Cleveland is ALL IN…


Driving through downtown Cleveland today, all because I forgot where I was going — East or West–I was amazed on the new Innerbelt bridge to see all sorts of hands embedded on the bridge…reminding me of this graphic.  We are ALL IN–we have three major teams in the national eye this year.  Tonight is Game 2 of the World Series, and, yes, everyone is ALL IN!  It is time.  It is the Universe telling each and everyone of us that it is time for all to be ALL IN!

It is a very bold reminder that if we are not ALL IN, then we are OUT!  There is no more to say except that LaBron James pretty much said the same thing in reference to Cleveland last night…we are ALL IN, and the leaders shall lead us further down the road to victory, each and every one of us.  All we have to do is BE!

Tranquility Can Be Deceiving…


Teal is a favorite color, and it like all colors comes in varying shades; and it takes many colors to make up “teal”.  Kind of like anything in a vision of diversity.  Teal is truly a symbolic color of tranquility for me.  And, it is a sign of change that is happening within and without of my Spirit.

Chaos for me leads to tranquility…

And this has been a lifetime of chaos.  No need to detail any of the chaos because it is now in the past.  Interestingly enough, this transfer into tranquility is becoming very apparent during my birthday month, October, which really is a “thin veil” month where emotions and sentiments are very close to the surface.  Every October leads to great change in my life, kind of like a rebirth.  But this year, it is different, it is a calm rebirth.  It is the spiritual announcement that this year “I am different”.  

There is a greater peace in all areas of my life; and that is a major departure from the chaos.  A great example is my “little people time”, a time I began in earnest 2 years ago when my first grandson, Liam, was only a few months old and I began staying with him on a weekly basis for a full day plus.  I learned how to exit my professional life for his time, and it was a promise I made that it was his time.  Now there are two little people as Kurt, Jr. entered the world this year, and the prospect of being with a 29 month old and a 6 month old portended a day of pure exhaustion, which at first it was.  Now, it is their day, and I am adjusting beautifully with the help of one Aleve at the end of the day.  I am becoming what I hoped for:  a part of a beautiful young family.

But now, in my professional life, which is proceeding quietly and powerfully and successfully at a pace that is almost miraculously slow, I am a much quieter version.  I am tranquil, and I am at peace.  At times, I almost feel discomfort when I am in a highly energized group of business folks where everything has a sense of urgency.  

So now, I am realizing that all of the work, all of the chaos, has brought me to the point of peace and tranquility.  I still am productive and professional, but I am no longer stressed.  I can be me, the quiet peaceful me, that I am just learning to recognize and accept.  And the interesting point is that while I am bringing peace and tranquility with money to my clients on all levels I am becoming more peaceful and more tranquil in all areas of my life.  And that brings us back to “teal”.  When I chose colors for my firm, Empower Excellence, teal was the primary color.  Yes, it has to do with the coloring of blue butterflies, but it was so much more, it is the color of peace and its various shades are colors of water in its various environments, and water for me is a peaceful and tranquil symbol of its own.  

Knowing more of who I am without the chaos is making me a better coach and networking facilitator…every thought, every action, every reaction is now occurring in a calmer flow.  Yes, “flow” like water, the smooth movement from one moment in the “Now” to the next moment in the “Now”.

And “Flow” was my chosen path.  So, for those who are seeing the new me, know that this quieter, gentler version is ok.  There is nothing “wrong”.  I have learned to turn the chaos into peace and tranquility and there will be no noisy celebrations about that…just peace. 

Monday Comes Early This Week!


This is a fun Monday coming up with the little people.  And everyone needs a fun Monday!  There is a big juggling act that is involved with making a commitment to not work when I am with the two little people.  It is a commitment I made two years ago and have managed to manage it the whole time.  It is getting to be like a circus with a barrel of monkeys with a a 29 month old and a 6 month old.  The baby is like a smiling fool who sees no danger in anything, including his big brother; and his loving big brother pushes that fact to the moon!  I also have made a commitment to play all day and I end up totally exhausted!  So tomorrow, work hard while I play, and we will both believe that we are playing it cool because it is a Monday.

why do i blog?

Butterfly Each Day a Separate Life

i am in all respects a simple being.  always have been and always will be.  several years ago i began blogging in a haphazard way, and then i began blogging almost every day.  it is addictive, and it is my personal meditation which is reflected in the graphic above:  begin at once to live, and count each day as a separate life.”  for me, that is the simplicity of it all.  when i began blogging, the meaning of it all was unclear.  today, it is how i live my life.  yes, i know what is happening for months and weeks ahead, but the act of living is anew each day.  and it begins with a conscious effort at wonderful sleep.  i learned many years ago that sleep was my foundation, but i never ever got all the sleep i needed.  today, it does not matter why any more; it just is a major priority now.  i know what i need.  i attempt to provide my body with what it needs every day.  i eat very well, most days.  when i do not, it is because i have a personal rebellion occurring that day but i get back on track and continue.  yes, i meditate besides writing the blog.  and that, too, provides the foundation for my mental and spiritual life.  it all adds up to seeking happiness in every moment.  it does not just happen; i have to work at it.  but the work has paid off over the last 20 years.  it has been one learning step after another, and i know i still have much to do to continue living in a state of happiness.  it now takes quite a bit to throw me off course.  and it is rare that happens.  

so, why do i blog?  first, it is to keep me on track, to clear my head in the morning, to get rid of anything that might be out of kilter on my path to happiness.  it may also be a way to celebrate good things; and happiness is a good thing, a god thing.  yes, i am very spiritual following being very Catholic, then very nondenominational.  but the god thing is only a building block, my spirituality has developed as i have developed a firm sense of understanding who i am and what i am here to do.  that is why i blog.  yes, i have clients and i have many women i reach out to through networking groups, but i cannot talk with everyone personally.  i cannot share how hard and yet how simple it has been to become happy; and yet i see so many men and women today who are not happy and do not have a sense of what makes them happy.  that is why i blog.  i am a human being, a simple human being, who arrived on this earth like everyone else and then became disenchanted through a dysfunctional family life.  i wanted to have a different life.  i wanted to be happy.

so, now i am happy and becoming happier each day along with the sadness that can still occur.  i am constantly learning through wise folks who have come before me and are also my peers today.  i learn from all and i hope they learn a little something from me.  that is why i blog.  yes, i watch my numbers in blogging, but it is not my main goal.  i am always interested in an anonymous way to know what makes people push the “follow” button.  but it ends there and i am glad i touched someone.  i blog because it appears to be a part of my journey.  a journey that still has a long way to go.  i blog because i blog.  

It Takes All Colors…


Many hours each month are spent working on a three-year project, which has blossomed, that is destined to continue growing.  And it does take all kinds of women to combine their energy with mine to make it work.  The project is Professional Women’s Connection, a regional networking organization spanning three counties in Northeast Ohio.  I have just downloaded over 30 photos from our October networking program for the Western Cuyahoga group.  Beautiful photos taken with love by one of our members, and she should receive the credit-Linda Ford of Linda’s Lenses Photography.  It is just one part of how this group has developed.  And I have come to really love all that goes into each group!

Today’s blog is a tribute to all the women involved.  Each one of you has their own special place in my heart.  Thank you for giving me the opportunity to learn about each of you.  You are all special, each and every one of you!  Would love to put your photos here, but that is not an ethical thing to do…so, if you are reading this, know that you are all a part of my heart!

The Happiness Vibration…


Yes, vibrations do have colors.  And today’s vibration is golden.  Peaceful, meditative, and rain to nourish the Earth and my soul.  Sleep, beautiful sleep, without interruption for a full 8+ hours.  Awaking feeling calm, wonderful, happy.  There is nothing better.  Meditation with Esther Hicks and Abraham to start the juices flowing followed by a meditative state that was pure bliss–no interrupting thoughts, just peace and receptiveness.

And peace and receptiveness are the portals to happiness.  

Knowing that my day is super full taking me to Lake and Summit Counties before I return home, knowing that the rain could be a bummer, knowing that I will sleep well tonight after a day with three different client relationships to nurture, I am at peace as I begin.  I am open to what my clients need today.  And that makes me happy.  

My whole practice has a golden vibration, and it is my mission to keep it golden for all involved.  Be at peace, be receptive, and be on the path to happy today.

If I Am So Happy, Why Do I Feel So Crappy this Morning?


I cannot remember when I felt so nauseous so quickly…but it does help to know why I feel this way.  I have been going through a major energy shift, all for the good.  This morning during my meditation the shift went to another level.  I am grateful for that because so much is changing so rapidly, and I am finding the exquisite energy needed to move through the changes.  These are changes that have made me very happy, and they are changes that are moving me toward my next step with The Empower Excellence Experience.  So, all is good; all is great.  But I watched myself during meditation move from total contentment to total letting go to OMG I feel sick.  I already know that energy shifts can bring about physical symptoms.  Please understand, I rarely have a headache, and this feels just like my morning sickness decades ago.  Yuck!  And yet, I am happy to be nauseous, because just like childbirth, I know I am about to birth a wonderful manifestation of my business in the coming months.  And that makes me happy!  Happiness is different for everyone.  Defining happiness is hard work, but the most important thing is that happiness comes over long periods of time and much hard work.  Being happy can be a singular event that makes you content, makes you smile, makes you laugh.  Happiness is cumulative, and it comes in small steps like a smile or a laugh.  Happiness is a state of mind that stays with you through the good or the bad.  It is your super hero cape!  When I took my flying leap of faith 5 years ago, I was happy.  And I have remained happy while working to make sure that the happiness would continue.  It has been a crazy ride, but I have  never doubted my decision or the hard work I have had to do to keep the momentum going.  This past summer, I hit a period where I seemed to be slowing down in many respects.  My intuition told me repeatedly that I was preparing for the big steps I will be taking with my business and my personal life.  There were moments that I doubted the truth of that intuition, but only for small moments.  I was learning patience, and I was allowing my energy to shift.  This morning was the manifestation of the shift; consequently, that is why I have morning sickness.  The pregnancy has been confirmed, and I now know that I am expanding in a spiritual and intuitive sense.  So, it is on with the morning.  And the expansion continues with a brand new referral from a longtime friend this very morning…I love this morning sickness!

Fear and Impatience Are Toxic!

Hope Butterfly

Moments can fall apart, but, when they lead to hours of falling apart, fear and impatience can often times be blamed.  It is at moments like these that I turn to the butterfly to get me through.  Fear in the late hours of last evening occurred when a fake malware message appeared.  The uncertainty that it was a fake message was unsettling.  And then this morning there is a new system from Apple waiting to be installed…  Fear, yes!  Patience?  It takes forever for an Apple installation.  But now, all is well, and I am on my way for the day with the butterfly!

Is Your Money Story Reality or a Fantasy?


“Money questions will be treated by cultured people in the same manner as sexual matters, with the same inconsistency, prudishness, and hypocrisy.”

Sounds like the beginning of an illicit novel!  But ti was said in 1913 by Sigmund Freud.

Money is silent, forbidden, and unexamined to this day.  In THE SECRET LANGUAGE OF MONEY, DAVID KRUEGER, M.D. talks about what money means, and you can pick from one of many plots for this story.  Money can mean captivity, love, happiness, control, alibis, power, dependency, fear, altruism, greed, envy, and shame just to name a few.  And the true cost of money in reality or fantasy can be in terms of time, wealth, happiness, family, health, freedom, or relationships.

Krueger agrees with one of the methods I use in helping someone discover and heal their money relationship–create your own money story knowing that the past is the past, and the future can be anything you want it to be.  It is all about discovering your feelings, and how they lead to your behaviors, adding in your thoughts, and creating your new experience.

Come to think of it, maybe Sigmund Freud would be a great asset today!

No Matter, My Mood Does Not Matter


Many who know me would not agree that I am an introvert.  I can be many things including an extrovert.  But, there has to be a balance, a day when I can stay home so happily and just work or play or read.  Today is a day when I am very happy being here…

Over the weekend, I was one of the “peopley”, and I welcome that whether it is a happy or sad gathering.  But I am learning my balance.

and I have found that by finding the balance my mood stays balanced…and that is a good thing!