Make Money Simple: Uncover Core Beliefs to Energize & Create a Legacy!

Simplicity Energy Goes Flows

On our way this week to begin to create a Family Legacy of Financial Wellness, we have been touching on many core points.  Today, I would like to share with you some thoughts on CORE BELIEFS!

Whether you really pay attention to them, you do have CORE BELIEFS.  In fact, you have internal and external CORE BELIEFS.  On the external side, all of us have many different personas or guises that we portray.  It is what we show the outside world.  On the internal side, the CORE BELIEFS we have are really truer.  It is what we believe ourselves to be and to live by.  External are conscious and internal are unconscious.  I think it is true to say that many times, unless we examine them in a very conscious mode, the CORE BELIEFS internally often go unchecked.  When we do examine them, it can be after a conscious period of quiet, such as meditation.  It is at these times that we may have an “AHA” moment that leads us to question our internal, and possibly external, CORE BELIEFS.  It can lead to change, and it can be energizing.  

As we continue  the path of creating a Family Legacy of Financial Wellness, take the time this weekend to look at your CORE BELIEFS especially as they pertain to MONEY…I think you will find that these BELIEFS really do have an effect on your life.  Is it good or is it bad?  Only you will know, and only you can change them.

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