Our World Is Intentionally Colorful!

Spiritual Energy 3

Diversity is colorful.  It is not boring.  It urges us to stretch our minds!  Diversity is good for most of us, but not for all.

In my mission of The Empower Excellence Experience: Personal Sustainability mission, there is a very basic premise:  all obstacles in life, when taken to their base, involve self esteem.  Wrap your arms around that.  Really think deep…because I will be helping you to understand that in the coming days.  It is time to simplify our personal thinking in order to think differently about our world and diversity.

It is Time to Go Forward…

I Believe in Greatness

It is time to go forward with greatness.  Yes, we can find it outside of ourselves in heroes such as John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King; but we can also go forward by going within.  It is time to believe in ourselves.  If we look hard enough, and gentle enough, we find what is right in our heart and soul for it is innately ours.  It is now up to us to activate it and gently move forward!

The World Will Go On…But How?

Hippie Thoughts Sustainability

Yes, we are in a cataclysmic state at the moment.  It is not the first time, and it will not be the last.  All of us are paying attention to this in our own personal way…or not.  I am paying attention, but I am also continuing to find the way through Personal Sustainability.  I truly feel I am meant to be in Oberlin at this time.  I had to move here five months ago to know I am part of the community, and last night I began to feel my way “into” the community as we stood on Tappan Square with hundreds of others from as far away as Cleveland finding our way through this moment of Charlottesville and knowing that this travesty is not over…it is just beginning.

In a small way, we are going back 50 years with the Vietnam War, with racial injustice, and more.  But for those of us who were young and impressionable then, we are now adults with children and grandchildren of our own, and we have lived a life that was sooner or later going to repeat itself.  And it is.  Just the way that those who witnessed WWI, WWII, the Korean War, and more.  There were very ugly periods in each of the decades.  And this is one for now!

Yes, we need to be a part of the global community, but we must remain personally sustainable in order to do that, so I am continuing with The Empower Excellence Experience:  Personal Sustainability for ALL everywhere.  But, I am also now a part of the “resistance”.  There is no choice for me after Charlottesville and the death of Heather Heyer!  I am repulsed, and I am paying attention.

This is NOT My President!


I had promised not to become involved in the politics of this presidency, but I was wrong!  This is not a presidency, it is a farce involving a reality show player who is not only a narcissist but also ignorant.  I really did not want to enter into this, but I waited an extraordinary time while national news media waited for Donald J. Trump to make an entrance into a room for a military signing with military personnel left standing on a stage “waiting”, and waiting, and waiting.  This man portraying a president had no respect for them, but more than that, he had no respect for what had happened at the University of Virginia campus on Friday night and the protest that led to a death and multiple injuries in Charlottesville.  What in the hell are we waiting for America?  This is a travesty among travesties.  Racism is not acceptable!  I live in a town where a college was established to educate women and African Americans in 1833!  It is almost 200 years ago.  I live in a town, by choice, where progressives and conservatives live side by side.  I live in a city with a college surrounded by rural America.  I live here by choice.  There were moments I considered moving to Canada in November of last year.  But I have family here, and that move would be a major move away from them!  But this is going too far.  This man playing the role as president is leading us to nuclear war, to domestic war, and a tearing asunder of the fabric of our country.  It is more than I can be quiet about…but I will start small with a vigil for Charlottesville tonight.  I will remember that Donald J. Trump is not my president, and I am hoping that millions of others will rise up with me to end this cataclysmic reminder of a reality show that really is so bad!

P.S.  I am no longer posting my wordpress blog on Facebook or anywhere else except wordpress.  Please share my blog handle empowerexcellencewithjan.wordpress.com and thank you for letting me vent today and every day

Getting to Joy and Sustainability


Whether your favorite area of life is food 🥘, the environment, or just living chemical free, there are certain touch points that bring you joy!

And only you know what they are!

So celebrate you and find your joy!

BUT, remember there will be those who will take the “friend” road to try and redirect your efforts and your ultimate joy!  Usually, it is an envious attempt that reflects a lack in their path to joy!  You can use whatever words you choose, but one of my favorites was uttered by Helen Mirren “I wish I would have told more people to _____off!”


p.s.  I am no longer sharing this on Facebook but feel free to share through this medium!  Sending joy and love ❤️ to all!

Sometimes You Just Need to be HAPPY!


No need for heavy thinking today!  It is sunny in Ohio, and it reminds me of a crisp September Ohio day!  But it is not September, it is August!  But being happy does not pay attention to any calendar month or day.  

No need for elaborate planning today.  Life will flow as it is meant to flow.  Just be ready to go with the flow, and be HAPPY!

No need to stick with healthy eating today, unless you really want to.  I chose not to.  I had a very healthy breakfast already including 4 fruits and vegetables, and then I went to the grocery to pick up two things, but I ended up doing the grocery shopping.  After all, I had an apple fritter from my morning meeting waiting for me in the car.  Might as well be happy at least for today!  But eating healthy makes me happy as well!

What I am sharing is that once in a while just be HAPPY and do not overthink it!

Why Did I Choose Pampered Chef?

PC Thank You Chef

And why did I choose to be Pampered Chef “healthy”?

  Pampered Chef is all about food.  It is all about healthy food and learning to cook healthy food with quality cooking utensils and tools and serving pieces.  People of all ages will tell me that they do not cook; but they do have to eat.  So what are they eating?  Fast food, processed food, take out food?  And, if they do not cook, they may also be stressed because they are not practicing self-care.  Stressed because they do not make the time for themselves.  

One of my reasons for beginning the foundation I am building with Pampered Chef is to help women who are returning to the workforce–or need to return to the workforce–after years of raising a family, working in a level below their skills and financial requirements.  Women, many times, have dropped out of the workforce to raise families and tend to decades-old marriages, and then they are faced with the death or departure of a spouse leaving them financially devastated.  And more than that, they are left with very low self esteem.  

Yes, it is my intention to build an intentional team, and on the way, team members will have socialization, specialization as a “consultant”, and an opportunity to build a business that fits whatever they would like it to be.  And it can be a lot.  I am taking my time to make sure that I build a foundation for me that is solid, that will help me help others learn to cook, and then it will also help me build a good environment for women to succeed.  And, yes, I will succeed, as well.

And even more, I chose to call my business Pampered Chef “healthy” because I do depart from the tenets that Pampered Chef has been known to promote including use of the microwave and processed foods.  Pampered Chef allows me to cook “healthy” without those two elements.  Having said that, in my short tenure with Pampered Chef, I have seen changes happening:  healthier recipes, with more vegan and vegetarian choices, and still a focus on families–no matter the makeup or sizes, including a line of offerings focusing on children, which has been been proven that teaching children to cook, leads them to cooking and more self care as they grow and mature.

I have also chosen Pampered Chef because I am learning to love doing virtual Facebook parties, and I am exploring other social avenues as well.  Yes, I would love to do in home parties now that I am more confident about the products and recipes, and that will happen!  But Pampered Chef allows me to build my business my way!  I am taking it slow, I am taking it sure, and I am making a path for Pampered Chef in my portfolio of offerings to focus on my business The Empower Excellence Experience:  Personal Sustainability.  Personal Sustainability really resides in the basic level of Maslow’s Pyramid of Needs:  food, shelter, and basic needs.  That is where I am today focusing with Pampered Chef on a basic need.  My energy will flow where it is needed in this quest because my intention is clear, and the Universe will work with me on the way to making others successful while finding the light and energy of success in my own way. 

Why Are We Not Bringing More Light?

I Blieve in Light

There are many moments where I ponder what the blog of the day will be, and this one was easy.  Many of us are considered energy workers, many of us are light workers.  What does that mean?  Well, I could take on thousands of different opinions on both topics, but I choose in my own peaceful way to not do that.  Instead, I am going to share why I am both:  an energy worker and a light worker!  And I am!  So hum, I am!

So hum is “I am”.  

For me to work in the financial services industry was aided in the late 90’s by my reading of the book THE ENERGY of MONEY by Maria Nemeth.  Before that, I am not sure that I would have considered myself an energy worker, and from then on, I understood that I really was as I undertook studies and trainings in traditional energy work:  reiki, deep breath work, thin shin jitsu, meditation, breath work, drumming, and more.  It became my mantra that an individual’s energy is reflected in their individual relationship with money.  I am more than ever today a believer in that.  And a light worker?  Think about when someone walks into a darkened room and someone turns on the light–the same thing happens when a new concept begins to be understood by someone, especially with money.  It is my job to turn on the light when someone is in the dark with their money.

And then when I was leaving the traditional financial services arena, and I started my own company, personal values became more and more important and I designed my own Core Values based on Personal Sustainability.  By then, I had known many energy and light workers, and I grew to understand that many of them were living in a house of cards.  Their beliefs were heavenly and spiritual, but their personal foundation was about to be sucked into a sinkhole.  They were stuck in their own belief that the Universe would provide.  Well, the Universe and God does provide but each one of us has to build our own foundation with the gifts that the Universe and God provide.  And that is where Personal Sustainability turns on the light and directs the energy!

Even Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs addresses this:  the first need is food, clothing, and shelter.  Today that can be expanded for basic needs to include health and probably more, but for this discussion, let’s keep this simple.  Money is earned through many ways, and that is a totally separate discussion.  Money is a tool that evolved from basic skill bartering.  It is a tool, nothing more and nothing less.  Some will make money a goal or a wherewithal, but it is only a tool to accomplish basic needs.

So, today, as an energy worker and a light worker, I seek to provide through education and resources ways for individuals to become personally sustainable.  The “person” must be sustainable in order to create a sustainable “family”.  The sustainable “family” is necessary for a sustainable “community”; and sustainable “communities” are necessary for a sustainable world.  

Basic sustainability includes food–and there are many pitfalls in this area alone.  Food today has become a source of confusion, frustration, and simple insanity while food can be as simple as going back to basics–did it grow from the ground, from a tree, and, if it did, it is natural.  Going further, without chemicals, natural food can be what is eventually categorized as “organic”.  More than that, even “natural” food can become contaminated in every sense of the word by corporate farming instead of local small farming.  Do you see what I mean?  Food is no longer simple.  And, I hate to say this, it is all affected by money!

This today is just the beginning…tomorrow we will continue on about my road to sustainability with food today…