Do You Have the Courage for Goals?


Several days ago, we shared in “Dealing with Money, Honey” and having the strength to have courage with money.  At that time, 10 Suggestions from Amy Morin were listed along with the promise to go into more detail about each suggestion.  Here we go with the first:  Establish Goals.

Dull, boring, but I promised fun!  

Here goes!  Believe it or not, the human brain likes to reach out for and achieve goals.  Part of that goes back to the brain always looking for answers to questions.  If the goal becomes a question for the brain to solve, like “Can I lose 50 pounds this year?, it is a challenge and the human brain really does like challenges.  After all, from the first day of life outside the womb, there are always questions for the baby brain about food, being dry, and loving attention.  And the baby gets results as long as there is a responsible adult in charge.  

And the brain likes short, sweet questions to solve.  So, think through your goals and be realistic, or the brain may wait for another question it may like better!


The Wild Want Because You Are BRAVE!

brave lyric 3 jpg

As Sara Bareilles plays in the background and Tama Kieves admonishes in her daily writing for today to admit your wild want, I want to remind you that in your deep heart and soul there may very well be your “wild want”!  And it is time to talk about it, to admit it!  Then it can begin to become real.  Money is always a factor in achieving our dreams and wants, but for oh so many reasons we do not talk about it, we do not even admit it to ourselves.  “Wild wants” are usually fleeting thoughts that come when you find a quiet moment or when you are frustrated with your life as it is.

Each of us were born with a mission that often times is forgotten for years.  Life goes on.  Allow yourself the luxury of letting your “wild want” out!  It may have been a caged animal and just looking for the opportunity to escape.  Can you find your “brave” to liberate you?  And DO NOT let money get in the way!  Talk about your “wild want”, maybe in the mirror to yourself, and then share it with those you trust, schedule it in your life, and then talk about it as a matter of fact.  That is the only way it will happen, you will make it happen because you begin to live with it with the belief that it is a part of your life and future.  “Brave” will come along as you proceed toward the “wild want”!  I know that you are Brave to do this!


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Dealing With Money, Honey!


Often I think that money is another creative medium; and it is.  You can take it and create whatever you want; but it does take courage when you become so creative that you are not strong enough to take the criticism that will follow!  My thought “Deal With It”, and in SUCCESS April 2017 Amy Morin wrote an article about Mental Strength, and I think of her suggestions as they apply to money.

  1. Establish Goals
  2. Set Yourself Up for Success
  3. Tolerate discomfort for a greater purpose
  4. Reframe your negative thoughts
  5. Balance your emotions with logic
  6. Strive to fulfill your purpose
  7. Look for explanations, not excuses
  8. Do one hard thing every day
  9. Use the 10-minute rule
  10. Prove yourself wrong!

For the coming days, I will take each of the steps and apply them to the money.  It will be fun, I promise!

Are You Mentally Strong with Money?

Unspoken Words

Money oftentimes is not talked about in the real strong terms that reign in our mind on the topic!  We may talk about lack, the money we want, the money we do not have, but we rarely get real with others about our money relationship.  Using the strong word “taboo” is not pushing the envelope!  Money is taboo for many!

But it is when we get to talking about our gratitude for the money in our life and for what our money allows us to do that we begin to really stir the inner feelings of thanks, and that leads to an open heart about money!  Then we can talk about money more openly because we can then look at it with an open mind, open heart, and open soul.  Money is not us!  But we are many times the energy of our money…be loving, be kind, be grateful about your money; and, like any other relationship, the money relationship will become better because we no longer are ignoring the conversation and we are finding the core of any problem!

A Single Parent Can be Wealthy, Too!

Show Up

I wish there had been someone there to mentor me as a single parent…I would have done a lot of things differently; but there was not, and today, decades later, I still find myself in a mindset of lack!  But really not very often.  I learned all I did and became what I became through the years in order to help others with their children and their money relationships.  So here are some hints how to become wealthy as a single parent.

First of all, you are not alone, in 2017, there were 12 million single-parent households in the U.S.  Build a network of other single parents–men and women—to create memories, laughter, and support.  This is crucial.  Reach out, help others, and accept help from others.  

Your quality of life is your responsibility.  I can speak to the meager amount of financial support my children and I received.  It has affected all of us throughout our lives.  It is hard to play catch up.  Do the best you can to work with a financial professional throughout the divorce to make sure that you maximize an equitable solution for the remainder of your life.

You are the most important person to you and your children, and self-care must be prioritized.  Find what re-energizes you and do it!

From there, learn to be selfish for you and your children.  It is not only self preservation but also the key to maximizing the wealth of you and your family, financially, emotionally, and spiritually!

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Time and Transitioning!

The Amazing Clock January 12 Originating January 10 2018

What is the clock all about?  Several days ago on Facebook, I shared that a clock with a dead battery–has been dead for almost a year–all of a sudden started working without any human intervention.  The clock sits on my desk in my office, and I see it without paying attention to it because I know it needs a new battery!  Two days ago in a busy time when I was preparing to leave for meetings, I noticed that it appeared that the clock had exactly the right time.  Curious? yes, but pressed for time, I paid it no further attention.  And then yesterday I looked at it with intention, and it was moving, and it had the right time including my 3 minute buffer!  

I gathered my thoughts within me, and then I called a friend familiar with how the Universe works even better than me.  This was something to note she agreed!

Today, Tama Kieves in her daily wisdom wrote:  “In yoga, the slower you move, the stronger you become.  It’s true of major transitions, too.  If you don’t rush into things, you build heat and an inner relationship with your self that can move through anything.  The point of transition isn’t to get somewhere else.  It’s to become someone else.”

And that is important to note!  The clock was given to me in 2007 right as a major transition in my life starts as the financial planning industry began to see the Great Downturn begin, and it was a major financial downturn for all who were in the industry.  The clock worked, and, yes, I replaced batteries until early 2017 when I knew it needed a battery but I was beginning to pack for my move to Oberlin!  A lot had happened in those 10 years, but I had not truly made a transition, at least not yet.  

Oberlin began a transition for me, and all of 2017 was a transition in so many ways.  A major spiritual awakening occurred during the year, and in late December, it became apparent that I had made a major transition.  It took 5 days of meditating and thinking it through, but I made changes that would move the transition in the direction I so wanted.  Then the clock began to work…

The clock has been a physical manifestation of what the Universe can and will do when I am in synch with the Universe and regain my footing on the path of the mission I am on.  But it also told me that I was doing what I am supposed to be doing at this time!

And I want to share this:  if you are beginning a transition, go slow, take all the time you need.  The signs will appear to let you know on the way and when you really are transitioning!


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Leave Your Boring Job…Really!

Happiness is a Journey

OMG, if you are bored at work, why are you there?  I can hear the answers now:  I need the money, I have student loans to pay off, my spouse will kill me if I leave, I need the benefits, and more.  We have been talking about happiness, self esteem, and more lately, and you are the only one who can change whatever it is in your life that is not making you happy.  Boring?  Do you not deserve more?  Are you not the one who can make a change?  Or are you going to be bored and unhappy for the rest of your life?

Do you bounce out of bed before the alarm just thrilled to make the commute to do something you hate with the hope of a fun bagged lunch to break the monotony?  

We have also talked about defining your dream:  That is the first step.  If you weren’t doing what you are doing, what would you be doing?  Once you determine that, and you can take the time to find what truly vibrates for you, then you can begin to work towards something that will awaken you every morning.  Yes, it will overwhelm you and make you worry, but if you are excited and know that your dream truly makes you happy thinking about it, then it is worthwhile to pursue.  After all, your happiness is not truly a destination, it is a journey; and it could be a lifelong journey that you will love–on most days!

Many of my clients found their dream, kept working at the boring job until:

  • they had the new venture established and gathered potential momentum (making sure that they really enjoy the dream work)
  • they had a realistic financial picture (business plan, spending plan, projections in hand) that the dream was achievable
  • they knew, that at least for now, this was their mission, their passion, and that they can see them doing what they need to be doing to achieve the dream work.

How do you know when to leave the boring job?  Most people leave their boring job long before they thought they could because once the Universe sees that you have done the work and the dream has become your passion something happens that moves you into your new dream.  It could be the acquisition of your current employer, the closing of the company you work for, or you just cannot do the boring job one more day!

Then, it is time to take the flying leap that makes you happy and know that the leap could be the next step on your journey of happiness!  (Oh, and the money, it will find a way to sustain you!)    Empower Excellence, LLC

True or False: Money Can Buy Happiness?

Toddle Laughing Happiness

The answer to the title question is it depends o what your definition of happiness is!  Money does not matter, until it does!  Money and happiness are partners inasmuch as it brings freedom of choice, and that is extremely important.  In 2016 Case Western Reserve University released a study that showed a strong relationship between income and an individual’s emotional well being.  But in the end, it is how you spend your money that makes the difference in happiness.  If you spend the money on experiences that really make you happy, then the answer would be true that money can buy happiness!  

2018: Can You Live “Wealthy” This Year?

Trust Yourself

In my live moment on Empower Excellence @financialwellnessforall on Facebook today, I took a brief moment to put self esteem front and center in regards to your energy with money.  The graphic above from Michael Bernard Beckwith is a strange rendition of self esteem, but self esteem is really about trusting yourself way down deep and then reaping the rewards of doing that.

While many of my clients are women, self esteem is a major issue that I deal with in order to get to solutions of problems and relationships with money.  So many times, folks simply want to get an easy formula to bring wealth into their lives, especially at the beginning of a new year.  While that does not usually work, because the problems go way deeper than just wanting to become wealthy, I believe in giving some folks what they want.  So from an article in SUCCESS magazine from January, 2017 by Tom Corley, here are 10 Tips to Achieve Financial Freedom in a Year.

  1. Broke Habit 1:  You Spend Too Much on Housing
  2. Broke Habit 2:  You Spend Too Much on Cars
  3. Broke Habit 3:  You Develop Habits by Association
  4. Broke Habit 4:  You Rely on Credit Cards to Finance Your Lifestyle
  5. Broke Habit 5:  You Spend on a Whim
  6. Broke Habit 6:  You Gamble Too Much
  7. Broke Habit 7:  You Overspend on Entertainment
  8. Broke Habit 8:  You Don’t Save
  9. Broke Habit 9:  You Don’t Track Your Spending
  10. Bad Money Habit 10:  You Don’t Bargain Shop

Simple right?  Oh yes, it is simple to just make all of these changes and begin to live a wealthy life.  You can change every one of the above behaviors, I have no doubt.  BUT, if you do not go deeper to find the reason for the behaviors, it will not last.  Yes, that is where self esteem enters the picture.  Think about all of the above and then begin to think about the “WHY” behind each one.  The author of the SUCCESS article is a Certified Public Accountant and Certified Financial Planner.  I left his industry to begin working with the real relationships folks have with money.  Until the self esteem issue is recognized and resolved, any behavior changes will only be temporary…  Recognize the self esteem issue, you change the energy, and then The Energy of Money can follow!


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