Transformation Time…

Moving through the year, month to month, blog to Facebook LIVE, the seasons and the emotions change.  I do love butterflies, and I do love them because they are the perfect example of transformation.  They do not have a long lifespan, and in that regard we do differ.  And there are times throughout our lives when we go through transformations on a periodic basis.  It does not just happen once.  We are human beings, we do make mistakes, and we do make adjustments in our thoughts and our feelings when we are making a course correction, a transformation.  This month on our LIVE program and on the blog we have spent some time on emotions during what just happened to be a highly emotional time.  Emotions and feelings have a lot to do with money.  Emotions and feelings are often the companions of pain, and money can lead to painful moments in our lives.  Transformation will be March’s area of focus for me.  March is a transformative season leading into Spring, a season of hope and renewal.  And the butterflies will be with us… Advertisements

Virtual Reality & Legacy

Money, Life, Legacy, and Reality are all a part of who we are.  Yes, money is included in that because it is up to us to determine what role money plays in our life in the Now and in the future.  Life does create reality, but it is left up to me and to you to recreate our true reality with an interpretation of what it means in our own lives.  It is your and my personal creation.  It can become an art in our lives if we allow that.  But no matter what we recreate, it becomes truth for you and me; our only truth.

Transforming through Legacy…

There is no way to continue in life with continuous transformation, and that is what the butterfly symbolizes–transformation! Before transformation there is the feeling of hopelessness.  That is where we start.  We know where we need to transform.  And a Legacy is the beneficiary of our continuous transformation for this is where we begin to face what we need to change not only for ourselves but for others in our life as well. It is with fear that we turn to hope as hope and fear are two sides of the same coin…you cannot have one without the other, and a Legacy demonstrates both sides.  The fear of when we will transition as well as the hope that there is plenty of time to transform all we need to transform…

BeachGlass & Butterflies…Truly Transformation, but Different!

Beach Glass and Butterflies are Manifestations of Transformation…the same but oh so different… The transformation of beach glass is the changing of a natural gift of the Universe, through corporate hands, and then the release of the corporate effect back to nature.  There has already been one transformation, but now the beach glass becomes a […]

A Weekend Thought: I Must Unify to be a Part of the Unified Universe, Unity

In the eyes of the Universe, we are all one always We are all connected.  But the Universe is playful, isn’t it? The energy of the Universe is youthful Spontaneous and joyful just as we are at our birth!We all have an evolutionary story Written one day at a time We take a lifetime to […]

It is Time to Let the Butterflies Fly!

It is the weekend, isn’t it?   In the many blogs I have written over the years, many have a reference to butterflies.  Many of you know that I have the Butterfly as the center of my logo for Empower Excellence, LLC:   Why?  Because the Butterfly is a symbol for transformation.  I am sure there is […]

Living in the NOW with life & money!

There was an unbelievably bad act on America’s Got Talent last evening.  Ironically, it could have been a beautiful act if delivered more simply…It was a caterpillar turning into a butterfly including the time in the chrysalis — most people had no idea what the contestant was trying to portray.  The simplest things in life can […]

Remembering the Revolution!

Well, a lot of stuff happened, and then I saw a quote from Ursula K. LeGuin (THE DISPOSSESSED):  “You cannot buy the Revolution.  You cannot make the Revolution.  You can only be the Revolution.  It is in your spirit, or it is nowhere.” Back on February 26th, in my blog “empowerexcellencewithjan” at, I announced […]

Would you like to do less; achieve more?

For years, I thought I was very focused until 2018 arrived, and my focus intensified for many reasons. Are you focused?   Still, would you like to do less, have more time for what you are passionate about, and still find your abundance? It is a beautiful Friday in Northeast Ohio, and from my office […]