Fall, My Time, Your Time, for Change…Nature’s Time!

Friday, a Fall Friday, and it finds me very melancholy as UTunes plays a Master List which connects me through the years to days that time forgot. But that is ok for I believe the wind of today talks to me, I believe that the leaves are falling and dancing through the air to be shared with the Earth to return as good soil for the future. It is kind of a leaf self -improvement transformation for they always come back in their favorite shades of green and more to witness another year and to transform once again. Time forgets them but they continue their journey. Oh no!

Maybe the human model of self-improvement is all wrong. Just like the leaves, we do not need to attract anything because we are not lacking anything. Our self is already whole. We have it as we emerge into our life. What is happening is that something is trying to get out, and like the leaves we need to strip away the false exterior and reveal what we have inside. Leaves do not try to fix themselves, and we exacerbate our problems when there is nothing wrong with any of us.

And Fall is the time for Nature and for us as a part of Nature to change or bring to the surface what has always been within us. That is why AGELESS WOMEN OF WISDOM is launching in Fall–October 16th to be exact–and women are waiting to emerge, to realize their potential. We are giving life back to ourselves as guides to make our lives what we long for in 2020 and beyond. Like the leaves, it is an opportunity to be free from the past and to set ourselves free for the future. Our perception of emptiness is not really empty, we have to emerge. Like the mighty oak, the acorn is a part that leaves to fulfill their future potential. The mighty oak is always a part of that future!

Be Whole, and Be Well!

Happy Butterfly New Year

We have Friday, Saturday, and Sunday before the New Year kicks in, and I want to wish you Wholeness in the New Year.  I am a strong believer of the mind, body, spirit connection, and it has me baffled right now.  I spent a good part of the last 6 months ill with one respiratory situation after another, and I thought I had it figured out; but I was wrong.  After about 3 weeks of wellness, including a trip to the dentist for an exam, teeth cleaning, and a general exam with my traditional doctor and blood work, I have pretty well lost my voice as of yesterday.  And I have a blazing cold that began yesterday morning.  I, the nonbeliever of pharmaceutical drugs, is taking a one-a-day decongestant–strong, and it is helping with the congestion but not with the voice! I am turning it over to God, and maybe he will let me know what is really going on…

In the meantime, as we approach 2018, wholeness is wellness in all parts of our lives:  career, social, financial, physical, and community.  Being well does not live in a vacuum!  It is more than eating healthy, which I do.  It is more than working out, I have lost 14 pounds over the past year with walking; and I am waiting for the temperature to warm for that and for my physical wellness to return so that I can once again be a part of Silver Sneakers without contaminating everyone else.  But take the community involvement, and the career fulfillment; add those to financial wellness, and you should be on your way to being well on a holistic level!

And I want to take a moment to discuss “financial wellness”.  Everything to have everyone better aware of their money situation is good; but our traditional financial institutions have fallen into the habit of offering “Financial Wellness” which is primarily product driven.  After all of my years in constituent services, banking, and financial planning, the need is far deeper than that.

And that deeper level has everything to do with understanding how each of us as an individual makes personal money decisions.  I have found that working on the personal money relationship empowers folks to understand “their” personal money relationship and then to go on to choose the best decisions for them!  Festering financial problems, which employees hesitate to discuss in a group setting in their workplaces where the financial institutions offer their “free” programs can cause loss of sleep, lower self esteem and reduced productivity.  Several years ago, COSE (Council of Smaller Enterprises) included my thought sin an article they did on this topic:  “managing money issues “frees up people’s spirits and gives them more energy.”  The rest comes easier!