Finding the God in AWE…

The last few weeks have successfully culminated in peace, but there was at least one or two unanswered questions that were bugging me. One was finding the right spiritual community in Oberlin, and I was not finding success or peace in that quest. The second was why was “God” never included in the months of […]

Reboot and Emerge…

Lately, my computer has been slowing down, so this morning I rebooted everything, and now I know from how I have been feeling since the beginning of the year–an experience in estrangement, the launching of a co-collaboration of Ageless Women of Wisdom, the extreme focus of getting the collaboration flowing, and then the dissolution of […]

And the butterfly thought…

The World was over…of course, it thought that as it had begun life as a caterpillar, and then the world ended the first time when it found itself encapsulated and unable to even see where it was.  And then when it was used to that, the world ended again when the surrounding environment began to change and add things others called wings.  It was so scary, and then just when the butterfly thought the world was over again, it learned how to fly; and, while the butterfly could never see just how beautiful it was, the whole world could see its wings and its beauty! It just goes to show each of us that when we think the world as we know it is over, everything can change.  When we are down to our last dollar, something can happen to change everything.  Just remember, there just might be wings waiting for you, too.  Money rules the world, but it does not have to rule how we think or feel.  Sprout your wings and fly on to your next adventure!

The Transformation…

Only a moment, and it can change the outlook of each of us.  Just like the butterfly; one moment a caterpillar, then in a chrysalis and then wings… Our lives with money can be the same way.  We are moving along like a caterpillar knowing who we are, for the moment, and then things change.  Money is […]

Taking Back My Weird Power!

There are many days lately that I wondered what in the world I was doing even though I fully realize that being an entrepreneur is a totally forever changing world with my business.  I tend to outgrow things quickly, and, sometimes, it takes me a while!  Yesterday was a proving kind of day when according […]

Is Your Bowl Empty?

The photo with this blog is the latest Oberlin work of art for me…it is the only Oberlin work of art to date for me, but it spoke loud and strong to me, and it soon became a part of my logo with the muted colors of my branding logo and the metalwork butterfly given […]

The Root of the Concern…

The butterflies are back even if only in the graphic of the roots of a tree.  Butterflies are important to me in many respects as they are a symbol of transformation.  They have a short lifespan, but they maximize their time on Earth.  They begin as caterpillars, not really knowing the glory that will be […]

When Strengths Create Rejection…

Thanks to my friend for this quote sent to me yesterday.  She had no idea how appropriate the quote was for that particular afternoon.  A major lesson was learned when I received word that a position I was being considered for was moving forward without me.  I was not surprised for I went into the process […]

Transitioning is a Necessary Step to Transformation

Oh my.  Sometimes I pick a topic for my blog, and then wonder why.  But this is such an important topic when you are working through financial situations intertwined with life transitions.  In the words of a favorite author Tama Kieves, “Being in transition doesn’t mean you’re broken.  It means you’re breaking away from the old–the […]

May 1: May the Butterflies Bloom in Your Life!

It is no secret that the butterfly is  symbol of transformation.  Believe it or not, but find the time today to ponder the power of transformation and the power of the butterfly!  The butterfly transforms nature after it experiences one of the greatest transformations nature displays.  From a caterpillar to a chrysalis to a beautiful […]