Finding the God in AWE…

The last few weeks have successfully culminated in peace, but there was at least one or two unanswered questions that were bugging me. One was finding the right spiritual community in Oberlin, and I was not finding success or peace in that quest. The second was why was “God” never included in the months of […]

AWE the Blog About AWE

This is what AWE Ageless Women Emerging is all about. Women learning of their own power and how to access it. This has been an all-consuming thought in the last week since a new option of how to do AWE came to my attention. Nothing, but everything, changes. It is all in the delivery of […]

The Earth, the Cosmology, the AWE of it all…

Today is a “Whatever Wednesday”. It is the first, appropriate for the first of May. “May” is a word in addition to being a month. It is a word that grants “permission” if you remember the childhood game “Mother, May I”? So what are we asking permission for. We are given a planet that does […]

Make Money Simple: Define YOUR Legacy

Good Morning!  I try to greet folks when I see them for the first time in any day.  I get a feeling of gratitude when I say it because I can say it!  Each time I say it, it makes me feel a little bit better.  But I also know that others feel good when they are acknowledged in […]