom comes from being brave enough to live an immortal or infinite life by SHARING what you have learned in living your life with women of all ages. Women learn from each other and the fact that you believe you are eternal gives the […]

CONNECT With Patience

Connecting as in networking takes patience and perseverance. Know that you are in vibrational harmony with the force that intended you here in life and in every new situation you encounter. Know that everything will happen at the right time in the right place and with the right people. So put your love glasses on […]

SHARE: Listen to Your Thoughts, They Become Wisdom!

Listen carefully to your inner thoughts for thoughts become things. Many times your thoughts just will not let go of you and you begin to think they are trivial when they can be significant. This can be intention talking to you to express purpose and brilliance and, yes, wisdom. Don’t keep ignoring your wisdom, SHARE […]