Dance Through Life for JOY!

Do you have a wish to live “happy ever after”? Do you see that as an impossible dream or are you living the dream now? Your answer could be halfway between those two points. Are you working really hard to realize your dreams without taking the time to rest and play on the way? Are you feeling positive or negative about all of this?

No matter what your dream, play and rest are not luxuries–they are needs and they may very well still be wants for you. It is up to you to create a pathway that is positive rather than a series of closed doors. The life pathway can be one of JOY, and you can find that play and rest can be found while living the life right now that is yours to live.

It is all about recharging. Think about your phone. If you never recharged it, how dependable would your phone be for you?

You take care of your phone. Do you take care of you? That is self care. Sleep, meditation, play, creating, and more are all self care. This is what AGELESS WOMEN OF WISDOM is all about…takng the time to recharge. When you recharge, even if it is a small nap, or if it is a full day just for you, you begin to reopen the field of all of the possibilities that you are. You begin to feel your wisdom and SHARE YOUR WISDOM…


The Wind of SOURCE is at your back!

YOU are a powerful world creator pushed by global energy. Of course, you are, and each one of you makes a perceivable difference in your own life and the lives of others.

And, you are guided and thwarted by many feelings and emotions: clarity, humility, passion, abundance, purpose, appreciation, and love. And you do see results, maybe not all of the feelings and emotions at once, but one by one they pop up and feed your energy, your personal energy, and, in turn, your global energy.

Yes, you are a part of the global energy, part of the spiritual energy, and, while your path is not straight, the path does lead back to you and your deeper truths. You are a candle in the dark, but when you join all of the others with candles in the dark, YOU LIGHT UP THE WORLD, and you energize it!

How Can I Serve?

Today is October 16th…About 8 years ago, I made my final departure from the traditional world of financial services. The first step in that journey into the world of serving others was to answer the question “Who am I?” followed by the second question “What do I want?”

But the overriding question was “How can I serve?” Oh yes, that was the beginning of Empower Excellence and a year of soul searching to write the book now known as “Set This Butterfly Free…” The book will be published within the year. It is in the line. But Empower Excellence became the way to serve to help people have a better relationship with money for money, while only a tool, is really needed to live. Learning how to use the tool effectively was my path for several years.

The earlier stated questions were being answered, and, when I was asked to incorporate one of my networking groups into my business, there was a lot of soul searching, but it was who I was, it was what I wanted and needed to continue to serve. Professional Women’s Connection has now grown into a regional network of women where I do serve endlessly.

And now, today, September 16, 2019, a year after a collaborative discussion began, AGELESS WOMEN OF WISDOM is really having its launch propel me into the next phase of “Who Am I?’, “What do I want?” and “How can I serve?” By propelling me, it is also propelling every woman who has been touched over the last three months to ask the questions “Who am I?” “What do I want?” and

Finding the answers for all of us is to become aware how we can SHARE our WISDOM. I have shared my wisdom through Empower Excellence, Professional Women’s Connection, and now Ageless Women of Wisdom. I found my flow through love and smiles over these years. Givers get is a favorite saying because it is true.

NOW is the opportunity for all of us to SHARE first of all AGELESS WOMEN OF WISDOM by sharing the information you receive about the group, about the October 16th launch, and about how you may already be involved. But more SHARING will occur through the day of the launch at Michael Angelo’s, through the upcoming opportunity to become a part of the 2020 AWW Retreat Program as a presenter and a participant. All the while, as you give you shall also receive. That answers my questions for me: “What do I want?” I want to SHARE and give my powerful wisdom for power is not power until you SHARE it. “Who am I?” I am a giver, and I have patterned my life in that mode. “How can I serve?” I serve by sharing my wisdom as a way to help others in their journey to wisdom which they in turn also SHARE.

The Law of Grace, Happiness & Joy

It is possible to reconnect to your truth of your being, to your wholeness, to your wisdom, and to your power. Things happen through you, and the entire Universe is aligned in your favor. When you realize it, it is a holy instant. It also reminds you that happiness is part of a finite game: you are happy because of a moment. What I am believing is that I prefer JOY–it is the part of the Infinite game that lasts my whole life.

The Simplicity of Emergence Small but Mighty!

On this beautiful Fall Saturday…almost Fall…let me introduce The Acorn Principle to you. You only become what is inside of you. But it the way you can harness the Universe and its power. The questions of “Who am I?””What is my purpose?” are predetermined. This is your true self. Your soul is your soil and we generate light from within, we glimmer and our light is always shining. “We are spiritual beings having a human experience.” Pierre Teillhard de Chardin wisdom

All is takes is for you to dig your roots deeper, like a tree, like the mighty Oak, and you will begin to see breakthrough insights, paradigm shifts, and new ways of seeing and being in the world. Leave behind the paralysis of overanalyzing , and you will be revealed to yourself.

Self Realization… A Crooked Path

As you emerge into self realization become still, tune into the part of you that has the answers, and open up to the deeper wisdom which is trying to emerge. And, while my initial company EMPOWER Excellence deals with money feelings emerging, money is rarely if ever the issue even when it appears to be. You will get who you are in consciousness for you have a divine intelligence that knows how to bring it into expression. The more you emerge the more things will come to you on all levels. But remember that your self realization will not be a straight path!

Steps to Emergence…

With 7 steps, you can start your emergence. Begin with your true destiny as your vision. This is the seed of your potential in your soul. Be in this moment no matter what that means to you. Your second step is to align your inner life with the vision in the first step. Moving to live on purpose is the next step. Whatever is missing is what you are not yet giving; this is letting your potential out to be free. Your fifth step is to act as if you are already where you are going. step six is to embrace what appears broken. And the final step is to have the patience to produce the immediate efforts for you will be living on the edge of your energy as you begin!

Emergence Constantly!

I have always loved the story of the emergence of the butterfly for it is truly transformation, radical life change. It is the story of an evolutionary process. We do not know how the butterfly reacts to this process, but as a human it is the ultimate state of consciousness to go from a caterpillar to a chrysalis and then to the radical evolution. While we do not cause an emergence in our life, we do create the conditions , hopefully the right conditions, that allow emergence. Mental, emotional and spiritual conditions are involved . Emergence is different than personal development because we really do not need to attract anything because we are not lacking anything. The self is already whole, but emergence allows what is trying to get out to emerge. We can reveal our innate wholeness for all of our attempts to fix ourselves tend to exacerbate the problems. There is nothing wrong with you.

As women we are waiting to emerge, we are waiting to realize our potential. We are wanting to be ourselves, to set our real selves free. There is a saying “Know the Oak”. The great and mighty oak represents those with great wisdom. Consider the acorn and then look to the mighty oak tree. It is a symbolism to rise toward the light, to reach out and up, to dig deeper in time of drought, and to stand strong in storms. It is a Universal truth that nature always fulfills its promise.

A desire to change is really a cry to evolve to a higher level and create another version of our conditioned self or how you were designed to live. Just like the Universe which started with nothing and ended up with everything through the Big Bang evolution, we are also an epitome of emergence, and we have the same creative ability to change as the cosmos. It does not happen overnight, and we will briefly discuss the sequential changes in your emergence beginning in the coming days.

Aging, Anti-Aging & Anti Anti-Aging…AWW, Really!

Many months ago, when AWW AGELESS WOMEN OF WISDOM was being conceived, there were differing pinions about our approach. While others were most concerned about the impression left by the media culture about aging which was felt that it had created a cultural and gender bias against women of maturing years, I took a strong stance that AWW only have a positive approach. For me, it is very simply up to each of us as women to raise our self esteem, with or without help, to be positive about our personal aging and create what it is we want our future, no matter how old to be. In other words, it is up to us to stop giving a damn about what people think of each of us as women. It is tiresome to be told by other women that we “intimidate them”, and it is just as tiresome to let others express their negative opinion to us about aging. End of story.

AWW is about self discovery of our needs and helping to create conversations, friendships, and retreats to raise our personal visions of ourselves. Doing that in concert with other women, in a positive manner, raises all of us by raising each other. This is empowerment first and foremost, not leading into the discussions with reinforcements of the negative sides of this topic. We are AGELESS women, WOMEN OF all ages, who already possess WISDOM, whether we really know or acknowledge that at this point. Credence is not given to the negative aging images as we begin this journey. That does not mean that it does not exist, it means we are not giving it any credibility. We do not need to create awareness of any manipulation or negative perception of women at any age. Fashion, beauty products, and marketing are not our concern! To do otherwise simply takes away the power, the energy, and the potential we already possess. We start with the WISDOM each of you already possess; we are not wasting anyone’s time revisiting the old perceptions we may have faced. This is the emergence of the inner WISDOM within each of us as women. It is there, it simply needs to emerge!

YES, we are anti anti-aging!

A Favorite Word For So Long!

For as long as I can remember, “AWW” was a favorite word of mine when I would spot a beautiful flower, a charming child, a singing bird, or a fantastic butterfly. I never gave it much thought, I just used it all of the time. And then…then came along AGELESS WOMEN OF WISDOM. “AWW”, perfect. And the alternate spelling “AWE” came into play in the first phase of AWW this summer with our introductory phase AGELESS WOMEN EMERGING. It was a natural, and it remains with the movement. But it is more than just an expression, it is “collective” emotion as claimed by Professor Dacher Keltner many years ago. In an article by Paul Piff he went on to explain that AWE motivates people to do things that enhance the greater good. It seems that AWE arouses altruism, it gives people a different sense of themselves ,of being a part of something bigger than themselves.