Our World Is Intentionally Colorful!

Diversity is colorful.  It is not boring.  It urges us to stretch our minds!  Diversity is good for most of us, but not for all. In my mission of The Empower Excellence Experience: Personal Sustainability mission, there is a very basic premise:  all obstacles in life, when taken to their base, involve self esteem.  Wrap […]

Courage is What is Missing!

Some folks think I am being risky with some posts lately, that I am taking on “the corporate food giants”!  Yes, I am pulling up my courage in the area of Sustainability. Personal Sustainability is our responsibility from birth. We acquiesce as we grow, letting others make decisions; and then as adults, we attempt to […]

With Only three slices of Swiss left…

Transitioning is a subject I excel at as I work with clients who are transitioning somewhere in their financial lives.  But I also work with folks and Pampered Chef to educate on how to eat and cook with Pampered Chef in a “heathy” way as a consultant.And it is all part of what I call The Empower Excellence […]

Vibration of the Earth on It’s Day

This is a very low key Earth Day for me for I have done so many things to make the Earth more sustainable through my effort towards  Personal Sustainability and Community Sustainability over the years. But I do want to ask you to consider several things that have hit my eye today to begin your […]

Are You Ready for a Little Clean Living?

Well, maybe not exactly, but close.  Let us start with clean living!  What do I mean by that?  Well, maybe personally sustainable living.  The Empower Excellence Experience includes clean living and personal sustainability, the place where you have to start before you can go out and create a sustainable family, a sustainable community, or a sustainable […]

The Empower Excellence Experience Slowly Coming Into Focus…It is Not Your Eyes!

THE EMPOWER EXCELLENCE EXPERIENCE:  Money, Spirituality, Clean Living, Healthy Food Yes, The Empower Excellence Experience is rolling out.  Yes, it needs work!  But it is almost all there… The Practice at Oberlin was shared yesterday here, and today we are sharing Modere. Several years ago, my Core Values of Personal Sustainability were shared, and they […]

Changing the World One Breath at a Time…

The move to Oberlin is complete…the rest is in the details, but this is my first day back in my office, and I admit it felt strange not being here and just as strange being here this morning. With winds gusting outside my window and promising to reach 50-60 mph gusts today, the sun is shining, […]