With Only three slices of Swiss left…

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Transitioning is a subject I excel at as I work with clients who are transitioning somewhere in their financial lives.  But I also work with folks and Pampered Chef to educate on how to eat and cook with Pampered Chef in a “heathy” way as a consultant.And it is all part of what I call The Empower Excellence Experience:  spirituality, healthy eating, and sustainability.  It is encompassing all of my Core Values.  Always I am improving, trying at least, to improve what I am eating to increase my personal sustainability and longevity.  I have read other Neil Barnard books before I read THE CHEESE TRAP this weekend.  I am sad, but I am not surprised for the more I read the less I eat.  I will not spoil the book for you, but the last three slices of cheese in my refrigerator will be the last three I will eat.  Cheese is a transitioning tool from vegetarianism to veganism.  This will be a quick transition!

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Saturday with Food…

Food You Are What You Eat Farmers Market

Many folks like to sleep in on Saturday…sounds good to me because I am a great sleeper, but Saturday is food day in one way or another…going to the farmers market, prepping food, eating leisurely, and more.

Food has become a major part of our culture, and there are so many books about it.  Some talking about the good, some talking about the bad.  But both choices are good for you.  I have found that while I cannot become involved in fiction, I am definitely involved with food books.  One of these days I will talk about two of the books, one by William Anthony about LIFE CHANGING FOODS and one by Neil Barnard, M.D. THE CHEESE TRAP.

One of the books is good and one of the books is the bad about food.  I will let you speculate about which is which.  But, what I am finding is that the more I read the less I eat.  My turning point with food is what is done with it, if it is processed or not, and to be honest I have had some surprises.  What turns you on about food?  What turns you off about food?  I think that I shall one day be a farmer in this life…Really!

FOOD with Vegetables Gardening therapy

Water, water everywhere…but…


Back to Money, Food, and now Water…

No matter how much money you have, no matter how much food you have, you still need water.  Plain and simple.  As humans, we are a high percentage of water, and we need to stay hydrated.  I am not going to throw out figures and statistics.  I have been told I am somewhat too reliant on figures and statistics.  It is true, but the more important thing is that we are made of water, we need water.

In the United States, we are fairly fortunate about the abundance of water.  However, that does not mean that everyone in the United States has access to water or access to healthy water.  I have to smile when I pass several “Natural Stream Water” distributors in my county.  Has no one read about pollution.  I smile because I doubt that stream water is as pure and natural as some might like to think.  And yet, this is a better situation than some have in their local communities, such as Flint, Michigan, currently in the national news as local officials are being charged with criminal action for the lack of action they took with the Flint water supply.

In other parts of the United States, many are also being faced with their local water supply being privatized with an attempt to charge local water users with past charges to make the water system profitable.  And it goes on and on…

It is important for me to share that water is necessary for life.  In many countries, water is a luxury where people spend a good part of their day working to bring water to their homes.  No one is addressing the fact that the water may be really unhealthy…the human being needs water for existence.

And that is where this story ends, for you who have water in your homes, for you who have the ability to secure water to exist, be thankful.  Drink water, bathe with water, treasure your water, and realize that it is an essential component before you covet your money or crave your food…Appreciate Water!

Staying Strong Amidst the Floods…


Living in Oberlin is a good thing…

But for some reason, in the last several weeks, I have had two “almost flooding” incidents.  And another storm is due here this afternoon.  It appears the section of the State Route where I live tends to be a “high water” district periodically.

For many years, as witnessed by my holistic doctor, I have had numerous “water episodes” in my life.  I could, but I will not, go all the way back into my history with water.  Been there, done that.  But what I will say is that water is an important part of my life no matter what.  I drink more than the recommended amount, I love my showers, and I love the beach.

Water is important, and I will continue to love it, but I do want to say, “water” please be kind to me as I stay strong and keep smiling.

Food, Money, Life!

Michael Beckwith Quote for Use with Money!

It all begins with you and the power within.  That may not be clear to everyone…where is that elusive power within that can change how you think about food, how you think about money, just how you think.

Well, it is within you.  Finding it is your first step.  I talk a lot about going within.  Starting with learning to be quiet, not talking, being still leads to more quiet, more listening to your mind, your heart, your soul.  Start with quiet, more and more quiet. That leads to the listening.  We listen to so many outside sources, it is time to learn to listen to ourselves!

We are born with all the wisdom we will ever need; then we get messed up by all the stuff outside of us.  If we can remember we are wise, we can then tap into our instinct, our intuition, our gut feelings and begin to believe in our own inner power.  Now I will be quiet, so you can then be quiet, and begin your journey inward!


In the NOW…

Be Still and Know

Awakening from a very deep dream on a Monday morning–illness, friendship, deception, fraud, and more, I was slow to really awaken.  Now I am up, meditated, and preparing for a morning of work followed by attending Oberlin’s Allen Museum 100th anniversary this afternoon.  Why?

Because it is a part of Oberlin…just like the Farmers’ Market, the Apollo Theatre, Oberlin College, and more.  It is feeding the Spirit as the Market feeds the Body and as the College and Theatre feed the Mind.

It is all a part of Oberlin, it is living in the moment, in the NOW.  I know this is Oberlin,