R-Evolution with Money & Women…

In this month’s issue of SUCCESS, Actress Monique Coleman shares an item entitled “Don’t be afraid to take risks.”  And, yesterday, reading a book on HYGGE, it came to me that I am very comfortable proclaiming that I am beginning a money revolution.  Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, I am up, fed, showered, and dressed just […]

Talking to Someone Who is a Woman!

The last few days in the stock market remind me why I do not miss my days, years, in the financial services business in the traditional sense; but it also reminds me of the deep conversations I would have with all of my clients–men and women!  It was those conversations that pushed me out of the […]

Women in a Men’s Field or is Corporate America Just Not Looking!

Now that I have your attention with the photo of George Clooney, which is from his movie “Up In The Air”, let’s also look at the title of my blog today.  While women are outpacing men in advance degrees, women are capable, so what is holding women back especially in the financial advising industry.  Rhetorical question! […]

Six Years Ago…What If I Had Not Left Edward Jones!

I love Snoopy, that daredevil comic creation of Mr. Schultz.  Snoopy has no fear, he doe snot care if it is the weekend or a Saturday or the beginning of  a New Year.  We do not even know if he can think through his decisions; he just takes the leap and pays the consequences, whatever […]

Are You Ready to Create Your Miracle?

It is easy for me to talk about miracles, and I truly believe in them!  But it is not always easy.  And yet, on days like yesterday, when I could say forget it all, I will live on what my retirement gives me, and forget about making a difference in my life or others.  There […]

This is Dedicated to a Friend I Love…

Happy Birthday, Beth!  You continue on your journey, a journey that has already become interesting as you travel the country “mobile”.  You have faced many challenges, but I have had fond thoughts of your adventure as you have spent some wonderful weeks I am sure in the area I refer to as “God’s Country”.  It […]

Recruitment Unnecessary…

There is no need for recruitment as the Wild Woman Sisterhood is an organic movement.  It appears that by the time women turn gray, and sometimes even before they turn gray, they are ready to join with other women to make a difference in the way the world is moving!  The radicalness of many women grows […]

Self Esteem Continues but Differently…

Enough of the alphabetical ladies who demonstrated self esteem.  I believe you have the idea.  Today, I want to focus on you and me because we are the ones who will make the changes to make our lives better while becoming the role models for other women of all ages.  Personal sustainability is my theme; […]

Women of Self Esteem…

Women are athletic and strong and can compete with men!  Professional tennis player, Billie Jean King. gay and inducted into the Tennis Hall of Fame, gay and presented the Presidential Medal of freedom in 2009 by President Obama.  Her work on behalf of women in the gay and lesbian community brought her to that point. […]