“Tending” your flower garden is good, you are as worthy as your flowers!

“tending” your garden is a way to relieve stress, be creative, and see results as the flowers and other plants BLOOM! think about this, befriend and tend you just as you would your garden. when you see weeds, you pull them. when the soil is dry, you water it. when the flowers or the fruits […]

What a phenomenal day! With God all things are possible…or not?

I love the color orange in nature! And the above sentiment from Richard Rohr is a favorite. Many months have passed since a former friend blamed God for our ending since she had prayed to God for me to be her teacher to grow her business. She left one thing out: she never ever shared […]

How Do You Find Courage?

Become still! Tune in to the part of you that has the answers! Open up to your deeper wisdom that is trying to emerge! You are on a journey to find the courage to live your life you love! And “Money” is not the answer. Money is rarely, if ever, the issue. You get who […]

The Ultimate Goal…

Things fall apart, yes, they do. After months of planning for the Launch of AGELESS WOMEN OF WISDOM, we changed course eliminating the Launch because of a lack of commitment to purchasing the tickets, but AGELESS WOMEN OF WISDOM goes on as AWW and the 2020 Retreat Series. I am even more excited with this […]


TOGETHER is better to EMPOWE/CONNECT/SHARE. I am always delighted by surprises, and this book by Simon Sinek was a surprise. On a recent trip to the Oberlin Public Library, there it was! And I just have to share some thoughts that have come to mind as I prepare for the rollout of my vision of […]

NOW Ageless Women of Wisdom is on the Move to 2020…

Today has been an adventure plus all in the scope of the last 12 hours. Making decisions is usually easy for me, but this one has taken at least 72 hours. The uncertainty of what to do had me totally discombobulated. But that is over. At the crack of dawn this morning, with the help […]

Thriving Through Uncertainty…

Tama Kieves in 2017 – 2018 wrote her last book and somehow I missed it, but no more. My beloved Oberlin Public Library has a copy on its shelves, and I am off to the library once I finish here. This is a time of uncertainty for me…I have spent a year preparing for the […]

Fall, My Time, Your Time, for Change…Nature’s Time!

Friday, a Fall Friday, and it finds me very melancholy as UTunes plays a Master List which connects me through the years to days that time forgot. But that is ok for I believe the wind of today talks to me, I believe that the leaves are falling and dancing through the air to be […]