The Empower Excellence Experience is…

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This has been long in coming, and it may still change.  But, this is a succinct presentation of what I do with my company Empower Excellence, LLC.  I know it will still need explanation, but I wanted to share it with everyone today because it represents my work towards Personal Sustainability…your comments and questions are so very welcome…

Meeting You Where You Are…in Life


Great thoughts come to me during meditation…remarkable thoughts, in fact.  As I prepare for a business expo next week which will cover The Empower Excellence Experience I was thinking way too hard when the Universe delivered to me, as it usually does, an exact thought that I needed to explore, and I did.  That thought was meeting people where they are in life; and it hit like a ton of bricks that each piece of The Empower Excellence Experience does exactly that.  I will share those pieces and parts in the coming days, but here is a brief bulleted summation to ponder where you might be in life:

  • The Mind:  Transitioning in Thoughts or Actions with a Money Relationship due to life, loss of a job, loss of a spouse, career dissatisfaction, insufficient income, excessive spending are just a few examples.
  • The Body:  Transitioning with a Food Relationship, weight and wealth connection, fueling your body inappropriately or insufficiency, eliminating chemicals in your life.
  • The Spirit:  Transitioning into more Spirituality in your life.

The key thing to realize is that they all affect or are affected by money.   And money affects all of the areas of your life….

I AM Personal Sustainability…


Sometimes, I scare myself!  And this is one of those times!  My birthday is in this season, and today, there are two birthdays of folks I love and respect for who they are totally–personally and professionally.  And, yes, I am going to name them.  It is a day of truth!  One is Joe Kraft, a financial professional and a true gentleman and friend with principles, values, and a Scorpio! The other is a family law attorney with principles, values, and a Scorpio but also a very classy lady and friend!  That is just today…But today is when the hibernation I have been seeking is coming out of its hiding place, and it has all been brought to the surface by an article from Ecowatch; actually by every article they publish which comes to me in a daily email.  But today, one of the articles is about prosecuting environmentalists as terrorists.  This, for me, goes hand in hand with the medical industry poisoning our minds and our bodies for the bottom line profit of their own interests.  But let me stay on this area, Personal Sustainability and the Environment,for now.  My blog focuses on personal sustainability in its myriad forms, and this is one.  If we do not protect the planet Earth, we are destroying our major home, our God given home!  

This is a ‘middle moment” of change, evolution, and transformation, and “middle moments” are our ashrams, boot camps, graduate schools, and launch pads.”  These words are from a favorite author of mine, Tama Kieves, in her book 365 DAYS….and I go on to quote her words for October 26th.  “They are anything (middle moments”) but useless, empty, or ordinary.  The middle of things is where change takes place, where the great big barge of how things have always been turns around in the ocean and goes a new way.  Sometimes it feels slower than a long red light, but real change changes your whole life.  Today I know that when I’m in the middle of things, I’m changing everything.”  

And, I am changing everything.  I have reached the pinnacle of Personal Sustainability.  My model for Personal Sustainability:

CORE VALUES ______November 2013 jpg

I have moved through the sectors to where I am finding myself today in Environmental Sustainability.  While I continue with my personal level and business level embodied in The Empower Excellence Experience including Empower Excellence Transitional Financial Coaching,  The Practice at Oberlin (spirituality), Norwex (Chemical Free Living), Professional Women’s Connection (Women’s Empowerment), and Pampered Chef Healthy (Food and Health), it is time for me to let the knowledge and fury rise to the surface to be a part of those “terrorists” who want to protect the planet, the environment.  This is the level at which Personal Sustainability has to sustain life for now and the future.  

I have no choice any longer…I have resettled in the Oberlin community almost 8 months ago, I have The Empower Excellence Experience platform almost stabilized to move forward, I have removed myself from the small business community because my professional pursuits are not only a business but a passion to pursue Personal Sustainability…to sustain us all.  As I write into the future, there may not be an outline I follow, but the theme will be the same, the theme will be what I have shared today in its myriad dimensions.  I really welcome thoughts and comments, please.

Let’s Talk About the Selfish Basics!

Owl Evening Worrying

No matter where you are on your path, make sure that the basics needed for a sustainable life are included in your plan.  Sleep is one of the greatest healers, and we many times carry with us the stigma from our parents about sleep issues.  I know as a child I was always told that I sleep too much.  So I went around with not enough sleep, not quite as sharp as I was told I could be by teachers.  No one ever addressed the sleep problem without being told by my parents that I sleep too much!  I believed that for many years, and upon my beginning work with a holistic, intuitive doctor, I was suddenly told that I was sleep deprived.  Of course, after many years of being a single parent, burning the candles at both ends and in the middle building a life for all of us, I was sleep deprived with fatigued adrenals.  Then I began to listen to my body and soon learned that I function best on 8-10 hours of sleep.  I feel fantastic with my sleep routine.  I do try to minimize that when necessary but I can feel it within the day.  Some say that it is a selfish way to live, sleeping away a third of the day, but OMG can I tell the difference.  I guard my sleep in all ways:  caffeine intake, exercise routine, meals, and scheduling activities.  I wish I could be happy with 6 hours of sleep, but it will never work for me!  I do not lay awake 99% of the time.  I hit the pillow, go into meditation and sleep.  It is a foundation for Personal Sustainability in all ways.  When I sleep appropriately for me, I stay in a positive place with my money relationship, my eating habits, my cleaning habits, my successful Personal Sustainability practice housed in The Empower Excellence Experience.  Take the time to analyze your sleep habits and how they affect your total life.  You could be in for sweet dreams!

I Do Not Care About Living on the Fringe!

Self Confidence Super Power

In a recent effort to stay focused on Personal Sustainability, self-esteem has been a major topic.  When you reach self confidence in this area, you are indeed a super power.  Yes, magic does happen.  Does it happen all of the time?  No!  Do people like and love you more?  No!  

What does happen is that the more self esteem and the more self confidence you have, the more many people look at you like you are living on the fringe.  I try not to become involved in pettiness, gossip, etc.  I also become a little more judgmental privately.  I have very high standards, and those standards and values are not always shared.  Throughout my career, I have been in unusual positions in government, politics, finances, and many times there may not have been standards and values evident to the naked eye.  I was on the fringe back then, and I am still on the fringe today even in my own business.  I live my life in the most ethical way I can, and my patience for those who are not honest, ethical, or living their values is very small.  That is living on the fringe today.  

I am currently purging much of my email and Facebook feeds.  I simply want my time spent better, and I have found all of it has become addictive.  My focus is on my personal and professional dedication to Personal Sustainability, and The Empower Excellence Experience is designed to do just that with spirituality, money, food, and chemical free living.  I am trying, and it is hard, not to post anything that is negative in this regard:  no politics, no Monsanto, no negative thinking,  and I am succeeding.  “Friends”, groups, and more are in the least being “unfollowed” or “unfriended”.  Please do not take it personally, that is for me to do.  My personal values are the measurement I am using as much as I can these days.  And it is putting me on the fringe, I know that.  But my self esteem and self confidence have been worked on for years.  Earlier this week, the germination of the new me burst forth with multiple examples from the Universe on what I needed to work on:  no more bullshitters allowed, no truth–no friend, no game players allowed, no rule breakers allowed, no audacious characters who feel privileged, and more.  This is not easy, but it is where the Universe, my purpose and mission are leading me.  Dreams have been lucid in their directions.  Sleep has been plentiful and peaceful.  The seed has been planted for this season; the seed has survived through many tests; and now the seed is germinated and moving on to the current creation of me.  And I am grateful.  Whatever is being left in the wake of this new birth is meant to be left behind.  I transplanted myself to Oberlin, tested the soil, and I am now the new Oberlin me!  There have been tests to go through for me to find my new way, and I am now on the path.

I have always been on the fringe, a little weird, a little odd, a little geeky, a little bit of an introvert appearing as an extrovert, a Mensa in a common person’s dress, and much more fringe type personas.  But I am older now, I am happier now, and I am working toward the Personally Sustainable life I have envisioned for years.  There is no time and no room for those who are not authentic, who are not true, who are fake, who are audacious, who are trying to beat the system.  And there is no time for those who participate in negativity of any kind:  political, values, life, and more.  And it is not mine going forward to take any of these personalities to task.  That is the role of The Universe, karma, and higher powers.  Let me live my life on the mission and purpose that is mine, let me love my life, let me love all who cross my path, knowing that those who I do not wish to walk my path with will remove themselves quickly or The Universe will do it for them…and for me!  And I am grateful for that!

And then September began…


Nor is it an excuse…

Yesterday was September 1, and it turned out to be a very productive day in a very different way…I am beginning an invitation-only program to fast track me in a selected area of The Empower Excellence Experience.  It came to me without any request on my part.  That was a door opening to realize that I often do not ask for manifestations that are “big” enough.  This is a big ask that came to me, and I accepted the challenge.  You see, like “being a girl” is never a reason or excuse for anything, as we get older, the reason or excuse that “we are too old” to start something big is never a reason or an excuse for anything!

I guess, with the change of the seasons as Fall approaches, I am finally accepting that I am “older”.  But that is probably as far as it will go.  I am young at heart, younger in appearance than my chronological age, and my fighting spirit that was pushed down in the 1960’s is coming into full bloom.  I am ready for anything and everything within my choosing.

And that is what my move to Oberlin 6 months ago this weekend was all about:  I am choosing a different lifestyle.  I am choosing to combine that lifestyle with an on-line modern day presence in many parts of the reconfigured Empower Excellence into The Empower Excellence Experience.  I want my freedom to do what is my mission and passion:  Personal Sustainability.  Many have traveled this road in many forms:  we want peace and quiet and love to pursue what is ours to do.  And that has nothing to do with being female or being older.  It is the essence of the soul becoming awake!

So, yes, yesterday was September 1, and I worked and I went “into the city” to do necessary banking that cannot be done electronically.  I took two first steps in the accelerated challenge and began to reach goals for that program already.  I crossed off another “to do” because literally I am too old to participate in a financial services program but I can do a better, more sustainable job of the task on my own.  That was confirmed by my insurance agent!  I did what was mine to do, including laundry, brewing gallons of tea for the coming week, and cleaning the floors of my home.  It was nesting in many areas, and it was mine to do.

There was no blog…that was meant to start off the month of September today.  And this is what I offer each and every one of you in this newly arriving season that I love…it is called “Fall” for a reason.  It is time to fall in love with yourself and what is yours to do, no matter how little or big or challenging or not challenging it is.  Fall for the love in your heart, in nature, and in all you do.  This is what I wish for you today on this Labor Day Weekend,and, for many of us, falling is a labor that we sometimes feel it not justified, as we have too many other things to do,  But many times those other things lead to a winter of discontent!

Why Did I Choose Pampered Chef?

PC Thank You Chef

And why did I choose to be Pampered Chef “healthy”?

  Pampered Chef is all about food.  It is all about healthy food and learning to cook healthy food with quality cooking utensils and tools and serving pieces.  People of all ages will tell me that they do not cook; but they do have to eat.  So what are they eating?  Fast food, processed food, take out food?  And, if they do not cook, they may also be stressed because they are not practicing self-care.  Stressed because they do not make the time for themselves.  

One of my reasons for beginning the foundation I am building with Pampered Chef is to help women who are returning to the workforce–or need to return to the workforce–after years of raising a family, working in a level below their skills and financial requirements.  Women, many times, have dropped out of the workforce to raise families and tend to decades-old marriages, and then they are faced with the death or departure of a spouse leaving them financially devastated.  And more than that, they are left with very low self esteem.  

Yes, it is my intention to build an intentional team, and on the way, team members will have socialization, specialization as a “consultant”, and an opportunity to build a business that fits whatever they would like it to be.  And it can be a lot.  I am taking my time to make sure that I build a foundation for me that is solid, that will help me help others learn to cook, and then it will also help me build a good environment for women to succeed.  And, yes, I will succeed, as well.

And even more, I chose to call my business Pampered Chef “healthy” because I do depart from the tenets that Pampered Chef has been known to promote including use of the microwave and processed foods.  Pampered Chef allows me to cook “healthy” without those two elements.  Having said that, in my short tenure with Pampered Chef, I have seen changes happening:  healthier recipes, with more vegan and vegetarian choices, and still a focus on families–no matter the makeup or sizes, including a line of offerings focusing on children, which has been been proven that teaching children to cook, leads them to cooking and more self care as they grow and mature.

I have also chosen Pampered Chef because I am learning to love doing virtual Facebook parties, and I am exploring other social avenues as well.  Yes, I would love to do in home parties now that I am more confident about the products and recipes, and that will happen!  But Pampered Chef allows me to build my business my way!  I am taking it slow, I am taking it sure, and I am making a path for Pampered Chef in my portfolio of offerings to focus on my business The Empower Excellence Experience:  Personal Sustainability.  Personal Sustainability really resides in the basic level of Maslow’s Pyramid of Needs:  food, shelter, and basic needs.  That is where I am today focusing with Pampered Chef on a basic need.  My energy will flow where it is needed in this quest because my intention is clear, and the Universe will work with me on the way to making others successful while finding the light and energy of success in my own way. 

There Can be Joy in Doing Nothing!


This is a weekend of mindless activity which does bring joy…

The last two months have been spent preparing to move to Oberlin, moving to Oberlin, and unpacking and getting back to my business in Oberlin!  

It has also been filled with balance of friends and family with one-year old Kurt,Jr.’s birthday for family, Nicole and the boys’ visit to Oberlin as well as my friend from South Carolina’s visit.  And a good 12 hour stay with the boys in Lyndhurst.  

The business has also been put back on track after the move including two programs with the City of Cleveland and more with clients and future sessions scheduled!  Plus The Empower Excellence Experience is in an expansion mode as I have started the use of Biocell from Modere so that I can begin using that in the “longevity” sector of my business.  Also, it is the plan for Tuesday to begin the “Pampered Chef”-“healthy” portion for Nutrition this coming week.

This week will also be an initial meeting with the pastor of First Church to discuss the potential for The Practice at Oberlin.  This is a non-revenue generating part of The Empower Excellence Experience.

Just talking about this past month makes me tired.  But this week I prepped for a week of hibernation bringing in food from Trader Joe’s and Heinen’s.  Once the growing season here in the Oberlin area produces local fruits and vegetables, I will be shopping at the Farmers’ Market.  But this morning was spent cooking for the week since this will be a working week HERE IN OBERLIN.  And I am excited.  The weather today is in the mid 50’s after a real snowstorm in Oberlin yesterday and flood warnings here today!  The window sills have been cleaned, and the windows are open.  After prepping fresh brewed iced coffee, stir frying onions and mushrooms for chicken in the slow cooker later this week, prepping brown rice for rice and beans later this week, prepping fresh organic strawberries and watermelon, organic blueberries for snacking, and cooking stuffed cabbage in the slow cooker for this evening and tomorrow, I am sitting down to work, and it will continue all week with few interruptions.  

BOSS BABY is at the Apollo, a mere .5 mile walk and I will see that this week.  Balance!

Why am I sharing all of this?  Because I love working, and there comes a time when my brain goes into “stop” mode and that happened yesterday!  All of us need to recognize that as we are on our path to Empowerment and Excellence.

This weekend, after cleaning up with my daughter-in-law’s Norwex products, please do ask me about them because I am now a believer in how they will save me time, money, and keep chemicals out of my home, and then cooking my heart out–it is relaxing and I love looking at the deli in my refrigerator for the next week without having to figure out what to eat–and the windows are clean and open—I AM HOME!

I do love my new home in Oberlin, and I am finding my place slowly and surely.  I am actually trusting a local professional with part of my monthly routine on Wednesday!  That is trust!

Find your place on your path, and find your HOME, no matter where or how it is.  You will know you are HOME when you find JOY in doing nothing of any substance!

Sundays are Always a Little Brighter!

First Church of Oberlin 3 20 17

First Church of Oberlin is where I really became acquainted with the city of Oberlin in the early 2000’s…

Now, on a Sunday, I do try to attend whenever possible.  I went to bed yesterday and awoke this morning with that intention, and it was all so different for me.  My meditation time this morning before church had me a lot closer to my God than ever before.  Part of that may be because I have made the intention to really create The Empower Excellence Experience full steam as my emphasis this month of April!  And that has all come from God!

Church was good as was the congregation meeting afterwards about the City’s approval of an electronic sign, one of the first in Oberlin, for First Church.  Of course, there are some who feel that it is not “neighborly” to do this.  But it is.  We are spreading the good word of the church and the town moving into the future.  It is all in good taste, and I like it!  God has not stood still…and God wants to move ahead always.  The vote comes in three weeks…

Oberlin is grounded in the past but with an eye to the future…and I am here witnessing it today!

And Then It Was April…


April is a time when I start new things…

In 1978, on April Fools’ Day, I conceived a son!  Yes!

In April of 1984, I began an affair that lasted on and off until 2010!  No!

I didn’t want to be a fool or a trailblazer or someone who marched to my own music, but I have always been me, and no one who tried could ever change me.  I am not a conformist, I am not a radical, but I am uncompromising and honest.  

It is a cloudy, gray day in Northeast Ohio, in Oberlin!  The day started with a planned power outage from 5 am to 7 am this morning.  Very weird, but it was scheduled by Oberlin Power & Light for repairs and maintenance.  One more thing that is different about Oberlin!  And the day is going well…Slow, but well.  Actually, I am the slow one.  Maybe “deliberate” is a better word!

Five days before April began, I started the Modere Biocell, liquid collagen and hydralauric acid.  On Day three, my digestive elimination system shut down, a small concern knowing how my body works.  Today is Day six, and my body is telling me “this is good stuff”, and we are back on track.  I have a wellness visit with my doctor on Tuesday, and I will see what he thinks.  I will also weigh myself for the first time in a month since my scale somehow avoided me twice during the move, and I simply acknowledged that this was a plan of The Universe.  But I think I may have lost weight through the move and the Biocell…

My horoscope for April, including Mercury retrograde beginning on the 9th, is fairly optimistic excluding any romantic interest until May!  So, April is off and running, and I am in the midst of really focusing everything I do to achieving balance, health, and a new home in 2022 which will include my business.

Closing out March was good…the move is accomplished, the balance is returning, I have taken The Empower Excellence Experience into the Clean Living sector and The Practice at Oberlin is scheduled for its next conversation within the next two weeks…step by step.  The Healthy Eating part of The Experience will begin April 11th.  So it is a good month of new beginnings, and it is also a month of old endings…

In settling into Oberlin, several pieces of my past were found–old 78 records that were my ex’s were returned to him two days ago, and a romantic album given to me by the partner in the affair has been pulled and will be returned to him this month…It is clearing the energy to allow room for the new energy with The Empower Excellence Experience, the Modere, the Healthy Eating, and The Practice at Oberlin!  

And toxic friendships are also being cleared.  I put forth a concentrated effort to ascertain whether questionable friendships would go forth; two of them will not.  One is afraid of the rain…short story that has been long in coming.  The other is someone who is lacking in self esteem and concocts stories to make herself bigger than she is.  And she goes to great lengths to find ways to share her embellishments with me.  That happened last night, and I walked away shaking my head and promising myself…NO MORE!

Oberlin was a deliberate move in all ways, and I am now holding myself accountable to be true to those deliberate intentions, clearing the old energy to make way for the new and life enhancing intentions that brought me here!  

 In April, I will begin to share those intentions and the good I hope to bring to all who are interested in sharing the good of The Empower Excellence Experience.  Join me…