The Financial Team for a Family Legacy and YOU!

It is with the best of thoughts as the New Year’s wishes are still arriving in the mail that I really want to help readers in the choosing of their financial professionals this year. Picking YOUR TEAM is personal. Changes and transitions cause the questioning of the professionals who may have worked with you, your family, your friends, your coworkers, your neighbors “for years”. They may still be perfect for you; then again, they may also have had changes and transitions in their personal and professional lives. They may be approaching retirement, they may be working through medical changes, and you may never know any of this.

That is why it is good to take time in a face-to-face meeting with your current team of advisors, together or separately, and see if they really still know what your goals are for the year ahead and for the future. Many professionals totally focus only on the work they are doing. Do they really know you, your family situation, your dreams and goals–they do change. And the professionals change. Think about doing this… You may find it eye opening in a good or bad way!

But, to be totally prepared, are you ready to really learn what the team of professionals knows about you? You need to be ready to really know YOU! What are your current goals? What are your dreams? What risk can you really tolerate at this point in your life? How do you want to communicate with your professional team? How do you want to pay your team? It is time to know YOU so that your team can know YOU! Yes, this is all about YOU!

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Is the Time Right to Hire a Money Coach?

The Amazing Clock January 12 Originating January 10 2018

Whenever you feel that money is occupying your mind more than it should is the time to talk to a money coach…

Transitions are usually a good time to begin the conversation:  an impending marriage, becoming pregnant, preparing for your baby’s future, the end of a marriage, retirement is closer than you think, you need to find the right financial professional to work with you, looking to buy a house, and more.

I do work with financial professionals so that I can recommend more than one person to a client:  I take you through the process of educating yourself before you begin to work with a planner or other professional.  Most people change advisors because they do not fully understand their role with the advisor, and every client has a role to play in that relationship.  Whether you need reassurance or are just confused about the whole financial picture, a coach can clarify and educate you to be better prepared to handle your financial picture.  

A coach can help you minimize your concerns about life insurance, retirement planning, estate planning, and so much more and then work to define your preferences for finding the right professional/advisor to continue working with you and providing the service and fee structures that are right for you.

Let an expert, a money coach, help you find YOUR financial professional.

To start, let’s begin the conversation with a 30-minute complimentary phone session:  440-670-2252

Really, What is Money Energy?

Apple Glasses Studying

This is the kind of question that really is so easy for me, and yet it is not easy for others to understand.  

Let’s start with “energy”.  Think of this is your personal electrical system.  There are many factors which come into play when you talk about your personal energy.  Joseph Campbell described money as “congealed energy, “and releasing it releases life’s possibilities.”  That is a very implied view, and to learn more about it you can always read what got me started on this in the 1990’s.  Maria Nemeth in 1997 wrote THE ENERGY OF MONEY.  It is described o the book’s cover as “A Spiritual Guide to Financial and Personal Fulfillment.”  And how do you get the energy of money to be your personal guide in your money relationship.  It is really quite simple if you read the book jacket:

  • Uncover the hidden landscape of beliefs, patterns, and habits that underlie and sometimes subvert your everyday use of money and personal resources
  • Tame the dragons of driven behavior and busyholism
  • Defuse fears of deprivation and scarcity
  • Embrace and work through paradox and confusion
  • Consciously focus on your money energy
  • Clear yourself to receive the energy and support of others and the universe
  • Develop and stay on your personal path to abundance

Now, isn’t that easy!  No, it is not, and that is why I am offering to take small bites out of the topic after years of spiritual study and years of financial preparedness in the financial industry.  Your money relationship involves every part of your life, so I would like to help you direct your personal energy towards working on your money energy especially when you are experiencing transitions in your life.  Just one small step at a time like the illustration shows below:  

Logo with Words

Start with your energy, identify your first step to work on (such as being positive about money), do that work, and with time you will become excellent which will empower you and generate more energy to start the energy cycle all over!  Now that cycle is easy to follow, just do not expect that everything will happen all at once:  one step at a time!

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Unfolding a Spiritual Money Business…

Unfolding in the world

It was over 5 years ago, when I left corporate America to “transition” my financial planning business into a spiritual money business.  It has taken me 5 years to call it exactly what it is.  It is a spiritual money business.  Pure and simple because to create change the spirit by any name must be touched to begin to make a change in money behavior.  Anything else is fear driven, and it will not last.  Once the fear is away, the behavior may very well return.

And it is important to mention that what I do with Empower Excellence is a business; it is not my life.  That took this whole last year for me to learn, and I am slowly putting boundaries in place.  And my illnesses for the last 12 months are slowly disappearing as I do.  It is also important to mention that I am NOT in sales, I am doing spiritual work.  That is also something that took a long time for me to acknowledge.  When the spirit hurts enough, that is when a client and I are brought together by the Universe.  Until there is hurt in the Spirit, the same old, same old continues.  The Christmas season is a great example of that…every year people promise themselves not to overspend and every year they still do…we have all seen this with ourselves or friends or family.

The client relationship is different in a spiritual business.  I care very deeply for each client as I learn where the hurt is and how hard they work to clear the hurt.  But I have also learned over the past year that my clients are not my responsibility.  I am their coach to accomplish what it is they want to accomplish.  I do not do their work while I do tons of work to help them; there is a big difference.  

It is quite different having a spiritual business rather than simply a business.  I have to portray the message I am sending, and that is not how to become rich and famous with money.  It is to be peaceful and confident with my money relationship, and I am.  But I also have to be brutally honest with clients.  Where are they now?  Where do they want to be? What are the steps to reach that point?  Is it possible to reach that point from where they are right now?  

In this process, I have to be nonjudgmental, kind, brave, loving, fierce, and vulnerable myself.  But I also let them know I may not have all of the answers they need, but I will work with them to formulate the right questions and help them find the right answers!  I also have to be flexible with strong boundaries and the ability to listen and still be open to change.  In the process, I do try to teach my clients to love themselves, and that is a humbling process.

With all of this, I am the teacher but I am also learning that this is a mission I have worked every day of my life to arrive at.  It is unfolding, and with that unfolding I am becoming more me every day.  I meditate, I have spiritual discussions, and I find peace every day with my life and my money.  This past year with my move to Oberlin, which a speaker last night called a “religious Utopia”, was a move to continue fidning inner peace and the ability to allow the unfolding of what I am creating in a spiritual money business.  Why Oberlin?  I can now answer that a year to the day that I found my physical home here.  Oberlin was founded to be inclusive for all women and all men in the area of education.  That intention lives on in all ways:  when you truly find Oberlin, you have come home to inclusivity.  It is not perfection; it is not a Utopia, but it is a quiet, peaceful place where I am finding me, and that is a personal utopia.  


Janice Litterst

Meeting You Where You Are…in Life


Great thoughts come to me during meditation…remarkable thoughts, in fact.  As I prepare for a business expo next week which will cover The Empower Excellence Experience I was thinking way too hard when the Universe delivered to me, as it usually does, an exact thought that I needed to explore, and I did.  That thought was meeting people where they are in life; and it hit like a ton of bricks that each piece of The Empower Excellence Experience does exactly that.  I will share those pieces and parts in the coming days, but here is a brief bulleted summation to ponder where you might be in life:

  • The Mind:  Transitioning in Thoughts or Actions with a Money Relationship due to life, loss of a job, loss of a spouse, career dissatisfaction, insufficient income, excessive spending are just a few examples.
  • The Body:  Transitioning with a Food Relationship, weight and wealth connection, fueling your body inappropriately or insufficiency, eliminating chemicals in your life.
  • The Spirit:  Transitioning into more Spirituality in your life.

The key thing to realize is that they all affect or are affected by money.   And money affects all of the areas of your life….

Looking for Precious Things in Life?

You can

You can have them, yes, you can!  

And, yes, there will be times when feelings such as joy, courage, and gratitude may feel out of reach.  Our life becomes cluttered many times; and many of those times are during transitions.  Transitions such as marriage, divorce, birth, death, a new job or the loss of a job often present us with an overwhelming feeling, much like clutter in our heads, in our hearts, and in our homes.  Money becomes a topic that you want to avoid.  You want things to become simpler.

Eventually, in most situations, things do return to a simpler way of life; but many times, they do not, and that is when our money relationship can be problematic.  In reality, the money relationship may not have been good before the transition began, and the transition can make it worse, and it makes it less desirable to deal with it.  

Going through the transition never seems simple, but it can be simplified.  Sometimes it is something that can be dealt with by us with the help of family and friends; and many times, it is a topic that simply cannot be talked about.  At those times, working with a professional can be helpful.

In the meantime, returning to simplicity in your life can be helpful.  Break things down into manageable pieces.  This is simplicity.  Breathe, and then breathe some more.  It is simple, but it works.  Breathing can bring more oxygen into your system and give you some needed energetic room within your head, heart, and soul to take the next step, which is determining the next step to take.  Simplicity is just that:  simplifying.  

Empower Excellence is Changing…

The New Me

Happy Friday…Happy Weekend!  June is here, and it is 3 months since I have moved to Oberlin, but who am I and what is Empower Excellence now!  Empower Excellence remains focused on financial transitions: career, personal, and lifestyle.  It also remains more focused on networking for women as they make career transitions:  the award-winning regional Professional Women’s Connection in Lorain, Cuyahoga, and Lake counties and The Partnering Program as an intro for those new to networking in Lorain County.

But, there is more to Empower Excellence today:  food is directly tied to money.  That is true from the farmer who produces the food, the food entrepreneur from the farmer’s market and restaurant, and each of us making choices in what we eat and feed our families.  Our personal relationship with money affects how we make choices with food, and, consequently, our health.  With my background in helping local food entrepreneurs finding financing as well as helping women make financial transitions, and more so to help folks make healthy financial decisions with food, I have begun my “healthy” venture as a Pampered Chef consultant.  Intentional work in this area will be to work with local farmers through farm markets, with entrepreneurial women in transition to create their own businesses, and through virtual cooking shows as well as traditional “healthy” cooking shows.  Money rules when it comes to food!

And because money rules with food, my affiliation with Pampered Chef, will allow me to work with local nonprofits to raise money for their organizations–food related and others.  This is a different approach to organizational fundraising.

Yes, Empower Excellence is becoming more The Empower Excellence Experience…money affects all parts of our lives.  

 And with that, rounding out the Mind, Body, Spirit experience, Empower Excellence introduces The Practice at Oberlin.  As a weekly program in spirituality, meeting in Oberlin, all are welcome to the non religious discussions and more.

yes, Empower Excellence has evolved into The Empower Excellence Experience, but in many ways we remain the same….


With Monday Comes Clarity!


Forever, Snoopy and his sayings and antics have represented clear statements resulting from clear thinking:  CLARITY!


The transition I have been experiencing moving to Oberlin is now in the past.  I am one who lives in the present looking to the future.  The wise ones I looked to are no longer providing direction, but this morning started the latest 21-day Meditation program with Deepak Chopra and Oprah–mostly Deepak!  And I am back in my comfort zone with “Hope” being the main theme for the next 21 days.  More than that, the transitional phase is over…I am now an Oberlin resident, and I am finding my pattern, my routine.  All is good once again.

Transitions are like that in any parts of our lives.  Change brings new feelings, new fears, and eventually a new path.  This morning I opened a bank account in Oberlin to be the beginning of The Empower Excellence Experience residence/business construction by 2022.  The building will be called “The Empower Excellence Experience of HOPE”.  The transition is now my new path, and I am happy!

Not Leaving Home is Interesting!


And too snowy, but I am beginning the final piece of the expansion of Empower Excellence into the The Empower Excellence Experience.

Every part of The Empower Excellence Experience is to Empower Your Life by Empowering Your Money.   The foundation will remain Empower Excellence which is improving your money relationship through every part of your life and every transition,

Already introduced  in the expansion to The Experience is The Practice in Oberlin.  Simply put, this is the segment of The Experience that allows your life to empower your spirituality and your spirituality to empower all areas of your life.

Modere is Your Money Empowering Your Personally Sustainable Life through clean living and other paths.

Now in the planning is a healthy “Pampered Chef”.  This piece allows your money to empower your nutritional life.

Money is a part of every area of our life.  The Empower Excellence Experience covers the financial, spiritual, nutritional, and sustainable areas of your life.  They are linked together but they are offered cafeteria style meaning you participate in what you need or desire.

Empower Excellence offers in-person as well as on-line coaching through Skype.   It also offers regional women’s networking to grow businesses (All about the money!) in Lake, Cuyahoga, and Lorain Counties.  

The Practice is an in-person group weekly experience.

 Modere is social marketing on line with personal guidance.

 “Healthy” Pampered Chef will be virtual and in-person when desired.  

So, yes, even when it is too snowy or too peopley out there, The Empower Excellence Experience will be available, and I will be living an empowered experience in my new personal and professional home in Oberlin!


What is Empower Excellence?

image002It is time to get back to my reason for blogging and for my business…It really is!  The Trump Administration is here to stay for the four years ahead.  There may be talk of impeachment and mid-term changes, but no one knows what will happen in the next moment or the next year.  So, let’s come to the NOW and why Empower Excellence became a reality, and the time is right to return to PURPOSE with the advance notice that there will be additional executive orders that will affect the Consumer Financial Protection activities and the DOL Rule, due for implementation in April, affecting retirement accounts for investors.

The efforts of the past Administration to educate and protect consumers in the financial arena will be GONE!

A thumbprint of my background is over 20 years in banking, financial planning, financial coaching and more which was topped off by being named as a FINRA (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority)Dispute Resolution Arbitrator in January of this year.  I left corporate Wall Street and even “Main Street” because there has been a subtle shift over the years away from benefiting the client and benefiting the corporate entity providing financial services.  Clients need education and guidance in making financial decisions not because they are incapable of understanding all of their choices and not because all advisers are dishonest, but because there are so many choices and lives change necessitating a change in direction.  It is not easy.  The education that qualified professionals are required to obtain and maintain is heavy.

Empower Excellence does exactly what the name implies:  We provide the tools through financial transition coaching to help our clients make the financial decisions they need to make without the emotional and stressful background that money often creates for clients through family legacy, culture, religion, and more.  We EMPOWER clients to achieve EXCELLENCE in their life without the financial stress.

Many times in my life, I have been told that I am “before my time” in my mission and passion; but the time is right now, and I have been doing what I do not only for 20+ years but also without the corporate background for 5 years.  It is my mission, it is my passion.

While many blogs do not even mention “money”, the topics all have to do with the emotions, the spirit, and more of “money”.  “Money” does not just happen in banks and checkbooks.  It happens in every part of our lives.  Money helps you live the life you desire.  Money is personal, and money is emotional.  And most people do not want to talk about money.  But this is the BIG GREEN ELEPHANT in the room–it does not go away.  It grows and grows until people run out of the room to find a place to hide and abide in the false security that they do not have to talk about it.

Empower Excellence is a safe place to feel, think, and talk about money safely.  It is a place to find refuge when life’s transitions hit and there is no apparent escape because the “money” is in the center of the room, and it looks like the BIG GREEN ELEPHANT has pooped at the worst possible moment in your life.  Empower Excellence is there to help you pick up the shit!