It is Saturday, but…


As an entrepreneur, as an employer, the weekends many times, when you are away from the everyday workplace, become the unconscious thinking time, a very productive time.  For those of you have employees, this is their time, for many, to kick back and relax before returning refreshed to the workplace in a day or two.  But for many employees, the stress they experience with their finances becomes more intense on the weekend when they have to deal with the money for all sorts of things.

Can you, as an employer, spot the signs of financial stress in your workplace with your employees?  If you are seeing these signs, you are also seeing a lack of productivity, which does affect you and your business, and a lack of happiness in your employees.

I cannot help but share these signs with you.  That is what I do.  I empower excellence in individuals and organizations especially when it comes to money.  So, here are some signs to pay attention to.  We will talk at a later time about what to do when you are seeing these signs.  The first step is to become aware:

  1. Folks spending time dealing with personal finances while in the workplace.
  2. Taking loans against their retirement savings.
  3. Asking for advances before payday.
  4. Unexpected absences; and
  5. Medical issues that could have been avoided through preventative care.

Pay attention.  Your employees heath affects your business, and their financial health oftentimes goes unnoticed.  It can cost you happiness, productivity, and money!

Make Some Noise!

Positive Me

Too many times we make sure that our voice is heard when we are unhappy!  But we really need to communicate ten times as much when we have a message that is communicating our truth to make it powerful!  This positive happy voice is needed so much in today’s world, and it is needed to make our personal powerful message heard.  So many times what we have to offer will change the situation for someone out there. but, if it is never heard, it changes nothing.  It is our persistent positive voice that brings about change.

Especially as women, we tend to try to grow up, to become a worker bee, and to let the men in our work world get to us.  So, we remain quiet.  And, yes, that still happens today!  Become a badass with no rules; take charge of your own life.  Question everything.  When YOU believe in yourself, others believe in you, too!

Bet on yourself, even if you are having setbacks, because every setback brings you one step closer to the top of the mountain where you believe your happiness is.

The Choice is Mine, Always Has Been!


Today’s thoughts are short and sweet…

I have always been headstrong.  I also have always had multiple ideas for whatever I was involved in.  Some work and some do not.  One thing I have never been is patient, and right now I am going through a very impatient time.  Enough said about that.

Today is like being at an event where a balloon vendor  is offering beautiful balloons, and I have no money to buy one.  It is a sad moment, and it is one that is familiar during my life.  But I really love those balloons.  So, somehow, I have to find the way to have a balloon…

And now, the balloons in the colors of my company logo are right there, but I still am not ready to pluck the balloon of my choice from the sky due to the entrepreneurial funding model!  But I am my own hero, and I know not one but all of those balloons will be mine in a short time…because I believe in me!

Creativity is Hitting Hard…


I love the graphic shared by…It really puts into focus how out of focus I may appear to be at times…

Yesterday I talked about ORIGINALS by Adam Grant, and I talked about my Healthy Eating initiative as a part of The Empower Excellence Experience (TEEE!) moving forward.  How are they connected?  They definitely are as without health excellence is not possible, and healthy heating is the foundation of health.  That is it pure and simple.  And the best road to Happiness is being Healthy .  It really is…

 About the same time I was beginning Empower Excellence, I became involved in the local food movement.  It went dormant for a while to expand what I was doing with the main part of my business, but it came back with a vengeance.  And I am truly someone who has to speak my truth to feel my power.  My truth is happiness, health, and financial sustainability for all.  My voice is the voice for so many and more are about to hear my message…Communication is a voice for Creativity.  I am a Creative, I am an Original, and I am a powerful Voice.  Yes, I am.

And Doreen Virtue Ratifies My Choice, Again!

Fresh Local Produce on counter top

Since I have given up the local printed media because it is OLD news and a waste of time amid negative vibrations, I no longer have the daily newspaper for my horoscope, but my virtual friend Doreen Virtue’s daily angel card messages are much more welcome and so true for me so many times.  But, unlike a horoscope, Doreen’s messages are now coming after I make decisions, which really serves me as a ratification of those decisions.  Nice!

But it is getting little unsettling.  On September 8th I made my decision to expand Empower Excellence to The Empower Excellence Experience when I move to Oberlin, which will include among several new programs, a cooking program using the produce of local farmers to display how to use local produce at the seasonal farm markets, and the idea was shared with several folks at that time.    And then yesterday, on Monday, September 19th, Doreen’s angel messages focused on Healthful Eating.  OMG, here we go again.  

Her post actually asks “Do you feel ready to make this commitment?”  She goes on to say that “Remember that true healthful eating is built upon basics such as fresh organic produce that you can buy inexpensively at farmers markets….”

Yes, I am already a healthy eater, but this is a unique idea that has just been moved forward by this message.  I am grateful for the ideas that are part of my mission, and there is so much in my past that supports this food segment of my future.  It is exciting, and it is my mission among all of the programs of The Empower Excellence Experience.  And I am grateful for the inspiration and for the ratification…It is exactly this that keeps the weirdness in my life moving forward!

But, I must say that I am not weird.  In the book ORIGINALS by Adam Grant, he shares that being an original is “risky business” because originals are going against the grain when they introduce a “fresh” initiative in an inventive capacity.  Welcome to my life. I have always had a choice to be a conformist or be an original.  The cooking shows using local food from the farmers at the farmers markets is a better option, and I do take radical risks.  I follow my mission, I follow my intuition, and I know Divine Guidance is with me as I walk through the Universe!

The Empower Excellence Experience 2017 is Going Back to Our Roots…


In 2011, as an active participant in Sustainable Cleveland, I had the good fortune to meet Woody Tasch, venture capitalist and author of SLOW MONEY, as he presented at the Cleveland annual summit.  It set off a path that led to a group in Ohio and in Cleveland focused on SLOW MONEY, investing in the earth by supporting local food entrepreneurs.  That chapter for me came to a conclusion as the Cleveland group had found investable money, created a website, and an advisory group.  Their future path is no longer part of my portfolio, but it ignited a fire within me that has been dormant for almost two years.  

But my evolution has continued with Empower Excellence during those years, and it continues to move ahead.  In 2017 it is my intention to move to Oberlin, ironically the location that led me to really become involved in local food.  Their aspirations through the Oberlin Project include more local food produced and consumed in the Oberlin area.  Truly local food.  

Oberlin has been my destination for a while, and my vision of me in Oberlin is a quieter but more involved version of Empower Excellence now lovingly referred to as The Empower Excellence Experience.  There is much to share at a later time about that evolution.  It is truly exciting and has really excited my soul!  

But on September 8th, I attended a dinner cooking party.  Not my usual activity, but there is always a reason for everything happening in my life.  By the end of the evening, with the help of my hostess and encouragement from other guests, an idea had hatched that I fell in love with.  It was something that touched my heart and soul so much that in the words of Tama Kieve this morning it caused me to “delve into a project with savage devotion, leaving no room for questions.”  

Beginning in the Spring, I hope to be a part of the Oberlin Farm Market doing mini cooking shows weekly using the produce of the other vendors, truly promoting good, local produce as local as it can be short of going to farms all around the area.  Yes, there is more, but that is the kernel of the idea.  I am exploring my participation in the market, but today, I love the idea so fully, that I truly believe that it is being prepped by the Universe with me.  You see, everyone’s experience with empowering excellence begins with health, it begins with good, healthy, local food.  I can be of help to the local food producers while helping local residents who attend the weekly farm market to have fun using the local produce.  I am excited, and I cannot wait to share that happiness about this idea.  Food makes people happy–growing it, cooking it, and eating it for happiness comes from other people sharing life with each other, and that is a part of the Empower Excellence Experience.  Stay tuned…

What Difference Does One Blocked Chakra Make?


Happiness does not come easily once you become educated  about so many things.  All of a sudden you know what can go wrong and what does go wrong.  A wise person told me recently that I am a deep student of life, and their comment was correct.  I have been pursuing spiritual wisdom and joy since the mid-90’s.  That period of time was chaotic because everyone and everything I had believed in was no longer trusted in my soul.   Long story, and it is over, so let us go on.  Religion was not a good thing for me because of its structured inflexibility.  Not until major moves in the late 90’s did I begin to find my spiritual footing.  And it was no loner conventional religion.  I embarked on a path that led me to many paths, and I am so grateful for all of those paths today.  i am no longer who I was.  I have traveled some very rocky roads to gt today and to get to yesterday in particular.  

Having said all of that…yesterday was a “personal” day with friends and new experiences.   That was how it started.  How it ended was so much more.  Through a new type of energy work, and a lot of it in one afternoon, the one chakra that has been blocked for years finally opened up in a very overpowering display of energy.  It left me exhausted followed by 12 hours of sleep.  This morning, rested enough, I began to journal the experience and through the journaling a pattern of time emerged.  My sacral chakra has been blocked since early 2010.  My openness, my sexuality, and my creativity began to shut down at that time because of a traumatic end to a very long-term relationship.  I was threatened by my own powers, and I turned inward in many respects.  In addition, I began to find my own very personal path through my career, through my emotions, and through all of my relationships.  I had to be in control; that was my power moving forward.  No one was going to ever put me in the position I found myself at that time–no one, not ever.  Today, I am still shedding tears as I write this.  It was sad at that time, but I did not see it, I did not shed the tears, I kept moving forward, always in control!  Always!  There should have been tears at that time, but they did not come.  Today, the tears are of release.  Six long years later, and a whole lot of change where my creativity won out.  Thank God for that.  Now I am ready for opening the chakra, which began yesterday.  I am now ready to learn to recognize my emotions again  and allow them to be free.  Where that leads remains to be seen, but the soul has begun its work now that I have opened up my heart, my soul, and my chakra.  I am now working my way back to my creative, sexual spirit that I always was.  And I am ready for the new paths I am led to…for I know happiness awaits.

It is Time for a Quantum Leap!


Going step by step in knowing your numbers is not always necessary…It is a bleak rainy, really rainy, thunder and lightning any day, and I am setting off on a day of friendship and energy with no regard to what is sitting on my desk in my office for it is time for the quantum leap, and I need help achieving that.

Yes, I know my numbers in all parts of my life, but I need a booster to move forward.  I need a quantum leap, a leap outside of the normal.  That leap is energy!

Going off to Energetic Awakenings event in Chardon…I need the booster shot!  And it will be just that…David and Dana will be presenting the program.  Good friends who know energy better than I ever will, but from a different perspective.  I will leap today in ways that I cannot even imagine.

When learning your numbers, it can be tedious and not fun.  But when you know your numbers, life becomes much easier.  It flows like the river of the Universe, and you become a part of that…maybe that is easier too on a rainy, rainy day.

Little Shifts, Incremental Progress!


Remember when we first learned to count, we learned by memorizing shapes of the numbers, the colors of the puzzle or whatever we were seeing all of the time!  And then the concept caught up with the learning, and we knew our numbers…physically at least, but it may have taken years to really know our numbers.

There were tiny shifts towards that incremental progress…

And it would have been fantastic if all we had to learn to “know our numbers” were the sizes and the shapes, but life is much more complicated than that, and every function of life has some connection to money; and, sooner or later, we have to learn those numbers if we are to avoid chaos in our financial lives.  

We begin to learn that in our adult lives when we find times that we cannot meet our basic needs.   How could that happen?  Well, we learn to be dependent upon others to provide those needs never really taking responsibility to “know our numbers”.  Sooner or later that has to shift or else we will continually live in that chaotic state whenever something “happens”.  And that something can be a divorce, loss of a job, unexpected medical situation, and more.  And that something always happens…

Are you ready to “know your numbers”?  It is a first step towards responsibility for your money and your happiness.

Dare to Know, Dare to Dream, Dare to Act


Do you know your numbers?  While attending a regional wellness program this morning, the discussion turned to “knowing your numbers”, and you do need to know your numbers regarding your wellness; but you also need to know your financial numbers.  Really, you do.  And I am not talking about your checking account, your savings account, or your credit card.  At least, not to start with!

The numbers you need to know to start are the “NEED NUMBERS”.  What does it take for you to live, just live?  

Before you can dare to dream, you need to live.  I challenge you today to dream.  I challenge you to dream about your happiness.  But, first, look at the numbers; know your numbers to live.  

And then, let’s talk about how to act to know, to dream, to act to find your happiness.

Can you find your numbers?