Your Wings are Coming! #Financial Freedom


Meditation is a regular part of my first awakening each day, it does not matter what time it might be. I recommend meditation first thing in the morning since momentum stops during sleep and you awaken with a fresh receptive mind. There are days when meditation only serves to have me start my day out right for me. And then there are days when meditation goes further…it becomes the launchpad for new ideas, for Source “directives”, and I love those days. Meditation gets me through…

And I listen to many thought leaders for inspiration including Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, Oprah Winfrey, Brene Brown, Joel Osteen, Michael Bernard Beckwith, and more. Many times I turn to YouTube to randomly pick. On Saturday morning, I did just that and a new title by Joel Osteen spoke to me. The title dos not matter now because the content of his talk was totally way out in left field from the title. When that happens, I know that Source is speaking to me. And, OMG, SOURCE was poking, prodding, and talking for where I am right now in my personal transformation resulting form the time of SIP.

It was all about the story of the transformation of a caterpillar into a butterfly. This was one of Osteen’s most metaphysical talks ever. And it was my story of EMPOWER Excellence, my money energy coaching practice where the butterfly in the logo represents transformation. I listened to it again this past weekend, and it is so perfectly SOURCE. I know, and I knew, that my wings are coming, but this was mind blowing because it is a transformation that everyone can experience.

You can be moved by what you already know within you even if you have forgotten what you were born knowing. We do not know what a caterpillar thinks and feels, we can only guess. But the caterpillar is a lonely, lowly creature moving about in slow motion. We wonder if a caterpillar knows that he is directly related to the butterfly. If he does, he must really wonder why he must go through what he is going through before he can see that he has wings and can fly. Tortuous process!

Many times many of us feel the same about money in our lives. We know we want more, we want a better relationship with money, but we may accept our position in life and go on many times giving up hope. We begin to think this is our lot in life. We have no idea that our life can change in a split second, or so it seems. Our mind has become grounded much like the caterpillar might feel. We focus on being a caterpillar. It hurts to have butterfly hopes when we believe we are the caterpillar. But then something happens. But it gets worse before it can even be better. Despair and depression in our money lives can relate to this time when the caterpillar finds itself immovable in a cocoon. Depression and despair! Compare it to the current pandemic if you will.

The wings may be forgotten on the surface because we cannot see them like the caterpillar in the cocoon. But then in a very short period of time the caterpillar leaves the cocoon . And there are wings to fly, to soar. Like the butterfly we become who we were created to be. The caterpillar operating on pure faith keeps moving through all of the stages of its life. In faith, we can keep believing and knowing what our mission is. We can fly if we have faith that never ends… We can soar with our money if we keep crawling with faith!

Why Butterflies?

When I first envisioned EMPOWER Excellence and designed the logo of the energy circle when working with money, there was a gap in the center of the circle. Really, a big blank space, and I meditated and asked for guidance from my Inner Being. The answer came and was influenced by all of the metaphysical and spiritual books and work I had done in past years. The circle had to have a butterfly because the butterfly is a symbol of transformation as depicted in the above graphic. I had seen fantastic creative artwork in various mediums like the metal sculptures in the gardens of The Gathering Space in northeast Ohio, visiting butterfly gardens, knowing the transition from a caterpillar to the actual beautiful butterfly, this was the choice for the symbol of the transformation of energy that all of us must go through to make any change in our life, but ti also had to do with the power of the butterfly wings. When change is pursued, minds can fill with monkey mind chatter. Thinking of butterfly wings and their quiet flapping that makes changes throughout nature made all of the sense in the world to choose the peaceful butterfly rather than any other option. Let the butterfly of any color and size accompany you as you become EMPOWERed!

Finding the God in AWE…

The last few weeks have successfully culminated in peace, but there was at least one or two unanswered questions that were bugging me.

One was finding the right spiritual community in Oberlin, and I was not finding success or peace in that quest. The second was why was “God” never included in the months of discussions leading to AWE.

And then this morning at an early hour, Joel Osteen’s “Your Wings Are Coming” was my first meditation to appear on YouTube. It answered both of the two questions and more. Joel spoke of the traditional caterpillar transformation into a butterfly, a much better version than what had come with me in Empower Excellence in story and logo as a symbol of transformation.

While religion and more recently spirituality have been an important part of my life, in the months leading to the formation and reformation as AWE Ageless Women Emerging — an appropriate word for the caterpillar and butterfly–my then co-collaborator never once mentioned the word “God”. God witnessed the mental battle I went through on this situation. It was never absent as I softened any conversation about it. But it never went away “Why does she never talk about “God”? In the end, she mentioned God as providing me to her as her teacher. It was always about her needs when it was mentioned at the final moments of our partnership. “God” heard that battle, too. God is the force that worked by my side during the re-formation of AWW Ageless Women of Wisdom and AWE Ageless Women Emerging since the end of May. And I was talking aloud to God through it all, and it is moving like the caterpillar in the cocoon. After that dark, uncomfortable time, I am emerging like the butterfly that has always been with me since the formation of Empower Excellence. It is what I have been meant to be, God had me in the palm of his hand, and I stayed in faith as AWE, AWW, and I are taking flight! There is no co-collaborator who had a hidden agenda now. God was listening all those months. Joel’s program this morning brought that out for me as well.

Joel Osteen’s “God” has been with me for years on Sunday morning, and I do believe I have found my virtual spiritual community. There is a divine calling for now to continue this in my life. As I have decided to remain in Oberlin, I will find more community with patience. Patience is in my heart, and I had to smile when Kurty was visiting in Oberlin yesterday and he uttered “patience, Gram, Gram Jan”! He had no idea, but the divine utterance was duly noted by me.

So, this morning has been a memorable one, a peaceful one, and it will empower me to continue the path I am on. I am not alone for God, Source, The Universe are all with me. I was born to fly on that cold November morning years ago when I was inspired to create the Empower Excellence logo with the butterfly. I have always believed that everything I have been led to do in my life has been deliberate from God, Source, The Universe in order for me to continue to fly above new fields of possibility and wonder. And my wings are still coming in the forms of other caterpillars and butterflies for AWE and AWW are not just a program, they are a movement with God, Source, and The Universe at our side. It is the beginning of a Servant Leadership Movement for all ages “ageless” of “women” to share their “wisdom” throughout the coming years. It is not “girl power” or that “the future is female”, it is serving each other in an effort to be leaders of all genders, all children of God!

As a side note to the movement mention, there is a conversation in the planning with a woman who entered my life in a small way in the past years who is seeing her dream take wings over this past week as her dream of a living resort “Monarch” in Ohio received final local zoning approval. AWW is intentioned to begin offering overnight retreats in 2021 as “Monarch” becomes a reality for another butterfly servant leader. And the movement of servant leadership really begins as well with the first gathering on this past Wednesday of 10 women of AWE who began their discussions of sharing their wisdom this Summer and Fall. Be careful where you walk: the caterpillars are on the move!

And caterpillars as they leave their cocoons do not walk, they catapult into flight!

Reboot and Emerge…

Lately, my computer has been slowing down, so this morning I rebooted everything, and now I know from how I have been feeling since the beginning of the year–an experience in estrangement, the launching of a co-collaboration of Ageless Women of Wisdom, the extreme focus of getting the collaboration flowing, and then the dissolution of the collaboration and beginning the company anew as a solo entrepreneur. As usual, I get through the down time, just like the computer, but the energy begins to lag, and then…

Something or someone happens into your life with hope. The computer responds, and I begin to respond. The company will make it through a few down days while I re-organize now that the fundamentals have been changed to reflect my solo management of Ageless Women of Wisdom. Not only do I begin to believe, I begin to emerge once again in Oberlin, and I begin to want to fly. The start will begin this weekend, and then I will see where my wings will take me.

And the butterfly thought…

The World was over…of course, it thought that as it had begun life as a caterpillar, and then the world ended the first time when it found itself encapsulated and unable to even see where it was.  And then when it was used to that, the world ended again when the surrounding environment began to change and add things others called wings.  It was so scary, and then just when the butterfly thought the world was over again, it learned how to fly; and, while the butterfly could never see just how beautiful it was, the whole world could see its wings and its beauty!

It just goes to show each of us that when we think the world as we know it is over, everything can change.  When we are down to our last dollar, something can happen to change everything.  Just remember, there just might be wings waiting for you, too.  Money rules the world, but it does not have to rule how we think or feel.  Sprout your wings and fly on to your next adventure!

The Transformation…

6 27 16 Miller Julia female again

Only a moment, and it can change the outlook of each of us.  Just like the butterfly; one moment a caterpillar, then in a chrysalis and then wings…

Our lives with money can be the same way.  We are moving along like a caterpillar knowing who we are, for the moment, and then things change.  Money is fickle, and it is unpredictable.  Of course, those who work for someone else with a regular paycheck think they have this conquered until they don’t.  Jobs are eliminated, companies are sold, companies move, illness sets in.  There is no guarantee that your money will be coming when it is supposed to.  

And for those of us who are entrepreneurial, we may have said goodbye to corporate America, and we may have made it so far in our business pursuits that we are still standing, but we are dependent upon the cash flow provided by those who are served by our businesses.  There are no guarantees.

Just like the butterfly, there are no guarantees.  As a caterpillar, they have no clue as to the color or pattern of butterfly wings they will have.  Like the butterfly, I believe we all have to live on faith.  We have the faith that we are doing what is right for us, and that it will all work out.  I know I am.  

Taking Back My Weird Power!

butterfly clipping wings July 6 2016

There are many days lately that I wondered what in the world I was doing even though I fully realize that being an entrepreneur is a totally forever changing world with my business.  I tend to outgrow things quickly, and, sometimes, it takes me a while!  Yesterday was a proving kind of day when according to Tama Kieves “I stop pushing and allow myself to be pulled toward my truth.”

The extent to which I am driven surprises many while their lack of drive surprises me.  I have known for years that I would never retire, but I also knew that The Universe and I were working together.  Who am I to complain!  I am alive, I am vibrant, and I am flexible.  It helps to know what my mission is and that everything I have done is to fulfill that mission.  What was really hard was to stop being scared about the money part.  I cannot compare where I am with anyone else.  I just know that it is all working out, and I will forever be fine…money is needed, but it will appear at the right times!

Why am I sharing this right now?  

Because, I tell myself, that I need to wake up to my power and do what excites me.  I need to focus.  I need to care.  I know big changes are coming as a result of the hard work I have done in 2018 and before.  This is my encore.  No, in fact, it is the major performance!  And it is why I am here.  I am taking back my power, and everyone can think I am weird but I have my wings, and I am soaring.


Is Your Bowl Empty?

Oberlin Empty Bowls Transformed

The photo with this blog is the latest Oberlin work of art for me…it is the only Oberlin work of art to date for me, but it spoke loud and strong to me, and it soon became a part of my logo with the muted colors of my branding logo and the metalwork butterfly given to me long ago as a gift as I began my business, Empower Excellence.  It is truly a sign of transformation for me…

This means so much to me in the world of money relationships.  

The “Empty Bowls” Holiday Brass & Organ Spectacular takes place annually in Oberlin as a fundraiser for Oberlin Community Services.  In this, its 9th year, it raises awareness and funds to support this charitable organization that feeds families, heats, homes, and provides help for those in need in Oberlin and its surrounding communities.

With a festive concert performed by musicians of the Oberlin Conservatory of Music’s brass, percussion, organ, and vocal studios, joined by the Oberlin Choristers Dulcis Musica and Jubilate Musica, this is one of the largest sing alongs of the year.  All of the musicians donate their time.  At the conclusion of the concert, handcrafted bowls made my members of the Oberlin Pottery Co-Op are sold.  The Co-op begins their work in August.  This is truly a community effort to take care of all who are needing in Oberlin!  

So, among 500-700 attendees, I joined in with the group to see, admire, and choose the bowl that spoke to me for my donation to Oberlin Community Services.  That is the bowl in the photo.  It is so symbolic for me of the hope that Oberlin is to all who reside here.  It is the hope of acceptance and caring one for all.  The butterfly is the symbol of hope and transformation from the caterpillar.  It is the thought of the caterpillar never to lose hope because you never know what tomorrow will bring.  

As a chrysalis, all appears to be dark and limiting.  Options are unknown.  It is what it is, it must appear.  Patience and faith are the only things the caterpillar has while it waits for its life to transform and evolve into the beautiful butterfly.  Just like the caterpillar, when the moment is right, everything changes.  Everything is different:  the butterfly emerges as a beautiful creature with wings, the hope is apparent!  

We, too, can experience faith and patience when our money relationship is not what we dream it should or could be.  Not knowing what tomorrow can bring is not always a good feeling; it can elicit worry and fear.  But, everything can change in a moment–the moment of transformation, whether as a butterfly or with your money relationship and situation.

The Root of the Concern…

Butterfly Listening

The butterflies are back even if only in the graphic of the roots of a tree.  Butterflies are important to me in many respects as they are a symbol of transformation.  They have a short lifespan, but they maximize their time on Earth.  They begin as caterpillars, not really knowing the glory that will be theirs before their lifespan is finished.  They go through what seems to me to be a “dark” period as they begin their metamorphosis.  In the end, they find themselves with wings and the ability to take flight.  Personal Sustainability reflects these changes as we all find ourselves somewhat grounded as children, much like the caterpillar, never knowing what we have the potential to become–to sprout wings and take flight.  As an individual, we each find our wings as we mature, and it is up to us to do what we need to do to become personally sustainable and building upon that to build sustainable families and communities.  We need strong roots like the tree, but we begin as a tiny sapling close to the ground depending upon the right food and the right natural ingredients–sunlight, soil, and water–to grow.  Kept in the dark, nourished with chemicals instead of pure water, and given chemicals to make us grow faster rather than nurturing foods, as a plant or tree, we are not going to reach our pure potential…All of nature is interconnected, butterflies, trees, and more.  Moreover, we are all connected to Nature, and it is up to us to make sure that the relationship is healthy… I think butterflies are great roots for that relationship in the ground or in the air! 

When Strengths Create Rejection…

butterfly clipping wings July 6 2016

Thanks to my friend for this quote sent to me yesterday.  She had no idea how appropriate the quote was for that particular afternoon.  A major lesson was learned when I received word that a position I was being considered for was moving forward without me.  I was not surprised for I went into the process with my own thoughts of which of my strengths were going to give pause to my interviewers.  Yes, it was a rejection, but it was not devastating.  It was an affirmation of my own thoughts.  What I see as strengths, others see as “pauses for concern”.

I have transformed into a butterfly.  Ironically, a butterfly is a part of my logo for Empower Excellence, my company.  Others are not comfortable with whom I have become:  the caterpillars are envious of the butterflies.  Because the butterflies have transformed when it was their time for transformation.  Caterpillars will realize their own time and transformation!  

Yes, many, including those very close to me would be more comfortable if I was still the caterpillar, but I am not.  I have been given my wings…and there is no desire to give the wings back even if I could.  I have been called to be what I am today.  The cessation of the position I was interviewing for is a sign that I am doing what I am meant to be doing…helping others achieve excellence in their personal lives with money.  

Having wings can be threatening to others, but I am not a threat.  I am a blessing to all who cross my path; they may not realize it immediately, but I am there to help others, and my life has been created to do just that…excuse me now, for I must fly!  6 27 16 Miller White Peacock