The Future is Yours…


Following my recent post on living in the NOW with your money and your life, I want to add this one on the “Future”!

Being in the NOW, it is a perfect time to dream about your future.  Contradictory?  I do not think so.  Every idea you have has the potential to go out and become part of your life’s vortex, or treasure chest, for the future.  Of course, some will stay with you, some will depart as quickly as they come .  My friend Esther Hicks (Abraham) offers that all it takes is 17 seconds to have an idea take root, and do four sessions of 17 seconds, and it will definitely take root.  Your mind, your heart, and your soul will begin to take the idea seriously and begin to quietly work on it.  It is reticular activation in my words meaning that the brain will begin to look for answers to make the idea a reality.  Your thoughts do become things…be careful what you think!

Beginning to Live: Where Am I Going?

Happy Saturday SnoopyI am choosing on this Saturday to jump into the fray to do what I want to manifest what is mine to have:  I can then say “I did it!”  I am in control, nothing comes out of the blue, it comes out of the oblivious (quoting Esther Hicks).  I can sense what is coming; I am expecting what is coming from my thoughts.  I shared the desire with my daughter in law today about moving to Aurora in the coming years.  My road trip to Aurora this week is now my “Sequel to Oberlin” .  I visited Walden, and, yes, I do want to live there, and, yes, it is possible.  I moved to Oberlin to find out if it was a “romantic notion”, and, yes, it is.  But what I gained is what I was supposed to realize:  I love where I live because it is quiet, it is nature, and I have walked through the personal landmines of health that were repetitive.  I have seen The Universe move in ways with my family that I did not foresee; and for me the meaning of “grandchildren” has become apparent.  It has also provided me with the next chapter after Aurora:  ” The Florida Sequal named ‘Keith'”.  It all works in my mind today on Saturday, June 9th.  The Universe will guide me as it guided me to Oberlin 16 months ago, and The Universal GPS is working!

So, now what, on this Saturday…The Universe and my Inner Being know what I am all about…I am in the receptive mood, I am happy, I am well, and I am staying in this vibration…I believe I can create my castle in the woods slowly but surely to get me out of the malaise I have been in.  I do not have to try harder; I have to relax and let The Universe, my Inner Being, flow all from my vortex.  Walden was a favorite from high school, and it has been with me for all these years; and I am giving myself the permission to flow into the real Walden for me in Aurora, Ohio.  

I deserve all that is flowing to me:  my sons, my grandsons, my talent, my creativity, my health–I feel wonderful and I have to continue to be of advantage to myself:  my self worth needs to continue growing, and I am beginning all that I expect for me.  And I will do it all with ease; the money will flow with ease… 


Transform Into YOU!

When you were born, you were full of energy!  You knew nothing more until then!  The world took over, and you grew and changed reflecting everyone and everything in your world 🌎! And here you are…  I am ready to transform and return to my native, natural self, to ME!  Join me?  I am writing ✍️ the next sequel, and it is manifesting the abundance of my very full vortex—love, laughter, nature, health, and money, lots and lots of money 💰 !  Join me?

What would you like to attract?  

Prepare your energy…join my Money 💴 R-Evolution, Evolve, Transform, and attract everything you have envisioned your life to be!

Starting With Self Love…and then comes the R-Evolution!

Positive Me

It may be Friday, and it may be a holiday weekend, and I may have stayed up hours past my bedtime last night, but today is today, and I know I have crossed through the barrier that was holding me outside of my vortex.  It was a hard road to travel because I am an energetic person…and my energy was not attracting what I wanted to be.

And then, yesterday happened, and small things became manifested, some unexpectedly, and all have to do with money, even in small ways.  And I am on the path to my energy.  Things happened…

My home was paid attention to by the homeowner, and that felt good.  A new faucet in the half bath to replace the dripping original…symbolic of energy leaking and now energy back in my field.  The foundation was sprayed…keeping the unwelcome critters out…the energy suckers.  No bugs, peace returns.  Then listening to the local radio station, I was the third caller and am now in a drawing to win one of two gift certificates to Brasa Grill in Cleveland.  The drive to Lyndhurst during rush hour was uneventful, and the party was family fun with “The Great Liam”!  I must say that my energy was good–I looked young and vibrant, I was engaged with all, even a “hello” to my ex of 35 years.  I am not being mean when I say that, even with his three wheeler Honda Gold Wing with mag wheels (Oh no!), he is a very old man with a very old scraggly beard and pot belly.  He is the epitome of all Honda Gold Wing drivers I have seen–it is hard to tell them apart.  

While everyone absolutely deluges the boys with toys and more, I am now very comfortable focusing on my college money deposit –I even had Liam open the card even though the concept of college is far away!

My departure signaled the bedtime for the boys, and I headed back to Oberlin about 8 with a stop at the Oberlin IGA to pick up groceries and home to do laundry.  No worries about money NOW or for the future.  I was up till 1 trying Nicole’s OM Organics Grapefruit Body Scrub–wonderful sleep aid!  

And then this morning, it hit me!

My energy has been dragging because I have been sending duplicitous messages to the Universe!

Small business cash flow slows down when the energy is being put into new ventures, which I have been doing becoming online with Teachable.  The focus disappears…Simplicity less focus

And the time is now for more focus…less work, more life!  

Kurt and Nicole are dreaming big looking at another house, with an in-ground pool, in Aurora Saturday!  The move may be earlier than June of 2019.  That really put the energy in motion.  

Should I rent in Aurora?  I believe my original decision to buy is the right one–I was giving myself a Plan B and not believing that I can get the down payment together and then get approved for a mortgage.  It was an easy out, and Kurt is agreeable to moving me sooner than I had planned.  But that is not the answer.  The ride home to Oberlin last night reinforced my reason for being in Oberlin:  to truly find myself and like myself for who I am.  I thought I was doing that, but I believe I am still in the process.  I like Oberlin without the involvement.  Leaving the Women’s Fund put me into me.  I am not defined by what I am doing in the community any longer.  I had lived my life in that mode since 1983; I lost my true identity then.  My writing is happening through the blogs, the live Facebook schedule, and more.  I was trying to fill the hole that was created through my marriage–I never knew who I was before I was going through a divorce as a single parent.  I never had the time to stop and breathe.  Oberlin is my breathing place!  

But Aurora is the R-Evolution…family and foundation.  I will be buying, and Empower Excellence with all of its parts and pieces will provide whatever I need. So it is now time to send only clear messages to The Universe that the vortex has a lot of ideas within but they all have led to the biggest deposit being made right now.  

While I have plans for Sunday of this holiday weekend, it will be a weekend of journaling, which I have totally departed from.  The energy was not there..

And that was all a part of my moving to Oberlin, to sit and work on me and my business looking out over a treed backyard.  Sleeping better than ever, eating better than ever, and making new friendships.  The foundation is being built.  The family part is there with Keith, Kurt, Nicole, Liam and Kurty.  Joyce and Marge and their families are part of the stifled energy.  They are there but they chose not to be a part of my larger family now…Stifled.  But I am no longer stifled.

The time has come for Professional Women’s Connection to GROW BIG!  The time for Teachable to become BIG is happening.  Now it is time for me to fit the profile I have created without any hesitation.  It is time for the R-Evolution in Money and more, and it is in the process of showing itself.  I am ready, I am receptive, and I am grateful!

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Money Mastermind Group…

Let go

Having been a member of several Mastermind Groups in the past, it was with a little bit of awe that my post-Meditation aha moment recently suggested a Money Mastermind Group.  Had to think about that before I put it out quietly on my Facebook group page for Empower Excellence “It’s Your Money” Live & More page.  A few responses came back…ok.  

And now, being in my vortex, a message came through that “your vortex is calling you to receive your treasures.”  And the Mastermind may very well be a treasure not only for me but also for others.

So, what is a mastermind group exactly?  It is brainstorming, education, peer accountability and support to sharpen your business and personal skills.  The group helps each other achieve success through challenging goals to be accomplished.  It is not group coaching, it is not a class, and it is not a networking group.

Napoleon Hill’s 1920 book THE LAW OF SUCCESS introduced the concept and elaborated on it in 1930 in THINK AND GROW RICH.  IT HAD BEEN AROUND BEFORE THAT WITH BENJAMIN FRANKLIN…although with a different title.  

With all of that said, I am putting the concept out there for a live group in Northeastern Ohio; I am letting the idea go out into the Universe and we will see what happens.  If you have an interest, please comment.

Home is Where the Heart Is…Especially on a “Snow Day”

She believed she could

At 4:30 am, looking out my front window on to Route 58 in Oberlin, the wind was blowing, the streets were unplowed, and it was so cold!  All the schools in Northeast Ohio were closed by 7 AM, and my two appointments with financial planners with a recent client were being discussed as to whether we should venture out for the 25 mile trip with a weather alert active until tomorrow night…She was not comfortable with doing that, and we mutually declared a snow day!

There was a time recently that I would have ventured out–I am woman, here me roar!  

That was before I moved to Oberlin.  Part of my conscious reason for the move was to put my life into the vortex I wanted it to be in.  For far too many years, I did what others expected, and they expected that I could and would walk on water, or snow, to keep an appointment.  I do try to carry out my commitments, but a week into my move, my home is just beginning to feel like home, and I needed a day not to venture into inclement weather–and I had a client who is being coached to take control of her life as well.  She made the decision for herself, and I did not disagree.  So here I am, and I am working beautifully because I believed I could, and I did.

This is empowerment.  I coach others on empowerment, and I am glad it is totally taking hold in my own life…I am living my values, and it feels good.



Time to Go Back Into the World, I Guess!

i live in my own little world...

The month of December has been a self-imposed retreat as I lost my voice for several weeks, and I took the time to clear my head physically and mentally and emotionally, but now it is time to ease back into the world.  I am not sure that I am ready, but in the words of Esther Hicks speaking on behalf of Abraham my vortex is full to the top, and it is now time to begin living again.  Even going back into the world, it is my own little world and most know me here.  But this re-entry is different.

Oberlin is on the horizon.  My current strategic plan is in place until I settle in with Oberlin, and then, there are at least three new components toEmpower Excellence as it becomes The Empower Excellence Experience:  two of them are Pampered Chef “healthy” and The Practice.  The third is still unwritten…

Each new component will be written into the strategic plan when appropriate.  And I know it will be a slow, deliberate process.

There is no more hurrying and becoming crazed for me…

I hope these are more than famous last words!

Somewhere Into the Vortex…


In recent weeks, I have been attracted during my meditation period both morning and evening to Esther and Jerry Hicks.  During all of my years of work with energy , I have not been attracted to their Abraham and the Law of Attraction partially because I felt I was already incorporating the principles into my life and practice.  And I still believe I was “there” on the surface.  

During the last year especially I have continued changing on my journey, and I know that will continue forever.  I am very blessed.  But somehow, and I do not know when and where this happened, I became very curious about Esther and Jerry and Abraham.  And I am very blessed that I did.

As a big believer in vibratory power, and a big believer in The Powers of the Universe work, which details how The Powers of the Universe–the development of the Universe over billions of years as shared by Brian Swimme and others, I am already in the vortex, in my definition the flowing of the Universe over time where I can be a part of the flow and not just an observer.  In my words, it is when I am “in the flow”.  I am more “in the flow” than not “in the flow” these days, and I am delighted by that.  I know when I am in the vortex!  

So Esther and Jerry have become my vehicles of meditation in the morning, and it is a wondrous journey, which I am now beginning to share on a daily basis.  Esther’s “rampages” are delightful, and, maybe, that is because I totally understand and relate to their beliefs.  It is a practice of joy and happiness and energy and everlasting life!

So, if you know about the Vortex and Esther and Jerry Hicks and appreciate their rampages and other offerings, please appreciate their gifts, and periodically, you may be viewing my thoughts on vibrations and energy and the Vortex.