When Water is No Longer… Free

When water is no longer free, what will you do?

Today, March 22, is World Water Day as proclaimed by the UN as a day of observance that highlights the importance of fresh water. It is a day not to memorialize water but to advocate for the sustainable management of fresh water resources. This is a worldwide day of advocating for fresh water. It is a day to acknowledge the need for water for all and leaving no one behind. Water is a human right! The UN hopes to provide clean water for all by 2030. If you live where fresh water is available, know how blessed you are since there are billions still living without clean water. Women, children, refugees, indigenous peoples, disabled people, and more are often overlooked in this area. And this includes water not only for drinking but also for personal sanitation, clothes washing, food preparation and personal and household hygiene. But this is all book knowledge.

Love would have you do what in regards for water? Are you listening, and will you act? Small amounts of love and listening grow, and, hopefully, resources such as time, money, and talent will have you working to make fresh water sustainable.

In my heart, I dedicate this day to TINA GOSHA, an angel for water…