Sleeping on the job?

studies show that 43 percent of Americans don’t receive enough sleep at night according to Workforce magazine’s Alexis Carpello… If you are an employer, you may find that there is an increasing problem with employees being less productive, making less than good decisions, and simply making mistakes.  Fatigue and lack of sleep, restless nights hurt employees, but […]

Why Did I Choose Pampered Chef?

And why did I choose to be Pampered Chef “healthy”?   Pampered Chef is all about food.  It is all about healthy food and learning to cook healthy food with quality cooking utensils and tools and serving pieces.  People of all ages will tell me that they do not cook; but they do have to eat. […]

Feeding My Soul More Than My Body…

Today is the last day of May!  It is the end, and it is the beginning, in many ways.  Tomorrow, June 1, begins a new journey for me…the personal melding with the professional business of kindness not only to others but also to me.  The professional, Empower Excellence, is more focused than ever.  One-to-one coaching […]

Is Your Money Story Heaven or Hell?

Since I live my life listening to money stories, I really have learned that all is not what it appears to be when I am talking with someone.  Many times, I find that what I am told is a “mask” .  It is the mask of what someone believes should be their money story; not what […]

What Does Your Present Moment Feel Like?

It is a Wednesday in the early part of December.  The holidays are upon us big time!  But the present moment is all you have.  It is all I have.  I want to convey something to you in this moment that might make a difference in your moment.  You are important to me, no matter […]