Inside…the most important part! #EMPOWER CONNECT SHARE

INSIDE …The Heart of the Matter!

Recently, “empathy” and “unconditional love” have been discussed here. And that was all about Action Rather than Words. We can talk about the concepts of “empathy” and “unconditional love”, but words are cheap and actions carry your values from inside of you to others you are in relationships with. In this time of pandemic, it is sometimes hard to remember that we are “all connected”, and at other times, it becomes critically clear as the COVID 19 has spread. Inspiration comes easy to me as a practitioner of meditation, metaphysics, and faith. I know the entire Universe, including God, is inside of me. Always has been and always will be. So, when I share about “Actions Rather Than Words” in this time of pandemic, it is living my values. We never know what someone else we see on the street, on a news report, and more is going through. We do not know who they are as a person because the outside of a person rarely shows “the inside”. I do think of others as I wear a face mask, stay home, and more. And, yes, I do believe it starts with me. If I were to contract the virus, I would not be acting in the best benefit of others as well. Because all of us can be carriers far before symptoms appear if they ever do. More than that, I also cannot judge others who choose not to stay home, wear a face mask, or violate social distancing in grocery stores when I do go out for food. All I can see is what is “outside”.

Today, while preparing lunch, the radio played a very old tune by Peter, Paul, and Mary: “Inside”. It touched on a lot of different themes including pies, birthday presents, and books. We never know what is “inside” if we judge from the “outside”. It hit my heart because that is where “empathy” and “unconditional love” are put into play as we realize that we are all connected. It is the Action of Nonjudgment and not uttering the words that follow judgment. Let me share the chorus from “Inside” because it does say it all and calls for action by all who hear it”

Inside, inside, that’s the most important part

Inside, inside, that’s the place you’ve got to start

Inside, inside, that’s where you’ll find the heart of the matter

You Can Feel Unconditional Love for Every Person–Even Virtually! #EMPOWER CONNECT SHARE

Unconditional Love Starts Here

Love everyone? Yes, you can. But it takes a little thought, and then it becomes a habit. It is not impossible. But it takes a little feeling, and then it becomes habitual. And you can so do this to quote “The Universe” this morning. The only thing that differentiates any one person from any other person is their conditions. And at any moment all of our conditions are changing. You can do this!

Hope is the bridge from the problem to the solution… #Empower Connect Share

We have talked a lot about hope right now for many reasons. HOPE is always in my life, and it was in my life when I created Empower Excellence for work with women on money relationships. It was in my life when Professional Women’s Connection was offered to me as West Side Professional Women’s Connection in 2013; it was the hope to make it more effective to benefit more women in their professional networking needs. It was definitely hope that guided me into the formation and perilous journey of Ageless Women of Wisdom. Hope has been with me and remains with me during this pandemic of Covid 19. In each case the “problem” was unique, and the solutions were not known.

In this time of Covid 19, there are multiple worlds of problems: health primarily, financial, socialization, anxiety, mental depression, isolation, and many more that rise to the surface when time becomes a commodity that we seldom have. The isolation, the concern, the change of patterns of life all pose a different problem for each person. And HOPE is there if we have become accustomed to knowing what it is all about before the pandemic hit. Otherwise, we may find ourselves stumbling through new schedules–our own and other family members. More than that, there are emergency needs in the area of health, money, and isolation. Many of us are also still actively employed while being placed in a remote employment situation which can be very disruptive in light of all of the other changes occurring.

As I enter my own fourth week of “shelter at home, which was easier as I work from home as the owner of my own business and programs, I found myself feeling very blessed with an additional gift of time as scheduled events and meetings were slowly cancelled. It gave me time to work through the cancellation of a major Ageless Women of Wisdom retreat which was to occur on May 27th. There were the presenters, the venue, the advertising, the caterer, and potential attendees. The Universe made it very clear, not just for me, that it was time for the world to stop. It was time to have everyone take time to find their own path through this as everything changed.

It has been a time to notice that every part of our world is changing. Just the past evening into the overnight the weather was thunder, lightening, wind, and total disruption of sleep in my location which lasted all night. While I went to bed calm and peaceful, that soon ended. My newer sleep patterns of 9 hours of sleep were totally disrupted, followed by sun in the early morning, warmer temperatures, and now in the late afternoon falling temperatures and high winds. Not unusual in Ohio, but those of us who are more aware of climate change and the total disruption of world patterns right now, it is as if the Universe is washing the Earth and spin drying it all in one day. There is a cleansing happening. There is a return to human kindness. There is a return to keeping the home fires tended with regard to family, friends, and ourselves. And, yes, for many there is fear, downright total fear.

The problem may be considered total uncertainty in many parts of our lives except for one belief and emotion: faith. And a clear tool of faith is HOPE. While it may not be recognizable right now, the Universe and consciousness are totally organized even in these uncertain times. Part of that organization is HOPE in all things. For every problem there is always a solution, and the bridge to that solution is HOPE. Yes, it is true that each person’s path is unique, and the Universe provides the solutions in a time that is unique for each, everything happens at the right time for each of us.

If faith and its tool HOPE have not been an active part of each of our lives, I believe we are being given the time to be still, to listen to the voice within us which, when given the chance, does speak to us to recognize the problem or problems and gives us some ideas of how to resolve the problems. If we listen, we will feel HOPE, the bridge to the solutions we need. But it is faith that will let us be silent enough, calm enough, to listen to what is our internal wisdom. It is then that we will feel HOPE rise up as we begin to find what we each need in this time of pandemic!

Exhausted and Exhilarated…2020 Such a Surprise…Cataclysm!

Breathe is what I need to do for a day or two after experiencing phenomenal energy to do what needed to be done in the wake of the pandemic. I have purged large parts of my life, both personal and professional, in an effort to let go of all that no longer serves me. I am nowhere near done, but I have found the spiritual energy to keep moving on while discovering what the flow of my life really is.

For my whole life I have been told that i sleep too much. Since January when I pledged myself self care with visits to all practitioners which turned out quite well, I have been allowing myself to sleep as needed. But this week, it became clear that my total waking and sleeping patterns are changed. I no longer go to bed so early to get up so early to accomplish all I should do. Rather I am in bed by midnight, reading and relaxing after very full days. And I sleep better, with just a bathroom visit at first awakening. But then, I have continued my meditation practice and invariably fall back to sleep to around 9 am. And I have never felt better. I am no longer guilty about sleeping in. Sleep is a must for me, then meditation, and then sustenance midmorning. It is all working. I actually tried a Hulu trial to watch a drama series “Little First Everywhere” after several months ago reading the book. It felt good.

And now for at least the third day, I am purging everything from my office that is no longer part of my future plan for Empower Excellence and more. It feels so good while at the same time clarifying what I have thought out in February and March before all of this happened. I have consolidated business accounts to reflect the consolidation of the programs that are encompassed in EMPOWER CONNECT SHARE! I have met with a publishing coach, I have a meeting with my attorney to seriously pursue licensing for my networking groups and EMPOWER coaching program.

Sometimes it takes a Universal Cataclysm to subconsciously move us into consciously letting go of what no longer or may never have served us. For me, it has been a good year plus to let go of those who have betrayed me in both personal and professional manners, but I was still holding on. The pandemic was not just for my benefit, but I am benefiting from self isolation to avoid becoming sick. At this moment I am exhausted from four days of nonstop energy. It is time to breathe and begin again when the energy signals that it is time to complete the letting go and to begin my journey of the Ageless Woman of Wisdom that I am. IT IS TIME FO EMPOWER CONNECT SHARE…

Thriving Through Uncertainty…

Tama Kieves in 2017 – 2018 wrote her last book and somehow I missed it, but no more. My beloved Oberlin Public Library has a copy on its shelves, and I am off to the library once I finish here. This is a time of uncertainty for me…I have spent a year preparing for the launch of AGELESS WOMEN OF WISDOM, AND THERE HAVE BEEN MOMENTS OF UNCERTAINTY, SOME GREAT AND SOME NOT SO GREAT.

THROUGH it all, I have maintained my equilibrium, my integrity, my dignity, and the future is so bright in 2020 with the retreat program. But for now, I need to pick myself up, brush myself off, and fight for what I believe in for a short period to finish happy and successful for the moments of the launch. How will I do that? I am going to dance through the next 10 days and smile all the way. I am dancing for the life of AGELESS WOMEN OF WISDOM. The Universe is with me–it started with nothing and ended up with everything. I will emerge as the Big Bang did with the Universe. I, too, shall emerge for I have the same creative ability as the cosmos. My first step is to see the completed vision. This is my true destiny, and the seed of my potential lies in my soul. For now, as always, I will live in this moment. I am capable of cultivating the right conditions, and my Inner Being is aligned with my vision. As always, my days will be spent living on purpose, letting my potential out. I am the wonderful dancer knowing the steps and implementing them in alignment with the music–I will shine! It may appear to be a broken cause right at this moment, but I am embracing all of the pieces–broken and whole! Infinite Patience is what I have and I know it will produce immediate effects for I am living on the “EMERGING” Edge. For now, I will become still, and I will turn into my Inner Being who is in alignment with me knowing all of the answers. It is now up to me to open up to the deeper wisdom trying to emerge…then the journey will begin.

An Impossible Week Evolved Into Letting Go of FEAR…fear no more!

It is the end of a wonderfully impossible week, and I feel drained but relieved. It was something so small that held such great power over me, but with the right healer, within an hour that 1% of FEAR found the path out of my life yesterday. The great opportunities of this week are dispelled because the FEAR has been dispelled. The opportunities now have a chance to be realized without FEAR. The SOURCE within me is now sharing all of my feelings, we are finally united as we are all united with each other in the Universe. NOW the opportunities can be realized fearless.

The Law of Grace, Happiness & Joy

It is possible to reconnect to your truth of your being, to your wholeness, to your wisdom, and to your power. Things happen through you, and the entire Universe is aligned in your favor. When you realize it, it is a holy instant. It also reminds you that happiness is part of a finite game: you are happy because of a moment. What I am believing is that I prefer JOY–it is the part of the Infinite game that lasts my whole life.

The Simplicity of Emergence Small but Mighty!

On this beautiful Fall Saturday…almost Fall…let me introduce The Acorn Principle to you. You only become what is inside of you. But it the way you can harness the Universe and its power. The questions of “Who am I?””What is my purpose?” are predetermined. This is your true self. Your soul is your soil and we generate light from within, we glimmer and our light is always shining. “We are spiritual beings having a human experience.” Pierre Teillhard de Chardin wisdom

All is takes is for you to dig your roots deeper, like a tree, like the mighty Oak, and you will begin to see breakthrough insights, paradigm shifts, and new ways of seeing and being in the world. Leave behind the paralysis of overanalyzing , and you will be revealed to yourself.

Emergence Constantly!

I have always loved the story of the emergence of the butterfly for it is truly transformation, radical life change. It is the story of an evolutionary process. We do not know how the butterfly reacts to this process, but as a human it is the ultimate state of consciousness to go from a caterpillar to a chrysalis and then to the radical evolution. While we do not cause an emergence in our life, we do create the conditions , hopefully the right conditions, that allow emergence. Mental, emotional and spiritual conditions are involved . Emergence is different than personal development because we really do not need to attract anything because we are not lacking anything. The self is already whole, but emergence allows what is trying to get out to emerge. We can reveal our innate wholeness for all of our attempts to fix ourselves tend to exacerbate the problems. There is nothing wrong with you.

As women we are waiting to emerge, we are waiting to realize our potential. We are wanting to be ourselves, to set our real selves free. There is a saying “Know the Oak”. The great and mighty oak represents those with great wisdom. Consider the acorn and then look to the mighty oak tree. It is a symbolism to rise toward the light, to reach out and up, to dig deeper in time of drought, and to stand strong in storms. It is a Universal truth that nature always fulfills its promise.

A desire to change is really a cry to evolve to a higher level and create another version of our conditioned self or how you were designed to live. Just like the Universe which started with nothing and ended up with everything through the Big Bang evolution, we are also an epitome of emergence, and we have the same creative ability to change as the cosmos. It does not happen overnight, and we will briefly discuss the sequential changes in your emergence beginning in the coming days.

Going with the Flow of Peace

The green of the grass, the leaves and wisps of trees beckons when you allow nature to move with you as you live in the moment. Sometimes you have so much to do that you just stop thinking about it and go with the flow of nature which really is the flow of peace. God and the Universe step in to make you stop when life gets too hectic. It is all about faith and believing that God only gives you what you can handle. You will never be finished and you will never be perfect because you will never be finished. These are the words of living in the NOW, join me in the FLOW of Peace.