The Power of Hope is Real…Hope is My Source of Strength! #Empower Excellence

Lately, cataclysm, pandemic, powerlessness, and exhaustion have been running through my brain, and I have wondered where the vision for the future would lead.

And then, the yellow rose, a favorite of mine reappeared in meditation! The yellow rose is a symbol for hope.

Hope is my source of strength. It is a symbol of Source for me, a higher power, God, or other symbol of faith.

Hope never falters, it is me who falters and forgets to call upon hope in times that are good and bad. But the Universe with its perfect timing steps in and reminds me that to give up hope is to just give up, and that is not my style.

Right now, today, I invite you to join me in awakening to hope in the Universe and in our personal lives. Whatever may be of concern to you today–faith, pandemics, family, relationships, money, or more–just be mindful and whisper “hope” to yourself or out loud. Let it be a confirmation of where your are mentally, emotionally, spiritually. If your hope is not as strong as you think it could be, remind yourself that you still have hope.

Take a few days to reawaken hope. Do not just dump it all out there, and give it a few days to feel comfortable in your life again . Hope will empower you. Hope can begin to move you in a direction you want to go. But be mindful, go slow, and begin to think of hope becoming your strength wherever you need it.

Local Investing, Closed Stores, Failing? #Financial Freedom

The jeweler is closing!

The ice cream store is closed, the candle shop left town, Bead Paradise in town for years has an owner retiring, the nail salon is gone, the Chinese restaurant is now a Mexican restaurant, the gift shop is now a tattoo studio, ownership of one major restaurant is changed, the Japanese restaurant closed and another is struggling in its place. Long-established Herrick Jewelers is closing. Blame it on the pandemic, maybe, maybe not? The Gibson Bakery shoplifting tore the town apart as the College had long depended upon the Bakery, and now the business was stopped by the College. The multi-million dollar settlement was divisive and is still unsettled. This is a small town in America. Oberlin College is closed for now with distance learning, but even when the students return the composition of the student body has changed rapidly in recent years. This is a small town college town following the Pandemic.

There has been local investing, but it appears to be disappearing. Anyone can guess the reason, but there is a level of contentment in Oberlin that rarely rises to enthusiasm. Oberlin is Oberlin. Will it change enough to make the difference that is needed to continue after this year’s devastation? I will not lie to you. There was a long-held desire that I would open an advisory business on local investing, but I have been here over 4 years, and my mind has changed radically. There is a lack of energy here, can it change? I do not know but my dollars will not be invested in Oberlin. Several years ago I learned that the energy I brought with me was slowly dying because there was really no entrepreneurial outlet for it. My flame for being in Oberlin has been extinguished by the energy of little people an hour away. Their energy excites me where nothing in Oberlin did that in almost 4 years. I can only say how I feel, I found resistance rather than acceptance. There is a fear in Oberlin of change, and it is a fear that I refuse to give in to.

The New Story: Money in Oberlin & Small Town America #Financial Freedom

Where Money Goes…

On a recent morning in Oberlin, it happened to be trash pickup day, I was on my early morning walk. I have learned a long time ago to pay attention to all of the senses on trash day including smell and hearing. On this morning, I learned a whole lot about the town I have lived in for almost 4 years: there is a lot of drinking going on in Oberlin.

That is ironic when you recall that Oberlin was formed intentionally or non intentionally as a “dry” town. Oberlin College was formed in 1833 to educate all, including African Americans and women. Much has changed. There are restaurants serving alcohol but no bars per se.

Now I know there is a lot of drinking happening at home: a lot of drinking from the sound of the weekly trash collections. A near by neighbor was seen quietly sneaking out before sunrise to empty boxes of beer bottles, the sound is distinct. And she quietly returned to her home without speaking to anyone. Interesting, yes, but not highly suspicious . And then because I am out early I am very vigilant. I really stopped in my steps contemplating crossing the street to avoid a shaky looking man in pajamas ahead on the sidewalk surveying the street and returning to his home only to open his side door and pouring box after box of beer bottles into the trash receptacle. Okay. This is a town where everything is accepted, so I continued on my walk. Blocks later I saw the above poster on the window of the local Dave’s Cosmic Subs and then further on a newer Mexican restaurant I found this too good not to photograph, not promoting its food but its alcohol choices.

Nonjudgmentally, it is interesting to see the sights and sounds of a small town in the early morning, but it is a thought to think that this is where local dollars are really being spent. Local investments, which I will address in another blog later this week, are drying up in Oberlin. Where are the dollars from the locals going? Well, there seems to be a part of the dollars really going to beer and alcohol. Is this where money goes during a pandemic shutdown or is it where dollars go locally all around our country? No judgment, just a question which made me stop and think. Where is the money going?

Money is a Part of My Life, a Part of My Story, But it is NOT the Theme! #Financial Freedom

I am who I am! No longer blurred vision! It is Financial Freedom!


I have found that I am now Financially Free, money is a part of every story, but it is not my story theme. I am free to live my life without money being a deciding factor. Maybe the contentment I found in Oberlin is similar to the freedom that is demonstrated with fireworks on the Fourth of July. I have faith in the future like the pilgrims and immigrants had when they came here. I know there will be “enough” wherever I am, and I know there is a greater power, SOURCE, that must have been a guiding power when the shores of our great country came into view. We do live in a great country, great because it is up to us to make this our story, our story of personal belief, family trust, community support, and more. Believe me, opportunity to own this story today in the United States and elsewhere is abundant. It is up to us to take ownership every step of the way!

My Story is Owned, Money is Owned, and My Life is Now My Story! #Financial Freedom

Is it Really a Daffodil?

Leaving Oberlin is simultaneous to my daily walking again. It is my story of self care, self reliance, and being observant of what I am leaving behind. When I was walking on Professor Street, I thought it odd that a whole bed of daffodils lay ahead. It is June, almost July! But the vision from afar tricked me: they were delicate yellow day lillies. My photo of them is blurred, and I left it that way because life can lead you down a path in view of one thing only to find something totally different. that is what Oberlin was for me, but I owned it, and I own it even today. There was a twist in the story line, but it was that twist in the story line that had me leaving Oberlin.

You see, contentment had its place in my story, and now it is clear that I own all parts of my story, including the twist in the money plot in my life. Life is good…

Why I Am Leaving Oberlin NOW…and it does have to do with money. #Financial Freedom

Life is “content’ in Oberlin

I do believe when I came to Oberlin 2017 I thought life would change, I would change, I could change my community and then change the world. But complacency runs, flows, in Oberlin. This is not the town in THE CITY THAT STARTED THE CIVIL WAR. There are deep stories here in Oberlin. There is still a story of segregation, there is now a story of a different racial influence, and everyone is ok with life the way it is. Climate change is in Oberlin, but there does not seem to be the unrest that accompanies it elsewhere in the world. There are politics in Oberlin like anywhere else. They are just almost nonexistent locally, even though there are vestiges of political activity still around. It is a content town.

Contentment settled in quickly with me. Living in Oberlin to those outside of Oberlin was a novelty. But it was not reality to them. It is quiet here, it is content here, but contentment does not suit me well. I am a Type A personality who needs movement, flow, and momentum. There is little interest here in Oberlin about what my WHY is. So, I settled in thinking I would have to wait until money flowed much freer before I could make the change to especially closer to where my two grandsons reside. And then, Covid 19 happened. I could be here in Oberlin forever if i did not do something now. So I did. I gathered my resources around me, and I am leaving Oberlin.

I took the time to reposition my business, finish my book, and begin the story of listening to SOURCE and having faith. The story now is in this moment I believe I will have the money to make the move, to begin to flow with everything in me to be a success outside of Oberlin. There is a difference, I am more content than I have ever been knowing that there is “enough” to do what is mine to do and to write the real story about me moving forward!

Stories on the Road to Financial Freedom or “Why Does Money Always Play a Role?” #Financial Freedom

Lately, the stories of my life are changing frequently. I can honestly say that I always thought I owned my stories, I took responsibility for them, and I still think I did. I did more than take personal responsibility, I took responsibility for family stories, I was a great part of stories that evolved in my community, and I even had my stories involving the United State of America. My life has been a tapestry overall, but the tapestry had many rough edges over the years. The stories are many, and today I like to think, while they are a part of my past, they may be a foundation, kind of a prologue to my story, but they are not more than that. The present moment is living in the now, and moving forward is the secondary story, but it is still my story and it is mine to write the way I want it to be, and I am doing just that.

It is very true that money always played a role, and I do mean always. I can look back now and say that, and now I know why I feel that way, and why I felt that way all the way through childhood, teenage years, and young adulthood as well as a divorced single parent, through my career changes, and more. I did not know any better because all of influence throughout my life always made sure I knew “there is not enough money for ‘that'”, whatever “that” was at the time. That story is over, and I am not going to revisit it; but I do want to share that if this sounds like your story, it is never too late to change it. You can rewrite your story, and, on my walk through Oberlin yesterday, the elements of my historical story became very obvious as I realized what I would miss in Oberlin and what I would not miss. What I would miss is the nature, the friends, and the places where I allowed myself to go when money was no longer the deciding factor. I let others write the background, the emotional part of my story. Regrets? No, it was just how it happened; it was real. But reality is changing as I change.

You see, over the recent years, I realized I had a ghost writer to my real story. The ghost writer is SOURCE. I just did not listen close enough. I just did not really believe that there would always be “enough” of everything including money in my life if I would only listen to SOURCE and believe what the true faith in my heart and soul told me. But this is now and I do have faith that the money will appear for us to do what is truly in our hearts to do, that our WHY is being heard and can be achieved.

Yes, I would say I am in the flow now, I am living my life, even during the Pandemic, to allow me to live moving forward personally and professionally. I am surprising myself how I am flowing forward with family, community, and country.

Money is Not the Transition #Financial Freedom

Life Experiences Transitions

Happy, sad, good or bad, transformations happen and are very much like transitions! But transitions rarely happen as transformations, the transition happens, and with luck a transformation occurs. That transformation can be in thoughts, feelings, or actions.Transitions can be intentional or they can be totally unexpected. Changes in relationships, changes in careers, changes in health, and more can go either way. Sometimes we are prepared and sometimes we are not.

No matter how they happen, money is usually involved in a transition. But a transitional time is rarely a good time to make major money decisions without any preparation. Usually, it is a good time to STOP, BREATHE, GO QUIET, THINK, and PLAN. I know, I know transitions may not allow time for that process, but it is important to make time for the process. Slowing down is always good so as not to make rash decisions about the transition or about money. This is a process that is self care no matter what the transition is.

Why Should You Care After You are GONE! #Financial Freedom

Because You Do Care!

It is known to be said that many people do not care about their legacy because they will be gone! Gone but not forgotten in most cases. Many younger generation family members really do not want the leftovers from the life of an older family member. That is true. But many do, and they are not always looking for a financial inheritance. They want to know that someone cared about them. It is all about feelings.

Should you leave a legacy? Part of the journey to financial freedom is all about making the choices you are free to make. It is totally up to you, but… How would you feel if someone died and you “feel” forgotten ? The legacy can and should begin while you are still alive. A legacy has meaning for you, and you really need to make a plan that will include all to be a part of your legacy. People want to know how you feel about them, and a legacy does that for time long after you have made your transition . Make your plan, and then plan with your financial team to share the plan with those you have chosen to be in your legacy. This will prepare them in all ways to be ready to fulfill your intentions, and that is what a legacy is really all about!


Money is NOT My Story!

Feelings are My Story!

I am a Money Coach, but what I really work with is Money Energy which is feelings about Money! For years, I thought I did not know how to deal with money. I listened to everyone: parents, teachers, religious, coaches, etc. Not until I started “listening” within to SOURCE as I began meditating did I learn, and I am still learning, about Money and ME!

Now I am learning about Self Care and Self Worth and money is my friend with SOURCE driving me on every money decision I make whether it is a personal or a professional decision including what clients I will work with. And it is working!

Money is not my story, but it is a part of the feelings that are my story every moment of every day… Feel not Fear, Love not Fear.


Where is Your Financial Professional When You Need Them? #Financial Freedom

in black & white, are they with you?

In plain and simple, black and white language, where is your financial professional when you need them, right now, in this time of pandemic? The market is skittish at best. Is your financial professional also skittish? I speak of many years as a Financial Planner, Advisor, etc. During these times, I spent my life on the phone because I saw that part of my role was not only to help clients make their long-term decisions but to also see them through the short-term market upheaval.

Where I write from today is from that concern over every client. It was always a concern far greater than the corporate concern, and that is what led me to create EMPOWER Excellence for my clients. So why did I leave my former role? Because empowering clients through coaching and education about their feelings about money is a long-term commitment that allows clients to meet with me, share their concerns, and they never fear that they are going to “be sold”! I represent only the client and I sell no products. That is something that my clients treasure. I can help clients understand what they want their money to do realistically, I can help them understand their risk tolerance and its variability, and I can help them understand how professionals in this area are paid today. And what they are paid is worth everything once my client undestans what their expectations of a financial professional are realistically.

Yes, my services are needed today. No, clients are not brave to venture forth on a new path to take responsibility to really understand what they want from a financial professional. The main reason for that is fear. They fear money to be honest; they fear spending it, and they fear losing it. I have come to a real conclusion that my 30-minute consultation is going away. Potential clients use it to capture the information they think they want, and they do not pursue working with me because I tend to give the information to them in the consult. The reality is that they are no more educated than they were. They just go off and repeat their mistakes of the past. They think they know what they are doing, but rarely is that true because to really know they have to do the work to wisely choose their right financial professional with the guidance throughout the process that I offer.

I have been an enabler, yes, I have, but what I offer is worth my fee. There will be a fee for the consult which will be applied to the total fee when they engage with me through EMPOWER Excellence.