The World is Over…

Buterfly Monarch Ohio Caterpillar

At the Miller Nature Preserve here in Lorain County, life transforms all of the time with their butterfly gardens.  I am oh so glad that I captured these photos last summer because it is a photo such as this that will get me through the remaining weeks of 2017!  With the holidays and changing family dynamics, with Mercury Retrograde up until December 22, and with my body finally letting go of what might have been any one of multiple diagnoses since Halloween, I still have days of almost no activity (compared to my normal energy levels), and I welcome them because it is all a part of the total healing.  

When I moved to Oberlin from Westlake, Ohio in March, I was burned out.  It was Spring, and that was good because I walked, wandered, and explored as I really began an inward journey to find who I was at this time in my life.  Summer became hectic, and the new roles did not always fit.  By Fall, I became ill, and it has taken weeks to initially “let go” and then to “rediscover” and “just be”.  I know what caused the Spirit to crash and burn, and I know what it is taking to come back to me!

This has been a major transition geographically, emotionally, and spiritually as well as mentally and professionally!  I am on the path, but there has been much carnage left behind.  The proverb “just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly…” sits on the table next to my bed, and it was there this morning, following a good deal of anxiety that my eyes came to rest.  I am facing “aging” as the oldest of three female siblings.  I am youthful in every way, but I am not of the same cloth as my two sisters.  We are very different, and that is fine, but as we age, the differences for me are way too different for peaceful times together. I will not digress, but I will say that I am fine without sharing the Christmas holiday with them.  Enough said.  I have my family, a son in Tampa who I wish could be here for Christmas, a son and daughter in law locally with their two little boys–that is what Christmas is about this year!  

One of the sisters, even though invited, has not been able to find the time to visit me in Oberlin in the 9 months I have lived here.  And the forever best friend has either outgrown me or I have outgrown her because she can never find her way west, and I have given up on being the social connector for us.  There is always something that prevents her from keeping the dates we set.  Once again, enough said.  So, the following is really applicable today as I contemplate the years that I have left, and they are many, but they are changing with the aging process…  I really feel this way, that, while people do not like change, they really do not like it when one of the caterpillars becomes a butterfly, ready to fly,  So, I am now finding other butterflies who understand “flying” and “soaring”, no matter how old, no matter how much money it takes, and no matter how few “old” friends remain — for no matter how long!



.  butterfly-clipping-wings-july-6-2016


The Elusive Butterfly in Life…


I am so tired of being “unwell”.  Weeks and weeks, and the elusive butterfly of transformation is just out of reach…at this moment, but not much longer.  Transformation is always occurring.  If you are in the process of transforming your life, especially your Money relationship, be patient.  There is always a lot of work in transforming…we may think we are done when we are not…I never take it for granted because that is when God and the Universe grin broadly!

You Are a Part of the Universe…

seeing this graphic of 🌏 on a day when I slept 🛏 in, communicated with one of my sons about his future vision for his family, and literally collaborated with a friend on the perfect place to gather with another friend in need of self care for a meeting this week, I then cooked my heart out brewing 8 quarts of tea for my personal use this week—Moroccan Mint, Ginger Tumeric, Green, and Chai—prepped romaine for a beet, walnut Salad this evening, and then a vegetarian casserole of whole wheat pasta, spinach, tomatoes casserole for the whole week.  Tomorrow will see Black Bean Rotini with fresh broccoli and shrimp for more choices this week.  All of this is self care that takes lots and lots of time, money, and mindfulness because in my office is lots of work,  waiting for me to pay attention!  But, I need self care, too!

without self care, personally and in the Universe, we find our way to being lost…take care of the self care, and life flows…

Finding Your Way, Start Today!

Trust Yourself

Finding your way is a difficult, life-long task.  Don’t let anyone tell you that it is any different.  It is not something that you go away on a three-day retreat, and you return knowing your way.  But you do have to start somewhere.  Why not today?

The irony of all of this is that we are born knowing what we are to do, and then all hell breaks loose as you enter “the world”.  Everyone tells you what to do, how to do it, what you will become, how beautiful, you are.  And then it starts:  what does everyone see for you?  And one day, you decide that you have your own ideas.  Sometimes those ideas take root, sometimes they don’t.

No matter, wherever you are today, you are there today.  You may have some strong ideas what you want to become, where you want to live, and more.  Some of you will grab hold of those ideas, tell everyone else to leave you alone, and you will take off with your ideas.  Some will not do it today; some will never do it.  But, if you decide to follow your path, money will play a role.  Don’t fight it, and money will be your partner in this quest.  Just let it be what it needs to be, and then stand back and see what unfolds.  Is today your day?

You Can Do the Impossible with Money!

Owl Evening Worrying

If you cannot control it, quit worrying about it!  Seriously!  But you can do the impossible with money once you learn what is and is not in your control!  My work with clients manly consists of education, education about what a client can and cannot do in their life with money.  There have been too many myths, factoids, and pure garbage about money that we have been told about, taught about, and not knowing what is truth and what is fiction.  It is this “garbage in, garbage out” that messes with our minds and our money.  It is in the power of the work I do in educating people that gives them power to make their money relationship better in oh so many ways.

Happy, Happy, Sad, Sad!

Butterfly   By Example

It has been a long siege of illness for me since the end of October, but I am still a pretty happy person.  Of course, I have my sad days, and I have my happy days, and, when it comes to money, there is no telling what the day will bring so I think very little about money on a personal level.  Sound strange?  Yes, it does because I have had years of sad money days, but the more I followed my mission of helping others with their money relationship, the fewer sad days I have had and that is because I have learned that the Universe and faith and hope always make sure I have what I need.  And the bigger secret is that I have learned to live in the NOW most of the time.  I am neither perfect nor do I want to be perfect.  I cannot change someone else’s outlook on money unless I truly believe that our individual attitudes truly can make examples fro the rest of the world.  And they can!  My example for all to see, and hear, because I have no ego involved in this covers the gamut of dysfunctional families, divorce, single parenthood, career disasters, and more.  They were lessons that needed to be taught and learned, and they have enabled me to know that I will always be ok.  

The other lesson learned is that money is only a tool that takes us through life with a bargaining tool; it is not the ultimate, it is not that by which we are truly judged.  And, at this time of the year, it is a symbol of commercialism for many that can lead to depression and ego illness.  Money is not love, money does not buy love, but love is what this season is about.  It is love that keeps everyone moving every day of every one’s life!  Love is the attitude and example that can serve as the guidepost for all of us every day with money.    

Clarity Trumps Being Overwhelmed!

Born to Be

Money at this time of the year with presents and parties and bills and more can be quite overwhelming.  But it can also be changed in a matter of mere seconds by taking the time to become clear.  Nine months ago today I moved to Oberlin, Ohio, a place where many of my visitors have shared that there is a special energy here.  Like many in a new place, I did become overwhelmed in those first months, and I am taking the time, now that I became very ill, to go back to the simplicity of my soul for starters.  I have shed many time users in the place of people and activities.  It has been a slow process, but it is working very slowly.  But it is working!

Every morning I have a meditation time.  Yes, it starts my day later than I would like, but it is a very necessary part of my day especially during this time of realignment.  It is a very useful method when overwhelmed…to take whatever it is you are working on back to its simplest form.  My focus is now to realign my financial transitional coaching back to where it was originally intended to be, and it is working slowly but surely.  It is a constant reminder to me that I have to go back to where I was born to be and to see what it is I am supposed to see.  Everything else is handled quickly and put aside.

There is a lesson for everyone here when working on your money relationship.  Simplify your soul with money for starters.  There is no secret that everyone has intuition, and it is the intuition that gives us the messages we are supposed to hear, to follow, and to live with.  It is an emotional GPS, but we have to become quiet to learn to hear it.  This is clarity.  Please remember that you do not need to do everything, you only have to do the next right thing as you are guided to do it NOW!

Mercury in Retrograde for 21 Days, and?


Way back many years ago, I was introduced to a Bob Newhart video on Utube called “Stop it!”  And for many, many years, I had to read my monthly horoscope on the first day of the month.  Well, that was way back, and I would still recommend that everyone take a look at the Bob Newhart very short video because it gives a life lesson that is applicable in oh so many ways.  And, yes, today, December 3 is the beginning of the last Mercury Retrograde of 2017.  All of these occurrences have an astrological underpinning.  But my thoughts turned to this several years ago:  “Who or what is running my life!”  

At that time, I was an avid daily reader of The Cleveland Plain Dealer horoscope every morning, until I wasn’t.  Do not get me wrong, I do believe in the Universe because I believe in a higher power, and the Universe is my way of recognizing that higher power, whether it be God, Buddha, Mohammed, etc.  I do believe that the power of our mind and inner spirit  has everything to do with our lives–they are a part of the core of who we are and have been since the beginning of time.  

And the change is taking over in my life…today is December 3, and I just remembered this morning that I had not read my monthly horoscope for December!  And so far, half way into the day, I have only glanced at it.  I truly believe that the composite of my mind, body, and spirit work in conjunction with the Universe, and it it up to me to create my present moment which will flow into the next present moment.  

No matter who you are, when you were born, where you were born, your true inner makings came about in a burst of energy at the first moment in time.  You can believe whatever you want, but that part is true.  You can mix and mangle that truth to be whatever you want, but it will not change.  The only moment you have is right NOW.  What you do what the present moment is up to you, and that is especially true with money.  

I had a pleasant birthday lunch yesterday with one of my siblings, who let time take over her life over 20 years ago when a major career transition occurred leaving her depressed and downtrodden.  It appeared that she was taking control of her life, but, in reality, she played the role of the dramatic, tragic actress that life had done wrong to.  Until this month.  And money changed it all.  She started receiving her Social Security.  Now, she is on a whirlwind of “spending planning” with the receipt of the first check.  The honest assessment as a professional scares the shit out of me.  Her employment situation is tenuous in many ways–this is the time that she needs to be thinking differently in each present moment.  It took one brief moment in 1997 to change her life negatively.  It will only need one moment to bring her back into despondency as she continues her life.  This is her life, this is her moment, but I do see this with clients, or those who want to be clients but cannot afford to be clients, every day.  Live your life.  Live in the moment.  But, do not be foolhardy!  Life can change on a dime, and life is too precious to be lived on the edge in your waning years!  

Miracles Often Fight Intellect…


It is not always easy to be a person with an intellect.  Yes, it is a blessing to have a strong intellect, but it is not always easy.  Many of us have been brought up in an intellectual background, for example, a Catholic education, where you accepted what was taught.  You were not taught to feel what was taught, and miracles are all about feeling.  Feeling is all about the heart, and, while we are taught that money is all about math, this is not entirely true.  Money is about the head and the heart and the soul..and trust, which can be labeled faith.  When too much logic plays into the area of money, the heart and the soul are proven wrong many times.  Faith is not about math; it is about belief.  

Begin to believe in the miracles–big and small in your life–and be grateful for them, and begin to see what happens with your money relationship–it begins to soften, it begins to allow the little nuances to wiggle their way into your life…the smiles, the happiness, the little allowances that make a difference.  Take the money in your life a little less seriously, but serious enough, to allow the room for the belief in the everyday miracles that do happen…

Sometimes all it takes to lighten the money load is to put aside the issues, smile, rest, take a nap, relax, and let the Universe do a little bit of the heavy lifting to sort it all out…the morning sun sometimes delivers surprises that you might feel are miracles!