And The Universe aka Source Knows Where I am Headed! #Ageless Women of Wisdom

March 16, 2020

Thank you to Mike Dooley for much needed message on a very yucky day!

If you just start dancing I can assure you, by the powers vested in me (more than you could ever imagine), the music will be added. As will the partners, the giant disco ball, and whatever else you like.

But I must warn you, “start” is not to be confused with “start and then stop to see if anything happens.” Nope, that’s “I’m scared, tired, and not sure what I really want.”

I mean “start” as in “never stop, never look back, because even if I make a ‘mistake,’ at least I still get to dance.”

Do your thing and I’ll do mine.

The Universe

P.S. Cha, cha, cha

Serenity Perfected…

What are we always looking for, hoping for, and grateful for? Serenity is my answer. It may be yours, as well, but there is nothing as fresh as new fallen, and still falling, snow! I am so grateful that this is the view from my window. With so much activity in my business, it is a beautiful day when nature takes over literally and allows us to stop and think about pure beauty. I have to laugh when I posted this on social media this morning and right away someone came back and said warmer temperatures and sun would be better! Well, life gives you what you need, and that is all I can say. In the last weeks, I have slowed down considerably as we recover from a failed event in October and the wonderful planning for 2020 that is occurring. Source gives us what we need. I needed the snow to remind me that life is peaceful when we allow it to be. And when we allow what we need we move forward with a serene heart and a head that is calm and peaceful. If snow is not what you need, be patient, and Source will send whatever it is that you need soon if you are in alignment with the Universe.

I am told by some I am called “the boss”. Really?

And the color of the day is bright green! For many years I have subscribed to a daily weekday (I wish it were 7 days) message from THE UNIVERSE at I know each message is not personal, but it sure seems like it is. The message from The Universe today expressed frustration “some of what frustrates us here the most, Janice Marie, are your regrets over the past, insecurities over downtime, and self doubts over decisions to be made. Please, the past was only a warm-up, your downtime allows us to set a new stage, and it’s you we proudly call “the boss.” This message was so powerful to me this morning for many reasons. I have had regrets over how I raised my now adult children and those regrets had me bummed out for a few days. Insecurities over downtime hit the nail on the head as I have taken a brief hiatus for thinking through my total rebranding making decisions on how to incorporate all I do under the new company name JAN LITTERST, LLC.

The message is all about what I am all about–self care and learning to love yourself. The last few weeks have been a distinct effort to do just that. And it is clear, as a Scorpio, with a Halloween birthday, “I am the boss” but my Chief of Staff is Source aka Spirit. No decision is made without my staff, and sometimes, they call it “intuition” , they make the decisions and then quietly share them with me in meditation. Wow, so calling me “the boss” is maybe tongue in cheek?

Thank you to Source and the Universe…one and the same!

some mornings…I awaken early for my power hour of meditation, inspiration, and a tiny bit of social media…I truly count it as the beginning of my working day as I awaken rested and clear headed. Anything that happened before this morning power hour no longer is crucial…it is NOW and the coming day!

this photograph sent through a post of Iyanla Vanzant shared by my friend Beth took me right back to a year ago when visiting with the little people when their parents were in Hawaii and a package of caterpillars arrived with the full intent that the little people and I were to care for them according to definite instructions as they were going to change into butterflies and they did indeed become butterflies–change is so wondrous to little people–they felt they had created the butterflies.

butterflies are the symbol of transformation and they have been a part of my Empower Excellence logo from the start. This morning’s power hour finally brought me out of the transformative stage of letting go of a small piece of AGELESS WOMEN OF WISDOM, the Launch. The intention was and is to move on but I needed a time of respite to let go, grieve, and let Source take its time with me and AWW AGELESS WOMEN OF WISDOM. There is a lot to consider with the planned rebranding of Empower Excellence, Professional Women’s Connection and AWW being wrapped up into Jan Litterst, LLC. The individual groups will maintain their names and distinct purposes, but the new LLC will be the name out in the public. We have yet to start the process because I am giving this time to settle in.

And this morning it all happened with words from Source. What follows is a short recap that actually does capture much of what I need to remember moving forward. It started with Seth Godin’s blog on “expectations” and moved to the inspiring 10 year old work by Simon Sinek “Your Why”. But Esther Hicks is not one to be left behind and she spoke of vibration and alignment. The thought was “the Universe responds to you the way you feel.” Expectations, Your Why, Your Feelings all apply to me but they also apply to the target audiences of all three of my business entities and to Source. The thought is: in all communications of needs, including prayers, do not be a whiner or a pleader, be strong in your needs and communications and remember that everything you need to resolve your needs lies within you. Yes, it does. You simply need someone to help you partner through the need with guidance and a plan, but you as my target client will actually do the work because you are vibrating strong and in alignment with the resolution! When you are needy, Source knows it and I know it with potential clients in any of the three entities–you want me to do the work, perform the miracle, and make you all better. Those clients never reach a resolution because they will not move forward in vibration and alignment. They are stuck, and they remain stuck!

But vibration and alignment demonstrate to the Universe that you are willing to move forward and do whatever work you are needed to do, and the Universe and Source support your work once you start moving–vibrating–in alignment with a resolution. It is forming a Connection with Communication involved which inevitably develops into a Community, even if it is just you and another person to start. When this happens, empowerment occurs. It can be with money in Empower Excellence, connection with Professional Women’s Connection, and wisdom in AGELESS WOMEN OF WISDOM to work with me as a client. But money, connection, and wisdom are connected when you take the time to think it through. My services in all of the above roles with my companies, or movements, or communities provide guidance, attention, and maybe help, but it always involves love and never criticism. And I love being me helping provide guidance and more. The world has been waiting for my vision, The Universe and Source are within me nagging me on with their morning meditation visits, and I am beginning to feel like I am ready to go back into the world.

You Really Are Not Alone…

It’s a Monday, and then there is Tuesday, and Wednesday… You know what I mean. When you live a life that is spiritually strong and provides the foundation for a sense of strong self esteem, you move through life with the overarching belief in yourself, but there are moments that sometimes stretch into more than moments that make you wonder why as such a strong individual that you feel like The Universe has punched you in the stomach. It is a moment full of feelings: loneliness, anger, and futility. Yes, you know you will be alright, but for the moment no matter how long it lasts, you are bearing a heavy load and many times you are bearing it alone. Family may not be appropriate to share with for many reasons. Friends may be not appropriate for many reasons. And sometimes your friends are also business acquaintances–cannot show them your down moments. Remember they all may see you as strong for they only see the moments of strength, the moments of success, and they do not need to see the heavy moments because you know they will pass. But remember that there are others who are moving down a similar path…they may understand all aspects of these moments…But also remember that is one of the basic tenets of AGELESS WOMEN OF WISDOM…Sharing wisdom among the generations of women…Sharing

Finding the God in AWE…

The last few weeks have successfully culminated in peace, but there was at least one or two unanswered questions that were bugging me.

One was finding the right spiritual community in Oberlin, and I was not finding success or peace in that quest. The second was why was “God” never included in the months of discussions leading to AWE.

And then this morning at an early hour, Joel Osteen’s “Your Wings Are Coming” was my first meditation to appear on YouTube. It answered both of the two questions and more. Joel spoke of the traditional caterpillar transformation into a butterfly, a much better version than what had come with me in Empower Excellence in story and logo as a symbol of transformation.

While religion and more recently spirituality have been an important part of my life, in the months leading to the formation and reformation as AWE Ageless Women Emerging — an appropriate word for the caterpillar and butterfly–my then co-collaborator never once mentioned the word “God”. God witnessed the mental battle I went through on this situation. It was never absent as I softened any conversation about it. But it never went away “Why does she never talk about “God”? In the end, she mentioned God as providing me to her as her teacher. It was always about her needs when it was mentioned at the final moments of our partnership. “God” heard that battle, too. God is the force that worked by my side during the re-formation of AWW Ageless Women of Wisdom and AWE Ageless Women Emerging since the end of May. And I was talking aloud to God through it all, and it is moving like the caterpillar in the cocoon. After that dark, uncomfortable time, I am emerging like the butterfly that has always been with me since the formation of Empower Excellence. It is what I have been meant to be, God had me in the palm of his hand, and I stayed in faith as AWE, AWW, and I are taking flight! There is no co-collaborator who had a hidden agenda now. God was listening all those months. Joel’s program this morning brought that out for me as well.

Joel Osteen’s “God” has been with me for years on Sunday morning, and I do believe I have found my virtual spiritual community. There is a divine calling for now to continue this in my life. As I have decided to remain in Oberlin, I will find more community with patience. Patience is in my heart, and I had to smile when Kurty was visiting in Oberlin yesterday and he uttered “patience, Gram, Gram Jan”! He had no idea, but the divine utterance was duly noted by me.

So, this morning has been a memorable one, a peaceful one, and it will empower me to continue the path I am on. I am not alone for God, Source, The Universe are all with me. I was born to fly on that cold November morning years ago when I was inspired to create the Empower Excellence logo with the butterfly. I have always believed that everything I have been led to do in my life has been deliberate from God, Source, The Universe in order for me to continue to fly above new fields of possibility and wonder. And my wings are still coming in the forms of other caterpillars and butterflies for AWE and AWW are not just a program, they are a movement with God, Source, and The Universe at our side. It is the beginning of a Servant Leadership Movement for all ages “ageless” of “women” to share their “wisdom” throughout the coming years. It is not “girl power” or that “the future is female”, it is serving each other in an effort to be leaders of all genders, all children of God!

As a side note to the movement mention, there is a conversation in the planning with a woman who entered my life in a small way in the past years who is seeing her dream take wings over this past week as her dream of a living resort “Monarch” in Ohio received final local zoning approval. AWW is intentioned to begin offering overnight retreats in 2021 as “Monarch” becomes a reality for another butterfly servant leader. And the movement of servant leadership really begins as well with the first gathering on this past Wednesday of 10 women of AWE who began their discussions of sharing their wisdom this Summer and Fall. Be careful where you walk: the caterpillars are on the move!

And caterpillars as they leave their cocoons do not walk, they catapult into flight!

AWE the Blog About AWE

This is what AWE Ageless Women Emerging is all about. Women learning of their own power and how to access it. This has been an all-consuming thought in the last week since a new option of how to do AWE came to my attention. Nothing, but everything, changes. It is all in the delivery of AWE into the future. This is not meant to be an exclusive program, it must be inclusive. In the way it is currently formatted it is exclusive. There are costs of running programs as entrepreneurs. But there are ways to provide an inclusive program and to really bring everyone to the table who needs to be there. This is all about Business 101 and serious management introspection and skills. It really was a point of concern for many, many reasons, and at 4 a.m. this morning, Source, God, the Universe, and Joel Osteen all ganged up on me. I was restless, I was preoccupied, and I was tired of researching all of this and not coming to a conclusion, which, for reasons I cannot speak of this morning, and I am ok with that, cannot be finalized today, or tomorrow, or the next few days. But it is big. Source has been with me for days providing servant leaders along the way bringing new ideas to the forefront. They love AWE, and they are being quite supportive. And they have a expertise I have not let surface for years. God kept speaking to me that I was leaving something out of AWE. She spoke only in the way God does: gently but nagging. No rest from God. The Universe kept sending more expertise my way including people I have not yet met who really have knowledge to share: wisdom. That is it! AWE is all about wisdom, and yet more wisdom came my way of how to look at this program. I was ready to run to my room and take a very long nap…anything to find rest and peace. Sleep is good, it always is. I have a way of waking up around 2-4 a.m. for a bathroom run and then meditation. I knew I had to get more sleep at 4. My nose was running with allergies, and my one eye was strained from too much use over the last weeks. So up I got and found my way to Aleve–have not taken Aleve in weeks or months for anything, but I knew it would relax my total body for sleep. For my meditation partner this morning it was Joel Osteen with a sermon entitled “You Will Have What God Says You’ll Have”. I thought twice because here was God bringing the whole gang together to get me to listen and find peace, and I did. First Kings was his scripture of choice regarding “spiritual ears”. It was about “struggling”. It was about believing what was in my Spirit not in my mind; it was about faith. It was about accomplishing much. Things are about to turn. Be encouraged by what I feel and hear in my Spirit; what I see is subject to change. Oh yes, “subject to change”. “The path of the righteous gets brighter and brighter.” It was all about listening to what Spirit, Source, the Universe, and God have been sharing with me. Sprit is speaking about what is coming. Am I going to believe what I currently see or believe what “the gang of the Spirit” keeps sharing with me. And, I was at peace and off to sleep…AWE!

The Earth, the Cosmology, the AWE of it all…

Today is a “Whatever Wednesday”. It is the first, appropriate for the first of May. “May” is a word in addition to being a month. It is a word that grants “permission” if you remember the childhood game “Mother, May I”? So what are we asking permission for. We are given a planet that does circle around the sun and the moon moves the sea, moves the tides, and moves our emotions. Each of us is a miracle. We were a miracle before we were born, and we will return to eternal life still being a miracle but even more miraculous having lived our “life”. In all honesty, we do not need to ask permission to live our life on a blue planet that circles the ball of fire and creates emotional tides with the moon. If we do not need permission, why are we not living the life each of us had planned in conjunction with your higher power, the Universe, and more. Have we forgoteen that we are divine souls so much so that we spend a great deal of our life trying to “find” ourselves. Today, “Whatever Wednesday’, begin to give yourself permission to live on that blue planet enjoying the sun and the moon and becoming in “AWE” of what is happening all around you every second of the day. I believe there are miracles all around if we would just stop, breathe, and take in the “AWE” of each moment as we become “Ageless Women Emerging”…

Dream, Damnit, Dream!

Do you dream? Do you have a “dream”? I hope you dream, and I hope you have a “dream”! Why do I care? Because inside each and every one of us is the Universe’s promise to us and our promise back to the Universe. Huh? When we enter this existence, we come with a plan. Really, we do. We agree with the Universe, our higher power, etc. why we are coming to Earth and what we intend to do during our life. It is true that mission can get lost with all the other stuff happening in a lifetime; but, if you take the time to be quiet enough long enough–in spurts, truly–the mission comes to you. Call it a dream because that is sometimes how it comes back to you. Call it your “dream” because then you are making it real. I am serious when I say I have some magical shit to do. I am busy. And I am very happy and peaceful with my busyness and my shit because that is why I am here. It saddens me when someone tells me they have no “dream” because they do have a “dream”. They just haven’t take the time to seriously find it. It is there. When you find it, the “dream”, you will truly feel the AWE of your own emerging from a nighttime dream to living your “dream”.

Awe, Let the Butterfly Fly!

Like the colors of a rainbow, a gathering of butterflies can represent every kind of transformation any of you might want. So choose your butterfly, ASK for what you want, and then let the butterfly go! Yes, let it go. Your ASK can represent something that is worrying you or something that you really want. The first step is to ASK. You do not have to keep ASKING very day, The Universe has heard you. Now it is up to you to do something towards that ASK every day. Action is seen by The Universe…the rest is up to patience and time and continuous action “if it is meant to be the best for you”! But for now, LET IT GO!