Working Too Hard? STOP IT! #FinancialFreedom


Sometimes, you just have to use the GOLD Crayon! All of us without exception have been told sometimes in our life that we have to work hard to accomplish what we want. And this is a place where money has nothing to do with it–we could be from a privileged background or an underprivileged background. And sometimes this admonition has an effect, and sometimes genes take over although Bruce Lipton does not believe in the genetic predisposition in my mind. Just recently I had a conversation with a much younger person who alluded to the genetic impact on two people who never met each other until recently while having the same parental origin. The two people were very very much alike in many aspects of the life they had chosen for themselves.

BUT at this time in life, I will tell you that “working harder” is almost always problematic if the most important ingredient, which may be spoken while not believed, is missing. “BELIEVE IN YOURSELF” Not only on the surface, but believe that the SOURCE within you is there to help you BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. Don’t believe in Source? Maybe that is a place to start moving forward in this moment…

It’s All in Your Head…Get Out of Your Own Way! #EMPOWER CONNECT SHARE

There is no ceiling it is all in our heads…good and bad jan litterst

What I am about to do is called by Esther Hicks a “rampage” because I just cannot stand my and watch myself and others being delusional, persistent, and grateful when nothing is happening. Nothing is impossible. I want the best possible version of me. I want to create my greatest passion. There is no ceiling, it is all in my head!

Anything I want I can speak into existence. Everybody including me is a star; we just do not know how to shine! I know what I believe in, but it feels like a mummy of self belief locked me in and on the other side of the door is the dream. It is time to trust my want. It is time to forget the when. After all, nobody who makes it to the top of the mountain just got dropped off there!

I talked a lot about “taking a flying leap” but now I am acting and jumping off the fucking cliff! I looked up at the sky so long that I grew my wings. It is time to pull the trigger because nobody else will do it for me. No longer am I hesitating, I am just pulling the trigger myself . No longer will there be a sense of urgency, the sense is NOW. I created this, it is my storm, and I am inspired by the high winds, thunder, and lightening. Yes, I am vulnerable, but I am open to receiving for I NOW OWN the desire. This is my soul talking. It tells me that my life is on the line so what have I been waiting for. NOW I OWN my life.

I am keeping the faith that is SOURCE, SOURCE is within me, so to quote me when I have been successful. “Fuck it, I will do this myself!”

Why I am grateful to Source and every person in my life. Listening starts on high…AMEN

The end of March approaches rapidly, and, with it, our world is changing even more rapidly. Every one of you is facing change, directly or indirectly. And I am grateful for each of you making the time to read my thoughts and prayers even while change may be affecting you. In essence, you are listening and your listening is so appreciated.

Source has been listening and has provided the message to several people in my life to talk with me, one a very longtime friend and one a new recent friend. They were folks who are as busy in their lives as I am in. Their loving care in these conversations has been such a blessing.

These are conversations that women share that are part of my professional mission. Women of any age are wise. It is In conversations that wisdom is shared. More than that, it is in conversations that women in their own lives become empowered, connected, and share their wisdom. And I am grateful…

Energy to Set the World on Fire…#Ageless Women of Wisdom #Jan Litterst #Financial Freedom #Joy

This year I will set the world on fire! It did not happen overnight as anyone who knows me or my blog realizes. Fire for me is a good thing: I have set the intention to physically do the firewalk at Common Ground in Oberlin, Ohio, and that is something because I am very guarded, but I know I am ready spiritually, mentally, and physically! But, on the other hand, moving forward, I have realized and come to understand my fear of fire. I watched as a three-year old my birthday cake go up in flames because the whirly bird centerpiece wa snot removed when the candles were lit! All in the past along with the fear of having my face in water… but that is for another time to share!

This today is all about energy. It does not just come all at once, God forbid that or the world would have been destroyed by now. I probably started my energy journey about 20 years ago. It seems that I have been immersed in it since then in my personal and professional life. The bottom line is that each of us, you and I have the ability to find and direct our personal energy, but ti does take work. But there are guides to tap into to create our own personal brand of energy.

In an article by Deanna Michalopoulos in Yoga Journal entitled “ready, aim, fire”, talking about “The Five Koshas”, on the journey to joy, to financial freedom, to good energy, the five koshas can serve as a roadmap to the bliss and love and joy at the core of internal you. Think of nesting dolls for that is what the koshas act as on your energy journey. They represent your physical body, your life force body, your mental body, your wisdom body, and your bliss body. There are levels of your current status on each of the kosha stages. You can be too active or not active at all. There is a lot to learn in this body of study, but I am using it as a point of reference over two decades to arrive at where I am at today: ready to set the world on fire–ready, aim, fire literally. The final level of kosha is “bliss” and then “pure consciousness”.

The beginning of 2020 was focused on reviewing where I am on this journey. January saw a total review with “all” physical body experts, literally appointments with everyone who would only look at the state of my physical body, and there has been a clean bill of health! February was a review of my life force, or spiritual body, and my mental body. It was a month of being tested on many levels including the loss of a very good friend unexpectedly and the imprint on my psyche of having my control taken away from me by being chosen for jury duty. On top of all of that Mercury Retrograde went into action. To gain back control of my life, yesterday was spent cooking by design for the coming week, cleaning my home, laundering the linens, and not thinking because I had been thinking all month. A good night’s sleep had me awakening this morning with my mental and spiritual capacities back in check and ENERGIZED!

Now, as March approaches, and the launch of the inaugural retreat for AGELESS WOMEN OF WISDOM, I am declaring that “I am a Women of Wisdom” because I am, and a whole month of thinking and planning for the retreat this coming May led to this post-meditation declaration about a week ago. As I said earlier, energy does not just happen. But it all began more than two decades ago. I followed my WHY to learn all I needed to learn for many years, and then I began to leave behind the modes of my learning to move to the next level. In the early 90’s I left more than a decade in public service, politics and government to transition into financial services in banking and financial planning. In 2011 I left the financial services industry because my WHY was screaming at me in such a garbled voice that I was unsure of where I was going. But I had to follow the path unfolding for me: the path to financial freedom for women. Yes, women, money, and freedom. Empower Excellence, Professional Women’s Connection, and AGELESS WOMEN OF WISDOM are all wrapped up in money, women, and freedom!

Everything is now in place to “ready, aim, fire” and it is all dependent upon the energy of my body, my life force, my mind, and my wisdom. But more than anything, I am ready to set the world on fire. “Finding and Listening to Our Voices” is the first retreat and it has resulted from conversation groups sharing the topics that would make a difference for them in 2020. It is now up to me to light the match and prepare the world in small steps for a path to empowerment, connection, and the sharing of the wisdom of women. There is so much to happen…

Money is Only Energy! #energy #money #flow #financial freedom #freedom

When you think about creating a budget for the new year, think twice about it. Budgets are all about limitation, responsibility, “shortage” consciousness, and constant discord. Intentionally, budgets should be all about what flows in and what flows out. I have successfully used with clients a “spending plan”. A spending plan allows for clarity and alignment and a recognition of Source. Clarity and alignment follow your feelings through the thoughts of manifesting what is yours to want and need. But there is always the thought that what will flow out will flow back in; that is the “knowing” with Source. And there is no limit to what flows in. Feeling good about the clarity and alignment are crucial. It is the reason why “feelings” are so important in work with money. Money is only energy. Begin to think about FLOW > FEELINGS > FREEDOM > FINANCIAL FREEDOM. What flows in, how you feel about that flow, creating freedom with the flow and the feelings and applying it all to money. Money is boundless energy if you are emotionally responsible, find clarity, and become aligned with the flow and the feelings. And the feelings of Love and Joy should be a natural feeling about money, but somehow many os us have lose the enormous capacity for joy that is ours from birth. Maybe, it is time to find the love and joy again with money.

The Journey Into 2020 #journey #satisfaction #financial freedom

My journey in 2019 is moving into 2020 knowing that every moment will see the path only at one moment at a time…there is no destination and there is no perfection possible. And I am satisfied with that for I am blessed and fortunate, appreciative of where I am now but excited for the future days on the path for it is truly a journey. I have always reached for more and was chastised for that in the past. But now I am excited for each future moment. At this Christmas time, I know now that the Universe sees beyond where I am. I am energy and energy moves constantly. While being satisfied, I am still reaching forward for I am inspired beyond this moment. This perfect knowing is not only mental, but spiritual, but emotional, too. I am moving beyond where I have ever been. I know the path is always there even if I cannot see it right now, Source knows, and because Source knows, I trust and off we go into 2020!

All it Takes is “One Moment in Time” #now #empower #connect #wisdom #financial freedom #source

Morning meditation is a practice for me. It can happen at any time when I first awaken, and sometimes these are moments that are totally overwhelming. 4 a.m. this morning was just that.

Several weeks ago I began an intentional practice of loving me and self care. My meditation was all about loving where I am at this moment, living in the NOW. We are on a journey of many kinds, and I like to believe that I am on a journey to joy. The polar opposite could be despair, and I have been there many times this past year alone. It all has to do with feelings, and feelings can change at any moment. But joy brings empowerment and freedom in all parts of life. All it takes is awareness and aligning with Source of where my journey is headed: joy. The difference is “allowing” or “resisting”; it is all up to me.

But to do this is to take an emotional journey rather than a journey of action which is hard for me to shift because I take action easily and many times too quickly. What I need many times is for someone to slow me down and help me shift to an emotional journey. You see, action takes time and it is often the reason why a journey of action gets left by the wayside, e.g. dieting, saving money, and more. But an emotional journey brings you a feeling of relief releasing fear for well being.

Over recent months I shifted from action to emotions, and my vibration has changed. And as a money coach, I have worked with clients who “want more money” and are ready to play the lottery, see who will be dying in their family, or change their investment advisor to “get more money”. It does not work because it takes too much time! Now, when a client makes the shift emotionally and expresses their feelings “I want to feel better about money”, they begin their shift of feelings within minutes, days, or weeks! The vibrational jump is smaller, and you and I are the only ones who can make any change, so start with the smaller vibrational shift in feelings.

Joseph Campbell shared “Follow your bliss.” Bliss can take a long time, but a pathway to bliss can be felt through your feelings. A pathway to bliss is a smaller, manageable shift in feelings and vibration. A feeling that will bring you a breath of fresh air is empowering and gives you hope. That relief is belief that there can be a change in the way you feel. And life wants you to feel good. You are not stuck, you just need to shift a little. Whitney Houstons’s rendition of the 1988 for the Seoul Olympics “One Moment in Time” is all it takes to be on the trail to be the best that you can be. But Olympians do not simply take action and find themselves in the winners’ circle. But give yourself that one moment in time to feel eternity, one step, one moment, at a time, and you may feel that you “are more than (you) thought you could be.

Find your passion and spark your power and joy! Love the journey knowing that this moment is perfection and will bring love, opportunity, and know that you are right where you belong right now. You are in charge, “you are the captain of your soul” in the words of William Ernest Henley. Be here now feeling the moment until you feel the next right moment! Now is your time.

On Thanksgiving we all can be enlightened!

Thanksgiving comes but once a year, but in essence it can be every day when we are thankful for so many people and things that are taken for granted. Gratitude is a part of my daily meditation and living in the NOW. I know I am grateful for my two sons every day that they are healthy and that they have a healthy outlook most days. I am grateful for my two grandsons who bring love and laughter to everything we do together. I am grateful for my daughter in law for her gift of the “little people” to this world. Always, I am grateful for my sisters and their families because they are what constitutes my solid ground and they are now bringing new people into the fold with two nieces who have each had a little boy over the past year and a new daughter in law on their part with an upcoming wedding. But I am also grateful for my home in Oberlin and the ability to live where I feel a part of a quietly intelligent community that feels like “home”. And that is important as I continue growing my livelihood and pursue my writing. I am on my path of intention. I am always grateful that I am fully aware and comfortable that Source is with me and I am part of Source for that is where all to be grateful originates from…and that gratitude is every day including thanksgiving.

Finding Satisfaction…

Satisfaction for all of us is sometimes very elusive but still possible and when it becomes real a very surreal experience. It is like the butterfly finding the perfect flower! 2019 has been an experience in many ways and my values and ethics have been challenged in various ways. In many ways my empathic personality attracts toxic actors. I will continue to walk away without compromising my values and ethics. Satisfaction aligning with Source energizes me in all ways as the butterfly is energized by the discovery of the perfect flower!

Serenity Perfected…

What are we always looking for, hoping for, and grateful for? Serenity is my answer. It may be yours, as well, but there is nothing as fresh as new fallen, and still falling, snow! I am so grateful that this is the view from my window. With so much activity in my business, it is a beautiful day when nature takes over literally and allows us to stop and think about pure beauty. I have to laugh when I posted this on social media this morning and right away someone came back and said warmer temperatures and sun would be better! Well, life gives you what you need, and that is all I can say. In the last weeks, I have slowed down considerably as we recover from a failed event in October and the wonderful planning for 2020 that is occurring. Source gives us what we need. I needed the snow to remind me that life is peaceful when we allow it to be. And when we allow what we need we move forward with a serene heart and a head that is calm and peaceful. If snow is not what you need, be patient, and Source will send whatever it is that you need soon if you are in alignment with the Universe.