Love Makes the World Go Round or Upside Down & Money Always There!


It is two days until Valentine’s Day, and there are many different reactions to this infamous day.  Much of it depends upon your relationship status: young and single, single, divorced, married, in a relationship gone bad, and more…

Speaking as a person with a professional interest in seeing relationships work, I know that there are many who are very uncomfortable with this day.  I am not speaking about how I feel except that I am quite happy with my life, and there is lots of love I am sharing with grandsons, sons, daughter, friends, and others.  It is a regular day as I try to include love in my life daily.  

Later today I am off to a Chocolate and Wine party…I love both chocolate and wine in moderation!  I am single, and I have been young and in love, married happily and unhappily, and divorced as a single parent living on the edge, but I still found love, or a semblance of it.  All of this living has given me a very different perspective as I work with singles and couples in terms of their money relationships.  And the money is always there, right with every person in love or not.

MONEY can make or break a person or a relationship.  And MONEY enters the relationship in many different ways:  too much MONEY, not enough MONEY, differing views on MONEY, MONEY as a weapon, as a negotiating tool, and more.

MONEY also comes with baggage:  cultural, spiritual, religious, fear, love, and disgust.  Getting through the emotions to treasure any relationship, including a relationship with MONEY, takes patience, time, and love.  But it also can bring a relationship to a point where there is no need, no want, or no hope to continue.  That is when Valentine’s Day is sad…