What Lasting Value Are You Creating?

“Rich people see every dollar as ‘seed’ that can replanted to earn a hundred more dollars, which can then be replanted to earn a thousand more dollars”.  T. Harv Ecker Living by design and not default also germinates a unified consciousness within your family and chosen Legacy participants.   But the most important thing is […]

Living by Design, Not Default

Living your Legacy is by design not default!  The plan for a Family Legacy in Financial Wellness is a process that gives the family legacy initiator the power to live your life, and your family to participate in your life, in a mindful, proactive, purposeful, and successful way. More than that, the Legacy in Financial […]

Put Your Dream Into Play…A Family Legacy in Financial Wellness can be your Dream Come to Life!

Why would anyone want to plan to leave a Legacy, a true Family Legacy for Financial Wellness?  When men and women become a member of the folks in their 40’s to their 60’s, they have reached a level of achievement and success along with some material wealth.  They are at a gateway to the rest […]

A Family Legacy in Financial Wellness begins YOUR LEGACY of LOVE AND LIFE!

When I began the planning for the 2019 Introduction of “A Family Legacy in Financial Wellness”, it was a way to really make an impact through my work in Money Energy.  Through my years of financial work, it became clear that Money Energy was rarely a solo journey.  Everyone is impacted by the past as […]

As you Prepare YOUR LEGACY, Make Someone Remember You for More than a Lifetime…

What is your next right move?  The next right move will help you and others get what they want.  Be grateful, keep a grateful journal; begin to change your perspective of everyone you encounter.  When you are grateful and appreciative of others, you will be kinder.  And the most important thing is that we are […]

I Will Dodge Energy Vampires & The Universe Will Be Right There to Plod Along With Me Joyfully…

Several months ago, I read Christiane Northrup’s book DODGING ENERGY VAMPIRES, and I shared several of the names of the Vampires I was currently beginning to see and feel in my life.  The Universe heard, and the Universe acted at its own pace…probably in a way that I would have if I had more discipline. […]