Making decisions can be tough…



Making decisions can be a tough thing to do, and it can require courage.  Sometimes we need to go boldly to make money decisions because the decision, while difficult, is the right one to make in the NOW.  Stopping to think it through, lots of deep breathing, and we know what we have to do!  Then we put forth the courage and do it!


Tell Your Story, Tell it Well, Be Positive!

Addicted to problems

As a great advocate of telling our story in order for the Universe to hear it and play on the Reticular Activation Syndrome (RAS), I am also tired of hearing the same old stories dealing with same old problems.  It has ended a long time relationship for me.  There was once a friendship that started in 1998, and it ended in 2016, for good!  The culprit in the relationship was that I had heard a different version of the same old story for 18 years, and, when I brought it up to the person that she would do herself a favor to become more positive, I never heard from her again.  Enough was enough, and I am sure The Universe felt the same.  The situation never changed because that became my friend’s story.  It was always “woe is me” whether it was about her daughters, her mother, her brother, her friends, her MONEY!  The Universe kept giving her more of the same because that became her story.  

Very recently, I had a great conversation with my son about one of his cousins who I mentioned her unhappy disposition for many years.  Yes, he agreed, that she was unpleasant to all, and he cited her story that the Universe had done her wrong–no marriage, no children–and she then projected that out to the world.  It became her story, and The Universe gave it right back to her.

The Moral of the Blog is:  Create your story.  Make it positive.  Make it you.  And then watch the Universe deliver it to you.  Understand, The Universe has its own timeline!

It is Time to Fall Awake!

Mediocre Super girl

It is Sunday, and it is not a day to be mediocre.  Even if you are going to goof off today, do not be mediocre about it!  If you are doing your taxes, the deadline is 48 hours away, do not do it in a mediocre way.  It is a day that you woke up, and it is time to fall awake, not asleep at the wheel of life.  So superboy or supersuperboy supergirl, get to it, whatever it is that you are doing today.

And, if it is money, fall awake with your money.  It is the first step to fall in love with your money.  Focus on what you are working toward in a positive way.  Really focus!  Not half way, that is mediocre; FOCUS!  

Get out there and be positively SUPER!  

Chase Away, Chase Away!

Stress Chase It Away jpg

There are many ways to overcome stress, and that includes money stress!  The illustration appears to be having money grow out of small soil-filled pots.  Not sure that will work, but it reminds me of cups of coffee grounds!

Stress will happen, and no matter if you use gardening or caffeine to chase away money stress, it is up to you to remember there are consequences for whatever action you take.  Caffeine in moderate amounts can probably help.  I combine my organic tea (caffeinated) with my fresh banana, berries, and pineapple of the day with a little bit of good cocoa powder and cinnamon for my morning smoothie.  It does energize me!  And it is fairly healthy!  I know many who like to get up early and tend to their gardens, now that the weather is warming in Ohio, and that works for them.  

My point is that it is up to us to chase away or prevent stress because stress is good unless it overwhelms us, and it is up to us to chase away the stress that will overwhelm, and that can be money stress.  Money on its own is not stressful, but it is stressful when it leads to bad decisions or a lack which can be bothersome.  

Pay attention to any bad stress in your life and see how you can chase it away!

I Am the Goddess of Money…

DNA Goddess

I am leading the Money Revolution, yes, I am!  And you, too, can be a part of the Money Revolution!  Attract money thoughts, attract more than money!  Attract joy:  gain confidence to make money decisions, know your needs and wants, regain hope!  Tune in to Money thoughts you have:  nothing negative, only positive!  It makes a big difference!  You CAN make a difference…


The Transformation…

6 27 16 Miller Julia female again

Only a moment, and it can change the outlook of each of us.  Just like the butterfly; one moment a caterpillar, then in a chrysalis and then wings…

Our lives with money can be the same way.  We are moving along like a caterpillar knowing who we are, for the moment, and then things change.  Money is fickle, and it is unpredictable.  Of course, those who work for someone else with a regular paycheck think they have this conquered until they don’t.  Jobs are eliminated, companies are sold, companies move, illness sets in.  There is no guarantee that your money will be coming when it is supposed to.  

And for those of us who are entrepreneurial, we may have said goodbye to corporate America, and we may have made it so far in our business pursuits that we are still standing, but we are dependent upon the cash flow provided by those who are served by our businesses.  There are no guarantees.

Just like the butterfly, there are no guarantees.  As a caterpillar, they have no clue as to the color or pattern of butterfly wings they will have.  Like the butterfly, I believe we all have to live on faith.  We have the faith that we are doing what is right for us, and that it will all work out.  I know I am.  

Take Over Your Part of the Earth!

Gray Haired Women Army

Today has been a turn around day because I realized that national and local politics was taking over my mind:  Trump, Facebook, and the resignation in Ohio of our Speaker of the House.  Could not start the day that way!  So I deleted all of those posts.  I hit “delete” and am back on track as me.  Everything that was turning me off had the baseline of money.  Money can be good, money can be bad!  It all depends on the energy that is shared in each case.  I choose for money to be a good thing, and that is no surprise to anyone reading this.

And, in the same way, I choose for my energy to be good.  It has not been for the last week or so, and I attribute that to low-grade burnout.  I was doing too much in too little time.  It is me:  always a self-imposed deadline.  So, I am slowing down just a little, and I am still doing too much.  But it will all work out now that I am back on track.  

The source of the photo–Wild Woman Sisterhood–makes a very good point.  There are so many gray-haired ladies who will become a quiet, or not so quiet, army, and we are not interested in taking over our local towns, we will take over the Earth.  And we will not worry about funding that because the money will be attracted to the positive energy.  And it is positive energy, not based on money, but based on “good” and “the right thing to do” that drives us.  It is values!  Gotta run to keep the momentum going…


What Are You Afraid of?

Wanting %22it%22 more than fearing %22it%22

When I was very young, I became afraid of two things:  fire and having my face pushed down into the water.  The fears are still with me, and I know how they became fears, and I can now control the fear reaction.  Hate to say it, but well meaning parents were in the center of each.  The fire, a birthday cake topper with flying birds is not meant to have the candles lit with it on the cake!  I can still remember an aunt who carried me out of the house until the fire was put out!  The face in the water came from early attempts to have me hold my breath as a young child swimming,  and I will leave it all at that since these are things I know of and can control as an adult.

As adults, we all have emotional and physical fears that have been with us through the years, and one of the fears is dealing with money.  Oh, we all can put on our adult faces and fake it until we make it.  We all know enough about money to be dangerous, and it is the fear of making mistakes with money that leads us to never admit that we need help.  Even when we are working with a professional, and I have been that professional now for several decades, we pretend that we know what we are doing, even when we don’t!  

While I like the quote from Bill Cosby, I do not care for the man in any way shape or form.  But the quote really says it, and it applies to money.  When we finally decide we want to be happy and joyful with money, that is when we finally admit that we need help and learn to face the fears in a constructive way to make meaningful change in our financial lives, which impacts every part of our lives.

When the fear about money, whatever it might be for you, is faced, and a solution is presented that can be worked on to make a change in your life, then we can look at money and decide that we want what it can mean for our lives more than we are with fear about it.  And more than putting on an adult mask to pretend all is ok, we can take off the mask of pretending and face money as the gift it truly is!

There is an easy way to start:  Ask me about this logo.

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And Your Soul Will Feel the Pain!

Finger to the Soul

I remember when Brendon Burchard was beginning as a motivational speaker, and I listened to all of his recordings.  That was a while ago, but this particular piece by Brendon is one that I truly adore!  Your should is your GPS through life to achieve what you intended to do upon your arrival on Earth.  It takes years of preparation as a human being, and then, all of a sudden, you are an adult, possibly questioning what your purpose on Earth is all about.  You may be waiting for permission from some known or unknown entity to push ahead with your mission.  You may not even know what your mission is.  You may be poor or rich.  You may live one day at a time; but do you know in your mind, heart, and soul what is yours to do?  It is sad when someone cannot identify their “dream”.  Yes, it takes work, but it also takes self worth to GIVE YOURSELF PERMISSION to identify a “dream”.  Without that, you can end up anywhere.  You only need your permission to move forward.  If you choose to wait for permission from anyone else, you truly are giving the obscene gesture of a “finger” to the soul.  After all, it was your soul who helped you plan your dream mission on Earth.  Maybe it is time to get in touch with your soul…