Returning Home to Nature

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It is simple: the more complicated life becomes, the more I am being pulled back to nature, to the woods, to the lake, to the sun! I am a product of nature from billions of years ago when I joined the flow, and so I go back to Nature to find my flow…

Finding Peace with Water…

Making changes in your life is hard. We get used to doing the same things all of the time until we know we have to stop and that it is time to transform. Water, living near Lake Erie, has always been an important part of my life with beach walking and collecting beach glass. And then I moved a half hour away from the lake to Oberlin, Ohio where there is no body of water. I stopped making the trip to Lake Erie probably because of time, but my Higher Power can conspire against me until I realize something is not right and that something was everything that could go wrong with water flowing into my life broke. I talked about that yesterday. So I felt compelled to change beginning today, I am making the time to go to the Lake as often as possible. More than that, a book I read years ago THE HIDDEN MESSAGES IN WATER by Masaru Emoto was available at the Oberlin Public Library. So that is tonight’s reading. It is like a love letter to water to tell it that I treasure it as a part of my life. This morning I was at Lakeview Park at the East Beach for a nice part of the morning walking in the wind, following the massive flock of lake gulls as they took flight, settled in the water and returned to land when I had passed. It was a beautiful morning peaceful and quiet and the added touch was the massive rose garden they have at Lakeview. Yes, it was walking, yes, it was windy, yes, it was sunny, but more than anything the water knew I was there finding the peace and also finding the beauty of the roses and the gulls. I think water and I are going to be ok.

We are water, and water is us, BUT…

A long, long time ago on a Sunday evening in Westlake, Ohio, I first experienced deep breath work which is literally intentionally practicing our breathing. Deep breath work shifts you into another state, often through a form of catharsis. The belief is that the trauma will only come forward during a session if it is necessary for healing, and it can only unfold as the session progresses. Well, the trauma did need healing and it was a welcome catharsis for it took me back into intrauterine time and the difficulty my mother had during her pregnancy with me. My mother died in 2005. And then the water incidents began to really happen. Before that I was always afraid to put my face in water, but I had learned to accept that after the deep breath work as the intrauterine experience was like drowning. But for the past 10 plus years water constantly poses situations for me.

I cannot tell you why but I can tell you that broken pipes in ceilings began in about 2010 in my Edward Jones office, a few years later in my townhome in Westlake, in 2018 it has become problematic with a total wooden floor in my Oberlin home being destroyed by water, about four water main breaks in the last year or so on Route 58 where I live, two of which were last week, kitchen sink drains becoming dislodged and flooding my cupboard, the dishwasher not liking the water temperature, bathroom sink plungers becoming inoperable, and 48 hours ago a three year old water tank needing to be replaced which uncovered all kinds of water problems that were not discovered until the water tank.

I have a very strong metaphysical background and consulted with a wise metaphysician this morning. The suggested solution is that I have to let water of all kinds know that I love it. The irony is that before Oberlin I was a regular visitor to Lake Erie for meditation and beach glass collecting. But I have only been once since I moved to Oberlin in 2017. That will change tomorrow when I begin to visit the lake again. It is the only thing that makes sense at this point. Water and I have to become friends.

There is a strong pull within me to slow down and re-examine my businesses brought on my Jackie B’s gift of rebranding to me recently. With that comes a re-examination of my life, and I am welcoming that because I no longer need to get better with what my craft of money energy is for that is just fine but it is probable that I need to get braver. What is need to do is to shift from working with clients who have money issues to people who have money and need the right professionals to make it do what they want it to do. Makes perfect sense to me. “Drowning in money problems” is not who I help. I help those who are ready to walk into the water and love money for what it is for them.

Even with Mercury Retrograde in the Shadows…

I do believe that I am in for the time of my life for the next month as Mercury Retrograde makes a formal entry on my birthday, October 31, but it has already started. Water lines breaking in Oberlin twice since Sunday. My kitchen sink sprung a leak on Sunday night. Macy’s in the midst of changing their payment systems took the better part of an hour to pay my bill today, and no one is paying any attention to deadlines lately. This is when self care, self friending and tending is so needed. When stressful situations arise , I know I am in fight or flight mode, and I am sure there right now. But there are things in my wisdom I am sharing to make it through times like these: grounding, loving kindness, breathing deliberately, massaging my feet, and more and they can all be done without going to the gym, special equipment, or more. I know that walking almost 10,000 steps every day this week so far is also helping. Mercury watch out because I am ready for you!

Looking to Reconnect with Nature…?

A good deal of the last 24 hours has been spent gathering information on retreat facilities in Northeastern Ohio for the 2020 AGELESS WOMEN OF WISDOM (AWW) Personal Retreats for a lucky group of women beginning in February and continuing into November of next year. A very important consideration is that the location be accessible to nature. This is very important when taking the time to really dive into self care for a full day. Nature is regenerative…

So far I have seven tentatives which I will be touring in Lake, Cuyahoga, Summit, and Lorain Counties, and I am excited for the excuse to do a road trip for nature!

In the meantime, I wanted to share with you some ways to reconnect with Nature:

  • Do a nature meditation
  • Hike with your hands
  • Create and visit a sit spot
  • Walk barefoot outside
  • Meditate on the sound of water
  • Offer gratitude for all of Nature!


When Water is No Longer… Free

When water is no longer free, what will you do?

Today, March 22, is World Water Day as proclaimed by the UN as a day of observance that highlights the importance of fresh water. It is a day not to memorialize water but to advocate for the sustainable management of fresh water resources. This is a worldwide day of advocating for fresh water. It is a day to acknowledge the need for water for all and leaving no one behind. Water is a human right! The UN hopes to provide clean water for all by 2030. If you live where fresh water is available, know how blessed you are since there are billions still living without clean water. Women, children, refugees, indigenous peoples, disabled people, and more are often overlooked in this area. And this includes water not only for drinking but also for personal sanitation, clothes washing, food preparation and personal and household hygiene. But this is all book knowledge.

Love would have you do what in regards for water? Are you listening, and will you act? Small amounts of love and listening grow, and, hopefully, resources such as time, money, and talent will have you working to make fresh water sustainable.

In my heart, I dedicate this day to TINA GOSHA, an angel for water…

AWE Opens Up So Much…

Some Sundays are very laid back, and some Sundays are not! Yesterday was a phenomenal awe-awakening day, and I must share. Yes, sharing is what led me to the phenomenal AWE day. Rarely do I have the time to really probe the wonderful pieces of wisdom that are sent to me through my selected social media friends. I try very hard to be selective, and I am not always successful in finding the gems that lie within the hearts of others that they choose to share with me. But yesterday, St. Patrick’s Day, I made the time, and The Universe really let me have it, in a good way!

The above picture was shared by a new friend in Phoenix who posts as WISDOM WALKS…so far I have not found the name of the person behind this post, and I would like to. She “liked” my EMPOWER Excellence FB page, and, I am now “following” her page. But it is this photograph that she posted that caught my eye, and this is why:

Wallace J. Nichols, Ph.D., thank you for posting on BLUE MIND! It is a beautiful piece of work, and I have ordered the book locally. Your question of “DO YOU HAVE A BLUE MIND?” and “DO YOU HAVE A RED MIND?” occupied my day with the five sessions available to view. I love this! Maybe I love it because it is so in line with my thinking on life and money in life. I will be ordering BLUE MARBLES to support your foundation soon. I shared on social media with three friends: Tina who is an engineer focusing on water issues, Mary Jane who is sharing our organization AWE at this time, and Bonnie who is focusing on nature psychology! But it is Paul Piff’s session within your work on line that really captured me. This was a “Thank You God” moment, and here is why:

Paul Piff, of the Morality, Emotion, & Social Hierarchy Lab at the University of California Irvine, you are AWEsome! On March 2 of this year, the State of Ohio registered Aging Women of Wisdom, LLC on behalf of myself and my co-collaborator Mary Jane Brigger as we set off on our journey of the moral, emotional and social implications facing women of all ages as they age. The introduction to AWW (Aging Women of Wisdom) has come to be known as AWE, Ageless Women Emerging. But, your session with J. Nichols was priceless in your story of AWE, a story which for us is just beginning as an organization but which both Mary Jane and I have lived our lives in awe for years. Your words on the science of awe, captured what was in our hearts. It is in your words a “family” of emotions, and it does rearrange our understanding of the world in order for it all to make sense. Awe is universal, it is a collective emotion, and nature is a major source of awe. “Awe Shifts Us” Thank you, Paul Piff!

So now, we have shared only a minor part of yesterday, but the rest is so strong in my heart that it will come bouncing onto this page in the future. Our AWE (Agless Women Emerging) has been born out of AWW, and it is time for the creation to grow slowly while the mother AWW rests until it is her time to shine!

Flow is always happening…good or bad!


It is easy to imagine “flow” in motion when you are on or near the water.  This photo is from Vermilion, Ohio, my home from 1997 to 2005.  

But “flow” became a significant word to me a number of years ago through the study of The Powers of the Universe.  The Universe came into existence billions of years ago, and it was “flow” from the beginning.  I came to accept that I entered the “flow” of The Universe when it was time for me, which was midcentury 1900’s.  Every plant, every creature, including us, appeared when it was our time.  And so it goes…

I began to use “flow” in my language to indicate when everything was going as it should…good or bad.  And I sincerely mean that.  We enter the flow when it is our time, we exit the flow when it is our time.  Simplistic, it is true, but it works for me.

In my work with money over the last several decades, “flow” usually referred to cash flow in the traditional sense; but for me, it has come to mean much more.  If you get stuck in the cash flow belief, money has a difficult time flowing to you.  You need to be ready to accept, to be receptive to the flow of money no matter what the circumstances.  Sometimes it flows to you, sometimes it flows to others.  But it is still flow.  

What is your thought of “flow”?  After all, “flow” and money are personal!

Getting Ready for the Flow…

While Spring has finally arrived in Northeast Ohio, Lake Erie is so ready for Summer!  Summer brings FLOW to our minds, our hearts, and our souls as well as our bodies!  Walking the beach at Lakeview Park today was a thrill, and I even found some small pieces of beach glass.  I had never been to this beach before, and it was a great trip for me.  This week has been one to recognize all of the abundance that flows to me…sunshine, health, money, and more.

Money is difficult to change its story as we move forward in life.  This is a statement that you can see the worth to be held in your consciousness…If your desire is strong enough, it cannot be stopped.  So money can change its story with the strong belief.  It really is a reflection of FLOW.  But paying too much attention to your money thoughts can disrupt the manifestation.  So I am paying attention to all of the abundance in my life…sunshine, health, Oberlin, Lake Erie beaches, and beach glass.  Why?  Because I know in every part of my being that I am changing my money story while I am on the mission to help others change their money story.  I know it so I do not have to constantly think about it.  What I do think about is all of the ways I am blessed with abundance…like walking on the beach through the sand, listening to the calming roll of the water, and finding beach glass on this the first day of May.  It does FLOW!

Flow, You Know…


Have you ever been to Venice?

The waterways and the canals are beautiful when the water flows where it is supposed to go.  When I went to Venice in the Spring of the year, there were raised wooden walkways all over the city because they had gone through a flooding period, but they were prepared.  They recognized and dealt with the reality of where they lived.  There was flow, and then there was flow…but it was accepted.  They did not want to change the flow, they just wanted to be real about it.

FLOW is a good thing with money as well, especially for entrepreneurs.  Cash flow can drive you crazy if you let it.  Learn to know the flow, and you can manage your expectations.

But I love flow with money and with other parts of my life.  Too often we pin abundance only on money, but FLOW and abundance can be in all parts of our life!  I love when projects I am working on flow, I love when clients realize that flow will change their lives when they learn to go with it.  FLOW is like the electrical current moving through your body…FLOW is energy!  When the FLOW is missing, the energy is missing.  Bring back the energy and watch the FLOW, you know!