Believe in Yourself…It Takes Time, But It is Worth Time, AWE!

So easy to say, but hard to do! But when you do you can do anything. Yes, you will still have doubts but they will evaporate quicker, you will regain your composure, and you will be able to accomplish whatever you want, but you will not always be able to control the timing, you still […]

Women of all Ages, THE CITY OF GIRLS from Elizabeth Gilbert…So AWE!

This weekend was a battle of wills between me and a book! Seriously, the book was overdue and I just could not get into it…I think I made it to page 8. The serious thought was to return it to the Oberlin Library, but there was a compulsion, almost an obsession to not return it. […]

AWE, Come on People Now…

In 1966 Chet Powers wrote and the Youngbloods recorded Come Together…and it reappeared on social media recently bringing back memories of that time when I was a freshman at The Ohio State University. Now, with the reading of Marianne Williamson’s A POLITICS OF LOVE, it brings back more than just memories. As a Democratic presidential […]

Softly Flowing Out of Sight!

Nope, not going to happen for women are becoming stronger, aren’t you? Each of you whether an introvert or extrovert is an individual and you will never bend beyond your comfort level so that others are more comfortable with you—you are different and you were created to be different. SOURCE DOES NOT USE COOKIE CUTTERS! […]

Finding the God in AWE…

The last few weeks have successfully culminated in peace, but there was at least one or two unanswered questions that were bugging me. One was finding the right spiritual community in Oberlin, and I was not finding success or peace in that quest. The second was why was “God” never included in the months of […]

Servant Leadership is on Track for Me…

Sometimes I find that I cannot help myself. I am a servant leader, and many do not understand that at all. Why am I not totally in business just to make money? Over the years in government, financial services, and now self employed in financial services, networking organizations, and women’s empowerment in the world, I […]

The Source of AWE…SOURCE

The source of AWE is SOURCE…Plain and simple and ageless and true. I am moving so slow on this Saturday morning, and I am not trying to rush anything. While I have been on a nonstop schedule for weeks, yesterday and today was like a fast-moving train hitting the brakes, and it has taken more […]

Money Needs Wings, too!

I absolutely love this graphic for the butterfly, for the softness, and for the sentiments of patience and gratitude.  It really creates an AWE moment for me! I love AWE moments…when I am walking and see a beautiful flower, a beautiful tree, a beautiful bird, a colorful sunset, or a wonderful baby or toddler.  It makes me stop, breathe, and appreciate what brought “AWE” to my lips.  It is a moment of appreciation.  A thank you, God moment… AWE Moments are personal, perpetual, and a promise of hope in the Universe!  And for that reason AWE moments also happen with money.  Things work out for you financially, you begin to flow with money, and you breathe with money.  And I do think these are more moments of gratitude than the AWE moments of appreciation.  We all spend a little too much time worrying and quietly pleading with our own personal SOURCE to make money work for us.  When it does, we are grateful that what we have asked for happens. And when we begin to breathe more than worry about money, we know our WINGS are on their way.  Now we just have to be patient.