There are so many AWEsome Human Beings Out there in NATURE…

Nature is our home, part of our family, and I know that NATURE HEALS. There is a universal connection with nature. Moods can be changed while changing our physical well being in nature. Health can be maintained and healed in all ages and generations as each of us can become calmer reconnecting with our inner nature. Art incorporating nature can be therapy as well. A good friend Bonnie MacKay lives in nature both literally and in the classroom and art studio.

TO BE HEALED BY THE EARTH is a book I love written by Cleveland healer Warren Grossman. His story talks of his relationship with nature which all of us can replicate! His book is in my car along with a yoga mat for sessions with the Earth!

SERENITY SOUNDS YOGA many times takes its yoga sessions to the beaches of Lake Erie but even more wonderful is when the founder Katherine Carp plays her singing bowls in Nature on the beach and elsewhere. Meditation, yoga, and simple symphonies provided by natural means become so heavenly.

There are so many friends and acquaintances who practice healing in nature. Please do comment and let’s talk about your practice.

With the founding of AWW Ageless Women of Wisdom earlier this year ( the concept included the sharing of wisdom across all generations through one-day retreats in 2020 and overnight retreats in 2021. The flow of topics is being developed not by AWW but by participants in the three SUMMER OF AWE (Ageless Women Emerging) conversation sessions of what women would like to participate in to change their lives for the better and to design their individual story moving forward. The summer sessions were held in the outdoor, natural settings of a new winery in Richfield, Ohio. Somehow the Universe smiled on the sessions with amazing sunshine in one of the rainiest summers I can recall in Northeast Ohio.

And as AWW/AWW progresses, Wendy Osborne Kertesz appeared as one of my LinkedIn Connections so connected to nature through her MONARCH a living resort that is developing in Canal Fulton, Ohio. There was a connection, but there is a now greater connection as Wendy is realizing the Universe serving her with a long-time dream with her resort that has me fascinated as it develops not only because of the name–my original company Empower Excellence has had the butterfly, a symbol of transformation, as the center of its logo since its inception seven years agobut also because of the desire to hold our retreats in natural settings. Monarch, a living resort is a promise from the Universe to AWW. Wendy and I will be meeting soon, and I know there are no accidents, there are dreams which become intentions. That is why AWW hopes to partner with women locally at first and nationally in the future to allow the women themselves to design their future program for a better life, a greater story, and even a healing for them in their home… Nature!

AWE It is SO True: Wake Up!

If you are reading this blog on WordPress, you will see my color selection today is vivid orange! Thanks to Wendy Osborne Kertesz of MONARCH for this graphic this morning. Wendy and I met somewhere somehow sometime ago, but I am so excited for her and her MONARCH success moving forward. Check her out on Facebook.

I celebrate her success and the synchronicity of my putting Ageless Women of Wisdom AWE out there now. Her sentiment in the above graphic is shared with AWE this summer as participants in AWE gathered for the very first time last Wednesday outside in the beautiful sun among the growing vineyards in Richfield, Ohio. The AWE leaders, and you can still become one by emailing, came together to share and create the AWE agenda for 2019 and 2020 to become ALIVE and to create the STORY of the future for themselves and others to follow on July 17 and more. Their souls may be tired but they are ready to wake up and live and to have others follow their lead. This is NOT a business networking group. This is a PERSONAL Networking group where in a confidential setting members can talk, share, feel, and move forward with the STORY they want to create for themselves. This is not a miracle cure, this is a human story being shared with other women…

And we need nature, we need freedom, we need adventure, we need each other. Are you ready to wake up?