The Wild Want Because You Are BRAVE!

As Sara Bareilles plays in the background and Tama Kieves admonishes in her daily writing for today to admit your wild want, I want to remind you that in your deep heart and soul there may very well be your “wild want”!  And it is time to talk about it, to admit it!  Then it can […]

Dealing With Money, Honey!

Often I think that money is another creative medium; and it is.  You can take it and create whatever you want; but it does take courage when you become so creative that you are not strong enough to take the criticism that will follow!  My thought “Deal With It”, and in SUCCESS April 2017 Amy […]

Are You Mentally Strong with Money?

Money oftentimes is not talked about in the real strong terms that reign in our mind on the topic!  We may talk about lack, the money we want, the money we do not have, but we rarely get real with others about our money relationship.  Using the strong word “taboo” is not pushing the envelope!  Money […]

A Single Parent Can be Wealthy, Too!

I wish there had been someone there to mentor me as a single parent…I would have done a lot of things differently; but there was not, and today, decades later, I still find myself in a mindset of lack!  But really not very often.  I learned all I did and became what I became through […]

Time and Transitioning!

What is the clock all about?  Several days ago on Facebook, I shared that a clock with a dead battery–has been dead for almost a year–all of a sudden started working without any human intervention.  The clock sits on my desk in my office, and I see it without paying attention to it because I know it needs […]

Leave Your Boring Job…Really!

OMG, if you are bored at work, why are you there?  I can hear the answers now:  I need the money, I have student loans to pay off, my spouse will kill me if I leave, I need the benefits, and more.  We have been talking about happiness, self esteem, and more lately, and you are […]

True or False: Money Can Buy Happiness?

The answer to the title question is it depends o what your definition of happiness is!  Money does not matter, until it does!  Money and happiness are partners inasmuch as it brings freedom of choice, and that is extremely important.  In 2016 Case Western Reserve University released a study that showed a strong relationship between […]

2018: Can You Live “Wealthy” This Year?

In my live moment on Empower Excellence @financialwellnessforall on Facebook today, I took a brief moment to put self esteem front and center in regards to your energy with money.  The graphic above from Michael Bernard Beckwith is a strange rendition of self esteem, but self esteem is really about trusting yourself way down deep and […]