Appreciation, Gratitude, More

28 days of pain is behind me…emotional pain for which I am now grateful!  These days have brought to me two different books which are changing my view of my life:  WHEN THINGS FALL APART by Pema Chodron and WOMEN WHO RUN WITH THE WOLVES by Clarissa Oinkola Estes.  The former is a Buddhist nun and the later is a Jungian analyst.

They are both major undertakings, and they were brought to me by good friends who felt they would be good for me at this time.  They were good friends of mine and the Universe, and they were right.  Pema Chodron has become a daily practice, and Clarissa has become a major challenge, once accepted, so very worthwhile.  

Like any challenge and work with the soul, there are very deep moments that are best explored and then left behind.  Those deep moments occurred last night, but, as always, sleep became the antidote for those of us who are steeped in spirituality and the Universe.  Those moments had to be experienced before I could move on, and I have moved on.  

The morning mirror talk was sound and positive.  The calendar for my LIVE Facebook sessions for February is complete and focuses on the month of Valentines Day and the emotions that month brings.  I am calm, I am stable, and I am resolute to be appreciative for what I have.  More than that, I also am grateful for walking through these 28 days with Source to get through the initial days of 2019.

As I continue my work with Pema and Clarissa, I am now appreciative more than ever for who I am.  I am a “wild” woman, and I now understand that in a beginning sense–I have another 200+ pages to go!  It explains to me who I am as an independent woman who is tremendous boat rocker.  Many would like me to just settle down.  It ain’t gonna happen.  I have the soul of a “wild” woman.  I am who I am supposed to be.  I may not be understood by many, but I understand myself so much better because of these last 28 days, and, you know what, I am smiling again.  Smiling because I am once again reminded that the Universe, aka as SOURCE, is with me, and there was a reason for these days.  Sometime, some how, I will realize what that reason was, but, until then, I am appreciative of the wonderfully soulful friends who walked with me through this valley of time, who understand my levity in the face of pain, and to whom I am forever grateful that SOURCE provided you in 2019!

Easy Like Monday Morning…Really!

Monday Morning Easy

Monday mornings should be easy for everyone…spread your quiet joy to everyone you meet this morning, and this afternoon, and tomorrow, etc.  It is amazing what a smile can do for the person sharing it and the person receiving it…it opens hearts, it allows receptivity, and it gives a glimpse to our connectedness, our oneness.  Oneness is with us for all times, whether we think about it or not.  It began with creation–no matter your creation story!  But we forget about it in our daily life, but I want you to take it one further step on this easy, almost rainy in Ohio, Monday morning.  Be connected, be one with your money.  Some of us already do think of it as we tithe, as we give to charity–either in money or possessions, and also as we smile at others no matter their station in life.  A smile is so precious, and we have no idea the significance it has for the recipient.  It may be more than a monetary gift.  And that simple smile can open your heart to the manifestation waiting for you from the Universe.

Strong & Smiling for the Future!


There are five elements in life:  space, fire, air, water, and earth.  No matter who you are and how you are influenced, you will be out of balance on your journey to where you are headed.  Some will face imbalance more often than others, but the secret is to recognize when things are not quite right and how to get back into balance!  Some may believe in Auyurveda or other methods of staying in balance.  Some may just have the intuitive sense without a label.  When you feel that something is not going quite right, you are the only one who can see the beginning signs.  Pay attention to you, a foundation of self care, and move to make things right!  You are heading for something BIG, not small, and YOU must be BIG to reach that goal and be mentally strong with money and all parts of your life!  

And Then There is Laughter, Oh Yes!

Laughing boy

I truly do love my life, and laughing little boys are a favorite of mine!  Even in the midst of chaos, laughing can save you and the day.  It is medically beneficial while really making you feel better.  I think it is the increased oxygen.  But laughing is a favorite pastime.  I even once attended a laughter yoga class!  So find a way to laugh, and, yes, you can laugh at yourself and it will not harm all the work you are doing with self esteem.  Laugh at nature.  Laugh at the weather.  Laugh at people who are bothersome.  They will wonder what you are all about.  But laugh, my friend, laugh!

Money: Foundational Personal Sustainability


When Maslow created his Hierarchy of Needs, the foundational piece of the Triangle was basic needs such as food, clothing, and shelter.  Today, for many, those basic needs are not even available due to their financial situation.  Over the many years I have had in government services and traditional financial services, it is my total belief that you begin to build personal sustainability from wherever the person you are working with finds themselves.  Dignity needs to be added to the basic needs.  And more than dignity, self-esteem is a building block.  Poverty, mental illness, lack of education, and more contribute to years of being beaten down.  Dependency on the system follows.  It always bothers me when those on public assistance are made to be less than deserving by the media and certain political factions.  It is not ours to judge why they are in the position they are in; it is ours to help them rebuild self esteem, dignity and more so that they can begin to find their rightful place in society.  It is in this process that we can begin to place everyone on a level playing field to begin to work to turn around the lack of personal sustainability.  While money is the basis for personal sustainability, it is not the only factor,  self-esteem and dignity can change a person instantly.  They have to care about themselves in order to let others help them find their way.  Deep down, I believe everyone not only deserves dignity but they also want that deep in their soul.  Reach out a hand, share a smile, and begin to turn around what is a lack of personal sustainability in our country.  That is how it starts; find out about the person, then learn their story before you begin telling them how they need to change!

Staying Strong Amidst the Floods…


Living in Oberlin is a good thing…

But for some reason, in the last several weeks, I have had two “almost flooding” incidents.  And another storm is due here this afternoon.  It appears the section of the State Route where I live tends to be a “high water” district periodically.

For many years, as witnessed by my holistic doctor, I have had numerous “water episodes” in my life.  I could, but I will not, go all the way back into my history with water.  Been there, done that.  But what I will say is that water is an important part of my life no matter what.  I drink more than the recommended amount, I love my showers, and I love the beach.

Water is important, and I will continue to love it, but I do want to say, “water” please be kind to me as I stay strong and keep smiling.

Are You Ready to Put On Your Tutu?

Tutu Blue

Ok, if you are a guy, play along with me, please.  But I bet seeing a women in a tutu could make you smile?  Tutus are fun!  Tutus take bit of passion to pull out of the closet and put on–it is kind of like bouncing out of bed in the morning eager to begin your day.

Yes, I have a tutu; no, it is not blue, it is a grown up black but it is still a tutu!  And it makes me smile!  Just like the tutu you want to find something that will wake you up in the morning eager to start your day!  Do you have that?  I think it is called passion!

Here I Go Again…I Quit as an Adult!


For those of you who regularly read my blogs, they have really been a disappointment this past week…I was going through a tantrum time and really needed a nap and to be sent to my room, which never happened until the last 24 hours.

So, with a deep breath after the tantrum, a literal red cape (I refuse to turn the furnace on yet!), and in my jeans and tee shirt, I am finally back.  I am struggling to regain control of my life in so many areas.  You see, the problem is balance.  When I follow my own directives and go with “balance”, life gets really screwed up!

So, with the “balance” theme, seven days ago, with an unexpected text on Saturday morning came an invitation to meet with someone I had been waiting to hear from for several weeks, but it had to be at the Oberlin Farm Market which was open for only a little over 2 more hours.  I was still in bed–sleeping in, trying to get the rest so I would not need the “nap”–had to shower, grab some nutrition, and drive 45 minutes, but I did it.  Had the meeting with 2 people I needed to meet for a 2017 venture when I move to Oberlin–successful, and I did all of my local, organic shopping at the same time!  But while there, I received a phone call from my daughter-in-law with the wonderful question, “What are you doing tomorrow morning?”  Carefully answering, it resulted in an invitation to go with her and my two grandsons — 29 months and 7 months– to the Lego Fest…  In case you have never been to a Lego Fest, and this was my first, it is a place for 29 month olds to run like crazy and play on solid cement floors with Legos for hours, not stopping until forced to eat and then leave.    So much for balance; it leads to exhaustion!  In between the Oberlin Farm Market and the Lego Fest, mundane chores like cooking all the natural foods from the Farm Market, and doing laundry for the upcoming marathon week…And that was just the weekend.

And then Election Day, which I promised myself I would not watch the returns, but I did.  Then another surprise meeting opportunity which will expand my coaching into assisting an ADHD Coach with her clients on financial matters.  The meeting was with a holistic practitioner who is also going to be on the team, which led to a wonderful introduction to a healthy aging tool, and more introductions and meetings.  Then, this is still Wednesday, it was time to visit my Sprint store to upgrade to the iPhone 7.  I spent three hours in that venture, and I always forget that this is never cheap, and it was not, but I walked alway with a new iPad and the iPhone 7, both of which were upgrades I needed.  My three year old Samsung tablet which was presenting issues on not being able to accept upgrades and apps has now been wiped clean and prepared with games for a three-year old human named Liam.  He will be so thrilled tomorrow!  All he knows is that it is an “IPAD”.  Whew!

Then that same Wednesday evening was the monthly gathering of my newest women’s networking group in Lorain County, Ohio.  This six month old group is growing beautifully, and the noise level in the room is my truest indicator that the group is becoming successful for each of the members…

Finally, Thursday arrives, with another 7:30 AM Event which was a semi-annual event on the beautiful Rocky River coast, and many more contacts to focus on.  On to a 10 AM meeting with a local banker, followed by a stop at a local merchant whose products I love in Rocky River, connecting with a candle maker who only uses the healthy stuff for candles!  She will be connected to three of my members of my Westside networking group who deal in essential oils, reiki, and massages!  

And then the real fun began on Thursday…at about 12:30, ready to work, the escapade with Time Warner Cable began.  While I will not expend the energy to go through that again…it was disruptive from 12:30 to 10 PM that evening with diverse conversations with folks in the Philippines and Indonesia with no resolution until the local technician happened pos top in front of my house and informed me of what the problem was….and more and more.  That never resolved itself until Saturday morning with another two technicians coming to my home to finally get my WIFI stabilized and to update anything that Time Warner could update!

Friday was a slow day with almost two hours involved with the healthy aging venture followed my the normal three hours of creating one of the newsletters for the East networking group and then crashing.  

Then the Saturday crash took hold as I went off to an important business function when the Time Warner issue was resolved, and when I got home, I did crash…

Unfortunately, the blogs were a victim of this week…and the week starts over tomorrow, but I am really trying to redefine “balance” this week…please wish me well with that.  In the meantime, I am no longer in tantrum mode…

Why Is It So Hard to Be a Graceful Receiver?


Do you want to be happy?  Do you want to realize your dream?  If I want to live my dream, I have to work for it, it does not just happen.  But on the other hand, I have also had to learn to be able to accept others’ help along the way.  It is all a part of “attraction”, but I have seen so many, including myself, who hesitate to take offered help.  We want to do it on our own.

What we fail to acknowledge  is that we are all connected; we are all here to help each other in our own personal journey.  It is a simple rule, help others and let them help you.  It is a blessing in either situation.  We do need to learn to be a graceful receiver…  It is amazing how we become more active givers, we become better receivers.  It is a simple way to be happy…let others help you and you keep helping others.  And, Smile!