How Can You Empower a Family with Financial Wellness?

Empowering families is a major concern in my work.  While everyone in the family may have a dream, all of the dreams in the family need 





It is truly a case of respect to begin with. But it becomes a point of COMPASSION and CONSCIOUSNESS. It has to start with the “family” in order to spread it to the community, the world, and the planet. It is the only path to peace on earth!


Like to be Alone? A Legacy will work for you, too!

Do you shine like a star? Are you the only star in the sky? No matter what the answer is, you are one of a kind. I am what folks call an extroverted introvert. Are you? I am always balancing “alone” time with “social” time. And I have found that social time with folks who understand my alone time: we are writers!

And we write! But our time together is also precious time because we share what we are writing, what our hopes and aspirations are, and how we can support each other.

Folks who do not write sometimes take exception to what we write about; and sometimes that bothers us; and then we come to our senses. It is enough to begin to use a pseudo name…

What I write about is money energy, and money energy is very personal. I prepared for my current role working not only in a congressional office where everyone who came to us was respected and kept confidential unless they wanted others to know what they were seeking help with. Then I spent 17 plus years in financial services where everything is private, sacred, and confidential. My clients, my subjects in my work are confidential!

But, when I write a personal blog, it may be venting and PERSONAL. Even when the names are kept out, characters in my life can recognize themselves. It is still my story, and there is no client confidentiality clause. Misbehave in my life, and you never know. A relationship of more than 20 years was known to tell me he would never leave because he knew I might just tell the story! We are no longer together, but I respect the time we had together, and, so far, it has not been made public!

All of this leads up to why even solo folks should play a Legacy in their own way, in their own time, and keep it as confidential as they want. It can be done. My clients are sacred to me! A Family Legacy in Financial Wellness is unique. Money Energy is rarely a solo journey. Everyone is impacted by the past as well as the NOW, and everyone has a future they are concerned with and the future of those they care about. Creating a Legacy begins with that concern and love. While a Family Legacy can be a joint family affair, it can also be for the solo star. Like the stars, being alone and mysterious is a part of their allure and charm.

Let’s talk, Star! Your Legacy can be your story and only your story…if that is what you want.

Do YOU have a Set of Core Beliefs? Values?

It was in 2011 that I put together my Core Values, even before I found my solid foundation outside of the financial planning industry.  I needed to know what guided me before then and at the moment and into the future; and they have not changed.  In 2012 I wrote my book to be published this year about money energy; that title has changed and will be changing as I change in my practice.  These beliefs, or values, rule what I do in all parts of my life:  they are mine!  

Now in 2019, these Core Beliefs have guided me in working through the program of Family Legacy of Financial Wellness for families looking to be strong financially now and into the future well beyond their transition.  

My clients in their 40’s to ’60″s and beyond have achieved in their lifetimes to a level of success defined by each of them just as their “family” is defined by them.  They are now at a time where they have a desire to create meaning for themselves, their “family”, and their world “self worth”.  

The program is living by design, not by default.  The participants personally design the opportunity with mindfulness and purpose.  They are looking for accountability to ensure that their purpose and design is achieved. 

Take the time this weekend to think about your core beliefs or values…how do you want them to be achieved? 

You Can Change the World!

For many years, I have been a believer in sustainability and socially responsible investing.  And I do believe that each of us can follow their head and their heart through education and intelligent choices in everything we do in our lives.

I have developed a core set of values taking the responsibility for sustainability initially with the individual, then the family, then the community, and then the planet.  Each decision, each choice we make in each part of our life can reflect this.  I do not believe that we start with the planet; we start with ourselves individually, and the momentum grows and can then be sustained.

It is with that intent in mind, our intention, to have an impact by leaving the world better beginning on a personal level.  It is a responsible intention when we gift our family the ability to make a difference that will outlast our time on Earth.

This begins the year of the Family Legacy of Financial Wellness.  This begins the opportunity for me to share with my readers and others the opportunity to make the world better…beginning with one person!

The Financial Team for a Family Legacy and YOU!

It is with the best of thoughts as the New Year’s wishes are still arriving in the mail that I really want to help readers in the choosing of their financial professionals this year. Picking YOUR TEAM is personal. Changes and transitions cause the questioning of the professionals who may have worked with you, your family, your friends, your coworkers, your neighbors “for years”. They may still be perfect for you; then again, they may also have had changes and transitions in their personal and professional lives. They may be approaching retirement, they may be working through medical changes, and you may never know any of this.

That is why it is good to take time in a face-to-face meeting with your current team of advisors, together or separately, and see if they really still know what your goals are for the year ahead and for the future. Many professionals totally focus only on the work they are doing. Do they really know you, your family situation, your dreams and goals–they do change. And the professionals change. Think about doing this… You may find it eye opening in a good or bad way!

But, to be totally prepared, are you ready to really learn what the team of professionals knows about you? You need to be ready to really know YOU! What are your current goals? What are your dreams? What risk can you really tolerate at this point in your life? How do you want to communicate with your professional team? How do you want to pay your team? It is time to know YOU so that your team can know YOU! Yes, this is all about YOU!

For more information and guidance on matters like this, I am ready to talk Jan Litterst 440-670-2252

And, Yes, Divorce May Be a Part of a Family Legacy of Financial Wellness!

There have been many times in my Money Energy coaching that I have been told after beginning the work to prepare for a divorce, “I think I will just go on the way we (the married couple) have been.” It is always driven by fear: of money, of being alone, of change! But the pain never leaves; it is just pushed down. and the idea of happiness is pushed down with it. There are times when a Family Legacy plan begins that it actually awakens the participants that a divorce would be good idea, emotionally and financially. I am not encouraging that, but I do believe that a divorce is a very responsible action that needs to be prepared for.

The holiday months are heavy months for divorce attorneys. A do-it-yourself divorce is not a good idea as divorce and tax laws are always open to change. So, a good financial planner and a good CPA should be part of your team along with the family law attorney.

Divorces for those over 50 have doubled in the last few decades. This is the generation who has accumulated not only material things but also more retirement assets. More reason to have a good financial team in place. And, when a potential bankruptcy may be a part of the marital turmoil, it is not even negotiable to go it alone! After declaring bankruptcy, a client may lose retirement assets received in a divorce settlement…think it through before acting.

As you begin to think that divorce is a possibility, begin thinking through all of your options: the house, the mortgage, real estate taxes, capital gains, and more. While you may want to stay where you are, reality needs to be dealt with. Are you aware of the cost of keeping the house and maintaining it. Doing anything in a divorce for spite many times leads to small disasters, or big disasters! Try to keep it civil. If it can work, think about and explore mediation. But, once again, be careful that your mediator can actually work on the division of assets if they are complex. Collaborative divorce may also be an option for you if you feel you can reach an amicable settlement. Talk with an attorney about your options for your particular case.

When you think the divorce is complete, then the work begins to change all estate planning items. An estate attorney needs to work with you on beneficiaries, powers of attorney, wills, trusts, and more. This is the point when you are ready to do the Family Legacy of Financial Wellness as you may have a new definition of “family”, a change in assets, and a change of new attitude!

Do You Have a Spending Plan for Life? Money, Thoughts, Feelings?

When most folks think about a Spending Plan as an alternative for a budget, they are strictly talking money. But it can be so much more. It can be a way to live in the moment with not only your money but also your thoughts and your feelings; and that becomes a Spending Plan for your Money Energy!

Thoughts and feelings, and energy as well, change from moment to moment, or they can if you are in a normal state of living.

But think of a Spending Plan for your Life. That could be the Family Legacy of Financial Wellness. It could be more, it could be less, depends on where you are in your life at the moment. But let’s break down the Spending Plan for Life. First, your mind comes to play with you providing thoughts about what you want your day, your moment, to be. Will that affect your Financial Spending Plan? You bet your boots it will!

And then, think of a Spending Plan for your emotions. What do you want this moment, this day, to feel like for you? Will that affect your Financial Spending Plan and your thoughts? Of course! You’ve got this, don’t you? Breaking it down into pieces allows feelings and thoughts, separate but connected, to really begin to affect your Financial Spending Plan. But more than that, it affects your Energy, especially your Money Energy. And all of it affects your life!