Daring to Serve…You Are My Reason…Sometimes It Takes Courage!

Servant leadership, B Corporations, and courage to be different! Empower Excellence, LLC and Ageless Women. LLC is beginning the process to become a B Corporation with the concept of servant leadership. Approaching our fourth month as a registered company the State of Ohio, Ageless Women of Wisdom welcomed the departure of one of the partners […]

Do You Have a Spending Plan for Life? Money, Thoughts, Feelings?

When most folks think about a Spending Plan as an alternative for a budget, they are strictly talking money. But it can be so much more. It can be a way to live in the moment with not only your money but also your thoughts and your feelings; and that becomes a Spending Plan for […]

Getting Ready for the Flow…

While Spring has finally arrived in Northeast Ohio, Lake Erie is so ready for Summer!  Summer brings FLOW to our minds, our hearts, and our souls as well as our bodies!  Walking the beach at Lakeview Park today was a thrill, and I even found some small pieces of beach glass.  I had never been […]

I Am the Goddess of Money…

I am leading the Money Revolution, yes, I am!  And you, too, can be a part of the Money Revolution!  Attract money thoughts, attract more than money!  Attract joy:  gain confidence to make money decisions, know your needs and wants, regain hope!  Tune in to Money thoughts you have:  nothing negative, only positive!  It makes […]

Needy, Needy, Needy, Really? REALLY!

We have all heard about the basic needs we have…food, shelter, clothing, and I am going to add water. Without the basic of basic needs, life can be threatened. But each person’s needs are personal, and they are affected by everything that has touched us in any way since our conception.  Once we enter the […]