AWE Ageless Women Emerging…get ready for the Transformation…

Summer is passing quickly, and today at a local Winery, women will join in the third conversation of the Summer to SHARE their WISDOM about making their personal lives better. Much has been shared, and much will be shared today as we prepare to SHARE all the WISDOM of the summer at THE SIX AGES OF WOMAN IN OCTOBER. With a rainy summer and extremely hot temperatures, today, like the other two conversational days, is temperate and sunny. The Universe likes what is happening in the conversations of AGELESS WOMEN EMERGING!

This morning brought WISDOM to me that AGELESS WOMEN OF WISDOM, the parent company of AGELESS WOMEN EMERGING, was really and truly an outgrowth of EMPOWER Excellence, my first company with the logo of Energy and the Butterfly.

AGELESS WOMEN OF WISDOM is the Transformation of Women through SHARING their WISDOM. It is like the journey of the butterfly. Today all women conversing with us will be the caterpillars experiencing their beginning their journey to becoming the butterfly over the coming months through 10 daylong retreats in 2020. The big difference from any other retreats is that all of the women who have participated in AGELESS WOMEN EMERGING have chosen the topics that will be included in the retreats. They are the caterpillars nurturing themselves into the future butterflies. And they are beautiful. Today is the day the transition begins for them and AGELESS WOMEN OF WISDOM.

The Emotional Climate: LOVE YOUR LIFE………… “Ama Tu Vida”

You are living in your own emotional climate, and only you can change it. Without rehashing all that has happened in my life this year, I know of what I speak. This morning has been an eye opener even before I stepped out of bed. My meditation was inspired by an online topic of “emotional climate” and how to change that, which I have been in the process of doing in many ways since June. Try a morning walk through your neighborhood, small town, or city. My eyes took over my brain taking me places I had been many times but for the first time seeing them through loving eyes. More blogs will include other photos my heart took this morning. But AMA TU VIDA, this year’s community chalk art is still as beautiful as June when it was created. “Love Your Life” is the translation, and it gave me goose bumps. Where can you go in your area where you can walk, where you can stroll, and where you can capture what you love about your life?

As we approach the transition of AWE Ageless Women Emerging, and the last summer conversation this week, we are moving toward AWW AGELESS WOMEN OF WISDOM. I needed this transition to reach this point. I needed to let go of all that happened in the past in order to lead participating women through this transition, to help them see through new eyes what they love and what they want to change. I am shaken by what I felt.

What do you need to do for you to change your emotional climate? To see through new eyes? To feel goose bumps again in your life? Please take a walk and see what happens…May you also say AWE when you do! I went from planning a move FROM Oberlin to LOVING OBERLIN anew…you, too, can change the Emotional Climate of your life.

Tough Talks with a Side of Tissue…Awe!

Many of you deal with people: family, friends, clients, and it is always a hard thing to do when you have a family member, a friend, or a client who has received bad news or more than that you have to share bad news with them. It can be emotional, it can be physical, it can be financial, or something else. With the financial it can be the possibility of running out of money, having no money to do what you, receiving an insurance, facing a divorce, widowhood, or the loss of a job.

You may have your process to share bad news with others, but Dr. Walter Baile and a group of his oncology colleagues developed the SPIKES protocol, and its usefulness can be used in many situations, both personal and professional. SPIKES is an acronym: SETTING, PERCEPTION, INVITE, KNOWLEDGE, EMOTIONS, and SUMMARIZE.

SETTING is important in choosing an appropriate atmosphere: quiet and private without mobile interruptions. Everyone involved should be aware that interruptions should not occur. Always have the TISSUES on hand. Include other family members who need to be included.

PERCEPTION: Know the client’s perception before you begin. Use open-ended questions to make sure you understand that they understand the situation. This is especially important in any financial situation. Make sure everyone understands what the discussion reallyy means.

INVITE the participants to indicate how much detail about the situation they are comfortable with. This is especially important with money and the discussion may have to occur in several separate gatherings . Let them set the tone so that they do not become overwhelmed.

EMOTIONS: It is quite possible that emotions will arise. Too much bad news can even lead to a state of temporary shock and inability to proceed. TISSUES! Crying is ok for them and you…

SUMMARIZE: A summary before ending is important so that you know that there is an understanding of the situation. Your communication whatever the situation takes skill and compassion and experience. Be careful with exhausted phrases like “I am sorry for your loss.” Try to gain a personal perspective in order tor relate to the situation and the person. Using a tool like SPIKES will help you and those you are trying to help no matter who they are. YOU ARE STRONG and AWEsome and helping others helps make them strong, too!

Can Your Financial Professional FIRE YOU?

It works both ways: you can fire your adviser and they can fire you! Clients will be fired if they spend wildly while ignoring the adviser’s warnings. The adviser might care more than you do! Clients will be fired if you don’t follow your adviser’s advice. Clients will be fired if you are rude or abusive to the adviser and their team.

But there are plenty of times when you might want to fire your adviser. If there is no chemistry, fire them. You need to like the adviser and they need to like you! Meet to find if there is chemistry before making a commitment!

If the advisor is not straightforward about their compensation, this is a reason to look for a new adviser. The industry and regulation is changing more and more to a “Fee only” basis. Your adviser should explain their method of charging and how it affects both of you!

If communication is spotty, it is time to make your wishes for the mutual communication style known by both of you. This is an important part of your life and future . Make your desires known and followed.

Learn and make it known that you want to learn what is in your portfolio and how it should and is behaving. This is your money!

Your situation changing could be reason enough to make a change with your adviser. Transitions are a time of change, and many times the adviser may have worked mainly with one of the couple. When that person leaves the relationship through any transition, it may be the right time for a change. Think about it!

If you are feeling or seeing red flags, take a serious look at the adviser and think and talk it through to see if a change is needed.

The Confidence of Fun…or The Fun of Confidence!

Conundrums are fun! Do we become confident because of fun or do we have fun with confidence? And this is not just for women and girls…it is for everyone! I am confident, most of the time. I am not confident some of the time. Sometimes it is because of competence or a lack of it in whatever action I am attempting to take. Success is often talked about in terms of relationships, reputation, results, and resilience. It would be great if we could just feel competence at any level and then take the level of confidence that corresponds to it as we are all learners at every level of life. There is so much talk of “feminine energy”, “girl power”, and more, but, you know what, men are just as lacking in competence and confidence. It is not a tribal movement, it is a people movement; I just feel with my AWW Ageless Women of Wisdom that being female I am most qualified to work with, converse with, and retreat with women! Men find their voice most times with men, and women most times find their voice with women. Many things to be let go of: a need to be understood, anxiety, stress, low self esteem–It is all self worth–men and women. And covering one gap at a time works, let’s not try to solve everything at once. What I am trying to say is you are who you are…BE who you are to start a transition!

And the AWEsomeness grows…

Wow, what a few weeks it has been getting to today and the beginning of sanity! Such symbolism with the flash flooding in Oberlin as the old is washed away. Yes, the transition has begun with many lessons learned. There has been much learned that can be shared, much as the wisdom that will be shared with AGELESS WOMEN OF WISDOM! Much has also been learned to be shared with EMPOWER EXCELLENCE and its PROFESSIONAL WOMEN’S CONNECTION. This is the transition to sanity. And I am grateful!

Aging Anxiety, AWE, no!

Double negatives are difficult for me, but if I am anti anti-aging, I am for aging. Please correct me if I am wrong. Aging happens from the moment of our birth and it continues in our physical sense until we transition, and I am not quite certain what happens then. I have been told we either stay where we are at that moment and I have been told we regain our youth, No matter. Aging for me does not create anxiety; I am simply changing as I always have been changing, and there are surprises in the mirror every single day. But that is life! Maybe that is why AWE or Ageless Women Emerging has become a part of my life that is so energizing.

For more info on AWE see Facebook @AWEAgelessWomenEmerging

AWE The Moment of Lift…

The wind in the trees…the moment of lift. Really AWE inspiring. A friend made their transition yesterday. It was a moment of AWE when I learned of her passing. But it was also a moment of lift. She will always be with those close to her even if it is just the wind in the trees and the rustling of leaves. Nature talks to us always, but it is up to us to listen. Melinda Gates’ new book THE MOMENT OF LIFT was an inspiration to me. She refers to the moment of lift as also a moment of grace. A moment of wonder. A moment of AWE. And AWE always shows up with curiosity. We, as women, are always looking for the awe in the moment. It seems that when you lift up a woman, you really are listing up all of humanity.

Too Much “Legacy”? Never…

This morning a reminder came that while living is good, planning for a future after we transition is so very important…  My usual routine for sleep is usually 4-5 hours before awaking at the spiritually-thought-of time between 3 and 5 am because our Spirit has messages for us.  Not only do I meditate at that time but I also do check email messages.  Habit.  This morning I found a message sent late last night from a good friend and current collaborator that she was out of town because her near and dear sister passed away after only a few days of illness.  There really are no words when that happens… While the shock and sadness of the passing stuck with me, I did do a meditation and followed that with real soul searching about how prepared am I for my children to take over my life in any way, shape, or form.  This is what a Legacy is also all about.

And I am not prepared.  Maybe more prepared than others, but I intend to leave a Legacy to make my passing easier.  And I have decided to take a whole day before Christmas to really clean things up for my sons.  I am healthy, but so was my friend’s sister.  No one can totally prepare for a transition.  But I will do what I can.  

Are you ready?  Take a few minutes to think this through.  If you need some guidelines, continue to read my blogs, but I am also doing LIVE Facebook presentations (2-5 minutes) at 8:45 am on M-W-F each week, and this month they are little topics about financially preparing for 2019.  (Facebook Page:  Empower Excellence “It’s Your Money” LIVE & More)  And then, if you really need help organizing yourself for a Family Legacy of Financial Wellness, call or email me.  Don’t let this become a nagging feeling for what remains of your life:  5 minus or 50 years.

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Facebook:  Empower Excellence “It’s Your Money” LIVE and More

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Feeling Fear? Fearing Money? Oops!


Money brings out fear and stress more than anything I know; and, yet, most people never take the time to overcome the fear.  Why?  Many reasons which I will not belabor here today except to say that Money is Personal!  Yep, it is!  Plus, we have been told over the years by so many that it is wrong to talk to others about money.  Kind of goes along with religion and politics!  Money is taboo!  Money is greed!  Money is good!  Money is bad!  And what we do with money reflects back on us!  Money is too personal to talk about and too personal to admit that we have a problem with it.  But it all comes out in the end:  debt, bankruptcy, foreclosure, homelessness, and more.  But we should not talk about it until it becomes a major life problem.  And life problem it is as money is the access pathway to living our lives.  Oh yes, there are many things in our culture that stress money, money, money!  An author I am familiar with held a webinar last evening, and, since I work with money, I do tend to tune in to information that might help me and my clients.  Lynne Twist wrote THE SOUL OF MONEY, which I have read, she is a benefactor and a fundraiser, and I tuned out of the webinar half way through because of her approach on how to turn money around in your life.  

It is my belief that we take responsibility for the which is ours to be responsible for,  Ms. Twist’s approach is that the money culture, especially the media, is to blame for the problems folks have with money.  Give me a break!  I know many are very impressionable, but the money crisis in our folks today has more to do with a lack of education and never being taught how to make decisions, especially with money.  Where there is a “hole”, and there is a “hole” in financial education from the simplest to the sophisticated levels, the hole fills with something, and that something is usually FEAR.  We do not know what we do not know, and it scares the shit out of us.  And it surfaces when it is decision making time:  transitions, life changes, and more when there is already trepidation about the change occurring in our life.  This is not the time to begin learning how to make money decisions.  This is where my clients are when they finally reach out to me.

Since we have an unlimited capacity for JOY, it is up to me and my client to identify the JOY in the situation and work towards it to replace the FEAR with LOVE and JOY!  Hard to so at times, but it is necessary to move through the transition in the best possible way and move on with life…