Hope for the Flowers #Financial Freedom

HOPE FOR THE FLOWERS by Trina Paulus 1972

HOPE FOR THE FLOWERS by Trina Paulus in 1972 introduces us to two caterpillars, Stripe and Yellow”, working so very hard to reach the top of the caterpillar pile. They have no idea that their striving, if left alone, would bring their wings and they would have the ability to fly. Rather they were competitive, not collaborative, as they strove to reach the top of their quest.

There is a small lesson within HOPE FOR THE FLOWERS to learn in regard to your life and in many cases your money. But it is a gentle lesson, “Quit standing on tiptoes!” So many times in life we are reminded that we will never get what we desire without “stretching”, but stretching and standing on tiptoes accomplishes several things: we are not grounded and we are off balance.

Both stretching and standing on tiptoes causes stress and can bring fear into our life when making decisions; most decisions include a financial component. But we have to listen to everyone telling us what to do throughout our lives: STRETCH! Oops, let’s try a gentler approach, “Stop trying, stop stretching, stop standing on tiptoes, let it go”. Let nature take its course with you moving ahead one step at a time and let’s see how much you will accomplish without stress and without competition.

Enfold Your Relationships in Pure Consciousness…

when we are networking, we are intending to join together to strengthen each other, but it does not always work that way! Communication mishaps can cause stress, conflict, and disappointment stopping effective communication. We can end up building walls rather than bridges. One way to change that in the networking venue is to begin living in the present, and, when you experience stress, conflict, and disappointment, you can then look at these situations that they are opportunities to develop unlimited empowered awareness which can deepen networking relationships and allow change in relationships to become an environment in pure consciousness. Blessings can then follow!

Even with Mercury Retrograde in the Shadows…

I do believe that I am in for the time of my life for the next month as Mercury Retrograde makes a formal entry on my birthday, October 31, but it has already started. Water lines breaking in Oberlin twice since Sunday. My kitchen sink sprung a leak on Sunday night. Macy’s in the midst of changing their payment systems took the better part of an hour to pay my bill today, and no one is paying any attention to deadlines lately. This is when self care, self friending and tending is so needed. When stressful situations arise , I know I am in fight or flight mode, and I am sure there right now. But there are things in my wisdom I am sharing to make it through times like these: grounding, loving kindness, breathing deliberately, massaging my feet, and more and they can all be done without going to the gym, special equipment, or more. I know that walking almost 10,000 steps every day this week so far is also helping. Mercury watch out because I am ready for you!

The Awesomeness of Fear

Everywhere I look today the word “awe” or “awesomeness” pops up! It is driving me a little bit crazy but I know it is reticular activation, but it is still unnerving. And I really do not want to go into the scientific explanation, I just know what is happening, and I love it! Awe shifts us, and I do mean us because it is a universal emotion, it is a collective emotion. It is where there is a shift from me to we. It is huge!

But there is a sad part of awe. Nature is a major provider of awesomeness, and there is a deficit of folks spending time in nature. This is a lack in society, and it is up to me and we to cherish and protect the awe in nature. We are scrambling in the world, and it is no secret. In Brian Swimme’s work on the powers of the Universe, our world is in a cataclysmic state. We do not need to delineate everything that is wrong. Awe may be our hope. It is our childlike wonder that makes us stop and breathe and mentally and verbally whisper “awe”. It is the side of us that is still the child with the open curiosity.

While awe is hard to capture, hard to define, hard to measure, our body responds to awe; it reduces stress! It is up to us to make time for awe. It is time for goosebumps to return to our everyday existence. And it can be so simple, so very simple as taking a walk. Join me in a daily walk with no other goal than to experience awe wherever we might find it. I call it my “awe walk”. Walk with me into the awe that surrounds us…


Want Pain from Money?

I often talk about loving your money, and I mean that for many reasons including physical health!  Have you ever had clenched teeth?  I once lost the whole back of a tooth due to grinding my teeth at night when I was running apolitical campaign:  stress!  Do you have tense muscles: stress!  Low energy:stress!

But these initial symptoms can eventually become heart attacks, high blood pressure, and an immune system that is so compromised.  Many doctors’ visits are because of stress, and the number one cause of stress is MONEY!

Begin to love yourself by loving your body:

Make sleep a top priority. Move your body. Write a simple plan to address and give a release to all financial concerns. Organize your finances. Review your insurance coverage, and SAVE AS MUCH MONEY AS YOU CAN! Do not get stressed. Become loving you, and when you do, ou will begin to take care of you and then your money concerns: one step at a time!


More Sleep, Less Stress, Fulfillment


It is almost the universal prescription to heal and head towards fulfillment in life:  More sleep, less stress.  And then there are those who get stressed trying to get more sleep!  But it is true that when stress sets in and nothing is working sleep does work.  It is the same reason children need naps!  Well adults need naps, too!  I know I do.  Just this morning, after a very long day out of town celebrating Halloween with “the little people”, I awoke after 7 hours of sleep to meditate and go back to sleep for another 3 hours.  Oversleeping was stressful but I am fully aware that my body needed the sleep.  Sleep is a healing modality that can help with stress, your inner state, and your insecurities, like money issues.  Finding and maintaining a fulfilling lifestyle is a moment to moment undertaking.  Daily we struggle to make sure that we have happy moments and happy days–that is how having a happy life, a fulfilled life develops.  Positivity is a constant healer for physical, emotional, and mental distress.  Directing your energy in each present moment can heal many issues over time.  

The High Quality of Energy…Resilience

Spiritual Energy 5

As we continue to begin building a Family Legacy of Financial Wellness, and continuing the definition and meaning of ENERGY, Resilience is a treasured holistic characteristic.

Youthful ENERGY is maintained in Resilience.  It represents the quality of ENERGY in a holistic way more than food and exercise.  Deepak Chopra has spoken of ENERGY at birth being used 70% to build the brain, and he has also coined the word BodyMind.  At birth, the body knows where the ENERGY has to go while as we grow and mature we need to be able to organize our ENERGY throughout our BodyMind.  The secret to successfully organizing ENERGY lies in Resilience, the ability to dynamically be flexible, to bounce back mentally as well as physically and emotionally.  

Two extreme needs for Resilience are Sleep and Reducing Stress.  Sleep and Stress can impact the quality of ENERGY.  Period.  These two factors increase or decrease the quality of ENERGY.  In both areas, making positive choices over negative choices in all things are crucial to Resilience and to quality ENERGY.


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Living in the NOW with life & money!


There was an unbelievably bad act on America’s Got Talent last evening.  Ironically, it could have been a beautiful act if delivered more simply…It was a caterpillar turning into a butterfly including the time in the chrysalis — most people had no idea what the contestant was trying to portray.  The simplest things in life can be the most complex, and the transformation story of the caterpillar becoming a butterfly is complex.  

But the caterpillar, unknown to him or her at the time, truly lives in the NOW as it becomes a “victim” of chrysalis and goes on to become a beautiful butterfly.  It is unknown to most how long this process takes.  It is also unknown if the caterpillar really understands what is happening…

Living in the NOW with life and with money is very similar–we do not really know what will happen in the next moment.  Out life may have been chaotic in the past, but the past needs to be let go.  It must be dealt with, but it also cannot rule your current moment or any future moments.  The future is totally unknown.  Just this morning, a friend posted on Facebook at 4 am that they were out of their home as the local fire department was “sucking smoke out of their home”.  Everyone was fine, but, when they went to bed last night, they had no idea that they would be awakened by a smoldering fire!  Out of necessity, they are living in the NOW, but that is how my friend lives, so she will be fine in life and with the financial consequences.  

That is the benefit of living in the NOW, and it is a benefit that could be great for everyone.  It definitely reduces the stress we live with in our daily lives, so make it daily and live in the NOW.

The America’s Got talent contestant made his act too complicated, and he lost his audience from the start:  no one knew he was a caterpillar.  The audience was in the NOW when he was being too complex trying to show the transformation…even when he became his future as a butterfly, he already lost his audience.  Poor butterfly!

Napping can be Good for Your Money!

child dreaming

I have begun a new practice upon the advice of metaphysical experts…I am bringing napping into my life.  Whenever I feel fatigued, whenever I feel stressed, whenever I feel frustrated, I do not power through as I once did; I nap!

Oh, yes, I do!

Time after time, a break from the thoughts in your head, especially the worrisome ones, is like a do-over.  When you awake from a short nap, you are refreshed, and your mind has a new perspective on whatever fatigued, stressed, or frustrated you.  Yes, you have to be willing to put aside the worrisome thoughts that led you to the fatigue, the stress, or the frustration for a few minutes of napping; but your brain receives the signal as you lay your head down that this is “break time”.  Let go of the causative factor and rest.  It is the mini letting go that can put you back on a peaceful path.  That is the first step to resolving the worry!

Can Financial Wellness Solve the Retirement Crisis?

Spirituality 1

We do try to be practical with our blog topics, and today’s topic is retirement because we all want to be in retirement some day no matter of we keep on working!  The typical products, such as a 401(k) have not worked very well for folks to save for retirement .  I am not going to give you the depressing statistics; all that does is put FEAR in your Heart and Mind and Soul!  Retirement planing needs to be more holistic, and Financial Wellness needs to come first.  

And Financial Wellness needs to be more than a simple addition to retirement planning.  Get back on track financially!  Pay down debt!  Save for short-term emergencies!  Then save for retirement!  And it means changing behaviors.  People do not set themselves up for failure by choice.  There are many who have been single parents, have had health emergencies, and, to be honest, they do not want to have FEAR poured into their heads about how bad they have been!

So, yes, Financial Wellness can help prepare for retirement , but let’s start in small steps.  Financial Wellness begins with an evaluation with a professional of where someone is right now.  And take the FEAR out of it!  Begin with the beginning:  what can be done now to change their situation and behavior.  It is almost an elitist approach that makes people FEARFUL to get them to change their behaviors.  Let’s just be REAL and begin with my Spending Plan approach.  

Stress is already a problem with money causatives.  It adds to absenteeism and loss of productivity and healthcare costs.  Let’s stop the FEAR, for God’s sake!  Let’s change the way we all think:  Financial Wellness is to help you with basic financial thinking and decision-making .  The experts have to start thinking differently before the folks facing retirement will make the necessary changes in their lives.  We want them to live to retirement, don’t we?