Why I am grateful to Source and every person in my life. Listening starts on high…AMEN

The end of March approaches rapidly, and, with it, our world is changing even more rapidly. Every one of you is facing change, directly or indirectly. And I am grateful for each of you making the time to read my thoughts and prayers even while change may be affecting you. In essence, you are listening and your listening is so appreciated.

Source has been listening and has provided the message to several people in my life to talk with me, one a very longtime friend and one a new recent friend. They were folks who are as busy in their lives as I am in. Their loving care in these conversations has been such a blessing.

These are conversations that women share that are part of my professional mission. Women of any age are wise. It is In conversations that wisdom is shared. More than that, it is in conversations that women in their own lives become empowered, connected, and share their wisdom. And I am grateful…

Where is Our Vision as Women "After" the Pandemic? #Ageless Women of Wisdom

Where are we as women headed after the pandemic?

It is Sunday morning, Meet the Press is on–If it’s Sunday, it is “Meet the Press” and all everyone on the remote panel had to share was we are in a crisis. And then, Doris Kearns Goodwin steps forward, ageless woman of wisdom as she is, and asks what and where is our vision for the future. And she is so right! Let’s get out of the rut that we are all in dealing with the reality of illness, the potential of illness, the lack of socialization, the tedium of the day to day life of no schedules, no patterns, no outlets, and days full of internet surfing. All of us, men and women in the United States, have always been fighters and planners, and this time calls for our vision to move forward. Forget the D.C. crowd including the President and Vice President, they are not leaders and will not change now in the year of an election. We are f_ _ _ _ __d! if we depend on them! So maybe as Ageless Women of Wisdom it is time for us to share our vision, each of us individually SHARING our ideas for the future, on ways to move forward now for ourselves, our children, our significant others, our families, our communities.

Join me as I share my vision: I see golden opportunity, I see Source providing for me as it has always provided, I see the results of my days working at home as an independent small business person preparing with a new logo, a new blog site, a new website, fresh and crisp and ready to roll because I know my clients need me now and will need me for EMPOWERing with their financial situations, CONNECTing with other professionals as they jettison their businesses to new growth and profitability, and SHARing the bits of wisdom stirring in their minds, their hearts, and their souls brought about through the peaceful times they have been social distancing. I am ready, we are ready, so let’s SHARE YOUR WISDOM in the comments. I will support you, you will support others. I have a vision as I am sure you do also…SHARE IN THE COMMENTS is my challenge to you on this sunny Sunday. The crisis will end and I want to be ready!

Stop the Panic, Start Conversations About Your Life Moving Forward… #Ageless Women of Wisdom #Professional Women’s Connection #Empower Excellence


It is so very important to stay connected in times of change. You may find yourself in “conversations” in person 6 feet away from someone, or you may be communicating by phone or on line. It may be difficult to not talk about the pandemic, but try to be kind and change the conversation letting the person you are communicating with that you care about them in this time of change. Talk about the future, because there is a future.

What we are all facing is what we believe is worthy and important and right for us to do at this time. And I do believe that conversation runs through our minds as we isolate in place and more right now. In our lives, we have so many “shoulds” and none of us are positive that each one should happen, and in many cases we never act on them. But for right now, it is right that we feel that the “shoulds” are urgent enough to consider.

This, too, shall pass, and in its place, we will begin to acknowledge our own self awareness in brand new ways because w have had the luxury of time to think it through. Self awareness will begin to change our personal and professional conversations , and as a result new opportunities will begin to appear mentally, emotionally, and physically. The fear we may be experiencing right now will begin to dissipate, and that is good. Because right now some of us may be so fearful of failure because of the times we are in that the fear of failure will cause us to fail. No matter when in life we feel fear, we also most desire success. But fear is an old habit, and habits die hard. They limit our beliefs and justify our doubts. But no matter the circumstances at any moment, our mind is trying to do its primary job of keeping us safe. When we talk about fears, our brain has no way to know if it is real or just imagined at the moment. If not stopped, we fall back into the default of fear.

Online interaction will not disappear, but in person interaction is still very beneficial. The world is moving so very fastened we are doing more and more online. That could be better than in person, or it could be worse. This discourse is not to fight for online or in person, but it is an effort to remind all of us who believe that ideas are shared, wisdom is shared, and relationships are built both ways. I just happen to know from experience that “conversations”, real live in person conversations are more apt to enable many, especially women, to be brave enough to share their wisdom and their ideas. That is age old wisdom being shared across all generations, and it can be used for good or for bad. BUT, women of wisdom find empowerment through in person interaction. I hope that something new and better will continue to blossom as in person meetings become an option once again. It is the true meaning of “conversation” talking and listening to others… And I miss it right now!

Why to Seek Financial FREEDOM… #financial freedom #empower #connect #money

Are You Ready for Financial Freedom?

This is no ordinary day. Here in Ohio we have had clouds, then snow overnight, now freezing rain, and the promise of a 40 degree day followed by more snow tonight. Change is constant, and change is always coming. But why should you seek change?

Money came into existence out of a necessity to exchange or barter for goods. Fast forward to today, money is a necessary symbol of value and worth to be used for almost everything we need and want in our lives. It is way too complicated for someone like me who craves simplicity in all parts of my life. But we are living in a material world no matter how far we try to run from it.

So being a positive simplistic person, let’s talk about some “why’s” to seek FINANCIAL FREEDOM.

For my part, I seek FINANCIAL FREEDOM to be simplistic. No matter how little or how much money a person may have, FINANCIAL FREEDOM is a state of mind that allows you to be free with your state of money in this world. I do not seek a lot of material possessions. My purpose is to help women become comfortable in their spirit, mind, and body with their finances as they are or as they are working for them to be. I am the person who helps them find their money path whether that is a simplistic or materialistic life they are seeking. But there are reasons to consider seeking FINANCIAL FREEDOM!

A major reason to consider seeking FINANCIAL FREEDOM over and above peace of spirit, mind, and body is to be able to buy experiences. This is where “what is important to you” matters, and it is a time to decide what is important to you. Financial Freedom for my clients starts with their definition of being financially free spiritually, mentally, and physically. Putting their money relationship in order to be aligned with that definition is all about EMPOWER Excellence. The Excellence is an individual pursuit as everyone has their own reasons for their life and the money in it. EMPOWER Excellence works on the money relationship. If they are entrepreneurial in a business or have their own business, having the money relationship in place where they want it in the beginning of the pursuit of FINANCIAL FREEDOM allows them to have the money they desire to build their entrepreneurial pursuits with what I have developed to be PROFESSIONAL WOMEN’S CONNECTION, an organization designed to CONNECT women when they are ready with other women sharing their desire to grow their business and to grow their FINANCIAL FREEDOM. Ultimately, as their FINANCIAL FREEDOM grows, their need to SHARE the WISDOM they have spiritually, mentally, and physically with other women no matter where they are along the path allows them to pursue their desires in this realm through conversation, philanthropy, and pure JOY! For this, there is AGELESS WOMEN OF WISDOM.

Finding & Listening to So Many Voices… #Empower #Connect #Share Wisdom #Financial Freedom #Flow

Many voices, Different Generations, Connecting!

The stories arising from Professional Women’s Connection, my regional networking organization spreading across Northeast Ohio always brings together women of all ages across four counties bordering, almost, Lake Erie. They are the inspiration for so many things as I strive to help each of them grow their businesses and careers. Each woman has a story that they grow into telling as they build relationships while empowering their businesses to increase revenues and self empowerment! Out of this comes the strong connections they make and the untold wisdom that is shared both at the monthly gatherings and in between as they meet to learn more about each other. It is not only exciting, it is EMPOWERNG>CONNECTNG>SHARING wisdom. Women are great at all of this! These women are phenomenal!

Find Your Voices, Listen to Your Voices, BUT FOCUS! #financial freedom #empower #connect #share


IN THE BEGINNING of a new year, there is much for us to consider, much to listen to, and much to focus on, but FOCUS is what will last. As we begin to find our voices and begin to listen to our voices, we find many who are trying to grab our ear and our attention: diets, exercise programs, stop smoking, stop drinking, cure addictions, and more. In 2020, with all of my efforts in Empower Excellence, Professional Women’s Connection, and Ageless Women of Wisdom, my focus on offerings has everything to do with what we sought out and listened to in 2019. Women want to be heard, they want to make their lives better, they want to grow their careers and their businesses, and they want to feel better about their total lives. 2020 will focus on what women want to see in their lives. I promised to explore, listen, and focus in the Summer of 2019, and that is what 2020 is all about: keeping the focus on what women have shared with me that they want. Unfortunately for others who come to me wanting to pick my brain and listen to their needs in 2020, my focus is clear: find and listen to our voices and then focus on what the voices of women who have shared their feelings are looking for! This is the vision, this is the FOCUS.

If Not Now, When Will I Speak? #flow #feelings #freedom #Voice #money #financial freedom

Six years ago plus I began my entrepreneurial venture with Empower Excellence, and I began to coach to empower women especially to learn and know about their money relationships. I am still actively coaching in this area as well as growing my second venture Professional Women’s Connection, a regional Northeast Ohio networking group approaching 100 members, and then within the last year I became the sole owner of Ageless Women of Wisdom, which is intent on sharing wisdom over all generations of women through retreats and programs. To sum up this total venture, aka Jan Litterst, LLC in the coming months, it is to EMPOWER>CONNECT>SHARE!

This year, 2020, shouts “perfect vision”, but it is also to be how we are seen by others, to be heard with our voices, and to listen to our voices. This is providing a perfect vision to the world of who we really are as women, as individuals! This is our year to be seen and to be heard.

It is important to understand how we are seen by others, but more important to know how we are seen by ourselves and to use that insight to add value to our total lives. We all have a message worth finding and listening to, and that message is simply who we are already, that we are good enough even if we desire to make our lives better.And we have a responsibility to ourselves and to the world to get our message out. First, we have to find our voices and then we have to listen to our voices. Finally, we have to SHARE our voices to SHARE our wisdom.

My intent for 2020 is to EMPOWER>CONNECT>SHARE my voice through my companies so that more women every day begin to find and listen to their voices and begin to EMPOWER>CONNECT>SHARE! The silence is deafening, Let’s Make some noise!

Successful Women Think Differently on the Way to Expansion… #women #financial freedom #empower #expand

What is success? For all, men and women, it is living your life’s purpose embracing joy and resilience as you do. Happiness empowers the successful woman and it is joy that is affected by decisions they make.

  • Decision #1 They do not downsize their dreams
  • Decision #2 They focus, not on the problems, but on solutions
  • Decision #3 They focus on authenticity
  • Decision #4 They choose to be brave over fear
  • Decision #5 Their relationships, wisely chosen, are intentionally nurtured
  • Decision #6 They choose to grow from feedback chosen actively
  • Decision #7 They find their purpose and vision and support both with daily action.

Being conscious of their decisions, allows women to think in their own way using they decision making skills they work on to be strong, to be brave, and to EXPAND!

Your Immortal Self SHARES the Wisdom!

Wisdom does not come from reading books and watching holiday movies. Wisdom comes from being brave enough to live an immortal or infinite life by SHARING what you have learned in living your life with women of all ages. Women learn from each other and the fact that you believe you are eternal gives the perspective that you are in life for infinity and short-term gains or wins are not your intention. You are here to make life easier not only for you but also for others…SHARE the WISDOM and WISDOM will keep an eye and ear out for you!

Emergence Constantly!

I have always loved the story of the emergence of the butterfly for it is truly transformation, radical life change. It is the story of an evolutionary process. We do not know how the butterfly reacts to this process, but as a human it is the ultimate state of consciousness to go from a caterpillar to a chrysalis and then to the radical evolution. While we do not cause an emergence in our life, we do create the conditions , hopefully the right conditions, that allow emergence. Mental, emotional and spiritual conditions are involved . Emergence is different than personal development because we really do not need to attract anything because we are not lacking anything. The self is already whole, but emergence allows what is trying to get out to emerge. We can reveal our innate wholeness for all of our attempts to fix ourselves tend to exacerbate the problems. There is nothing wrong with you.

As women we are waiting to emerge, we are waiting to realize our potential. We are wanting to be ourselves, to set our real selves free. There is a saying “Know the Oak”. The great and mighty oak represents those with great wisdom. Consider the acorn and then look to the mighty oak tree. It is a symbolism to rise toward the light, to reach out and up, to dig deeper in time of drought, and to stand strong in storms. It is a Universal truth that nature always fulfills its promise.

A desire to change is really a cry to evolve to a higher level and create another version of our conditioned self or how you were designed to live. Just like the Universe which started with nothing and ended up with everything through the Big Bang evolution, we are also an epitome of emergence, and we have the same creative ability to change as the cosmos. It does not happen overnight, and we will briefly discuss the sequential changes in your emergence beginning in the coming days.