BEGINNING AT THE BEGINNING… #Ageless Women of Wisdom

Brian Thomas Swimme

Many times in my past blogs I have mentioned THE POWERS OF THE Universe authored by Brian Swimme, A very good friend, Maureen Haggerty, introduced me to THE POWERS through a program I attended at River’s Edge in Cleveland, Ohio. Thank you to Maureen and Brian Swimme for the mention in this blog.

Also many times I have mentioned “CATACLYSM” in my social media postings, and I have decided to put CATACLYSM in its rightful listing of “The Powers”.

  1. Centration (birth to a new being…)
  2. Allurement (gravitational attraction)
  3. Emergence (on going creativity)
  4. Homeostasis (maintenance)
  5. Cataclysm (systemic destruction)
  6. Synergy (complexity, collaboration)
  7. Transmutation (always transcending)
  8. Transformation (entire community)
  9. Interrelatedness (nurturing)
  10. Radiance (Magnificence of the Universe; well being of the entire earth community)

It is best that you refer to the book to get the true meanings of each of The Powers. It is an “exploration of the powers coursing through the Universe and each of us”. Dr. Brian Thomas Swimme is a professor of cosmology at the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco as well as the Center for the Story of the Universe. His work through Maureen Haggerty will remain forever with me.

As I begin my time to disconnect to connect, this is part of my beginning over the last several decades. I will try to not discuss the 2019 pandemic but will discuss how I got to this point in my journey in very small ways, and THE POWERS OF THE UNIVERSE was integral to me today. Because of this work, I know I am a part of The Universe from the very beginning, and I know I am an intentional member of the Universe and in the flow from the beginning of time. I also know I have had a mission from the beginning, and I am beginning to truly connect to that mission. It has been a long time coming, a long time preparing, and now is my time… And I will be connected through all of my programs but especially AGELESS WOMEN OF WISDOM.

Flow is always happening…good or bad!


It is easy to imagine “flow” in motion when you are on or near the water.  This photo is from Vermilion, Ohio, my home from 1997 to 2005.  

But “flow” became a significant word to me a number of years ago through the study of The Powers of the Universe.  The Universe came into existence billions of years ago, and it was “flow” from the beginning.  I came to accept that I entered the “flow” of The Universe when it was time for me, which was midcentury 1900’s.  Every plant, every creature, including us, appeared when it was our time.  And so it goes…

I began to use “flow” in my language to indicate when everything was going as it should…good or bad.  And I sincerely mean that.  We enter the flow when it is our time, we exit the flow when it is our time.  Simplistic, it is true, but it works for me.

In my work with money over the last several decades, “flow” usually referred to cash flow in the traditional sense; but for me, it has come to mean much more.  If you get stuck in the cash flow belief, money has a difficult time flowing to you.  You need to be ready to accept, to be receptive to the flow of money no matter what the circumstances.  Sometimes it flows to you, sometimes it flows to others.  But it is still flow.  

What is your thought of “flow”?  After all, “flow” and money are personal!

Transformation for All, Not Some!

Jan's Butterfly Bottle and Bottega 3 15 18 2

Several weeks ago, I created my first piece of creative endeavor–my blue butterfly!  I have often wondered why I am so totally drawn to the blue butterfly in my logo, in my wall hangings, and more.  For many years, I was very politically active through government channels.  I was touched very much by the assassination of John F. Kennedy, and I can tell you exactly where I was coming home from Parma Senior High on Longwood Drive in Parma.   I was touched by the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy in June of 1968.  But the April 4 death of Martin Luther King, Jr. earlier that year overshadowed the death of Bobby.  I fully believe that all are created equal in the plan of the Source (aka God, Buddha, and more), there was no difference.  But much has stepped in the way of that equality.  Yes, it is not only the color of your skin but also your gender, your nationality, your sexuality, and more that keep us from all  being considered equal.  We are all in the process of Transformation to being equal in the eyes of all.  There is no secret that I absolutely do not believe that our current administration is a part of the Transformation in a positive way.  I do believe that it is so negative that a shift will come sooner because of the emotional immaturity present in government today…in the work by Brian Swimme and The Powers of the Universe, we are in a cataclysmic period, and new positive changes are coming.  I, too, have a dream.  Thank you Dr. King for taking us a step further in our total Transformation.   P.S.  The blue butterfly is one symbol of Transformation in each and every one of us…

Somewhere Into the Vortex…


In recent weeks, I have been attracted during my meditation period both morning and evening to Esther and Jerry Hicks.  During all of my years of work with energy , I have not been attracted to their Abraham and the Law of Attraction partially because I felt I was already incorporating the principles into my life and practice.  And I still believe I was “there” on the surface.  

During the last year especially I have continued changing on my journey, and I know that will continue forever.  I am very blessed.  But somehow, and I do not know when and where this happened, I became very curious about Esther and Jerry and Abraham.  And I am very blessed that I did.

As a big believer in vibratory power, and a big believer in The Powers of the Universe work, which details how The Powers of the Universe–the development of the Universe over billions of years as shared by Brian Swimme and others, I am already in the vortex, in my definition the flowing of the Universe over time where I can be a part of the flow and not just an observer.  In my words, it is when I am “in the flow”.  I am more “in the flow” than not “in the flow” these days, and I am delighted by that.  I know when I am in the vortex!  

So Esther and Jerry have become my vehicles of meditation in the morning, and it is a wondrous journey, which I am now beginning to share on a daily basis.  Esther’s “rampages” are delightful, and, maybe, that is because I totally understand and relate to their beliefs.  It is a practice of joy and happiness and energy and everlasting life!

So, if you know about the Vortex and Esther and Jerry Hicks and appreciate their rampages and other offerings, please appreciate their gifts, and periodically, you may be viewing my thoughts on vibrations and energy and the Vortex.