A Beautiful Mind Simply…

Every moment is beautiful, but a beautiful mind is simply a blessing! Even before the first cup of coffee, the mind awakens and begins to find the intention for that day. Spirit quickly joins, and it takes a heck of a lot of bad noise from any one to make the day and the mind less than beautiful. Contrary to the movie “Groundhog Day” each day can be beautiful and different and can lead to a celebration for each moment that you are alive. When I say that, I have just learned that my first friend in Oberlin has passed away. As controversial a character as he was he befriended me even if it was for his own personal monetary gain. He was a gentle soul, and I will always remember David Gibson that way.

AWE It is SO True: Wake Up!

If you are reading this blog on WordPress, you will see my color selection today is vivid orange! Thanks to Wendy Osborne Kertesz of MONARCH for this graphic this morning. Wendy and I met somewhere somehow sometime ago, but I am so excited for her and her MONARCH success moving forward. Check her out on Facebook.

I celebrate her success and the synchronicity of my putting Ageless Women of Wisdom AWE out there now. Her sentiment in the above graphic is shared with AWE this summer as participants in AWE gathered for the very first time last Wednesday outside in the beautiful sun among the growing vineyards in Richfield, Ohio. The AWE leaders, and you can still become one by emailing janicelitterst@gmail.com, came together to share and create the AWE agenda for 2019 and 2020 to become ALIVE and to create the STORY of the future for themselves and others to follow on July 17 and more. Their souls may be tired but they are ready to wake up and live and to have others follow their lead. This is NOT a business networking group. This is a PERSONAL Networking group where in a confidential setting members can talk, share, feel, and move forward with the STORY they want to create for themselves. This is not a miracle cure, this is a human story being shared with other women…

And we need nature, we need freedom, we need adventure, we need each other. Are you ready to wake up?

June 22 is not too late…

June 21 is a memorable day for many reasons: an anniversary of a marriage long ended and an anniversary of six years of a marriage still growing. One has been released and the other is still being welcomed! But it is the longest day of the year, and it is a beautiful time here in Oberlin, Ohio. The Sun has been with us three days this week, and it is welcoming the Summer season, a season of light that is burning bright within me. It is a time to welcome many changes: one of which is the verbal recognition that I am happy here in Oberlin. Another major change is allowing others to be in my life, to accept offers of help, to bring others into my life simply and easily, to relish the time spent with loved ones and to release all negativity. It is also a time to release worry for all things work for the good. All in all, it is a time to release people and things that have outlived their reason to be in my life. I came to Oberlin for many reasons, and I will stay in Oberlin for many more. It is a place where my soul feels warmth and a glow of growth. No more need for constant change, just a need for constant growth. And it begins with the first day of Summer, a glorious first day of Summer!

AWE is Magic and Wild!

Many times I choose graphics from social media in the middle of the night during what I call my meditation time…it is a time between 2 and 4 a.m. when I wake up after 3-5 hours of sleep and have quiet time which usually results in my going back to sleep for another 3+ hours. This graphic struck home right away because of many items:

  • the butterflies as a symbol of transformation
  • the mandolin because music is the voice of the soul
  • the tree sprouting from the crown chakra representing our connection with nature
  • and the sentiment that we each have our own magic, or AWE

Women are the nurturers of the soul, of nature, and we possess magic of our own, a magic that is wisdom, and wisdom is meant to be shared once we discover our own wisdom and magic. You have magic, and we are all in a constant state of transformation as we move agelessly through our lives, no matter our age…

The AWE of Creation!

Everyone is creative…we came from Creation, and it is in our life plan. We can create life, we can create emotions, we can create thoughts, everyone can create! And you can be creative with money too! Sharing money, giving money away to those in need, feeding people creatively, and you can be so creative in all of this. If you find yourself saying that you are not creative focus on the little everyday things you do and notice the creativity in each motion, each thought, and each word. Money can help you be creative, but you do not need money to be creative. That is why Source gave us a brain, a heart, and a soul. And we are never expected to pay for those gifts. They are ours for creativity our whole life!


And spiritually we do live forever….encouraging or scary? I think it is wonderful because there are so many things that are still undone. Will my money last that long? Being spiritual is kind of an agelessness with regard to money. In the spiritual realm you do not need money. In our physical life, money is a tool, nothing more and nothing less. So what does being ageless mean? No matter how young or how old you are, you are and can be ageless. It is not gauging who you are by how old you are but by who you are in your head, your heart, and mind. The question becomes who are you, you today?

AWEsome Beach Glass… Getting Ready to be Ready!

As Esther Hicks often says, “Getting ready to be ready, to be ready.” And that is what beach glass does. It is also what caterpillars do, I think. Both beach glass and butterflies, two of my favorite things, are part of transformational change on their own personal level. And, in the end, they become the beautiful creations of nature that are dearly collected and loved. We, as humans, are much the same. We start as an embryo, hidden away from even the one who is about to give birth to us. We become infants, helpless but develop into toddlers, teens, young adults, and with our aging we constantly change. It is as we age, if we take the time, we can see the beauty–the beauty of our soul–manifest differently than the beauty of a new born baby. We have spent our whole existence getting ready to be ready to be ready to be ready for the AWEsomeness of maturity and the wisdom that we have accumulated through each stage of life!


Begin with Your Self Mastery

Since the beginning of the year, there has been a lot of discussion here regarding a Legacy, and there is a reason for that.  Money is a part of our lives from day one, whether we know it or not.  We work hard to make a living, we have dreams, and we have hopes for others we care for.  Legacy allows all of that to happen whether with intention or helter-skelter.  I prefer as a Money Energy Healer and Coach to make it intentional.  If you are of the “helter-skelter” variety, you must have your energy in alignment with what you want for now and for the future.  And I believe I could learn a lot from you as well, so please share in the comments, seriously.

And to get to know ourselves and what we want is a beginning step:  let’s call it self mastery.  The above graphic displays how our mind and heart sometimes rule internal and external conversations.  Unfortunately, our intuition, or soul for me, is left out of the conversation when it really contains all we need to solve any problem if we would give our soul the space and time and quiet to really learn from ourselves.  That is self-mastery.  


Appreciation…more than Gratitude…

Family Legacy in Financial Wellness appreciating Thanksgiving as a Day of Appreciation…it is you and more, more than gratitude.

This week begins the holiday season for all cultures and religions.  So often we are told to be grateful, but I prefer to “appreciate” life and all who are in it!  I have been heard to say lately to everyone I can “I appreciate you!”  And I am sincere when I do this.  It is not a typical greeting, but it brings out what I have thought long and hard about.  I am grateful when something I fear might happen does not, I am grateful when each day ends safely and serenely.  But appreciation goes deeper.  I appreciate the sun rising every morning; I appreciate the healthy food I ingest for breakfast; I appreciate everyone who tunes in to my LIVE FB show on Money, and more.

Appreciation comes from the soul, where my gratitude usually comes from the heart and head.  There is a difference for me.  When I reach down into my soul, I am really trying to virtually hug each thing and person for which I am feeling great movement within.  Appreciation actually takes more breath for me because it is deeper…

Enjoy your Thanksgiving in whatever way you appreciate it, and appreciate all who cross your path.  Most of all, appreciate you whatever you do because you are special.  


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