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Hi to everyone! having been on wordpress for about 6 months, I felt it was time to share a little about me and my company EMPOWER Excellence, which in reality is one year old this month.

I am a “personal” coach because your money is “personal”. With a background approaching 20 years in financial services, my passion and mission in life took shape over the last two years as I took my “flying leap of faith” to help men and women have a happier relationship with money. While money is so emotional, it is all energy as well. Through personal coaching–local and long distance–and small-group programs offered to the general public and through nonprofit organizations, and through the interaction in those situations, amazing things happen. Fear of money dissolves, and a loving relationship with money evolves…

My website tells my story. Please visit http://empowerexcellencewithjan. com or email me at jan@empowerexcellencewithjan.com I would love to learn about your passion and mission when you do…

Personally, I no longer “sell”anything in financial services, which is wonderful because I can focus on my clients. When I am not focusing on clients, I am the mother of two unique adult sons; I live in Westlake, Ohio, which is 12 miles west of Cleveland, and I hope to move to Oberlin in the next 18 months. Oberlin is a unique city, home of Oberlin College, and it is a home of liberal thought, environmentalism, and local food — my kind of town!


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