The Power of Hope is Real…Hope is My Source of Strength! #Empower Excellence

Lately, cataclysm, pandemic, powerlessness, and exhaustion have been running through my brain, and I have wondered where the vision for the future would lead.

And then, the yellow rose, a favorite of mine reappeared in meditation! The yellow rose is a symbol for hope.

Hope is my source of strength. It is a symbol of Source for me, a higher power, God, or other symbol of faith.

Hope never falters, it is me who falters and forgets to call upon hope in times that are good and bad. But the Universe with its perfect timing steps in and reminds me that to give up hope is to just give up, and that is not my style.

Right now, today, I invite you to join me in awakening to hope in the Universe and in our personal lives. Whatever may be of concern to you today–faith, pandemics, family, relationships, money, or more–just be mindful and whisper “hope” to yourself or out loud. Let it be a confirmation of where your are mentally, emotionally, spiritually. If your hope is not as strong as you think it could be, remind yourself that you still have hope.

Take a few days to reawaken hope. Do not just dump it all out there, and give it a few days to feel comfortable in your life again . Hope will empower you. Hope can begin to move you in a direction you want to go. But be mindful, go slow, and begin to think of hope becoming your strength wherever you need it.

Sometimes You Just Need to Know!

What in the heck is a Money Persona?

As a Financial Empowerment Influencer, more than a coach, and more unencumbered than a financial professional…, I receive lots and lots of information which is not always useful, BUT…

Recently from an organization I belong to which does have a lot of my profile background I received the results from a Money Persona Quiz. Okay, I am sure I answered the questions on the quiz!

“Based on what you’ve told us, your results are most in line with the MM Money Persona.” The grid they sent along with the results just confuses even me. I am an MM!

So the first letter represents my “Shadow Persona” which is how I deal with money when faced with scarcity. I agree that this is usually the natural tendency I developed during my formative years and during early adulthood.

The second letter represents my “Winning Persona”. It shows me the path I take and the tactics I develop so I can reach Economic Independence as effortlessly as possible by embracing abundance. So I am told that this is where ingenuity, innovation, and inspiration rule.

Living in a limited capacity means I use my abilities in a limited capacity which leads to limited financial gain. Living in abundance uses the same abilities in an expansive way with value creation at my core.

My “Shadow Persona” is a MISER. My “Winning Persona” is a MINDFUL MANAGER.


When my “Shadow Persona” ruled in times of money stress and scarcity., they did rob me of the life I wanted for a long time. They did derail my well-intentioned efforts to succeed.

On the other hand, my “Winning Persona” defines the real me. I am now on my quickest path to reach Economic Independence as effortlessly as possible.

And I am in total awe of the transformation that has occurred over the years as a Financial Empowerment Influencer for me, for myself.

Most of the time, people who feel stuck like I did are viewing and interacting with their world from a position of scarcity. I did. Wealth is destroyed and all results become limited. But over the years I have really transformed… It is unreal!

No, I cannot share the source of the Money Persona Quiz, but I can share that this is how I practice with my clients in the SET THIS BUTTERFLY FREE TRANSFORMATIONAL PRACTICE. My life has changed dramatically in so many ways. Want to know more:

Ready for a Shortcut to Happiness?

And, yes, there is a shortcut!

On mornings when my meditations find me really quiet and focused on the quiet, amazing insights occur. In life, in total life, we all have a desire to be happy, at least I believe that to be true.

The Universe, aka God, or other deities, provides each one of us with an Inner Being. In Catholic elementary school, we did not use the words “Universe”, but we did learn that we had the Holy Spirit within each of us, aka “conscience”. I hate to say this but “conscience” at that point in life was used to contrast “good conscience” and “bad conscience”. It took many years of my life to understand that “conscience” and “intuition” really were my Inner Being or Source. Oh yes!

Now that I am older and wiser, Inner Being aka SOURCE is in tune with my Energy, it is where I am, it is who I am, and it knows how I feel. But there is a big difference, even when I am feeling not so perfect, SOURCE is feeling good about me and my moving forward. It is a contrast that works quite well. It brings me back to a balancing point. SOURCE is like a guiding light. It stabilizes my consciousness and allows me to grow and expand. I know I really worked through getting to know my Inner Being, and this is something I would recommend to every one. Right now, it is possible, you have no idea what “Inner Being” is all about, but begin to try “the quiet” and listen, really listen. At first, nothing may happen, but keep trying, just be quiet. Trust me, you will “hear”.

And that is part of the shortcut to happiness.

The happier you are, the more you feel happy, the more happiness finds you, and your Inner Being is really a source for your happiness. You have the right to be happy. Do not wait around for it to happen. Go get happy. Learn to please YOU first, and tell others to take a flying leap if they find fault with your taking care of you. The Universe wants you to be happy. Remember God wants you to be happy.

Don’t spend minutes, days, or weeks, or months working hard to get happy. Listen to your SOURCE, your Inner Being, and find happiness wherever you are. Put another way, REVEL with your Inner Being.

Happy times are here again!

Where Do Caterpillars Go in the Winter?

Are they believing they will become butterflies?

As a writer, I love snowy days when I can clear my desk of the mundane and get to what I really love doing, writing. And today, as I am beginning my second book after SET THIS BUTTERFLY FREE, I WONDER IF THE CATERPILLAR REALLY HAS A DESIRE TO CHANGE THEIR LIFE!

There is so much to learn about caterpillars and butterflies, but not today.

Does the caterpillar desire something more, do they desire to thrive, and how do they feel when their inner voice nudges them forward to the point in their life that they are flowing into the chrysalis? Is it scary for them? Do they push back and say “I am not ready for this change!”

If they do, what happens to them? Have they lost their chance to be more than a caterpillar? Maybe they have a teacher or a mentor that appears when the time is right for them to flow into their changing existence to become a butterfly? I do not know, but I wonder.

And I wonder what happens when a new client decides to make a change, are they really ready for the change that could allow them to thrive? Why do so many people stay stuck in lives they do not really desire. I know from experience that my Inner Voice is great at nudging me forward, and, if I ignore that Inner Voice I often regret not moving forward.

Why do I ask all of these questions?

Because when a client begins considering working with me to achieve financial empowerment, I can usually tell if they are ready. But it is not my role to push them into the devision to move forward. It is my job to make sure that they move forward instead of backward because regression is not what the Universe intends. Resistance is normal, but too much resistance is the sign that the “student is not ready for the teacher”.

I embrace my role as teacher because “empowering” women is what my soul driven purpose is. My role is easy but very demanding. Only “the student” knows if they are truly ready, and, if they are, all systems are go because they have the desire and they have the belief that they are ready to change, scary or not!

Jan Litterst

Take a Breath, Take Time to Breathe

Take Time to Appreciate YOU!

While I am pushing and using my energy to the maximum every day, I really have begun to slow down, finding joy, and setting firm boundaries and encouraging others not only to respect my boundaries but also to set their boundaries, slow down, and BREATHE.

So this week’s newsletter will share what I have been working so terribly focused on in this month of January. If you are inspired by anything you read about, please do contact me. My email address is shown below with a link.

In late fall, I became very active with WIN, Women in Networking, that I joined in the late Spring of 2021. I was seeking a volunteer opportunity that would not only help women but also help women who needed help to move forward for themselves and their families. Seeking may be a little strong, because Source just had me at the right place at the right time for me to head up WIN’s charitable work for 2022 for The Haven Home. I inherited an experienced, fantastic committee, “team” I prefer to refer to them as. It is only mid January and the effort is well on its way for 2022. Women find The Haven Home when options are dwindling for them and their children in their homelessness journey. When they reinvigorate at The Haven Home, they move to the next part of their journey, but our efforts working with the team and the leaders at The Haven Home have them moving with rolling suitcases, a more appropriate way than trash bags! And while they are at The Haven Home, their little ones will be blessed with an abundant supply of diapers. That is our focus for quarter one–to collect gently used, or new, rolling suitcases, and lots and lots of large size diapers for the little ones. So that is one project of mine for 2022. Interested? There are lots of ways to help.

Next, I am presenting to AMLA members in Northeast Ohio (it is a mutual life association). A wonderful lady, Christy Ditmar, brings in presentations as a benefit to their members. This is my second appearance with AMLA, and I will be talking about one of my programs “A FAMILY LEGACY”. The presentation is ready and will be one of my many practice sessions to prepare for the gathering on Zoom later this month. Want to learn more about AMLA, let me know and I will connect you with Christy!

The day after AMLA, I am sharing SET THIS BUTTERFLY FREE… with members of WIN (Women in Networking) is a hybrid event. I will be LIVE and plenty of practice will occur this week. If you want to know more about WIN, let me know through the link below.

In 2019 I prepared a signature talk with the intention of presenting without cost to nonprofit organizations and tax exempt community groups. I have pulled OUR ENORMOUS CAPACITY FOR JOY to make it available with a special mailing in the next week to be scheduled beginning in the Fall. If you are interested in a beautiful Fall kickoff for an organization or group you know of, let me know.

And I am beginning work with financial empowerment clients again after Covid and my rebranding. This really excites me, I love working with women clients as they begin their journey to empower their money relationship. This is the core of my practice, and it is the reason I left corporate America to focus on one-to-one client work. My schedule is beginning to fill, so if you are interested or know someone who is, yes, you can email me through the link below.

Oh, and I almost forgot! In 2013 I was asked to take the leadership role with a floundering women’s networking group. That grew into 2, 3, and then 4 groups before Covid. Well, through the rebranding, Professional Women’s Connection(PWC) is back to the one Rocky River location. Their first newer larger group will meet next week with the largest, socially distanced and masked, if desired, attendance since pre-Covid days. It is so exciting because there is a new energy running through the members and our potential guests. It is so exciting: women helping women grow their businesses! Yes, the link below can be used to find out more about PWC, too.

I have no intention of driving you crazy: believe it or not, I am big on self care and breathing…It is what gets me through each day! And I have my business plan for 2022 in a usable form! Now I need to do the work with all of the above to allow 2022 to become the banner year it has started out as!

Thank you for listening, and, as promised, here is the link. Jan Litterst

Why Do I Write NonFiction? Isn’t it all on the internet? No!

And it is not all on the internet!

There are those who would ask me why am I writing nonfiction in the age of free information. And there are those who believe everything they read on the internet, and those who believe nothing they read on the internet. And some people do not care, but I do.

A friend many years ago told me “there are no free lunches, Jannie!” And there is no really free information! Yes, I do share financial empowerment online, but my books, and SET THIS BUTTERFLY FREE is only the first, the second book is already being written. What I share in my books is totally different than anything you will read online. I do know who the “empowerment” people online are.

I do have a unique story and approach.

Following decades in government on every level, I learned that money was always involved with constituents’ concerns. I then went on to be in the traditional financial services of banking and financial planning for almost 20 years before I started my own financial empowerment work! I saw and heard everything that can be heard, legally, in government and financial services. And the client always was the last to be heard, truly heard.

My books as well as my services are written for the “buyer”, the client, and not a company or a product. Financial empowerment is very personal, and you will not find more than the basic financial information on line. You can’t because it takes person to person listening, hearing, speaking to communicate properly about money–everybody is different. No matter what anyone tries to tell you that all information is for all people!

A decision to buy a book speaks to a personal need on the part of a reader, a client, etc. The value of the book to anyone is decided by the buyer, but it must be communicated to the buyer. This is serious work, and it is the reason I did a soft launch of SET THIS BUTTERFLY FREE, but now I am addressing my deeper thoughts day by day to a select audience. Free information is the same as a free lunch, it might satisfy you once in a while but your true appetite cannot be satisfied that easily.

WHY Did I Write a Book?

There are a lot of reasons: Faith, Family, Friends, Sustainability, and JOY!

Yes, I want to change the world, but that is an awful lot to bite into as one person; and, I truly believe if I find JOY, I can really make a big difference. But to find JOY, I had to spend a lot of time finding out what makes me happy. If it does not make me happy and JOYful, I am finding ways to leave it out of my life.

And, really, I did not write the book to make money. Do not get me wrong: it costs a lot of time and money to publish a book. I did it the right way for me, and I have already sold books since launching two months ago, and I am continuing in 2022 to share SET THIS BUTTERFLY FREE “Transforming Your Relationship With Energy, Money, and Life” in many venues. The book brings me JOY, and it is a direct result of the JOY I find in family and friends, but faith is the real reason I wrote and persevered to publish this particular book.

Faith, you question? What do I mean about that?

Some folks refer to what I am doing as “spirituality”. Maybe, maybe not. I was raised with faith in a higher power. I was not brainwashed with any particular faith concepts. I have always known I am not alone, but it took many years and many approaches to learn including the concept of energy, the energy that originated with evolution, aka The Big Bang Theory, The Powers of the Universe and so many practices such as Reiki, Auras, Jyn Shin Jitsu, (please I have not memorized all of the words). I am a person of faith if faith means Source or Buddha or the Holy Trinity or the Holy Spirit IS truly within me from the moment of evolution. There’s way too much to explain the path to SOURCE, and it is an individual journey. But SOURCE is within me,

A favorite professional friend of mine for many years says it brilliantly when he says that his energy practice and his book THE PRACTICE are not written by him but by a higher power, he actually says “God” speaking through him. I am borrowing that concept because SET THIS BUTTERFLY FREE… came about through many sources and SOURCE and many years of learning all that has been mine to learn.

Everything I have learned from birth prepared me to write this book, to coach my clients in financial empowerment, and more. You see, financial empowerment is a divine right available for all and to all, but all do not move toward it at the same time. Some of us take a lot longer than others, but the right to financial empowerment, aka abundance and manifestation is there for all of us, every single one of us.

After years of faith education, self care, personal searching, spiritual searching, energy education, and never resting to find my purpose, I also followed a path that was set out for me: a lot of helping others through years in government service, traditional financial services, and “to make a difference” before I felt that I had a message that needed to be shared in its simplistic way of a butterfly, the symbol of transformation.

And so, in my beginning efforts to change the world and bring more JOY into the world, money can bring JOY but it also can bring pain, fear, and heartache, I finished SET THIS BUTTERFLY FREE… without a major “hammer in the head” spirituality banner. It is a simple process, yes, I developed it, that can and should be used one step at a time: begin with energy, do a little work, excel at the work, become empowered, and create more energy to keep moving through whatever transformation you are seeking.

Energy is so many things including “spiritual”. Find your energy, find your way to JOY, and consider SET THIS BUTTERFLY FREE… as an introduction or continuation on the path you are on. “Spiritual” does describe one of my major reasons for writing this book.

Jan Litterst

Keeping It Personal & Professional In Spite of Pandemic Times

Moving Ahead In Spite of Pandemic Times…It is Not Over.

No matter if you agree or disagree with “the pandemic”, it is everywhere and it is affecting many, many people. This has been a time of total uncertainty. It has been a time for me that had to be more than survival. It was a time to live and love unconditionally when “quarantine” shut down my retreats as well as my regional networking groups. Certainty and determination kept the relationships going in a productive way through the written word, social media, and one-to-one connections.

Certainty and caution became my guidewords.

The pandemic was uncertain in every way, but I believe in a Universe that is infinite which can deal with uncertain change any day. Looking at relationships I began to look and listen in very different ways with everyone to learn what each person needed in this constantly changing environment.

Each relationship still needs to be viewed constantly and consistently in an individual fashion. No matter where any one individual is on their pandemic path for wherever they are, they are, and respect is unconditional.

My first consideration is to open my eyes and open my ears to every person I am interacting with to see how they are viewing and feeling the pandemic. My reason is that the necessary respect by me has to start with me. I cannot take my feelings for granted. I question what I know and I respect what I learn about me at any given moment. Remember, everything is constantly changing.

While we are all connected, we all share life, and we mostly want joy in our life. We want balance rather than chaos. However, not everyone lives intuitively. Not everyone is intrigued by life. Some are truly fearful and anxious.

True, I believe that life is simple and really is not a problem. Life can be a partner if we are a student of life, but not everyone is at this time of constant change. I take my time and share a process that makes unnecessary the question of “Will you go to war with me or be at peace with me?” The process begins with self respect. We do not know how anyone we interact with is affected by the various components of the current situation. I respect where intuition leads me but I do not rely on feelings. I turn to determine the highest good in any relationship for the greatest number of people.

I found myself awakening a higher level of consciousness with patience, practice, open heart, and willingness. Turning back to my values governed how I felt in each encounter. But feelings were secondary, and what I miss most in this time is “hugs”. I can no longer use feelings to define a relationship or me. All our reactions to life have changed. I now embrace a different level of intuitive consciousness to guide me. Out of necessity, feelings do have to remain secondary on all levels. Now, I use a process, which I share with all connections when communicating in person or through alternative media. The response has been one of relief as I walk through my approach:

  1. I stop to look and listen.
  2. I reflect my thoughts after others share their as I look and listen.
  3. I connect my intuition.
  4. I trust my intuitive knowledge.
  5. I do not labor over my intuitive stance avoiding discomfort and respecting all involved.
  6. I internally ask where my intuition is leading. And accept that.
  7. I move forward.

All of this happens in seconds when done intentionally and conversationally shared.

While I am always aware of why we are interacting, whether personally or professionally, or both, the communication has to be intentional to preserve the relationship in an easy flowing way.

When the stage has been set to be respectful of all parties, I always want to remain authentic and share the truth and expect all others to do the same. Putting feelings aside during this time is more sustainable than becoming emotional in an interaction.

Relationship building using this process has continued during all of these months and continues as our organizations begin to go live. This personal practice when shared provides:

  • A stable foundation for all parties
  • A place of being during the interaction
  • Productive interaction with others
  • Unconditional acceptance
  • Authority released with a level playing field for all
  • Everyone learns by gracefully crashing

This time of pandemic puts every relationship in a different light. No one wants to repeat what he or she has gone through, they want to heal and move through this on all levels. Being respectful, being graceful, being straightforward allows this and preserves the dignity of all relationships.

Reimagining, Owning, Acting, Reassessing…Sounds Like New Year’s Eve!

sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

Maybe that is why ROAR by Michael Clinton appealed to me; I have been here before. Maybe with different words, but the sentiment is the same: Change starts with all of us.

New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day are traditional days in many ways. In Polish households, on New Year’s Day, pork is “always” served since it is considered good luck and progress mainly because pigs are known to root forward. Some things are harmless, mostly anyway, and polish kielbasa pork sausage, sauerkraut, and Irish small potatoes (the other half of my heritage plus some other British Isle legacies)are just waiting for tomorrow.

New Year’s Eve can reignite moments of remorse of times past, but New Year’s is a day when many really feel obliged to make resolutions to make the coming year better. While change starts with all of us, change is also hard.

ROAR, the book by Michael Clinton, appealed to me because I am always seeking a better me. Please do not get me wrong, I am fairly happy with the current version of me, but I have always liked to be reinvigorated by small changes. Some people are happy without change, I am not happy unless something is always changing; it stirs my brain and my blood. It also drives many family and friends a little crazy. Oh well, you win some and you lose some. Self worth is not my problem.

  • R is to Reimagine Yourself
  • O is to Own who you are
  • A is to Act on what is next for you
  • R is to Reassess your relationships

Okay, Michael Clinton, I like ideas broken down into lists: ROAR! I will ROAR, Why not? But WHY? Because I could be a “Reimagineer” as proposed by the author. Okay, I could give that a try.So, if I think about the word “retire”, I could replace it with “refine” or “revive”. A little more verve than “retire”. I am good with that. You see, ROAR is about ROARing into the second half of your life. (Before It’s Too Late)

I also like the idea about forgetting about ageism and think of it as growthism. It is a journey to continue growing. This begs the question of who you are and and what do you want to do with the rest of your life. ROAR can happen at any age, forget about the second half of your life. Continued growth can bring an overflow of joy; I really like that concept because JOY is a requisite for all I do in my life.

And, you can continue growing and pivoting with your ROAR time–it does take a breath, a pause, and a pivot to ROAR. So, with this ROARing, what is next in my life, in your life?

An aside for the moment: Breaking News, Betty White, passed today at 99 after 8 decades in the entertainment world! Betty really ROARed over and over again. God bless her soul, but she is probably still ROARing in her afterlife!

Even if you are an empty nester, what is your next opportunity?

Source for reference: recall your childhood dreams. Do you have an unlived, unrealized dream? In at least one of my money empowerment programs, crayons, markers, colored pencils and card stock are transformed by participants into a refrigerator ready rendition of a childhood dream still unfulfilled. Your dreams have a purpose whether as a two-year old or an 80 year old, and those dreams should never end. Like it or not, time is running out for all of us, for each of us. Time is finite. Eliminate

  • Woulda’s
  • Coulda’s
  • Shoulda’s

Really! Don’t ever be embarrassed, have regrets, or be unhappy over something you still have control over! Is it time for your reawakening?

Let’s look at my favorite critter: the caterpillar. A furry little critter never knowing what his/her future holds until it happens, and then the caterpillar finds himself/herself in a gooey, undescribable cocoon like enclosure. I would be panicked, but I still remain a control freak. And then, without noticeable warning, the caterpillar in the chrysalis sprouts wings: OMG! TO quote millions: “When the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly!” Who knew?!

Is the caterpillar upset about its past? Probably not, so own your past. Become the master of your own destiny, practice self forgiveness and give yourself permission to change. And while we are, do not use your age as your identity or your excuse! Those are in the past!

But learn how to know and own your numbers healthwise, nutritionally, and financially. That was quite a pivot, Janice! ROAR with your numbers and carry them with you into the workforce.

Know your strengths, your weaknesses, your opportunities, and your threats, and with all of that is mind, decide how long you want to live. I decided a long time ago that my opportunity is to live to be 104+. And I Know all of my numbers in order to do that. YES, SOMETIMES I HAVE HAD TO TURN SOME OF MY WEAKNESSES in some of those areas inside out, and I do not overthink any of this. I am liberated by focusing on NOW and tomorrow. I do not act old, I am not growing old, I am just ripening! I am BRAVE with the help of Sara Bareillies, and I am constantly discovering by adding another layer to my life. I vigilantly pay attention to “AHA” moments and focus with high energy to build the new. I have adopted the OHIO method:

  • Only
  • Handle
  • It
  • Once

Bet you didn’t see that coming! Life is change, choose wisely! No more negative self talk! No negative people allowed! Self assess all of your relationships, but start with you–you are your most important relationship.

ROAR CAN BECOME YOUR LIFE PURPOSE: Each of us can do anything at any time. New Year’s Eve or Day is as good as any time to learn how to ROAR!

Happy 2022, Jan Litterst

The Day After Christmas: Are you reborn?

Christmas is a day annually, before New Years, that you, too, can be reborn!

One of my favorite questions is “WHO AM I?”

What is your favorite question?

New Years is only a week away. New Years is a day of resolutions for many whether they voice them, believe them, or just feel the need to change.

But wait… Before you change? Do you know who you are?

I keep finding me all over and over. It is not that I do not know who I am; I am just going deeper into who I really am. I have made massive changes in my life over the moments, days, weeks, months, and years. And each change is to find JOY–that is what I truly seek. That became very apparent over the last several years.

The last several years not only changed me but also rebranded my business. The publication of my book in October really brought the rebranding of Empower Excellence together. SET THIS BUTTERFLY FREE, Transforming Your Relationship With Energy, Money, and Life says so much with the carefully chosen words. The book is not about acquiring money and becoming wealthy. Rather, it is a book that discusses concepts of money being energy and when that energy is unrestricted, it can flow easily and effortlessly into our lives.

I am reborn today, and energy is flowing easily and effortlessly into my life. Who are you today? Find YOU first before YOU set your butterfly free.

Jan Litterst

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A Sacred Light Burning Bright…

Your Light Not Just for Tonight…

Christmas Eve 2021. A holy night, yes. A sacred night, yes. A need to be in church tonight to be faithful, absolutely not.

This Christmas Eve is so special.

I am not depressed, in fact I am joyful in so many ways. There is a JOY code for me that includes self care, faith, family, friends, and social justice. Everything passes through the JOY code and not everyone or everything remains if it does not meet the JOY requirement for me. That was a liberating action on my part in 2021.

But meeting the JOY code is not all that is happening. I am working toward making my life “SACRED”!

2021 has continued the uncertainty and the mystery. But being who I have become in 2021 has become hopeful and comforting; I have become a body of truth in all ways: mental, spiritual, physical, emotional, and more. My truth may differ from the truth of others, but I respect my truth and I respect the truth of others.

Truth appears every day from the sunrise to the sunset, my heart beats every day in sunlight or in darkness. It is all part of the divine flow of love, attention, and intention. Life in all forms is a masterpiece we have been given: body, environment, and more. We receive the masterpiece as a gift, but only we can make it SACRED.

With the arrival of ceremonial seasons of all faiths, this time of year made no difference to the restrictions of 2020 and 2021 and so far into the past of humanity. But finding a way to make life SACRED, from the breath we breath, to the wonder of the vision of our eyes, we have been blessed with our body temple. I love my body. Some would say that is selfish..

2021 has been a year of attempts to create isolation, desolation, and to eliminate JOY. It does not work when you move towards making thoughts, feelings, life SACRED. Acknowledge the negativity and then let them go as a SACRED part of your past. Yes, this is resistance, and resistance does work to help soften each of us. We begin to drop the walls of all sorts. We can move forward by allowing Nature–Earth, even stones–to calm us during this stormy time. Nature is SACRED. By moving forward we can make our way back into the Flow of life as it was given to each of us. The desire to move forward is SACRED. Guiding yourself back into the Flow, into Wisdom, and the tears and joy that accompany that movement can be considered SACRED. Grace appears with Gratitude…

Grace and Gratitude can lift you up into the hands of the Divine, however you define “DIVINE”. Add your body’s breath to Grace and Gratitude and you are beginning to travel your SACRED Journey. Be SACRED, be grand, be kind, be grateful for life, be grateful for all you are internally and externally, be grateful for all of the mystery!

Take a moment to define SACRED: Connected with God (or the gods) and deserving veneration (great respect or reverence) is my definition. See your life as SACRED. See this moment as SACRED. When you see the Christmas Star of Light, consider the moment SACRED because what it reflects is your light in every moment. See the magic in even the most mundane.

I try to and mold with my SACRED brain, heart, and hands everything in my world. It came from the Divine and has been given to me as the most SACRED gift not only at Christmas but also every moment of every day.

You each are a SACRED gift I have been given to share in my life. My life mission is SACRED to help you with relationships especially with money. That mission is SACRED. Accept that gift from me in 2022. I am here for you. Jan Litterst