Transformation Time….

It is late on Sunday evening, and I need to blog!  I really need to blog!


Thursday evening was a fantastic experience with a group experiencing a new form of energy work — rays of light!  Now I have done much work in the energy field — meditation started it,  deep breath work, Jhin Shin Jyitsu (spelling?), Warren Grossman’s “hugging the earth”, tapping, and more.  I experienced a major release in the group, but little did I know how powerful my thoughts and words had become!


Dreams flowed fluently since Thursday evening; fatigue set in on Friday and Saturday; but also I found myself journaling like a mad woman in a dark theatre all Saturday morning watching a film that is totally related to my personal transformation.


For days I have told the Universe that there was one “wrong” piece in the puzzle.  I knew I had to release that piece, and on Thursday evening I did; but there remained the physical “doing” to release it, and that occurred this afternoon in the best possible way.  And now, I need to finish it…


Lessons are presented to us so that we learn what it is, and who it is, we really are.  Many times, those lessons come to us through messengers who do not have a clue that they are delivering a message.


I now know that I cannot be with unauthentic people; people whose values are so different than mine.  But sometimes I try to fit in–sometimes because of a financial need, sometimes because of a professional need.  But no more; the Universe heard my request through my words, through my spiritual release on Thursday night, and today the Universe delivered me from a situation that was not tolerable to my soul.  


It is wonderful to know that my soul is now in command!