Oh, But, My Dear, You, too, Will Die!


My personal goal is to live beyond the age of 104.  Everyone will die some day, we just do not know when!  Billy Graham at the age of 99 made his transition today.  He died!  We all will die, so it is prudent to think about that day and how you want to exit this existence.

For me, I have planned my funeral with the cremation and yellow roses and ashes being scattered over the great expanse of the Great Lakes.  Yes, it is in a place with a local funeral planner; and, yes, there are funeral planners, and they do charge for their services, but they also help you make the financial plan for that last party no matter what you want it to be!  

Be kind to your family, and plan your funeral.  This is not an advertisement, but money is the biggest factor in tearing families apart; and it is even more so with the change in social mores today.  Same sex partners, family disputes, and more can make the last day of your life even more traumatic.  Be kind, plan what you want, handle the money now, and leave the world peaceful that you will not have to arbitrate one more family dispute.  Sigh one last sigh on your way out of this life!


Connected to the Money?

All are One

life, energy, money…connected or disconnected?  This really is what my practice is all about…Energy propels life, and life propels energy.  Simple, perhaps too simple!  But let’s just stop 🛑 for a moment.  Energy creates life, it is all about your beginning.  Then life takes over, and the energy remains yet hidden until you grow and learn that energy is a part of your life.  It can be good or bad; it is now up to you to pay attention and learn how to be in control of your personal energy.  And, yes, money is connected to every part of your life.  It, too, has energy, and the energy of money reflects your personal energy.  Know that energy was born with you and now it is up to you to keep it connected.  Then connect it into your Money relationship—it is all connected!

Oh, But It Could be Your Problem!

Not My Circus

It is one of my favorite things to think, but not to say:  Not My Circus, Not My Monkeys.  It is a Polish saying, and I am part Polish, but that has nothing to do with it.  The sentiment reverberates with a lack of concern especially when someone is asking for help.  And, yes, it is wise not to take on situations that are not yours to deal with.  You can find yourself mired into the mud of problems that are not really yours to become involved with.  But a simple request for help can sometimes make a very big difference for someone in your life.  The help is not always in the form it is asked for.  Sometimes it can be a real help to do just what is asked; but it may also be a situation where tough love has to step up to really effectively help.  The important thing is that the person who is asking has learned to ask for help.  We all tend to be independent; I know I am too independent, but that is not our topic today.  Our topic today is to learn to listen to a request for help because it takes a lot of effort for many people to even ask.  When they do ask, they need to know that you are listening, that you are considering if you can help, and then sharing your honest response with them rather than just saying “Not My Circus, Not My Monkeys”.  That can shame a person into not asking for help in the future, and that is not acting with listening, consideration, and concern.  Maybe it is your circus and your monkeys.

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Reasons Clients DO NOT Trust Advisors

Apple Glasses Studying

It seems that there are more and more articles coming across through professional journals detailing the horrible situations clients have found themselves in with their Advisors.  And more than that, FINRA is losing favor with the general public.  There are so many reasons not to feel comfortable with your Financial Advisor, and that is part of the reason I am in the business of working with clients; it is also the reason that I am a FINRA Dispute Resolution Arbitrator.

There are plenty of reasons to mistrust your advisor unless you really knew what you were doing when you picked them and you have maintained that trust and vigilance throughout the years you have worked together.

Financial advisors are high on the list next to attorneys that people at social events really do not want to talk with.  First of all, the communication skills of advisors are horrible.  They are not good listeners, and they use a lot of jargon and financial terminology thinking that it makes them look smart.  In the same line of communication, they are very poor at answering questions.  They are a fearful lot because they know that their words can be taken literally.  More than that, advisors tend to think and act as if they are more intelligent than their clients.   Get a group of advisors talking about their clients and see who looks less intelligent!  In today’s world, advisors are still investing in the same old, same old that they have always chosen.  They are not up to date with many areas that are legitimate investments.  Then there is the issue of diversity:  there is little diversity in investment firms.  And where there is diversity, you cannot tell because the uniforms for the folks in the industry are so outdated.  

Yes, advisors need to change their communication, their tolerance for diversity, their ideas about appropriate investments for each client, and the way they present themselves to the world and their clients.  They should be the educators of their clients, and they should begin to realize that this is not a get-rich-quick industry.  

On the other hand, clients need to take more responsibility from the beginning in picking the right financial advisor for them.  And they can do that through more education and working with coaches like myself who have left the business to help the client know as much as they need to know as they sit across the desk from someone who will be handling their money.  Remember, Mr. or Ms. Client, “It’s Your Money”.

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It’s Your Money, Honey!


While it is your money, money does not give you happiness!  And, by the way, I hate it when anyone calls me “honey”, so I hope I got your energy moving when you read that.  While I dislike being called “honey” with a passion, it does not make me unhappy.  I totally believe that you, or me, can find happiness simply by becoming very still, becoming very quiet, and breathing.  We have everything we need to be happy.  Yes, there are additional needs that money can help you with, but nothing beats that internal, mind-body-spirit happiness.  It is the foundation for all of the life you long to live.  Yes, in a way, I am talking about a meditative state, but you can call it whatever you want.  Just be quiet, be still, and really breathe.  It makes everything better!  And, when it comes to the money in your life, here is the solution from the mind-body-spirit perspective:  be quiet, be still, and really breathe.  Really, it puts you into a frame of mind where you will find calm, you will tap into your intuition (whether you believe you are intuitive or not), and you will have energized your total body with the breathing.  Then, you are ready to think about answers to whatever it is you might be questioning.  the mind automatically begins looking for answers once it knows what you are asking…

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There is No Cost to Give of Your Heart!

Heartprint 4 3

Give a little bit of your heart today!  Many times when money is of concern there is anxiety over what someone should or should not do on a day like today.  Well, I am here to share that you can give a little bit of your heart without a cost!  Smiles, words, gestures, kindness cost nothing but not only give happiness to others, but it physically was your heart too.  Make that phone call, send that text, do a private message, hold open a door, say “Good morning”, but let those you love know that, even if they are a stranger.  Make their day a happy Valentines Day and you will make yours a little more full of love as well!  

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Planning a Peaceful Transition!

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Separation, divorce, death!   Not fun in any case.  The money is in motion in any case.  Planning would have helped, but transitions cannot always be planned for I am told.  Currently I am separated from a companion of six years almost.  The anniversary is April 4th.  I got the call this morning as the companion is seeking outside help.  I helped facilitate the separation when I discovered an outside involvement this weekend!

It could be worse…it could be a real relationship.  Thankfully the call was about my MacBook Pro, and a 3-year fix is being explored.  I now know that a MacBook Pro hard drive life is about five years.  Life goes on, and all will be well for now I know, and the future planning is beginning.  Planning is always helpful…for small and big events!  Planning involves money on all counts…short-term and long-term.  What in your life needs planning?


Servant Leadership and Money…

Happiness  Career Helping

“Servant Leadership” is a new buzzword phrase lately.  Have you heard of it?  If you have not, there are plenty of books out there about it.  I am not here to give you a book list.  I am not here to load you down with definitions.  I feel that I have been a servant leader for most of my life:  I am a servant first in whatever I do, and the leadership flows.  It is a way of life for many, including me, and I can think of no other way to live and to make life better for others.

Servant Leadership is more than volunteering.  I can remember my parents being totally involved in everything that had to do with volunteering at our local Catholic church.  But that started and stopped their involvement; and then our home life was totally dysfunctional.  That is not unusual.  But it is not Servant Leadership, and, perhaps, that is what influenced me.  I am also not going to list all of the servant leadership I have been involved in.  It is not for me to tell you what is right for you by telling you all of the opportunities I found throughout my life.

As it turned out, my career has been all about service–that is who I am.  And over the years, I realized my mission and passion–helping others to create a great money relationship for themselves and their families.  Everything that Spirit put in my way walked me to today.  But there is a bigger question I want to put out today.  How do you walk as a Servant Leader and support your own money relationship.  

As the buzzword phrase, “Servant Leadership” confuses many.  Are we not, as we have been taught being in business, being entrepreneurs, supposed to make lots and lots of money.  Years of abundance teaching, movies, and books leave us thinking that the dollar is the almighty goal.  Well, for me, that is not true.  Yes, I have goals that I am still working toward.  But they are goals that will make my money relationship better, they will make my family’s life better, they will make my communities better.  Yes, I did say “communities”.  I have many years left to live and they will be lived in different places.  As I work toward those goals as a servant leader, Spirit expects that I take care of my primary responsibility which allows me to do everything else.  I must take care of me.  I must, first, serve me so that I may serve others.  The money and the leadership flows as I do that….

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