What Does AWE Ageless Women Emerging Ask of YOU?

Absolutely nothing! AWE, as the first phase of AWW, Ageless Women of Wisdom, simply gave YOU an opportunity to come together with women of all ages, thus the word “Ageless”, to have conversations without obligation and without cost with other women about what you would like to see different in your life. But it did not end there. In June and July, there were two gatherings, and 70 ideas were shared and preserved. In late August, the final AWE conversation will occur. It is open. A call to the author of this blog can provide you with the information. When that third conversation finishes, The Summer of AWE will be headed into Fall and the launch of AWW. It is a transition in this transformative effort, and it will be celebrated with the local artist Mary Faktor presenting THE SIX AGES OF WOMAN, a comedy to lead into the transition. And the launch will include the active choosing of topics to be shared in 2020 through the Ageless Women of Wisdom Seminar Series…yo see, AWE and AWW ask nothing of YOU other than the natural sharing that women to bring their wisdom to share with other women. All women benefit, including YOU. For further information call Jan Litterst at 440-670-2252 or place a comment today.

Butterflies Are Meant to Fly!

With all the talk about badass money, safe cash, and the stock market, it is time to return to the butterfly…a living, breathing creation that symbolizes change and transformation. All naturally. There is no drug, no chemical, and no genetic mutation in the purest forms of the butterfly’s transformation throughout its life. If you are ready to transform especially in the realm of money, begin to consider, contemplate, and meditate how you can set YOUR butterfly free!

Transform Into YOU!

When you were born, you were full of energy!  You knew nothing more until then!  The world took over, and you grew and changed reflecting everyone and everything in your world 🌎! And here you are…  I am ready to transform and return to my native, natural self, to ME!  Join me?  I am writing ✍️ the next sequel, and it is manifesting the abundance of my very full vortex—love, laughter, nature, health, and money, lots and lots of money 💰 !  Join me?

What would you like to attract?  

Prepare your energy…join my Money 💴 R-Evolution, Evolve, Transform, and attract everything you have envisioned your life to be!