I Do Have the Power….

Resignation as an Adult

Being happy means taking the power, keeping the power, and sharing the power we had when we were two years old!  Yes, I do mean that!  A two-year old is quite powerful.  You can see it in their eyes, you can feel it in their heart.  They know that they are in control, no matter what their parents think, say, or do.

They know how to be a  people pleaser…when they want to be.  But they have the power of all times–the ability to say “NO!”  They are focused and they are productive in their own way.  They know that they are here to shine their light, and they know they are powerful.

Do not forget that the two-year old is still within you…you have the power!

Forget the M0ney Myths and Believe in the Miracles!

Happiness is a Journey

As we proceed down life’s path, there are many who will offer their advice as to how to find happiness with money.  Many times, this advice can be a myth, and many times it is meant to share the fear that others have experienced in their financial lives.  But this is your journey, and it is not a destination, and there can be miracles along the way that only you can experience.  This is YOUR journey, no one else’s!

People will tell you that you need a lot of money to invest.  But starting small is really the way to realize  a  miracle many years down the road.  While I could, I will not give you investment advice; I do not do that any longer.  I just want to put you in the right frame of mind to start investing even with the smallest amounts of money.

People will also tell you that investing is like gambling.  But anyone who has ever witnessed a miracle knows that there has been some risk somewhere somehow.  Look at it as an opportunity and not as a threat to your future security!

People will tell you that you must start at a low salary to get started.  Do not believe them.  You need to look at what your skills are and how much they are worth on today’s market.  AND, and this is a big AND, look thoroughly at what you will need to meet your obligations and what your potential for a salary is; then proceed.  really, I work with many who have no idea how much they need to “get started” on their own.  And then for years, they suffer, and not quietly.  Be realistic on both ends of what you provide and what you are worth–do not settle.  Settling happens out of fear and rarely brings happiness.   www.empowerexcelelncewithjan.com

Choosing today…

Happiness Be Happy in the sand

I choose today to be happy.  Being the oldest child of three sisters has had it moments of pure torture and very few moments of pure love.  Yes, we are from a very dysfunctional family, and both parents are now deceased; and I am sure they are looking down from above going “Oh no, why is she talking like that?”  And that is pretty much my sisters’ take on this as well…there was nothing wrong!   And they do not want to talk about any situations in our lives, and there have been plenty.  And we all have played a part in all of them, some of which I do not even know what they are.  And maybe I am delusional, or maybe I am choosing to be happy ever since high school.  

Now, that is the past.

Here is the “now”.  I want this familial dysfunction to stop, at least on the surface.  Each moment is too precious.  Choices made in the past are past choices.  We all have the power to choose again and again.  Thank God!  We all have a need for social support that is real.  It is wired into our biology.  A good “now” leads to a  good future and that leads to less anxiety in all parts of our lives.  Each good connection bolsters our cardio and immune systems, and it extends our lives.  That is important because my life plan has me living beyond 104+; that means forever whether in this life or a future life!  Connections are a way to stay afloat.  And that should start with biological family.

This message will never reach the siblings and their families because as I know it, they do not even recognize my existence at this point in time, and I doubt that they would ever admit that they read my blogs even if they did…”Now” is now, and it is not too late. 

“In the Flow of Happy”

Happy Butterfly Wekend

Money does not stop at 5 PM Friday.  In fact, it probably flows just as happily even if it is more on the personal rather than business side of life for many.  Butterflies fly all of the time during their short life span.  I know, as a solo entrepreneur, that I show up all of the time with butterflies and money.  As a transitional financial coach, I am always going through transformations — the symbol of a transformation is the butterfly, and I am always dealing with money, personally and professionally.  I have to show up for all circumstances ready to be, ready to help, ready to transform.

And that makes me happy.  It puts me in the flow on all counts.

Yes, I have a plan for happiness.  This morning I am in my pajamas before I go off to spend the day with several clients:  one going through a career and residence transition while the other one continues through her divorce transition on to a new career.  Both of these clients are solo entrepreneurs like me.  I work alone.  But I am never lonely.  If I begin to have cabin fever, I pick up and move my office to a happy place.  I can go to the gym, and I do.  I can plug in at the local coffee shop, and there are many.  Or I can play hooky, and, yes, I do, especially  on the weekend.  And that takes discipline; it takes discipline to be happy!  

I have a routine, and I stick to it until I just cannot focus on doing that.  Then I change the routine or use my essential oils that help me focus.  But it is all a part of being happy!  TO be honest, I am disciplined to be happy.  I am disciplined to be in the flow…


There is a Place and a Limit to Writing in the Sand!

Happiness Be Happy in the sand

Living moment to moment is a perfect place to be for writing in the sand.  It is not forever, and it surely will not be there tomorrow.  I ave learned to bless the limitations I have found in my life:  living in the moment and being blessed by impermanence.  Those limitations lead me to my longing and power.  It keeps me on my toes…  It also helps me learn to find my place at any given moment.  

With about 100 women as members of my networking groups, not everyone is patient, not everyone lives in the moment, and not everyone knows where their place is in the scheme of things.  Yes, I have many impatient people in my life.  They used to really bug me, but that does not work on finding my “happy place”.  Yesterday was yesterday, and I was on the road.  I handle many emails as they occur between meetings.  Sometimes I need to be in my office to reference the appropriate response.  Today, I am in my office, and even before 9 am, a second email appeared on a non urgent matter which I will research and respond to today.  Yes, in the past, I would have jumped and put that request to the head of the line, but, as you see, that is not happening.  I have a rhythm and flow in my life.  I work solo, and I love it.  I am not lonely working solo–I do not look for opportunities to socialize as I find them in my regular scheduled week.  I am not a negative thinker–I have learned to like and trust myself. so I am not looking for outside communication to validate me.  I am very self-disciplined–I always have been, but as a solo entrepreneur I am successful because I keep fine-tuning that value in my life.  

I have found my place not only in my business world but also in my personal, spiritual, and creative lives.  Isn’t it time everyone try to find their place so that they no not disrupt the world of those who have found their place?


The Power is Yours…

Inner Child Swimming

No one limits you but you!  And sometimes, you do a very good job of limiting your joy, your money, your happiness!  There can be a million reasons why, and they are not important.  What is important is that you begin to believe that the power is yours!  And every circumstance throughout your whole life has been guiding you truly in love and joy and happiness!  As a child, you were not aware of the power, but you learned early on that you had joy, your had happiness, you had the power.  It was the world around you that began limiting you and teaching you that you had to have limits.

Now it is up to you to take the power back.  You need to determine your joy, your happiness, and your power, and you have to relearn that putting yourself first is not being selfish.  It is the pursuit of your mission on this Earth–and we all have one–and it is up to you to find this to find your happiness.

So, jump into the middle of the lake, like a child.  Smile, like a child.  No matter what area of your life–money, health, love, and more–jump in and begin to know your power again…The world is waiting for YOU!


Start with Love…

Happiness Secret

And then, “Live daringly, boldly, fearlessly, taste the relish to be found in competition, in having out forth the best within you.”  Industrialist Henry J. Kaiser says it all.

Really, this is the secret to happiness.  Accept where you are in life and then make the most of it.  I can do that.  Can you do that?  

Make the most out of today in whatever way you do that!


Starting Your Fire…

Happiness   Learning to Loe Your Life

Your life today is where you are.  It does not matter what happened before today, and we do not know what tomorrow will bring.  Even the lessons we learned in the past do not always hold truth for this moment and the now and the future.  It is like a fire on the beach on a Sunday night…it burns brightly, it is romantic, and , unless tended constantly, it dies.  In the words of Bruce Springsteen, “You can’t start a fire without a spark.”  And that last spark probably died on Sunday night.  It is time to start a new fire.  After all, it is Monday, the day of beginnings every week.  Mondays are hard.  In fact, they can be down right difficult.  But learning to love your life can be easier if you are happy with your life; the love will come; it always does, at least for a moment.

Money and happiness?  Are they really linked?  In some cases, they are.  In some cases, they are not.  Happiness stands apart from money.  Yes, it helps to have money to be able to buy moments of happiness.  But, if you do not love your life, happiness is pretty elusive no matter how much money you may have.  And loving your life really needs to have you identify what strengths you have.  And then to feel those strengths that are passions.  A fire on the beach remains small until you care for it and see it grow!  It is up to you to find the opening in life, as in the fire building, to make something small into something big.  It is up to you to find the love and then be able to be happy with what you are, what you have, and what you want.  Keeping it all in perspective allows you to stoke the fire not only to make it big but also to keep you warm.  That is what happiness is…loving your life so much that it keeps you warm not only in the moment but in the next moment and the next…


Believing in the Magic, Believing in Me…

PrintMuhammad Ali, the Boxer, had many words of wisdom, but one of his most favorite lines for me is “I am the greatest.  I said that even before I knew I was.”

He believed in himself…and that is a key to success and happiness.  It does not matter what anyone else thinks; if you know in your heart that you are making the choices that are right for you, you are making the right choices.  The rest will happen step by step if you keep making the choices and doing the work.  These are the sparks that will start your fire!

If you can believe that your life is “under construction”, you just keep doing the work and know that someday the construction will be done until the next improvement lights your fire!