More Pain With Financial Professionals? Let’s Rethink This Relationship! #Financial Freedom

What does a Brand Mean?

Branding is something that allows identification with a company or a specific product? When you think of investment professionals, there are so many brands, so many companies, so many products! And then there are various professional industries: legal, accounting, and more. It isn’t easy, and I worked with all of them my years in the traditional brokerage and banking industries. I still work with them, but I work with them in a very different way now. My brand is me: Jan Litterst. It is a brand that stands for expertise, honesty, integrity, and values. I earn my money working with my clients. I accept no funding from any corporation of any kind, and I sell no products. My client is my only concern. Even when I refer a client to a professional in the legal or accounting fields, I accept no referral fee. I choose the best professional for my client. This is my brand: a proven professional who decided to work for my client rather than the bottom line of a corporation! The one major professional affiliation I have is as a Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) Dispute Resolution Arbitrator. There is no conflict in my business…

Branding is important when it comes to your money. It is important to me when working with clients that the professionals I refer to are known personally by me and that the companies they represent are reputable and known to me. I need to know how they work, what fees they charge, and to reflect my values of expertise, honesty, integrity, and values.

The industry is changing for many reasons including the Pandemic of 2020. The proposed Fiduciary Rule of 2017 never became a reality, and a new Best Interest rule is on the horizon. Fees are a big issue to learn about and understand. People forgot the pain following the Market downturn a decade ago when the Market hit new heights. Now is worse than 2009. With the current ongoing crisis, changes in fee models may be on the horizon. Finding a professional with a fee structure for their clients more than for themselves and their firms is a way of testing the resiliency for all concerned. This would be what is best for all clients.

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Mastering Financial Freedom #Financial Freedom

What Are You Willing to Do to Be Financially Free?

Why should you care about Financial Freedom? Why would anybody care about that? Let’s start with being financially free to make any decision you want to make without the fear of “money”. You may say “I don’t worry ever about money.” That may be true, that may be false. But whatever your reality, that response demonstrates the level of freedom that people wish they had. It almost demonstrates the lack of any decision-making feelings that are controlled by the limbic system: motivation, emotion, learning, and memory. The limbic system evokes emotions from the feelings you are experiencing and drives your behavior. And your emotions are driven by many things including your values.

Your values are one main reason to care about Financial Freedom. Your values underlie your “WHY” in life, especially your “WHY” with money. What is it that you want your money to allow you to do? Let’s start by defining your “WHY”, then your Money “WHY” which will lead to a discussion of your values and communication of the conceptual vision of your values.

All of the above involve the emotions and feelings that are evoked when working on Financial Freedom with me, Jan Litterst of EMPOWER Excellence. With traditional, formal financial experience through banking, financial planning, and consulting, my mission is to help women and their loved ones have a healthy relationship with money. And the foundation of that healthy relationship rests on values, feelings, and emotions. Leave that out of the equation, and you may have a financial education but you will not have Financial Freedom.

So how do we, you and I, begin the work on Financial Freedom?

This is all about ENERGY!

Financial Freedom begins with energy that manifests itself through the emotions and feelings you and I feel. Energy often times is kicked into gear when we feel pain, fear, or loss of connection. Our limbic system reads what is happening within us. That is a very simple statement, but the end result is that we are often energized to make a change, any change, in our lives when we are experiencing pain or a painful emotion. When that pain is connected in any way with money, we often decide it is time to find relief. That is when we have to determine if we have the energy “to do something”. The above illustration is all about energy working in small ways to find resolution or transformation, symbolized by the butterfly. Each transformation is personal both in its origin and the steps customized to make the needed change or changes. These are the initial steps used to determine what it is that you desire to change to begin to feel Financial Freedom.

Over the many years working in Money and Financial Freedom, I have found the wisdom of how to make these changes, and there are three basic steps I use: WHERE are you now with your money concern and HOW did you get there? WHERE do you want to be to be FINANCIALLY FREE? and WHAT has to happen to gain that FREEDOM?

The process is very personal, extremely confidential, but the process works every time when the WHY, the Energy, and the Action are put into place. Because you care about FINANCIAL FREEDOM, you are ready to care enough for you, your WHY, your Money WHY. Your life and your values count on finding YOUR FINANCIAL FREEDOM.

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Are You a Money Master? How Does that Feel? #Financial Freedom

Are YOU a Money Master? Asks Jan Litterst of EMPOWER Excellence

How do you feel about being a Money Master? I am not sure how I feel about being a Money Expert. Some days I agree with that, and some days I do not. But today, June 1, 2020, I know that within EMPOWER Excellence, I am the CEO and Money Master. When I use “CEO” to introduce myself, it is not what you might think. Within my company EMPOWER Excellence, the “CEO” is the Chief Energizing Officer.

And today, June 1, 2020, with respect to the pandemic of 2020, this is the relaunch of EMPOWER Excellence founded formally in 2012+. Like any new business, EMPOWER has changed from the first edition. Much of it remains the same which is to help women and their loved ones have a healthy relationship with money. And today, as we are in a time of uncertainty, feelings about money become thoughts about money and money goes on to be loved or feared. So, with this relaunch, we move into the new 2020 hoping to bring more love than fear when it comes to money.

FINANCIAL FREEDOM is all about feelings about money: Is money holding you back or allowing you to move forward with your life, any part of your life, as money is involved in all of your life! Money alone cannot set you free for it is a tool for your life and like any tool how it is used determines its effectiveness and the end result.

Pure intelligence does not make you money smart if you are not recognizing and respecting your feelings about money. Let’s talk about the feelings common with money.

I MUST BE MONEY SMART because I was always SMART in school. You may have been great at math, but no one teaches you how to feel about being wealthy , growing your wealth, or even managing your wealth. And wealth is relative. There is no benchmark that says you are or you are not wealthy. There are statistics thrown around which many believe makes them “Wealthy” or not! Having the statistical level of wealth does not make you a wealthy person. And if you are wealthy, it does not mean that you are money smart. Defining what you consider to be “wealth”, which includes more than just money, is all about feelings and only you can define that. Step One: Are You Wealthy?

I ACT ON MONEY IDEAS! That must mean that I am a Money Master. Really, not so fast. There are many masters as well as many fools who take action with money: Day traders, speculators, gamblers, and more, but that does not mean that they are financially free. Sometimes action is good, sometimes it is just risk, and many are risk junkies. Slow down, define “wealth” for you, and then take the time to self educate and determine if you are not the expert and find the financial professional who will continue your financial education with you to determine your risk level and appropriate action to take to accomplish the action you want to be a part of. Step Two: Being a Money Master Could Include the Choice of a Professional to be on Your Team!

I NEVER LET MONEY TAKE OVER MY EMOTIONS! Really? Money itself is a tool, but like a hammer a tool can be used to be constructive or destructive. There is a difference, and that difference has everything to do with YOU and YOUR Feelings and Emotions. There is a difference between your feelings about money and how you spend, how you invest your money, how you manage your money. Do not let anyone tell you that you have no feelings when it comes to money. Step Three: Learn to Separate your Feelings, Your Emotions , and Your Money!

I KNOW MONEY IS SCARCE, SO I AM A REALLY GOOD SAVER. Feelings are all over your statement that MONEY IS SCARCE. Rather than Financial Laws begin with the LAWS OF THE UNIVERSE and the Laws of YOU. Know how you feel about money, then begin to change what needs to be changed to open you up to the realities of the Financial Laws. Finance is not taught in schools, the Principles of Finance are, and you need to know who you are before you can learn the Principles and understand the Principles so that you know what works for you and how Principles may need to be broken or bent just a little for you to create any healthy relationship including your relationship with money. Step Four: Know Who You Are Before You Learn the Rules !

A Family Legacy Begins With Financial Freedom #Financial Freedom

Total Freedom Includes Financial Freedom!

Calm colors of the sky, the American flag reminding us of our freedoms no matter what the world tries to tell us, the memory of John F. Kennedy, and more all reflect the freedoms we enjoy. Whatever we create during our lifetime becomes a part of our legacy. It is not only money, but money is the tool that allows us to make the choices for what we hold dear not only during our lives but also for what we hold dear enough to pass on to those we choose during our lifetime. The legacy lives on but we do have the choice to create that legacy while we are still alive and to share that legacy during our lifetime.

Many times it is thought that the beneficiaries of our legacy will be surprised upon our passing, but that they will figure it out. The true joy of a legacy is to be able to create it and then to share it with those we have chosen so that they can understand and appreciate it both during our lifetime and after our personal transition. The gift includes the rationale for what our legacy is, the blessing of why we have chosen to make someone part of that legacy, and the intention of what we hold in hope for the legacy. Waiting until after death cannot help but have the legacy lose its meaning in the individual translation. It is also why so many legacies are destroyed far too early. The intention and the execution of the legacy becomes lost in the event of our death!

The even greater gift is the sharing of the legacy with the recipients as they are guided by you through understanding and educating the beneficiaries in what your legacy meant to you, how your achievement of financial freedom allows them to learn through you while you are alive and after your transition. It is the gift of financial freedom to them from you in some small or large way. It is the gift of not a mere utterance of words but showing that your legacy was your way of living through your words forever into the future but beginning now.

The Choices Are Yours: The Mistakes Can be Avoided! #Financial Freedom

Avoid the Mistakes!

I want to make this Financial Freedom stuff easy: THERE IS NO POT OF GOLD! I am in the business of helping people find their Money WHY and then finding the right professionals to help them achieve their WHY and leave a Legacy of their lives.

The WHY is the hard work I help you with, It can be easy, too.

When it comes to the right financial professional, there are things you want: someone who has your best interest at heart, someone who will be a fiduciary for you and explain what that is, someone who has understandable and reputable credentials, and someone you can work with!

So, let’s start with the mistakes to avoid:








After over 20 years in the financial industry, I would love to help you avoid the above mistakes. Really, I dedicate my life to doing this because I have been in the industry but I now do not represent a brokerage, I do not sell any investment products, and I am an approved FINRA (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority) Arbitrator.

OOPs, forgot one last mistake: Never check FINRA Broker Check!

What Am I Talking About? Make it Simple! #Financial Freedom

The Joy of a Child!

I will first offer an apology for not using the picture of a child in my blog! Sorry, but there is no other way to illustrate what financial freedom is! The simplicity of the joy of a visit from the tooth fairy cannot be underestimated. And that is what Financial Freedom is all about. When you have received money from The Universe, it was hoped for, but the Source shall remain nameless. It came from the tooth fairy. Of course, it did. The same holds true for a visit from the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus. And then someone steals your joy and tells you there is no Tooth Fairy, there is no Easter Bunny, and there is no Santa Claus! OMG! And then you have to be good, you have to work harder, and you have to be born rich! Of course, you have to put feet on your prayers, you do have to contribute to society, and you do have to make something of yourself. But that is where faith and Source and the Universe within you come into play. Once upon a time there was Financial Freedom in your life, and then…it was gone !

You can bring it back by going within to find what it is that you want, how you can control it, and then set out to find where you lost it. Find your WHY and then narrow it down to your Money WHY, and you do this because Money is necessary in our world. Know who you are and find the right financial professional to help you accomplish your WHY! And more than that, you want to leave your world better than you found it. You have a legacy to leave and you determine who you will leave that legacy to. It is all up to you! This in the simplest of terms is what Financial Freedom is: you find your WHY and you do it!

Not complicated enough for you? Then come to and let’s communicate. Even then, I can make this all fun again for you!

Who Do You Believe You Are? You Are Probably Right! #Financial Freedom

Really, how are you doing? I am seeing blue skies, nothing but blue skies from now on, and I am not talking about the law of attraction, which I do believe, but I also believe there is so much more within each of you! Why do you always feel like, no matter what, you can always do better?

Yes, it is Memorial Day, and you could be dead! This is a day to honor those who died in service to our country, and with the recent situation, there are a lot more who should be honored today, but I digress.

Yes, I do mean the fact that you are alive is something you can be positive about. And, while we control that in certain areas of self care, there is also “the luck of the draw” throughout your total lifespan. Keep it up! It is nothing to discount. Believe you are alive for a reason…

Today, you have so much information available to you through so many sources that was never available in the past. You can change your life by making up your mind and re-educating yourself through the internet if nothing else/ Believe you are smart…

But here is where I offer a warning of sorts. Most of your problems are in your mind. Really. I am not saying you are mentally ill. Far from it. With all of the input you receive today from all sources, people included, your brain can be suffering from overload. Too much information is overwhelming. But you can also sort out your problems in your mind. Find a way to quiet your mind. This is the beginning of mindfulness. Take the time to be quiet and see what comes to you through your quiet mind. Believe you are ok…

Maybe now your mind is a little quieter. Keep it that way. STOP seeing, reading, listening to the NEWS. Most of it is about politicians and political messes and political malfeasance, and most of it is not even true! But “people” like hearing, seeing, and reading about it. Why? It just makes you feel angry, upset, depressed, etc. Believe you will know what you need to know…

Yes, there are problems in the world that might affect you: unemployment, hunger, homelessness, health, etc. But spend your time to breathe, to think through it (mindfulness can help), and to find the resources that can help YOU. They are out there. Believe you can find the help you need…

Dr. Seuss had wisdom and he shared it. “Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer the You.” You were born with everything you need to succeed. It is just that too many people in too many parts of your life have shared things with you that have you feeling less than perfect today. ONLY YOU can change that one step at a time. Believe YOU are a powerful being…

Working Too Hard? STOP IT! #FinancialFreedom


Sometimes, you just have to use the GOLD Crayon! All of us without exception have been told sometimes in our life that we have to work hard to accomplish what we want. And this is a place where money has nothing to do with it–we could be from a privileged background or an underprivileged background. And sometimes this admonition has an effect, and sometimes genes take over although Bruce Lipton does not believe in the genetic predisposition in my mind. Just recently I had a conversation with a much younger person who alluded to the genetic impact on two people who never met each other until recently while having the same parental origin. The two people were very very much alike in many aspects of the life they had chosen for themselves.

BUT at this time in life, I will tell you that “working harder” is almost always problematic if the most important ingredient, which may be spoken while not believed, is missing. “BELIEVE IN YOURSELF” Not only on the surface, but believe that the SOURCE within you is there to help you BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. Don’t believe in Source? Maybe that is a place to start moving forward in this moment…

What DO YOU WANT: a Quiet Mind or a Monkey Mind? #FinancialFreedom


And I do believe in energy. You are a powerful being; you can turn negativity into positivity but only if you want to! A quiet mind can start out as a noisy mind and with your control of your energy you can make the transformation. How? Well first of all observe your feelings in the moment. Can you acknowledge the feelings that you are allowing? That is what you are controlling. If you want to change, you can through your own thoughts and actions. It is not always easy, but it is possible!

The Buddhists named “monkey mind”! Think about it. Monkeys flitter from one tree to another possibly mindless of what they really are seeking. I cannot say that I know what they are thinking, but I can admit that when “monkey mind” is occurring, it is an abundance of brain activity, too much thinking, that now drives me to STOP IT!

And it does take practice. It is especially bothersome when it is about money; it appears as confusion and indecisiveness. It is about decision making, and money decisions are not always easy. In fact, for many, they appear to be elusive! Why? For one of many reasons, but for whatever the reason, and each reason can be remedied once identified, it is feelings that have taken over: fear, jealousy, revenge, love, desire, and more. Put the feelings in place at that moment, and you have started down a path to make easier money decisions and you are beginning to know you want financial freedom!

You Have So Much to Gain If You Acknowledge Feelings! #FinancialFreedom

RICH is a Feeling!

GOLD is a feeling associated with lots of money! But GOLD in and of itself is only a symbol of money. It may make you feel RICH, but are there any other feelings the pure physical presence of GOLD brings to you? I really do not think so.

I prefer the color GREEN for all things Money! It is a feeling, a feeling of energy, of nature, of growth. These are feelings that are all positive. It is also many times the color of a feeling of gratitude. It is a HAPPY color for you, for family, for adventure, and for knowledge.

But either way, GOLD OR GREEN, you have to pause, think about the moment in money, and you have to acknowledge what the money at the moment means to you. It could be only a symbol of affluence to you or it could be a symbol of happiness related to family, joy and more. YOU DECIDE THE MEANING by acknowledging the feeling you are allowing to flow through you!

WHAT YOU GAIN is up to you. Do you want to be happy, it is up to you? Do you want to feel sad, it is up to you. THINK ABOUT IT FOR A MOMENT, but do not think too long for your thoughts will leave the present moment and return to thoughts of the past or move forward to thoughts of the future, which you decide is to be good or bad!