You Can Change the World!

For many years, I have been a believer in sustainability and socially responsible investing.  And I do believe that each of us can follow their head and their heart through education and intelligent choices in everything we do in our lives. I have developed a core set of values taking the responsibility for sustainability initially with the individual, then the family, then the community, and then the planet.  Each decision, each choice we make in each part of our life can reflect this.  I do not believe that we start with the planet; we start with ourselves individually, and the momentum grows and can then be sustained. It is with that intent in mind, our intention, to have an impact by leaving the world better beginning on a personal level.  It is a responsible intention when we gift our family the ability to make a difference that will outlast our time on Earth. This begins the year of the Family Legacy of Financial Wellness.  This begins the opportunity for me to share with my readers and others the opportunity to make the world better…beginning with one person! Advertisements

A Family Legacy in Financial Wellness begins YOUR LEGACY of LOVE AND LIFE!

When I began the planning for the 2019 Introduction of “A Family Legacy in Financial Wellness”, it was a way to really make an impact through my work in Money Energy.  Through my years of financial work, it became clear that Money Energy was rarely a solo journey.  Everyone is impacted by the past as […]

Want to Become Sustainable: Start with Self Care…Money Stops Most!

Money creates situations where mental stress, muscle tension, confidence and flexibility suffer.  Really!  Maybe you have experienced this, maybe you have not; or at least you do not acknowledge that money may be a contributing cause to all of this.  Think for a moment.  Breathe for a moment–that is a free gift since conception!  No money […]

Take it Easy, It is a Monday Morning…

I have come here to be mighty!  I have a mighty Spirit with inner strength that is so powerful… And it is safe for me to be powerful because that power comes from Source.  My power does not manifest as power over others; rather it gives me internal strength, and I am so grateful for that. […]

This Transition Called Life…

every day in every way we are sowing what we reap and reaping what we sow…it is an echo, and it applies to every single part of our life! So while we are currently talking about money as the foundation for the totality of our lives, let’s take a moment an talk about what some, […]

So are You ready to be Sustainable?

Maybe you are already there:  Sustainable!  Maybe you are not.  But if you are ready to learn about you, to learn about money, to learn about health through food, to learn how to eliminate chemicals in your life, then you can become sustainable! But it does take an awareness and it does take courage.  I […]

Sustainability Strives for Clutter Free…

Clutter, hoarding, and more.  It can happen throughout your home 🏡, even in the kitchen.  Adults who grew up in the Depression, the Recession, or a home with depression, can have a tendency to “stockpile” food.  This can be emotionally satisfying, but it can also contribute to fear of not having enough!  It can also […]

Energy Pulls Us All Together

Listened to a wonderful video on the laws of the Universe early this morning…just what I needed.  Personal Sustainability begins the process of connecting all of us in a visible way while we are already connected from the moment of the creation of the Universe.  If we are each sustainable, we can all become sustainable. […]