Reasons Clients DO NOT Trust Advisors

It seems that there are more and more articles coming across through professional journals detailing the horrible situations clients have found themselves in with their Advisors.  And more than that, FINRA is losing favor with the general public.  There are so many reasons not to feel comfortable with your Financial Advisor, and that is part of […]

Clearing the Way to My Destination!

I love hummingbirds, and I love butterflies!  No one ever tells baby hummingbirds that they can fly, and butterflies, I am sure, in the midst of their major transformation are never given a course on flying.  They just trust, have faith, and just do it!  They learn as they go!   Tomorrow is the last […]

There Can be Joy in Doing Nothing!

This is a weekend of mindless activity which does bring joy… The last two months have been spent preparing to move to Oberlin, moving to Oberlin, and unpacking and getting back to my business in Oberlin!   It has also been filled with balance of friends and family with one-year old Kurt,Jr.’s birthday for family, Nicole […]

Against the Odds of “The Worst Possible Scenario”

It is Monday, and the type of Monday many of us seriously dislike.  It is the type of Monday that no amount of “Focusing” essential oils will overcome.  It is the type of Monday that working through it will not change.  All that will change is getting through to Tuesday with HOPE! A writer who I love, […]

Money in Your Head, Money in Your Heart?

decisions are always hard…until they are easy Where are you trusting your energy when it comes to decisions about money?  Interestingly enough, on a nice April morning in Ohio, more than 12 people came to a program about money.  Some came because they were unhappy with their financial professionals; some came because they did not use […]

So Who Do You Trust When It Comes to Money Advice?

Are you a Suze Orman fan?  David Bach?  Dave Ramsey?  All good people; all with their own separate style. I keep up with them to a certain degree, but I am slightly turned off by folks who scream at you, tell you how to be rich, and preach from a pulpit.  They are all good […]