Personally Sustainable? Show me!

Organic Produce

Let’s start with food!  Everyone needs to eat.  What we choose to eat is up to us.  Money 💰 helps determine how we think about food.  Right or wrong, it plays a part!  It is not up to me to tell you what is right for you.  It is up to me to share what I have learned over the years.  

One reason to pick the best food I can is to become and stay healthy.  Just like everything in our lives–money, religion,food–family plays its part.  My mother and father were from “farming” cultures.  Poland and Ireland.  Heavy foods that stretched.  Both were from dysfunctional homes.  Food was not a priority to be healthy.  Meals were just meals.  I did not learn to cook until I taught myself.  Enough said.  At the age of 24, I had an emergency gall bladder removal.  The history was repeated with one of my siblings.  That began healthier eating.  But food became an obsession with a colonoscopy episode many years later.  I do not want to get into the medical practices in the United States, other than to say that food should be our medicine, not medicine our food.  Step by step, I eat organic as much as possible. I believe that my body is the only home I will ever have, and it is mine to care for.

I will not eat chicken.  I went through hypnosis to remove soda from my life.  I rarely drink alcohol.  I filter all my water.  I do not eat wheat products regularly.  I do not use the microwave; do not even have one.  I buy organic through the local IGA, the Oberlin Farmer’s Market, Heinen’s, Trader Joe’s, picking and choosing as I go.  The only meat  🍖 I eat comes from Trader Joe’s.  It is not cheap, but it is the highest quality for the money.  And, as this is important–upon the advice of my holistic practitioner, I eat only between 9 and 16 ounces per week.  Figure that out to be 2-3 ounces per 7 main meals.  I no longer crave meat.  I no longer crave sugar.  I eat what I view as needed by my body, and my body knows what it needs since I have removed most processed products, all GMO produce and products, sugars, from my daily eating.  Enough about what I do.

What do you do to be personally sustainable with food, the fuel you need to live?

I do want to close with the thought that how we treat our bodies reflects the state of our self esteem.  How do we value our self worth?  This is where money comes into play.  Think:  you can spend the money to eat healthy now OR you can spend more money on health-related issues in the future.  

Stay tuned for more on how to eat healthy without going broke!


Energy Pulls Us All Together

All are One

Listened to a wonderful video on the laws of the Universe early this morning…just what I needed.  Personal Sustainability begins the process of connecting all of us in a visible way while we are already connected from the moment of the creation of the Universe.  If we are each sustainable, we can all become sustainable.  Power is the energy within each of us waiting to be activated…one by one, or all at once!  Power to the people!  All people!

When You Have Joy…You Have it All!


Fall is spectacular!  I love fall!  The temperatures, usually, are more moderate.  It is my season being a Scorpio!  As I sit here in my home business office, I see beautiful trees glistening in the 72 degree temperatures.  Leaves are beginning to fall.  Everything is happening the way nature intends it to happen.  I am overwhelmed with business matters, but all is good.  And it brings to mind that one of the most important things to maintain to be personally sustainable is to have joy; it frees the mind to feel joy.  It is energizing in the truest sense.  And energy is the foundation of everything!  Build your foundation on finding your joy.  Once you do, it is contagious and moves into all parts of your life, and then it moves on to everyone you are in contact with, it is the truest manifestation of love.  Have a great weekend, and find your joy in every little thing.  Oops, there goes another golden leaf by my window!

I Do Not Care About Living on the Fringe!

Self Confidence Super Power

In a recent effort to stay focused on Personal Sustainability, self-esteem has been a major topic.  When you reach self confidence in this area, you are indeed a super power.  Yes, magic does happen.  Does it happen all of the time?  No!  Do people like and love you more?  No!  

What does happen is that the more self esteem and the more self confidence you have, the more many people look at you like you are living on the fringe.  I try not to become involved in pettiness, gossip, etc.  I also become a little more judgmental privately.  I have very high standards, and those standards and values are not always shared.  Throughout my career, I have been in unusual positions in government, politics, finances, and many times there may not have been standards and values evident to the naked eye.  I was on the fringe back then, and I am still on the fringe today even in my own business.  I live my life in the most ethical way I can, and my patience for those who are not honest, ethical, or living their values is very small.  That is living on the fringe today.  

I am currently purging much of my email and Facebook feeds.  I simply want my time spent better, and I have found all of it has become addictive.  My focus is on my personal and professional dedication to Personal Sustainability, and The Empower Excellence Experience is designed to do just that with spirituality, money, food, and chemical free living.  I am trying, and it is hard, not to post anything that is negative in this regard:  no politics, no Monsanto, no negative thinking,  and I am succeeding.  “Friends”, groups, and more are in the least being “unfollowed” or “unfriended”.  Please do not take it personally, that is for me to do.  My personal values are the measurement I am using as much as I can these days.  And it is putting me on the fringe, I know that.  But my self esteem and self confidence have been worked on for years.  Earlier this week, the germination of the new me burst forth with multiple examples from the Universe on what I needed to work on:  no more bullshitters allowed, no truth–no friend, no game players allowed, no rule breakers allowed, no audacious characters who feel privileged, and more.  This is not easy, but it is where the Universe, my purpose and mission are leading me.  Dreams have been lucid in their directions.  Sleep has been plentiful and peaceful.  The seed has been planted for this season; the seed has survived through many tests; and now the seed is germinated and moving on to the current creation of me.  And I am grateful.  Whatever is being left in the wake of this new birth is meant to be left behind.  I transplanted myself to Oberlin, tested the soil, and I am now the new Oberlin me!  There have been tests to go through for me to find my new way, and I am now on the path.

I have always been on the fringe, a little weird, a little odd, a little geeky, a little bit of an introvert appearing as an extrovert, a Mensa in a common person’s dress, and much more fringe type personas.  But I am older now, I am happier now, and I am working toward the Personally Sustainable life I have envisioned for years.  There is no time and no room for those who are not authentic, who are not true, who are fake, who are audacious, who are trying to beat the system.  And there is no time for those who participate in negativity of any kind:  political, values, life, and more.  And it is not mine going forward to take any of these personalities to task.  That is the role of The Universe, karma, and higher powers.  Let me live my life on the mission and purpose that is mine, let me love my life, let me love all who cross my path, knowing that those who I do not wish to walk my path with will remove themselves quickly or The Universe will do it for them…and for me!  And I am grateful for that!

And Then There is Laughter, Oh Yes!

Laughing boy

I truly do love my life, and laughing little boys are a favorite of mine!  Even in the midst of chaos, laughing can save you and the day.  It is medically beneficial while really making you feel better.  I think it is the increased oxygen.  But laughing is a favorite pastime.  I even once attended a laughter yoga class!  So find a way to laugh, and, yes, you can laugh at yourself and it will not harm all the work you are doing with self esteem.  Laugh at nature.  Laugh at the weather.  Laugh at people who are bothersome.  They will wonder what you are all about.  But laugh, my friend, laugh!

Are You Ready to Create Your Miracle?

It is easy for me to talk about miracles, and I truly believe in them!  But it is not always easy.  And yet, on days like yesterday, when I could say forget it all, I will live on what my retirement gives me, and forget about making a difference in my life or others.  There are reasons that I have to become creative to overcome these feelings, and I have learned as of yesterday something I should have taken seriously many years ago.  

The first situation is still hard for me to accept as reality because she is  a likable person.  I believe that is her strength because she has proven once again to me that she is not trustworthy.  And I have learned that people who are untrustworthy do not become trustworthy just because I want them to be,  and that is the hardest lesson.  I am not sure if that is because I would have to admit I am wrong which is fairly easy for me to do or is it because there is disappointment in learning that this “friend” is far less than I thought her to be?  This time she involved hr child in the ruse, and that makes it unforgettable even if I have already forgiven her noting that this is who she is.  But it is not someone who will be trusted again.

The second situation is more chilling since someone as recently as Friday told me through her body language that the person in question–a former school board member, city council member, state representative, and now a county commissioner–is not all she seems to be.  That took me aback because I had worked with her on various community projects and even on her campaigns.  It was right there because she was to do a presentation she agreed to in December of last year.  All of the details were agreed to.  The presentation was today at 1 pm.  Just before 7 last evening she sent a confirming note changing her presentation to 11:30.  No communication beforehand.  Well, that would not work, and I communicated it back to her.  So the presentation will not be done.  In this case, lack of trust because of her pure audacity that this was her decision to be made.  Never again.

I truly try to be understanding and forgiving, but there is a strong issue when it comes to trust.  I will understand, I will forgive.  But I will remember.  And my personal values do not allow these women to be in my life.  Moving forward.  

Their creativity in their actions took courage, and self-denial.  If the truth had been told in either case up front, this whole situation would be different.  Lying and audacity take a lot of work and creativity.  Put the effort and energy to work in communicating the truth and know the people will trust you a whole lot more than not trusting you at all!


Miracles are Yours


Why would you not believe in your dream when the Universe can do all things?   And your definition of the Universe is your definition.  I am not talking religion.  You are connected to everything in the Universe.  You are a part of the Universe, so stake your claim.  Define your dream–you were born with it!  Take the time to peel back the layers of your life!  Are you not important enough to do that?  T o do less than that is truly denying your birthright!  And until you do, self esteem will elude you!

Self Esteem = Self Trust

Trust Yourself

Very simply, and I am a great fan of simplification, self trust really is the foundation of self esteem.  Self esteem is so much of what is missing when life goes wrong and folks founder because of money, health, or chemical influences in their lives, and I am not talking just addictive chemical influences.  I am talking about how we, all of us, forgot who we are and became hypnotized with all that corporate America “processed” and sold to us.  Food offered to us as well as all of our traditional cleaning products, pharmaceutical products, cosmetics, body care, and more have been overcome with chemicals.  When we stop listening or have never learned to listen to our bodies, we listen more to all the media has advertised to us in the last 60+ years.  We begin to believe we are not enough.  It is that simple.  And it became not so simple to trust who we are, how we feel, what we think.  We do not trust ourselves!  The self esteem all of us were born with can be recreated, not all at once, but step by step.  And the first step is self trust.  Listen to what you are thinking right now, think about it,   and then trust that.  Go ahead, do it and do it again…you are worth trusting!

Holistic or Traditional?


This is an interesting day of awareness.  Even though I am suffering through my second cold/cough in 6 months, I am happy because I have discovered the source of this malady:  my traditional doctor!  Yes, really.  I do not get colds.  About 9 years ago, my holistic doctor recommended an unknown to me, and, until 5 months ago, when my traditional doctor warned that this recommendation might be providing too much iron, so I did not follow 9 years of good experience with taking several mini tablets twice a day of a product called Hyland’s #4 Ferrum Phos 6x.  And 2 colds in 6 months!  Yes, this morning I am back on #4!  While pursuing personal Sustainability, I have learned to listen to my body, which today is screaming “What were you thinking?”

Brave be You!

brave lyric 3 jpg

We can talk all we want about personal sustainability; but, even if you are mentally ready to make changes in your life, it is not easy!  Just this week, I have had two situations where female entrepreneurs were literally physically scared about what they were doing.  One was a newly minted franchise owner whose father had supported and encouraged her, but her mother still makes her quake in her boots!  I witnessed it first hand!  She was calm and confident until “Mom” called inquiring about who was going to meet her grandchildren when they arrived from school.  The conversation stopped, the entrepreneur literally ran out of the door, and our meeting was over!  I really wanted to take her and put my arms on her shoulders and say “I want to see you be brave!”  Women, especially, step out of their professional position when they are challenged by anyone they consider an authority figure.

And then again this week, an established entrepreneur with a great practice was questioning her own judgment when questioned by her spouse.  Once again, I am there as some clients say to give them “financial therapy”!  And once again, my mantra is “I was to see you be brave”.  

 Go on to Tube, listen to Sara Bareillles song “Brave” enough so that it plays in your head when you need it.  It could just be the fight song for those seeking to be Personally Sustainable!