As Spring Breaks Through…

FAVA 3 20 17

Everyone goes through cycles, much like seasons, in their lives.  Noticing this morning how the water table in my backyard is showing more and more water on the surface, could be the sign of a vibrant Spring and a healthy Summer as the East is well watered for the coming seasons.

It is much the same with money in your life.  When you find money is plentiful, it is a preparation for a time when the money is not flowing as well.  Many would call this savings.  I would call it being mindful of the plentitude of money!  Know that money flows to you even when you are not thinking about money.  In fact, sometimes the more you think about money, or the lack of it, the less money flows your way as you fulfill your own thoughts of lack!  Stop it!

Oh Boy, I Am Limitless!

Limitless Possibilities

since I wrote my blog yesterday, I could really use those blue balloons to fly away…

but that was yesterday, and today is Thursday!

and everything is possible.

I already know from decades of past history that I am strong, I am a professional, and The Universe is walking with me hand in hand through every moment of every day.  And those facts have been tested much in the last 24 hours, but i know that all things are possible.  

but today is Thursday…

The brand new order of business cards which disappeared in the move will show up when the time is right.  For now, I have a small amount until the new order arrives!

The stove, which I was finally brave enough to take apart to wash the drip pans this morning was worthy of a picture because someone forgot to clean the underside of the stovetop and it was photo worthy!  But the Norwex scrubber cloth from my daughter-in-law proved its worth this morning!  

A new member for our Professional Women’s Connection had submitted her application 10 days ago, and now she has bad feelings about her industry.  She is looking to leave the industry.  Oh well, there are hundreds who can take her place, and several are already working on that!

The pink top that I chose to wear this morning after thinking before I took my shower that the one spot on it now qualifies it for a sleeping shirt now has two spots — one a result of the stove cleaning–self-fulfilling prophesy!

And, yes, there is cash flow involved in several of these happenings this morning, but…

Once you learn that money does flow, you know that there are limitless possibilities to replace the cash because I am LIMITLESS!


Float Away Like a Balloon…


Wednesday, Blue Balloons, and Flights of Fancy…

Money is the topic today as I do a presentation for a major city department in the major city in our region…confidentiality is a must from the start.  

But the topic of money is seldom light, but it can be.  It really can be!  

Wednesday is considered “hump” day, halfway to the weekend.  But the weekend is rarely carefree when it comes to money.  It is a time for shopping and spending for needs and wants.  That brings with it the thoughts of not having enough, and that is a real bummer.  Those thoughts perpetuate more thoughts of lack and anxiety and sadness and more.

Beginning today, by the weekend, plot out your flights of fancy for flights of fancy give us the one key ingredient to turn your money relationship around:  hope!

The Town That Started the Civil War…

Oberlin Underground Railroad Sign 3 20 17

Unfolding my history in Oberlin must include the book by Nat Brandt “The Town That Started the Civil War”, which I read about a year ago as I began my journey to live here.  If you have ever been to Oberlin, this is a must read.  It is more than just a story about the Underground Railroad; it is so much history about the founding of Oberlin.

But, now it is my history as an Oberlin resident, and I am yearning to learn all I can about my town.  Walks, lectures, meeting elders of the community are all a part of my future.  I cannot tell you why it is important, but it is not for me to tell you that.  It just is, and I am here, and I will be a part of the history of Oberlin moving forward.  It just is…

Walking in Oberlin on the First Day of Spring…

FAVA Union Hall of the Arts 3 20 17

My heart won over my head this morning as I set off for an our long walk through downtown Oberlin…there is so much to see and so much to learn.

I learned one major thing…many places in Oberlin are closed on Mondays!

And another thing, I do believe the College and the schools in Oberlin have started Spring break.

But it was a good, although cold walk, and it will be a pattern set whenever possible on a daily basis.  It is time to learn about the town I now live in!

And I believe this town will teach me a lot about me in the process!


Let’s Keep It Simple…


Fear strikes all of us once in a while…

And it strikes for different reasons.  This morning, the shelf in the refrigerator came unhinged throwing water bottles, tea pitcher and more onto the floor!  And then the washing machine decided to do a dance across the floor.  You see water and I have our moments.  It has always been that way, and it still spooks me!  But two weeks into my new home in Oberlin, and all has been going well, until this morning.  And these are very tiny happenings.  The shelf is fixed, the washer is back in place, and lessons have been learned…But it threw the start of the day totally off…I ended up cleaning the house rather than going to church.  And that probably purged my soul in a better way than church!  

So maybe it was not fear but just a little spooking.  And maybe it was the precursor to how I had planned to spend my day.  You see, I pulled the plug in actually activating my business with Modere today, and that was an expenditure that I know will work to build the business I intend to build, but it will also replace supplements that I have been taking and products that need to be used regularly, but in a healthier mode as well as building the business.

But this is a new venture, and new ventures scare me just a little bit until I get used to them working, and they always do work!  So, was I fearful or spooked…just a little spooked, I guess, and that will go away as the universe takes note that I am actually moving forward and will take me to the next step so easily!

Welcome to Modere!

Why Believing In Yourself is #1!

Spirituality 1

After two consecutive days of working with clients on their money relationships, it with gratitude the I share this thought:  Believe in yourself!

Even on days when the sun is not shining, the clouds are low, and it looks like it will storm, You have to believe in yourself!  

The first step to creating a great money relationship is to believe in yourself!  

So, how do you begin to believe in yourself?  Start with talking to yourself in the mirror.  Let your thoughts come out.  Include the doubts, the worries, the fears.  And then progress to what it is that you are grateful for.  At first, you will find it difficult to look yourself in the eye and share your private thoughts with YOU!  Really, if not with YOU, then WHO?  Trust that the process works.  You have to SEE yourself as WORTHY of this conversation…YOU ARE WORTHY!  Try it….

St. Patrick’s Day…And Change!

Ghandi Be the change

It is the day of the wearing of the green!  But St. Patrick even went so far to change the world  in removing the snakes from the landscape!

Green is the color of change, and green is so evident today.  Take a moment, and stop!  Think how your wearing of the green can move forward for every day of the year to make changes to make a greener world, a greener environment.  Your green is needed, and it is the change you might like to see in the world!  


Source is the Source of All Energy…


The total picture of The Empower Excellence Experience was shared yesterday.  It is all about Energy:  The Energy of Money, The Energy of Food, The Energy of Clean Living, and The Energy of Source aka Spirit!  All are tied together!  

Powerfully, it became clear to me that Source powers all of my efforts, and Source powers The Empower Excellence Experience.  

And today, I was made aware of one of the most powerful Abraham Hicks segments that reflected all of what I have just shared.  Source is the Source of all!

Not Leaving Home is Interesting!


And too snowy, but I am beginning the final piece of the expansion of Empower Excellence into the The Empower Excellence Experience.

Every part of The Empower Excellence Experience is to Empower Your Life by Empowering Your Money.   The foundation will remain Empower Excellence which is improving your money relationship through every part of your life and every transition,

Already introduced  in the expansion to The Experience is The Practice in Oberlin.  Simply put, this is the segment of The Experience that allows your life to empower your spirituality and your spirituality to empower all areas of your life.

Modere is Your Money Empowering Your Personally Sustainable Life through clean living and other paths.

Now in the planning is a healthy “Pampered Chef”.  This piece allows your money to empower your nutritional life.

Money is a part of every area of our life.  The Empower Excellence Experience covers the financial, spiritual, nutritional, and sustainable areas of your life.  They are linked together but they are offered cafeteria style meaning you participate in what you need or desire.

Empower Excellence offers in-person as well as on-line coaching through Skype.   It also offers regional women’s networking to grow businesses (All about the money!) in Lake, Cuyahoga, and Lorain Counties.  

The Practice is an in-person group weekly experience.

 Modere is social marketing on line with personal guidance.

 “Healthy” Pampered Chef will be virtual and in-person when desired.  

So, yes, even when it is too snowy or too peopley out there, The Empower Excellence Experience will be available, and I will be living an empowered experience in my new personal and professional home in Oberlin!