You Can Change the World!

For many years, I have been a believer in sustainability and socially responsible investing.  And I do believe that each of us can follow their head and their heart through education and intelligent choices in everything we do in our lives.

I have developed a core set of values taking the responsibility for sustainability initially with the individual, then the family, then the community, and then the planet.  Each decision, each choice we make in each part of our life can reflect this.  I do not believe that we start with the planet; we start with ourselves individually, and the momentum grows and can then be sustained.

It is with that intent in mind, our intention, to have an impact by leaving the world better beginning on a personal level.  It is a responsible intention when we gift our family the ability to make a difference that will outlast our time on Earth.

This begins the year of the Family Legacy of Financial Wellness.  This begins the opportunity for me to share with my readers and others the opportunity to make the world better…beginning with one person!

A Family Legacy in Financial Wellness begins YOUR LEGACY of LOVE AND LIFE!

When I began the planning for the 2019 Introduction of “A Family Legacy in Financial Wellness”, it was a way to really make an impact through my work in Money Energy.  Through my years of financial work, it became clear that Money Energy was rarely a solo journey.  Everyone is impacted by the past as well as NOW, and everyone, while not focusing on the future, is concerned with the rest of their life and the future of those they care about.  

It became even stronger motivation as I prepare EMPOWERING M.E. (Money Energy for 2019 publication, and then EMPOWERING FAMILIES is being expanded and prepared for publication as well.  One person can definitely make a change, but the bigger change in Money Energy happens when members of the family are also involved.  

The intention of “A Family Legacy in Financial Wellness” is an intentional impact by leaving the world better, beginning on a personal level…

Yes, it does have a direct connection to sustainability.  There is also the full permission for sustainable self-expression to take responsibility to ensure that our gift to the world will outlast our time on earth.

In the coming days, I will explain the process for those who are interested in sustainability and the legacy of love and life…

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Want to Become Sustainable: Start with Self Care…Money Stops Most!

simplicity plan breate trust let go

Money creates situations where mental stress, muscle tension, confidence and flexibility suffer.  Really!  Maybe you have experienced this, maybe you have not; or at least you do not acknowledge that money may be a contributing cause to all of this.  Think for a moment.  Breathe for a moment–that is a free gift since conception!  No money involved here, but, deep breathing rarely occurs when money is problematic.  Start with 5 minutes of deep breathing–it is work, but it does help position your mind, body in general, and organs specifically to take a time out, and it is a workout!

When you are comfortable with 5 minutes, increase the time slowly, and begin to see how you slow down all for the good!

What is this all about?

As a money energy coach, I work with all types of money transitions and concerns.  When we get down to the basics of a solution, much of it is self care.  And most people do not take the time to care for themselves.  They have been raised to believe that this is a selfish motivation and being selfish is almost a sin!  Yes, there is much more to many money issues, but self care is a foundational requirement of self worth and self esteem, and most people do not love themselves enough to care for their personal worth.  

Why should you or they begin to care more for themselves?  Well, let me begin a list of the benefits of self care:

  • boost your immunity
  • reduce inflammation
  • gain increased self control
  • improve communication skills
  • manage stress better
  • enhance working memory
  • lower blood pressure
  • improve balance
  • boost mood
  • increase confidence
  • increase relaxation
  • support fertility
  • keep bones stronger
  • improve body image
  • slow aging
  • and more!

Breathing is just the beginning, real breathing, deep breathing.  You can add more to this regimen:  yoga, aromatherapy, massage, being in nature, visualization, sauna, and more…reiki, tai chi, dancing!

Why should you do any of this?  Why should you be concerned with self care?

Because, while you may want to improve your life including your money relationship, which can improve all parts of your life, if you forget about you, your personal financial sustainability will be for nothing.  You need to create a personal LEGACY of YOU first, then you can begin to address mental, emotional, physical issues.  Then and only then will you be effective at creating a LEGACY for your family including financial wellness.  It needs to start with you because a LEGACY is left with everything you touch in your life, STARTING WITH YOU!

Take it Easy, It is a Monday Morning…

Monday Morning Easy

I have come here to be mighty!  I have a mighty Spirit with inner strength that is so powerful…


And it is safe for me to be powerful because that power comes from Source.  My power does not manifest as power over others; rather it gives me internal strength, and I am so grateful for that.

Gratitude Illusion of Lack

And, yes, sometimes I suffer from illusions of lack…it is a concern, but I try to catch it before it becomes a worry, for that is a contrast for what I know is mine coming to me when the time is right.  As I spoke of this morning on my Facebook page “Empower Excellence “It’s Your Money” LIVE & More”, it is so important that when there is a money concern, or a concern of any type, that I take the time to “BREATHE”!


And, when I do, the concerns seem to lend themselves to some rational thinking…Really!

This weekend I continued my work towards creating a whole series of Money Energy programs in my online school “Empower Excellence Transformational Moments” (available on, and as a side trip with that work, I discovered the work by Ryan Eliason on The Revolutionary Entrepreneur.  I set it aside to do in the evening on Saturday thinking it was an easy 92-page read.  I was wrong; it opened me up to 7 pages of journaling, and the result of that took me back to several years ago, starting my business, and creating my core values.

CORE VALUES ______November 2013 jpg

You see, when I began my business, Empower Excellence, LLC, I already knew my passion and my mission:  Helping Individuals (Personal Sustainability) realize a better money relationship through better Money Energy.  The book THE ENERGY OF MONEY by Maria Nemeth came my way in the early 2000’s, and it opened my eyes to what I had prepared for through my whole life!  When you change the money relationship for one individual, it goes on to change the world of their family, their community, and the environment and world.  

Ryan Eliason’s work brought it all back in a clear manner, and I spent time yesterday taking the 7 pages of journaling to prepare for my work as a Socially Conscious Change Maker, which I have always been, but it is now time to share little by little my CALL TO ACTION:  Let’s Change the World by Changing Me, Changing You through our Money Energy and Money Relationship !  

And, just like always, The Universe this morning provided the first commercial I have seen about the Grange Insurance Audubon Center in Columbus, Ohio whose mission it is to conserve and restore natural ecosystems…for the benefit of humanity and the earth’s biological diversity.  It was a confirmation that I am back on track…Grange became my insurance company this past year (I had had Grange for years when I lived in Columbus, Ohio), and it showed how changing the world is a simple shift in energy from the corporate world to each individual contributor to this Center.  It made me smile!  It is small, but it did make me smile.

So, yes, it is Monday morning, let cares and concerns make way for powerful Money Energy, and …

Monday Morning Easy



Yes, I am inviting you to a grand event.  No need to dress up, unless you want to.  No need to bring a gift 🎁 unless you want to.  No need to do anything, but RSVP!  Strange, yes!  Mystifying, yes!  Gratifying, yes!  It really is a “come as you are” event.  Does it have a simple theme, yes!  It is called Life!  Everyone receives an invitation, yes, they do; but some choose not to RSVP.  They will just show up whenever!  But like any event, if you choose to participate fully, you do find your way saying “yes” to life and all it offers—good and bad!  As I introduce you to Personal Sustainability, consider it a life long event, and, if you choose to participate, I will be happy to treat you as a guest and a student of life and help you through all the positives and negatives with a strong financial relationship to allow you to build your life Party to be strong in spirit, mind, and body; and they are all connected.  Please RSVP…

This Transition Called Life…

Life is an echo

every day in every way we are sowing what we reap and reaping what we sow…it is an echo, and it applies to every single part of our life!

So while we are currently talking about money as the foundation for the totality of our lives, let’s take a moment an talk about what some, incorrectly or correctly, call karma and other things.  It is all a reflection, or an echo, of what we think, say, and put out into the world.  

If you are seeking a strong foundation on which to become personally sustainable, then it is worthwhile to take a moment every day and put out the intention that whatever you share–mentally, spiritually, verbally, written, etc.–is your totally best representation of what you would like to receive back in your “echo”.  And I am not saying that you send out in a state of greed.  I am saying that you send out in a state of love and gratitude.  Please, make this the best moment of your every day!

So are You ready to be Sustainable?


Maybe you are already there:  Sustainable!  Maybe you are not.  But if you are ready to learn about you, to learn about money, to learn about health through food, to learn how to eliminate chemicals in your life, then you can become sustainable!

But it does take an awareness and it does take courage.  I have spent many blogs talking about self esteem, self worth, and courage.  I will probably wander off there, but for now, I want to move you towards sustainability in your daily life.  For a while, let’s look at the foundation, money.

Do you have the courage to look in the mirror and ask yourself today:  What is my relationship with money, honey?

Sustainability Strives for Clutter Free…


Clutter, hoarding, and more.  It can happen throughout your home 🏡, even in the kitchen.  Adults who grew up in the Depression, the Recession, or a home with depression, can have a tendency to “stockpile” food.  This can be emotionally satisfying, but it can also contribute to fear of not having enough!  It can also devastate finances when the food spoils in any number of ways.  It also spoils your path to sustainability!  Keep it simple, keep it sustainable.

Energy Pulls Us All Together

All are One

Listened to a wonderful video on the laws of the Universe early this morning…just what I needed.  Personal Sustainability begins the process of connecting all of us in a visible way while we are already connected from the moment of the creation of the Universe.  If we are each sustainable, we can all become sustainable.  Power is the energy within each of us waiting to be activated…one by one, or all at once!  Power to the people!  All people!