AWE, the Color Teal…

Saturdays are meant to be relaxing, I thought! So far today has been so full of meaning that I am too relaxed when I should be more in tune with real work. But Sunday can work with that, I guess. When I first chose my logo for Empower Excellence more than 5 years ago, the color teal spoke to me:

And it continues speaking to me in the current logo of AWE, Ageless Women Emerging…

So, in my wandering state of mind today, I wanted to share some of the meanings given to the color “TEAL”. They are significant meanings. TEAL signifies revitalizing and renewing as well as open communication and clarity of thought. But it also has connections to the spiritual world in psychic sensitivity and protection from negative energy…

And added to that, the butterfly has appeared in so many photos in the color TEAL that it must be shared that the butterfly is the symbol of transformation. All of this speaks to the purpose not only of Empower Excellence, LLC but also to the current mission of AWE…May your life be full of TEAL! (More information on AWE can be found on Facebook @AWEAgelessWomenEmerging)

The AWE of Tomorrow…

Take her to TOMORROW…

We all wish we could be the child again while we have that child within us…as a new baby everyone looked upon us with AWE, a sense of wonder of the potential of this small child. Please, please, please, stop and breathe and let the child rise from the depths of your soul for that is where she is, that is where she has always been, and that is where she will be tomorrow unless you become the Creator you are. The child within is in that mystical land where 99% of all human productivity, motivation, and achievement is stored…yes, that is where the child is and will remain unless you bring her back to life today and put tomorrow back into perspective…today is yesterday’s tomorrow and tomorrow will come some day. Can you make her your priority and begin to dream the dreams of your childhood once again. Think AWEsome thoughts. Begin to face AWE in a safe space…what are your childhood dreams that you would love to awake to. Visit the facebook page “AWE Ageless Women Emerging” and join other women, growing in numbers daily who will gather in June for the Summer of AWE…you are worth it!

AWE, the Blue Butterfly, a Creator…

When the blue butterfly appeared yesterday, the “Creator” archetype also appeared. The caterpillar has to develop a mental strategy in its state of uncertainty. That strategy is to develop some kind of control and skill. It knows that its task is to create and express its own vision: would they be a caterpillar forever? But even butterflies have a gift–creativity and imagination. They must! And their goal has to be to give form to their vision. Their desire must be manifest: to create something of enduring value. AND THEY DO! Can You?

Why Does AWE have “Whatever Wednesdays”?

First of all, you may be asking what is “AWE”. A common definition is a sense of wonder. “AWE” for me and others today is a movement that is moving step by step to empowerment for women throughout their generations. “AWE” represents “Ageless Women Emerging”.

Much thought and planning has created AWE, and it is driven by bringing women together to talk. Oh, I know, we talk plenty. But this will be deliberate coming together by invitation through membership in a now short-term program from June 19th through September at a winery in the afternoon on “Whatever Wednesdays”. Why so deliberate? Because of the importance of these gatherings and because women will talk about their needs and wants with other women in a casual confidential setting with other women. Why a membership? Because this is an investment in their lives and the lives of the other women in AWE, and women elsewhere step by step.

This has become the Summer of AWE anchored by Whatever Wednesdays. The “Whatever” is also important: there are no reservations, only rsvp’s by members; each member can do “whatever” they would like–lunch, wine, or conversation. the members going forward will choose their meeting dates with no speakers only facilitators in the persons of the creators of AWE.

It is a deliberate movement to provide women in 2020 programming that answers their needs and wants…this is not your mother’s retreat where an agenda is put out there that everyone hopes will make someone feel better at the end of the day. This is answering the participants of this early AWE movement as to what they come together asking for…AWE!

Are you ready for AWE? If so, comment on this blog with your email address, and we are ready to listen….

The Vibration of AWE & Money…It is all ENERGY!

Begin to live as your soulful self…Shift from pain to bliss, from victimhood to self help. This is a quantum flip, and it will change your energy, change your vibration. And you will notice, but so will everyone else you encounter. It is the first step to becoming a Creator. There is a whole story to that which will unfold in coming blogs. But for now, know the truth that everything is Energy, and your life is a reflection of your energy. Change your life in a small way, and your energy will change creating a new vibration! And you will quietly rock your world and all who come into your world if only in a small way, day by day, step by step. And when you change your energy, your money will also have a shift in energy…you control your life!

Butterflies Are Meant to Fly!

With all the talk about badass money, safe cash, and the stock market, it is time to return to the butterfly…a living, breathing creation that symbolizes change and transformation. All naturally. There is no drug, no chemical, and no genetic mutation in the purest forms of the butterfly’s transformation throughout its life. If you are ready to transform especially in the realm of money, begin to consider, contemplate, and meditate how you can set YOUR butterfly free!

The AWE of Children…

On Mother’s Day, there is much for everyone to be thankful for…either we are a mother or we have had a mother. There is an AWEsome quality about motherhood. Some have had more than one mother, and others have had more than one child we have mothered. And then, there are grandchildren… No matter with whom you celebrate Mother’s Day. on the actual day or surrounding days, there is an AWE that comes with it. And it leads to gratitude and understanding of all of the ways mothers are realized and celebrated. Take a moment to acknowledge the AWE of the persons involved…no matter how or when you were mothered or mothered.

Red AWE Shoes, Ageless!

It is a red shoe day, no matter your age or gender! It is really “the little people” day for Sheep Shearing at the FarmPark! The sun is shining beautifully, and I am ready with my shoes trimmed in hot pink, pink glasses, and red jacket vest. It is close enough to red…and it is a day to celebrate a 3 year old and a 5 year old out in nature! Yes, all of us have always had the power to celebrate everything…Now I am going out to celebrate. It is Saturday! Celebrate with us whatever you do. It takes more intention and planning than money! Go find your red shoes!

BadAss Money…AWE?

If you are a wild woman, are you a bad ass? And if you are a bad ass, is that not good? And if you have bad ass money, is that good or bad? Think about this on a Friday morning, the beginning of the weekend. Who are you? A Wild Woman? Not everyone will approve of you no matter what you do. The most important thing to remember is that you must be who you are. The choice is up to you. And that is reflected with your money. If you are a wild woman, define that for yourself. Keep in mind, your energy will become the energy of your money.

And your money can be a wild woman, a bad ass, or what?