A Weekend Kind of Blog, Growing Pains are Real!

Some friends just really get to know you, and those friends send me social media postings with comments and others sent me notecards with butterflies but never write on those notecards! Joni knows who she is, and Beth knows who she is, and they are both precious reminders of who I am and what I am doing in this world.

They know that I talk all of the time with other women about what transformation really is: painful, joyful, confusing, and more. And the butterfly in all of its stages represents transformation. The butterfly speaks to me in my work to empower, connect, and share wisdom with women of all ages. Transformation or change is healthy but it is also a little unnerving and disarming. And I have experienced it all as well.

A lot of my work has been with money, and I am just realizing how I have changed in my latest stage of morphing from a caterpillar to a chrysalis and almost a butterfly with money. And with every stage of that transformation and more than one transformation I was not alone. Many years of work through meditation, spirituality, formal financial training, and more have led me to a program I began 323 days ago and will finish on December 20th. It has made the most impact of anything on me partially because I had done years of work before I began this current exercise. It came from an Esther Hicks Youtube episode and I thought I would try it. You see, everything you read about, hear about, and learn about will not stick for everyone, but I now know I was ready for this and off I went with pen and paper and a calendar so I would remember to do the exercise at first daily, and then weekly which I still do. It took my mind off of the anxiety and worry of money. As an entrepreneur I really depend on my clients and their cash flow to keep my cash flow flush. And that is not always easy. Mentally, I knew how to handle the inconsistency and spiritually I knew that my Higher Power always worked me through to good conclusions, but emotionally I was sometimes a nervous wreck when it came to money in my life.

But this last year has seen me go through many ups and downs and I now go with the flow knowing I will be ok. And I have grown, but really this is the other side of this whole butterfly thing: you are never really done growing and you will never get it perfect because you are never really done. I have a lot of folks I follow who provide inspiration for me: Esther Hicks, Tama Kieves, Marianne Williamson, Oprah, Wayne Dyer lives on, and Simon Sinek with his Infinite Game. My life is not a short term game, not a definite game where someone has to win, but it is an Infinite Game where I keep flowing with Life knowing that there is no winner but I win every day that I live my life to be the best I can be that day, and that, my friends, is my transformation, and, yes, I will still have growing pains. Thank you to Beth for this morning’s post!

How Do You Find Courage?

Become still! Tune in to the part of you that has the answers! Open up to your deeper wisdom that is trying to emerge! You are on a journey to find the courage to live your life you love! And “Money” is not the answer. Money is rarely, if ever, the issue. You get who you are in consciousness. You have a perfect pattern and a divine intelligence that knows how to bring our courage into expression. The more you emerge, the more things will come to you including the courage to live the life you love. This is really self-realization, and it is not a straight line. Your life that you love will need a certain amount of money in the form of wealth, abundance, and the ability to be fiscally responsible, including basic health needs. But no matter how much or how little money you have, keep ascending. Dig your roots deeper, and you will find that breakthrough insights will happen, paradigm shifts will occur, and you will find that you have a new way of being and seeing in the world. One warning: do not let the paralysis of overanalyzes hit you. You will be revealed to yourself. Pierre Teilhard de Chardin said it best “We are a nonhuman being having a spiritual experience. We are spirited beings having a human experience.” Courage comes with the experience…

The Simplicity of Emergence Small but Mighty!

On this beautiful Fall Saturday…almost Fall…let me introduce The Acorn Principle to you. You only become what is inside of you. But it the way you can harness the Universe and its power. The questions of “Who am I?””What is my purpose?” are predetermined. This is your true self. Your soul is your soil and we generate light from within, we glimmer and our light is always shining. “We are spiritual beings having a human experience.” Pierre Teillhard de Chardin wisdom

All is takes is for you to dig your roots deeper, like a tree, like the mighty Oak, and you will begin to see breakthrough insights, paradigm shifts, and new ways of seeing and being in the world. Leave behind the paralysis of overanalyzing , and you will be revealed to yourself.


And spiritually we do live forever….encouraging or scary? I think it is wonderful because there are so many things that are still undone. Will my money last that long? Being spiritual is kind of an agelessness with regard to money. In the spiritual realm you do not need money. In our physical life, money is a tool, nothing more and nothing less. So what does being ageless mean? No matter how young or how old you are, you are and can be ageless. It is not gauging who you are by how old you are but by who you are in your head, your heart, and mind. The question becomes who are you, you today?

Looking for My Legacy…Money Unnecessary!


As I move forward in thinking about a legacy, including my topic on Facebook Empower Excellence LIVE this morning “Why Women Want Money”, time must be shared with a totally non-money topic “What do I want to be?”

In the LIVE segment this morning, the main answer to the query “Why Women Want Money” is “Freedom”!  What I want to be along with the query “How do I want to help the world?” for me has everything to do with Integrity.  For me, it means keeping my values simple.  I say what I do and I do what I say.  This is a major brick in the foundation of my Legacy.  Without integrity, I am nothing.  

Integrity is a major piece of my Legacy!

In a few days, I will begin my work with yoga for many reasons not the least of which is physical, but it is also emotional, spiritual, mental, and more.  I believe each of these are additional bricks in this work I am building which I call my Legacy.  

The bricks allow more bricks to be placed in the foundation including breathing, knowing myself:  mind, habits, weaknesses, flow, obstacles, tendencies, actions and their consequences, intuition, energy healing, challenges, issues, concerns, meditation, and balancing.

I could go on and on about building my Legacy without money…but I do not want you to think that I believe we do not need money and a healthy relationship with money the same as everything else that I just spoke of to be in my Legacy.   We do, but a good foundation starts without the money, and a good foundation is necessary for not only a good Legacy but a good life!  A good foundation, a good life, leads to me being the POWERFUL being I was sent here to be!

The Joy of Money is Not Money at All!

Joy in the Ordinary

It is so much a part of what I do in my work with Money Energy:  JOY!  But the truth in the matter is that money does not bring you JOY.  It is what you think, feel, and do about money that brings JOY!  So many think that “when they have money”, they will be happy, they will be free, they will have JOY.  WRONG!  Happiness can be found among the least economically advantaged in the world.  Freedom often comes when folks leave the corporate world of money, leave their hometown, leave their significant others, and leave the MONEY behind when they do.  JOY comes from within–mentally, emotionally, spiritually.  When the JOY is found, the MONEY follows….

Take a Moment…or More!

Soul Plan

On this holy weekend, take the time to be quiet, take the time to reflect, take the time to breathe.  This can be a time to reflect on the dual roles we all play of the healer and the healed.  This is a time of transformation if you mindfully allow it…

Allow it in self care, family time, and a view at it all through spiritual eyes.  Take the time to renew and transform your life…it all starts with one moment!


Money Emotion, Confidence, & Behavior


Most people are looking for peace with their money relationships, and there are many roads on which to travel to get to that peace!  To start with emotion, confidence, and behavior is a good start.  It is the start of mental strength.  It is knowing that you are going to be fine with your money.  And sometimes that feeling of confidence comes not only from mental strength but also from spiritual strength.  More appropriately, spiritual strength comes from faith.  And this is a tricky area to work in when you begin creating a good money relationship; and that is because money is very complicated and tricky.  But to know that you WILL be ok no matter what in whatever part of our life, and especially with money, comes from a deeply instilled confidence of faith.  That touches on every taboo that a person may hold in their hearts, and it is risky to go there before a person signals a readiness to go there.  So the answer is to go slow:  gauge the emotion, feel the confidence, and watch the behavior–the body language–before touching on “faith”.  It will become apparent that someone is open to approaching their faith confidence.  If it is not, then the simple areas of emotion, confidence, and behavior can get you started on the evolution of your money relationship!

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As a Participant in Life, Be the Light


So you are back, and on a Friday!  You have accepted to RSVP to life, and now you are building your Personal Sustainability from the ground up.  You know when Maslow created his Pyramid of Needs he started with the basics of food, clothing, and shelter.  Very wise since there have been those I have experienced who started at the very top of the pyramid to focus on their spiritual growth first.  That may appear wise, but it was those same people who found themselves homeless with very little resources.  Begin at the beginning, and that is where we are heading, but in the meantime consider that you can be the light reflecting a spiritual path.  Life is a transition continually, and I have surely found that my spiritual growth has been a light in the dark many times as I have moved on down the road.  So be drawn to your own spiritual light and to others who may need your light and find that they may very well add to your light and to your journey in this transition called Life.  Thanks for RSVPing.

This Transition Called Life…

Life is an echo

every day in every way we are sowing what we reap and reaping what we sow…it is an echo, and it applies to every single part of our life!

So while we are currently talking about money as the foundation for the totality of our lives, let’s take a moment an talk about what some, incorrectly or correctly, call karma and other things.  It is all a reflection, or an echo, of what we think, say, and put out into the world.  

If you are seeking a strong foundation on which to become personally sustainable, then it is worthwhile to take a moment every day and put out the intention that whatever you share–mentally, spiritually, verbally, written, etc.–is your totally best representation of what you would like to receive back in your “echo”.  And I am not saying that you send out in a state of greed.  I am saying that you send out in a state of love and gratitude.  Please, make this the best moment of your every day!