Butterflies…Transform Each & Every One

Butterflies are the perfect example of transformation…personally and professionally, and I am here to share everything butterflies with you.  While we are at it, we are also sharing ways to transform; and I do believe personal examples can be powerful. Have you a good story about your own personal or professional transformation which you would love […]

Is Your Financial Professional Your One & Only?

Any day of the week,when you think of your financial professional, are you happy?  Can you live without your advisor?  Or would you rather live without them, but it is too difficult to make a change?  This relationship is like any relationship; JN it takes two.  There are 400,000+ advisors seeking to work with wealthy clients.  How […]

R-Evolution with Money & Women…

In this month’s issue of SUCCESS, Actress Monique Coleman shares an item entitled “Don’t be afraid to take risks.”  And, yesterday, reading a book on HYGGE, it came to me that I am very comfortable proclaiming that I am beginning a money revolution.  Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, I am up, fed, showered, and dressed just […]

Reasons Clients DO NOT Trust Advisors

It seems that there are more and more articles coming across through professional journals detailing the horrible situations clients have found themselves in with their Advisors.  And more than that, FINRA is losing favor with the general public.  There are so many reasons not to feel comfortable with your Financial Advisor, and that is part of […]