Footsteps in Nature…

Connecting your soul to nature is free but the time to do the connecting is priceless. I can look out by window to a whole yard full of trees. I can walk into Oberlin and see flowers, trees, birds, and breathe the fresh air. I can drive 30 minutes and reach Lake Erie, walk in the sand, feel the lake breeze whisper across the water and the beach, and observe the lake gulls doing their best to stay out of my way. Connecting to nature is precious in whatever way you choose. But the first step is always the hardest with our busy lives. Do it anyway!

Finding Peace with Water…

Making changes in your life is hard. We get used to doing the same things all of the time until we know we have to stop and that it is time to transform. Water, living near Lake Erie, has always been an important part of my life with beach walking and collecting beach glass. And then I moved a half hour away from the lake to Oberlin, Ohio where there is no body of water. I stopped making the trip to Lake Erie probably because of time, but my Higher Power can conspire against me until I realize something is not right and that something was everything that could go wrong with water flowing into my life broke. I talked about that yesterday. So I felt compelled to change beginning today, I am making the time to go to the Lake as often as possible. More than that, a book I read years ago THE HIDDEN MESSAGES IN WATER by Masaru Emoto was available at the Oberlin Public Library. So that is tonight’s reading. It is like a love letter to water to tell it that I treasure it as a part of my life. This morning I was at Lakeview Park at the East Beach for a nice part of the morning walking in the wind, following the massive flock of lake gulls as they took flight, settled in the water and returned to land when I had passed. It was a beautiful morning peaceful and quiet and the added touch was the massive rose garden they have at Lakeview. Yes, it was walking, yes, it was windy, yes, it was sunny, but more than anything the water knew I was there finding the peace and also finding the beauty of the roses and the gulls. I think water and I are going to be ok.

AWE The Moment of Lift…

The wind in the trees…the moment of lift. Really AWE inspiring. A friend made their transition yesterday. It was a moment of AWE when I learned of her passing. But it was also a moment of lift. She will always be with those close to her even if it is just the wind in the trees and the rustling of leaves. Nature talks to us always, but it is up to us to listen. Melinda Gates’ new book THE MOMENT OF LIFT was an inspiration to me. She refers to the moment of lift as also a moment of grace. A moment of wonder. A moment of AWE. And AWE always shows up with curiosity. We, as women, are always looking for the awe in the moment. It seems that when you lift up a woman, you really are listing up all of humanity.

When Will Spring EMERGE?

It is the beginning of Daylight Saving Time today, but to look out the window, this is not Spring…the old adage is “Spring Forward” for the time change. In Ohio it is totally gray and the temperature hit its high of 41 several hours ago. It is 39 degrees right now. Unremarkable for Ohio in March, but, the bigget weather event is the wind! 26 mph in Oberlin this hour…Working in my office, the sound of the wind is the diversion from Sunday gray!

The wind is emerging from the blah weather picture, and it reminds me that an emergence usually occurs when “something has to change”! I love my life, and I am happy most moments. Not too unlike most other women who are old enough to have experienced many of life’s occasions: marriage, divorce, childbirth, infertility, adoption, dysfunction, dating in older years, career success, career failure, entrepreneurial ventures, death, birth of grandchildren, and more, I am still “emerging”. Not too surprising as I have the intention of living at least to 104. I am fully aware of the limitations that can occur, but they can occur in your teens, your twenties of or any other decade of life. “Emerging” helps you change while being flexible in every sense of the word.

It is no wonder that my business and my life are patterned deliberately like a butterfly’s. I live in the moment, whether as a caterpillar, a chrysalis, or a butterfly. I learn in each moment, and I move on when the Universe decides it is time. Yes, I am a woman, I am ageless, and I am emerging. I think the phrase if “Ageless Women Emerging!”

Energizing Your Dream!

childhood dreams Balloon Flight

It is my belief that the wind is God talking to us, whether gentle like a breeze or strong like a gust.

And it is the energy of wind that can power a sailboat or create a tornado.  It is the energy possessed by the wind that determines what happens with that energy.  What puts the energy in your sails?





A Loving Relationship?

Have you ever created your own energy when you have become inspired and decide to create a dream, your dream, maybe even a childhood dream?  Creating energy can be one of the above sources or it can be a combination of two or more sources or a source of your own making, kind of like the “Secret Sauce”, just making it  your “Secret Source”.

First, find the energy to find your dream, a dream that is meaningful and inspires you.  Then use that energy to make the dream a reality, step by step, moment by moment.  Jump start the dream, and the energy will follow.  Then it is up to you to stay with it just like a hot air balloon needs careful tending to get it into the air, keep it afloat, and then to bring it “home”…You can do it, you really can.

What is your childhood dream that is yet to be realized?