Be You!

Trust Yourself

It has already been a long day…

Following my intuition is something I am fairly good with, and then there are times I am not!

Yesterday, I was not.  

I just knew from early in the morning when I left my house seeing the markings on my driveway today was the day they were going to repair the driveway as a result of the forever gas line replacements.  But I always have faith that it will all be good!  Well, I was right, and I was wrong!

They did repair the driveway right before I arrived home st 6 pm.  I live on a state route…there is no alternate parking….it all worked out because of previous knowledge I put into play after pulling into a driveway with no cones and hitting bottom because they had dug a hole there and filled it with concrete–now I have one tire concrete encrusted!  OMG!

And they would be working on the driveway where I was granted permission to park at 6:30 this morning.  It Is also trash day!  I was told I could drive on the repair this morning.  So I did!

If I would have listened to my intuition yesterday, I would not have done my grocery shopping while in the city, including a watermelon, picked up dry cleaning, gone to the bookstore, etc.  I would have saved myself all of the trips from a distant driveway in almost 90 degree heat.  

But I have one more story in my arsenal for the future…this is the easy stuff.  The harder stuff is coming out against fake food, chemicals, the medical tradition, and the traditional financial industry, the stuff that is killing so many!  But I am trustung my intuition on this, too, and I hope you are, too!












Fool Me Once, Fool Me Twice, I Give Up or NOT!

Food Problem with

It is almost too much to comprehend…

Is your Parmesan cheese 🧀 purely Parmesan?

Is your “organic” meal real or a misrepresentation in any sense?

Is your olive oil in your cupboard the real thing?

Is your seafood really what you thought it was when you bought at your supermarket?

There are hundreds of other fake foods out there!  Just want you to start thinking 💭

And the Local Farmer’s Market is Where I Start….

Food Control Fruits and Vegetables

Ok, enough about food, good and bad, why do I, the financial transitions expert, focus on food.  It is because it is next to your mortgage or rent your high spending item.  And we need to eat to live, or do we live to eat.

No matter, money allows us to purchase a life necessity!

No debate there.

So, this is an expense that you can educate yourself on to make the best choices for you no matter how much or how little money you have to spend.  And, yes, food and money both have emotional components.  Working through that, finding your path with food, is a long time road.

Bottom line:  food is up to you!  Where will you start with your food today?


What Are We Thinking…


Really, what are we thinking?

Have we become so complacent to allow manufacturers of foods, of cosmetics, of cleaning products to shower us with chemicals in our homes, on our bodies, and into our bodies?  Have we forgotten how to read labels?  Do we really believe there is no alternative?  Or have we just become lazy?  Or is our self esteem so clouded by big money being spent on every form of media to allow our ego to believe their claims that what they offer will make us better in some way?

All of us have fallen into their claims at one time or another; maybe right now!

Are you wanting to die earlier because you are slowly poisoning yourself?  Yes, YOU are poisoning yourself by listening, by allowing, by not stopping to consider what you buy, what you eat, what you clean with.  YOU can stop it.  Interested?  Stay tuned!food


And Why Would You Shop There?


Today was a day of exasperation for the second day in a row in my adventure of grocery shopping in the Oberlin, Ohio area…

But it really began on Saturday at the Oberlin Farmers Market…one question there:  where are all the organic local farmers?

I am a total supporter of “local”, but I also prefer “organic”!  Tell me how you grow your food, please!  You can offer pesticide, etc. free, without certifying!

Then yesterday, based in many recommendations of trying Walmart for a good selection of organics at lower prices than other stores.  OMG, no, never again.  My feelings about Walmart remain….junk in, junk out!  They do not respect their employees, and they do not respect their shoppers!  I am not going to shop all Walmarts in the area to find one that offers quality because they feel a certain area deserves better!

Tiday at Giant Eagle in Amherst, Ohio, with an advertised special of organic mushrooms, There were three packages that looked like they should be removed because of their condition were marked down for me to 1/6 of their advertised price. And I took the best package and cooked them right away.  How bad can you get?  This is pure disrespect for the shopper!  Yes, I took advantage because it was feasible for a use I could create.

My point is that a store can create loyal customers by respecting them by offering quality choices……..whatever they desire at a reasonable  price.

And there are stores that do that….two in my area–Heinen’s and the Oberlin IGA.  AND I WANT TO SAY THANK YOU!

And This is News?

IMG_0062My oh my, this is not news, but it does put the issues all together.  Going to the grocery store, no matter which store, the consumer has to be more vigilant than ever, more educated than ever!

So few of us are already years into understanding each one of the above areas of concern that we struggle keeping up.  I joke that the more I read the less I eat.  Sad but true.

The one guideline might be that all of the above are to be avoided.  Are you ready to be educated, to change the way you eat, to eat less, and, hopefully, to begin reclaiming food to be your nourishment and medicine?p

Courage is What is Missing!


Some folks think I am being risky with some posts lately, that I am taking on “the corporate food giants”!  Yes, I am pulling up my courage in the area of Sustainability.

Personal Sustainability is our responsibility from birth.

We acquiesce as we grow, letting others make decisions; and then as adults, we attempt to reverse the negative to attain longevity and quality of life.  But it is our responsibility to have courage.

Think about the food you eat, the medications doctors prescribe for you, the cosmetics you use–women and men, the chemicals in your home and yards and gardens, clothing you wear, etc., etc.

You can be courageous, you must be courageous for the body you have is not only the only one you have, it is the temple for all you really are!