Meeting You Where You Are…in Life


Great thoughts come to me during meditation…remarkable thoughts, in fact.  As I prepare for a business expo next week which will cover The Empower Excellence Experience I was thinking way too hard when the Universe delivered to me, as it usually does, an exact thought that I needed to explore, and I did.  That thought was meeting people where they are in life; and it hit like a ton of bricks that each piece of The Empower Excellence Experience does exactly that.  I will share those pieces and parts in the coming days, but here is a brief bulleted summation to ponder where you might be in life:

  • The Mind:  Transitioning in Thoughts or Actions with a Money Relationship due to life, loss of a job, loss of a spouse, career dissatisfaction, insufficient income, excessive spending are just a few examples.
  • The Body:  Transitioning with a Food Relationship, weight and wealth connection, fueling your body inappropriately or insufficiency, eliminating chemicals in your life.
  • The Spirit:  Transitioning into more Spirituality in your life.

The key thing to realize is that they all affect or are affected by money.   And money affects all of the areas of your life….

I AM Personal Sustainability…


Sometimes, I scare myself!  And this is one of those times!  My birthday is in this season, and today, there are two birthdays of folks I love and respect for who they are totally–personally and professionally.  And, yes, I am going to name them.  It is a day of truth!  One is Joe Kraft, a financial professional and a true gentleman and friend with principles, values, and a Scorpio! The other is a family law attorney with principles, values, and a Scorpio but also a very classy lady and friend!  That is just today…But today is when the hibernation I have been seeking is coming out of its hiding place, and it has all been brought to the surface by an article from Ecowatch; actually by every article they publish which comes to me in a daily email.  But today, one of the articles is about prosecuting environmentalists as terrorists.  This, for me, goes hand in hand with the medical industry poisoning our minds and our bodies for the bottom line profit of their own interests.  But let me stay on this area, Personal Sustainability and the Environment,for now.  My blog focuses on personal sustainability in its myriad forms, and this is one.  If we do not protect the planet Earth, we are destroying our major home, our God given home!  

This is a ‘middle moment” of change, evolution, and transformation, and “middle moments” are our ashrams, boot camps, graduate schools, and launch pads.”  These words are from a favorite author of mine, Tama Kieves, in her book 365 DAYS….and I go on to quote her words for October 26th.  “They are anything (middle moments”) but useless, empty, or ordinary.  The middle of things is where change takes place, where the great big barge of how things have always been turns around in the ocean and goes a new way.  Sometimes it feels slower than a long red light, but real change changes your whole life.  Today I know that when I’m in the middle of things, I’m changing everything.”  

And, I am changing everything.  I have reached the pinnacle of Personal Sustainability.  My model for Personal Sustainability:

CORE VALUES ______November 2013 jpg

I have moved through the sectors to where I am finding myself today in Environmental Sustainability.  While I continue with my personal level and business level embodied in The Empower Excellence Experience including Empower Excellence Transitional Financial Coaching,  The Practice at Oberlin (spirituality), Norwex (Chemical Free Living), Professional Women’s Connection (Women’s Empowerment), and Pampered Chef Healthy (Food and Health), it is time for me to let the knowledge and fury rise to the surface to be a part of those “terrorists” who want to protect the planet, the environment.  This is the level at which Personal Sustainability has to sustain life for now and the future.  

I have no choice any longer…I have resettled in the Oberlin community almost 8 months ago, I have The Empower Excellence Experience platform almost stabilized to move forward, I have removed myself from the small business community because my professional pursuits are not only a business but a passion to pursue Personal Sustainability…to sustain us all.  As I write into the future, there may not be an outline I follow, but the theme will be the same, the theme will be what I have shared today in its myriad dimensions.  I really welcome thoughts and comments, please.

And Then My World Opened Up…Again!

Inspired & Unstoppable

I am not a photographer!  I know that!  We all know that!  But this photo taken this morning is super significant, not because of its photographic quality, but because of its 5-year anniversary, literally, of the subject matter, the book by Tama Kieves, INSPIRED & UNSTOPPABLE!

IN 2012, on August 1, this book became available and my trip to Barnes & Noble at Crocker Park in Northeast Ohio to pick up the book I had pre-ordered and then a day long reading of the total book!  It had an immediate impact.  I have referred it to clients, I have done workshops on it, I have seen friends after reading it sell all belongings and travel the country!  This book was inspiring then, and I am sure it still is.

But I am truly shaken to the bone this morning…my morning ritual includes a meditation, and this morning I am in Day 12 of Deepak Chopra and Oprah’s Desire & Destiny Program.  This title is “Inspired Me”  Subtitled:  “I am inspired.  I am unstoppable.”  Even now, several hours later, relistening to it, I am tearful!  The timing is more than a consequence since I am a child of God following the Universe in my passion and mission for many years now!  

There was a break here as I spoke to the Chopra Center in California and secured the meditation series for my own…

Not sure where this is leading, but I know one thing for sure:  The Universe is working hard through powerful people to catch my attention and to keep me moving towards The Empower Excellence Experience, the place in Oberlin where access to Personal Sustainability is easier than searching throughout the country to find what an individual needs to empower their personal sustainability to live a life that will empower excellence:  in their finances, in local investing, in local food,   in chemical free living–food, households, and cosmetics.  Local sources to keep dollars in local communities…travel with me, the road should be interesting!

Happy Weekend, Yes, It Is!


It is the weekend!  Yes, it is!  Being happy, Yes, I am!  Butterflies are Flying, Yes, they are!  Food is local, Yes, it is!  Being Sustainable, Yes, I am!  I have worked my butt off for several weeks working on all parts of my business through The Empower Excellence Experience…transitional financial coaching, Professional Women’s Connection, The Practice at Oberlin, Pampered Chef “healthy”, and Norwex!  This is all about Personal Sustainability!  Personal Sustainability is the basis of my Core Values!

Because of my Core Values, I have worked my butt off.  This is month 4 of my journey to 2022.  2022 is special for it is when The Empower Excellence Experience will begin building its own complex in Oberlin.  It is when the true manifestation of blending personal and professional Core Values will be real.

But until then,  I have been working to unwind my workaholic personality.  That is important to reach my 2022 goal!  And today was a successful day towards that goal…It Has Been a Happy Weekend!

Empower Excellence is Changing…

The New Me

Happy Friday…Happy Weekend!  June is here, and it is 3 months since I have moved to Oberlin, but who am I and what is Empower Excellence now!  Empower Excellence remains focused on financial transitions: career, personal, and lifestyle.  It also remains more focused on networking for women as they make career transitions:  the award-winning regional Professional Women’s Connection in Lorain, Cuyahoga, and Lake counties and The Partnering Program as an intro for those new to networking in Lorain County.

But, there is more to Empower Excellence today:  food is directly tied to money.  That is true from the farmer who produces the food, the food entrepreneur from the farmer’s market and restaurant, and each of us making choices in what we eat and feed our families.  Our personal relationship with money affects how we make choices with food, and, consequently, our health.  With my background in helping local food entrepreneurs finding financing as well as helping women make financial transitions, and more so to help folks make healthy financial decisions with food, I have begun my “healthy” venture as a Pampered Chef consultant.  Intentional work in this area will be to work with local farmers through farm markets, with entrepreneurial women in transition to create their own businesses, and through virtual cooking shows as well as traditional “healthy” cooking shows.  Money rules when it comes to food!

And because money rules with food, my affiliation with Pampered Chef, will allow me to work with local nonprofits to raise money for their organizations–food related and others.  This is a different approach to organizational fundraising.

Yes, Empower Excellence is becoming more The Empower Excellence Experience…money affects all parts of our lives.  

 And with that, rounding out the Mind, Body, Spirit experience, Empower Excellence introduces The Practice at Oberlin.  As a weekly program in spirituality, meeting in Oberlin, all are welcome to the non religious discussions and more.

yes, Empower Excellence has evolved into The Empower Excellence Experience, but in many ways we remain the same….


The Empower Excellence Experience Slowly Coming Into Focus…It is Not Your Eyes!


 Money, Spirituality, Clean Living, Healthy FoodThe Empower Excellence Experience-page-0

Yes, The Empower Excellence Experience is rolling out.  Yes, it needs work!  But it is almost all there…

The Practice at Oberlin was shared yesterday here, and today we are sharing Modere.

Several years ago, my Core Values of Personal Sustainability were shared, and they are foundational.  They have not changed in 6 years.  Empower Excellence was a total reflection of those values, and it has developed as the financial or money component.  But it is time to take it a little further or deeper.  Personal Sustainability is having a healthy relationship with money in order to have an empowered life.  That empowered life includes all parts of our life.

One very important part discovered in the early days of working with folks and their money was that spirituality, not religion, had a lot to do with a healthy relationship with money.  Why?  Because the personal spirituality is the connector to the emotions and the Source and the soul of each and every one of us.  It can be called many things, but it all relates back to the Spirit or Source.  The Practice at Oberlin going forward will work on this area.

Another part of life that a healthy relationship with money allows us to exercise is Clean Living.  And that begins within the body and continues throughout our lives:  personal hygiene, healthy choices of the products that are integral to our lives.  The supplements we choose for current health and longevity, the beauty we enhance, and more.  That is Modere.

I am  about to embark on a revolution. I am pioneering in a new industry called Social Retail–retail powered by people. Modere is poised to become one of the fastest growing, most vibrant customer experience companies in the world.  With Modere, you give and get!

Modere’s voice is one of confidence and belief. They are committed, as I am,  to the idea that we can change the world. What we do and how we do it not only separates us from others, but it also creates meaningful connections and engaging experience for all who enter into learning about Clean Living.   We are the change we want to see in the world.

Not only is Modere revolutionary in its products being clean, vibrant, and authentic, its mission is to Live Clean with 100% safe, effective, and affordable products in health and wellness, personal care, household care, and longevity.  It is a way for me to Empower Excellence personally and with others in the areas that their good relationship with money will allow them to live.  Why clean up the money relationship from toxic influences when we continue to live in a toxic environment.  This is an option to live what we believe.  It is Personal Sustainability as a total lifestyle.

The Empower Excellence Experience will come into clearer focus as the days go on.  

Personal Sustainability is a Core Value of Empower Excellence.  Now it is a foundational value moving forward with The Empower Excellence Experience.


The Practice at Oberlin 2017

Beach Glass 12 10 15

In 2008, after searching for months for a diagnosis for what I and Cleveland Clinic doctors chronologically labeled strep throat, sinus infection, allergies, and more, I finally secured an appointment with Dr. Keith Jordan.  Keith was recommended by my ministers, my friends, and many more.  There was only one problem when this began, Dr. Keith Jordan was not accepting new patients.  Finally, after 6 months on a waiting list, I made my first visit to Dr. Keith Jordan.  As I have always promised, there is no need to go back and rehash the details.  All that matters is moving forward with a little understanding of what has happened before today.

In 2011, and I am now a true believer in the spiritual and medical intuitive Keith, THE PRACTICE was written.  Of course, I read the book.  Of course, I attended the public discussion sessions on his personal practice and the book held at first at The Holiday Inn in Independence, Ohio.  Of course, I attended  subsequent sessions at Optimal Wellness Center in Lakewood, Ohio.  I trusted Keith, and I learned a whole new way of life.

In 2015, my friend Beth, having returned to the Vermilion area for the summer, invited me to attend the current Practice sessions at Optimal Wellness Center.  The sessions began in May, this was June, and I saw no reason to attend weekly sessions on a book I had read and reread and had participated in endless sessions.  Life was full with two young grandsons, plans to move to Oberlin, and the continued growth of my business Empower Excellence.  And then in July, Spirit moved me to attend.  There was no logical reason, but I have learned to listen to my intuition and Spirit.  I began attending.  Several weeks later, the reason for my attendance became clear:  I was meant to begin a Practice group in Oberlin.  Mind you, I knew I was moving to Oberlin; I had no idea when this would manifest.  I just knew!  Keith’s smile when I told him was the ultimate sign of acceptance of my plan.  Several weeks later, I shared my plan with the total discussion group, which really had become “family”.  

It is 2017.  I have moved to Oberlin within the week.  There is interest in having a Spirituality program in Oberlin as well as interest within a local church to host the weekly sessions.  On Tuesday of this week, Dr. Keith Jordan announced the last session of The Practice at Optimal Wellness Center in Lakewood would occur on Tuesday, March 14th, and he shared that I am beginning a group in Oberlin.  The group will be The Practice at Oberlin.  The Universe and Spirit are working on the rollout, I am simply the instrument through which they work…

So, what is the Practice?  To quote Keith’s back cover sharing the words that came through him from God to write the book:  “Don’t write a book about me, Keith.  Too many of them already”, God said.  “Write a book about Life instead.  People don’t connect me with their ordinary, every-day lives.  They think I’m somehow outside their lives.  They don’t get that I am life, Keith.”

Keith knew it had to be a different kind of book.

God said, “I know, Keith, show people how to practice living fully and loving their lives unconditionally.  That’s how they’ll honor me most…And begin to see their undeniable presence in their lives.”

And God offered to help Keith…

The Practice at Oberlin will begin to offer this to whomever wants to participate.   It is a spiritual practice group encompassing daily life and patterned after the Book.  The discussions become reflective of the participants and their lives that they choose to share or not share.  There is no religious doctrine espoused.   Details about the Oberlin group will unfold as they are made known to me.  

For now, I will share that The Practice at Oberlin is a major manifestation in my life much the same as my company Empower Excellence and my move to Oberlin have been manifestations that have totally changed my life in the past five years.  The Practice at Oberlin will become part of The Empower Excellence Experience in 2017.

Begins Tuesday, September 26th at 6:30-7:30 PM The Meeting House of First Church, Main and Lorain Streets, Oberlin, Ohio   More Information Jan Litterst 440-670-2252

Changing the World One Breath at a Time…

Butterfly   By Example

The move to Oberlin is complete…the rest is in the details, but this is my first day back in my office, and I admit it felt strange not being here and just as strange being here this morning.

With winds gusting outside my window and promising to reach 50-60 mph gusts today, the sun is shining, the trees are budding, and the water at the back of the property looks like a lake.  I love being able to commune with nature while working.  

It has been a very productive morning, which I will not bore you with; but, I will say that sometimes you cannot depend on someone.  And that happened this morning, but it is not a game changer.  I had a web appointment with someone who offered to have me as one of their test clients several months ago and then nothing happened.  Nothing happened again this morning.  I am forgiving but I am not silly to believe that it will ever happen.  Enough of that. 

Oberlin is now home having moved this past weekend from suburban Westlake, Ohio to Oberlin, Ohio, the home of Oberlin College, the Underground Railway, and sustainability unlimited.  Living in Oberlin is living a sustainable life.  This is all part of the reason I moved here.

There are some very strong indicators that life is changing for me.  There is no microwave.  The water and sewer provisions have me conserving water totally.  There is no garbage disposal; this is the home of recycling food waste, if there is any.  Composting will begin for me very soon.  There is a garden plot outlined in my .75 acre backyard.  I am .4 of a mile from the town square.  I have recycled over 60 egg carton boxes this week which I had used for the move.  They were provided by my local grocery store in the Westlake area.  The boxes were delivered this week by me to the Oberlin Community Services food distribution site.  

And this is just the beginning.

I no longer have a corporate internet/cable provider.  There is the Oberlin Cable Co-Op, and it is up and running without a glitch.  The utilities–electric, water, sewer, trash–are all provided by the city.  Yes, there is a cost, but the individuals I have dealt with on all counts have been professional in every way.

Now, as a financial transition coach, this is my largest transition in a long time.  To make this intention a reality was not inexpensive as anyone who has moved can tell you.  I am not going into detail, I simply amazed myself that I was able to make it happen within 2 months of learning that I had found an acceptable place to live in Oberlin.

In a future blog, I will share some of the photos of my living retreat, and it is just that.  From the first night, I have slept totally well and through the night.  Life is flowing, and I am back with the blog and all other activities of Empower Excellence, including the rollout of The Empower Excellence Experience.  

The first piece to be added is The Practice at Oberlin, a spiritual opportunity patterned after The Practice with the Optimal Wellness Center in Lakewood, Ohio.  Tomorrow we will share what it is and when and where it will begin to rollout…

Yes, the world is changed by our example, and opinions are of little consequence once we align with our purpose.  I am about to make whatever contribution I can during this time of tumultuousness in our government and leadership.  I intend to exit these four years of the current administration having made a contribution to help as many as I can become healthy and well with their financial relationships.  The money part is in its fifth year.  And I have learned that there is a spiritual component that can really help that relationship attain its highest potential.  The Practice at Oberlin will contribute to not only that but also to those seeking a spiritual family with or without organized religion in their community.  And there are two more components which will fall into place at the right time.  One has to do with how money affects health and nutrition.  The last has to do with the financial relationship to longevity.  

The move to Oberlin is finished, but moving into living in Oberlin has just begun…