Money Mastermind Group…

Let go

Having been a member of several Mastermind Groups in the past, it was with a little bit of awe that my post-Meditation aha moment recently suggested a Money Mastermind Group.  Had to think about that before I put it out quietly on my Facebook group page for Empower Excellence “It’s Your Money” Live & More page.  A few responses came back…ok.  

And now, being in my vortex, a message came through that “your vortex is calling you to receive your treasures.”  And the Mastermind may very well be a treasure not only for me but also for others.

So, what is a mastermind group exactly?  It is brainstorming, education, peer accountability and support to sharpen your business and personal skills.  The group helps each other achieve success through challenging goals to be accomplished.  It is not group coaching, it is not a class, and it is not a networking group.

Napoleon Hill’s 1920 book THE LAW OF SUCCESS introduced the concept and elaborated on it in 1930 in THINK AND GROW RICH.  IT HAD BEEN AROUND BEFORE THAT WITH BENJAMIN FRANKLIN…although with a different title.  

With all of that said, I am putting the concept out there for a live group in Northeastern Ohio; I am letting the idea go out into the Universe and we will see what happens.  If you have an interest, please comment.