Why Butterflies?

When I first envisioned EMPOWER Excellence and designed the logo of the energy circle when working with money, there was a gap in the center of the circle. Really, a big blank space, and I meditated and asked for guidance from my Inner Being. The answer came and was influenced by all of the metaphysical […]

A Weekend Kind of Blog, Growing Pains are Real!

Some friends just really get to know you, and those friends send me social media postings with comments and others sent me notecards with butterflies but never write on those notecards! Joni knows who she is, and Beth knows who she is, and they are both precious reminders of who I am and what I […]

Thank you to Source and the Universe…one and the same!

some mornings…I awaken early for my power hour of meditation, inspiration, and a tiny bit of social media…I truly count it as the beginning of my working day as I awaken rested and clear headed. Anything that happened before this morning power hour no longer is crucial…it is NOW and the coming day! this photograph […]

Fall, My Time, Your Time, for Change…Nature’s Time!

Friday, a Fall Friday, and it finds me very melancholy as UTunes plays a Master List which connects me through the years to days that time forgot. But that is ok for I believe the wind of today talks to me, I believe that the leaves are falling and dancing through the air to be […]


Your story is your story! Every story has a character which may very well be you. Every story has a problem or a reason to tell the story. It is very possible in the story the character finds a guide or guidance to help them with their problem and calls them to some sort of […]

Dance Through Life for JOY!

Do you have a wish to live “happy ever after”? Do you see that as an impossible dream or are you living the dream now? Your answer could be halfway between those two points. Are you working really hard to realize your dreams without taking the time to rest and play on the way? Are […]

Emergence Constantly!

I have always loved the story of the emergence of the butterfly for it is truly transformation, radical life change. It is the story of an evolutionary process. We do not know how the butterfly reacts to this process, but as a human it is the ultimate state of consciousness to go from a caterpillar […]

An Open Letter to All Women About AWW “Ageless Women of Wisdom”…and it is worth the read for it is for you!

Thank you to Maya Angelou for the quote, and thank you to Simon Sinek who won over my nerdy head and heart with his work on “WHY”, but now he has a new book to be released on October 15th, a significant date for me and AWW “Ageless Women of Wisdom”. Anyone who really knows […]

AWW is Transformation as Beautiful as Lake Erie Beachglass!

AWW Ageless Women of Wisdom is moving towards its launch on October 16th…AWW is all about the SHARING of Wisdom across all generations of women. It was a beautiful SHARING when my longtime friend Suzanne who lives along Lake Erie granted me permission to use the photo after posting it on Facebook. Suzanne and I […]