The Simplicity of Emergence Small but Mighty!

On this beautiful Fall Saturday…almost Fall…let me introduce The Acorn Principle to you. You only become what is inside of you. But it the way you can harness the Universe and its power. The questions of “Who am I?””What is my purpose?” are predetermined. This is your true self. Your soul is your soil and […]

Looking for My Legacy…Money Unnecessary!

As I move forward in thinking about a legacy, including my topic on Facebook Empower Excellence LIVE this morning “Why Women Want Money”, time must be shared with a totally non-money topic “What do I want to be?” In the LIVE segment this morning, the main answer to the query “Why Women Want Money” is […]

Money Emotion, Confidence, & Behavior

Most people are looking for peace with their money relationships, and there are many roads on which to travel to get to that peace!  To start with emotion, confidence, and behavior is a good start.  It is the start of mental strength.  It is knowing that you are going to be fine with your money. […]

As a Participant in Life, Be the Light

So you are back, and on a Friday!  You have accepted to RSVP to life, and now you are building your Personal Sustainability from the ground up.  You know when Maslow created his Pyramid of Needs he started with the basics of food, clothing, and shelter.  Very wise since there have been those I have […]

This Transition Called Life…

every day in every way we are sowing what we reap and reaping what we sow…it is an echo, and it applies to every single part of our life! So while we are currently talking about money as the foundation for the totality of our lives, let’s take a moment an talk about what some, […]

Moving is Priceless…

When friends and acquaintances learn that I am moving to Oberlin, their first question is usually “Why?” There are so many possible answers, but my favorite is “I am meant to be there.” It is an answer that began to form about 20 years ago, and it has developed ever since.  I had never been to Oberlin […]

You Win Some, You Lose Some

Cynical as it may be, life is not all about winning.  There is  a balance:   you win some, you lose some.  It does not matter what you are talking about in your life.  It can be a love relationship, money, time, good days and bad days.  Not everyone is going to like what you […]