No Magical Thinking Here! #Ageless Women of Wisdom #Financial Freedom #Money

There is no magical thinking, there is real thinking here! Over the Sumer of 2019, many women gathered on “Whatever Wednesdays” and had conversations about retreat topics that would make their lives better in 2020. There was magic, but the magic turned into real topics beginning with the Ageless Women of Wisdom Spring 2020 Retreat! And here is the information for you to ponder: would finding your voice and learning how to listen to your voice make a difference? I hope so!

The Confidence of Fun…or The Fun of Confidence!

Conundrums are fun! Do we become confident because of fun or do we have fun with confidence? And this is not just for women and girls…it is for everyone! I am confident, most of the time. I am not confident some of the time. Sometimes it is because of competence or a lack of it in whatever action I am attempting to take. Success is often talked about in terms of relationships, reputation, results, and resilience. It would be great if we could just feel competence at any level and then take the level of confidence that corresponds to it as we are all learners at every level of life. There is so much talk of “feminine energy”, “girl power”, and more, but, you know what, men are just as lacking in competence and confidence. It is not a tribal movement, it is a people movement; I just feel with my AWW Ageless Women of Wisdom that being female I am most qualified to work with, converse with, and retreat with women! Men find their voice most times with men, and women most times find their voice with women. Many things to be let go of: a need to be understood, anxiety, stress, low self esteem–It is all self worth–men and women. And covering one gap at a time works, let’s not try to solve everything at once. What I am trying to say is you are who you are…BE who you are to start a transition!

Me, Content? Don’t Think So…


Yes, October, is my birthday month, and I am never content even in my birthday month.  

I do realize I am not meant to be content in places that dwarf my spirit at all.  That has always been me, including in utero.  As a child, I was docile but difficult.  I always was trying to keep my voice alive.  And many tried to quiet me.  It did not work then; it does not work now.  I am just a little more professional and sophisticated about it now.  I have learned, I have grown, and I understand quickly.  I have made many leaps throughout my life.  Learning and knowledge were and are always in my nature.  I have been a student, and I have been and am a teacher.  I am a sponge for the most part.  And, yes, I break rules and create my own.  I operate from intuition.  The Universe and God are on my side…

For a while, time was flying way too fast; however, the busier I am becoming, the slower time is going as I keep my priorities straight.  I make connections not everyone sees, and I share all I learn from them.  I am a teacher, and I always learn the most.  My joy comes from sharing with others, sharing knowledge I have acquired.  

In this process, however, I have learned that I am not always easy to deal with because no one ever really knows what I am thinking at any given moment.  I am not the good witch of Halloween, although I am of Halloween.  I would not call me a bad witch.  I would call me a Wise Witch, one who knows who she is…an authentic Witch.  As an authentic Wise Witch, I take care of me, my family, my friends, and all of my business supporters…clients, networking members, and more.  October has 30 days, and I will celebrate the month on October 31 with a visit to my spiritual holistic intuitive…and then, who knows what the Wise Witch will do on the anniversary of her birth at 10:30 PM, well before midnight appears!

Make Some Noise!

Positive Me

Too many times we make sure that our voice is heard when we are unhappy!  But we really need to communicate ten times as much when we have a message that is communicating our truth to make it powerful!  This positive happy voice is needed so much in today’s world, and it is needed to make our personal powerful message heard.  So many times what we have to offer will change the situation for someone out there. but, if it is never heard, it changes nothing.  It is our persistent positive voice that brings about change.

Especially as women, we tend to try to grow up, to become a worker bee, and to let the men in our work world get to us.  So, we remain quiet.  And, yes, that still happens today!  Become a badass with no rules; take charge of your own life.  Question everything.  When YOU believe in yourself, others believe in you, too!

Bet on yourself, even if you are having setbacks, because every setback brings you one step closer to the top of the mountain where you believe your happiness is.

Creativity is Hitting Hard…


I love the graphic shared by…It really puts into focus how out of focus I may appear to be at times…

Yesterday I talked about ORIGINALS by Adam Grant, and I talked about my Healthy Eating initiative as a part of The Empower Excellence Experience (TEEE!) moving forward.  How are they connected?  They definitely are as without health excellence is not possible, and healthy heating is the foundation of health.  That is it pure and simple.  And the best road to Happiness is being Healthy .  It really is…

 About the same time I was beginning Empower Excellence, I became involved in the local food movement.  It went dormant for a while to expand what I was doing with the main part of my business, but it came back with a vengeance.  And I am truly someone who has to speak my truth to feel my power.  My truth is happiness, health, and financial sustainability for all.  My voice is the voice for so many and more are about to hear my message…Communication is a voice for Creativity.  I am a Creative, I am an Original, and I am a powerful Voice.  Yes, I am.