Feeling Fear? Fearing Money? Oops!

Money brings out fear and stress more than anything I know; and, yet, most people never take the time to overcome the fear.  Why?  Many reasons which I will not belabor here today except to say that Money is Personal!  Yep, it is!  Plus, we have been told over the years by so many that it is […]

Oh, But, My Dear, You, too, Will Die!

My personal goal is to live beyond the age of 104.  Everyone will die some day, we just do not know when!  Billy Graham at the age of 99 made his transition today.  He died!  We all will die, so it is prudent to think about that day and how you want to exit this […]

Planning a Peaceful Transition!

Separation, divorce, death!   Not fun in any case.  The money is in motion in any case.  Planning would have helped, but transitions cannot always be planned for I am told.  Currently I am separated from a companion of six years almost.  The anniversary is April 4th.  I got the call this morning as the […]

Passion Not Totally About Raging Desire!

Passion can be many things; can you describe your passion?   Have you ever come alive and became bursting at the seams to share? Passion is truly what is yours to do.  Do you have issues?  What is holding you back?  But the two basic questions are: Who are you? What can you offer? It all starts with […]

Transitions Can Begin in the Workforce…

Unless you work on Saturdays, the weekend can be considered a workplace transition as each week ends and new one begins on Monday morning; that is a very simplistic transition.  And it does affect your money:  you don’t work, you don’t get paid! While the workforce is also transforming, the blending of work and life […]

As a Participant in Life, Be the Light

So you are back, and on a Friday!  You have accepted to RSVP to life, and now you are building your Personal Sustainability from the ground up.  You know when Maslow created his Pyramid of Needs he started with the basics of food, clothing, and shelter.  Very wise since there have been those I have […]

Softening to the Challenge

The transformation to Oberlin has begun…maybe, I should call it the transition to Oberlin.  Whichever, the process has begun.  Where nesting is a natural introduction to a change, dismantling is the beginning to transformation and transition, and it has begun.  I will spare you the details, just trust me, the beginning has begun. Whenever you […]

When Change is a Catalyst for Growth

I am sure that many will find change disturbing, but change is a catalyst for growth, a catalyst for happiness.  If we would only embrace the change…  Many times, change comes about through a transition that we did not seek…we find ourselves between assignments, between clients, and we become anxious.  Yes, anxiety…but, if we allow […]

Release Yourself From the Pressure to Shine!

Good Morning, and it is, no matter what is happening in your life.  Every day is not a shining day, and it takes a lot of patience and faith over the years to release yourself from the pressure to shine.  There are days, no matter what you think you have to do, when it is […]