Healing Positivity Sets You FREE!

Short, sweet, and we all know this, but putting it into practice is another step forward. During this season of AGELESS WOMEN OF WISDOM, much has happened in my personal development: a sense of betrayal, a sense of mission, a sense of commitment, a sense of watching a concept develop and prove “right on”! As […]

Through My Chakras… I Listen

It may sound strange to you, but I truly listen and feel through my chakras about life and money!  The chakras are the energy centers of the body, and, if you listen closely to your body through your body, your mind, your heart, and your soul, your feelings vibrate.  Oh, yes, they do!  If something is not right in one of my energy centers, then there is something wrong with what I am feeling al throughout my body.  It is the result of many years of meditation and contemplation and learning to be really quiet within myself.  So, open to the truth and really listening, the intent of any message, spoken or written or simply thought, is screened through my chakras, and I know the truth behind the intended words.  But the words themselves lose their value as the truth, and that is the important part of the message, the truth comes through.  And, sometimes, when the truth is really forcing itelf out of my brain, my heart, and my soul as a result of much distress, it comes through as a very strong message not only from me but to the intended or unintended recipients–the Universe really does protect me.  Sometimes, I do not realize it until much later that it was me the Universe was protecting.  When I will not make the move forward to communicate what must be communicated, my Source does the talking.  And the recipients react… janicelitterst@gmail.com

When the Sacral Speaks…

Good morning, and it is!  I am very glad to be here talking with you as a group and individually for each of you will receive what you need from messages.   Twenty four hours ago I spoke of good vibrations, and yesterday’s activities made it clear that I was doing a lot of clearing physically […]

Good, Good, Good Vibrations

One thing that is missing on Facebook more and more as the days go on is balance, there are not good vibrations–everything is going political–either attempting to be positive politics or downright negative politics.  And I am looking for good vibrations; not there! So, I am slowly disappearing from that form of social media.  Yes, […]

The Happiness Vibration…

Yes, vibrations do have colors.  And today’s vibration is golden.  Peaceful, meditative, and rain to nourish the Earth and my soul.  Sleep, beautiful sleep, without interruption for a full 8+ hours.  Awaking feeling calm, wonderful, happy.  There is nothing better.  Meditation with Esther Hicks and Abraham to start the juices flowing followed by a meditative […]

Somewhere Into the Vortex…

In recent weeks, I have been attracted during my meditation period both morning and evening to Esther and Jerry Hicks.  During all of my years of work with energy , I have not been attracted to their Abraham and the Law of Attraction partially because I felt I was already incorporating the principles into my life and […]