Both Sides of the Story…

Phil Collins’ BOTH SIDES OF THE STORY is playing in my heart and in my ears this morning as I ask myself the question:  What do I offer?  What do I offer through Empower Excellence, through my blogs, through my LIVE Facebook snippet three times a week?  I offer both sides of the story told through […]

I Do Not Care About Living on the Fringe!

In a recent effort to stay focused on Personal Sustainability, self-esteem has been a major topic.  When you reach self confidence in this area, you are indeed a super power.  Yes, magic does happen.  Does it happen all of the time?  No!  Do people like and love you more?  No!   What does happen is […]

Labor Day, 2017, and I Lovingly Labor!

Yes, this is Labor Day.  It used to be as a single parent, that this was the Last Hurrah Day of Summer with two little boys off to the YMCA Perry Recreation Center in Lake County, Ohio, where we had a total membership being one of the most economical ways to entertain the boys throughout […]


During the last several weeks, vivid and lucid dreams are becoming a major part of my sleep!  I am still receiving fantastic rest, and I am still sleeping 9-10 hours, but something changed.  At first I credited it to the new naturceutical I began 3 weeks ago, soon after moving to Oberlin.  For the most […]

And Change Happens…

Today is Day One of Completion of The Empower Excellence Experience and the message that I must focus on what is important…and that means eliminating what is not working and keeping what makes my heart sing!  As of yesterday, two major points fell into place:  The Practice at Oberlin is now real with a start date of September […]

Source is the Source of All Energy…

The total picture of The Empower Excellence Experience was shared yesterday.  It is all about Energy:  The Energy of Money, The Energy of Food, The Energy of Clean Living, and The Energy of Source aka Spirit!  All are tied together!   Powerfully, it became clear to me that Source powers all of my efforts, and Source […]

Not Leaving Home is Interesting!

And too snowy, but I am beginning the final piece of the expansion of Empower Excellence into the The Empower Excellence Experience. Every part of The Empower Excellence Experience is to Empower Your Life by Empowering Your Money.   The foundation will remain Empower Excellence which is improving your money relationship through every part of your […]