Off to the Farm Market!

and the people spend their money, Farmers/Makers earn their money, the money goes back into the Earth, and the cycle begins again—that is Slow Money, that is Woody Tasch who wrote a book by the name of SLOW MONEY, which heralded a movement to support local farmers, local food entrepreneurs, and has managed to stimulate […]


“I’m sad as hell and I’ not going to fake it anymore”  These are the first words of a new book by Woody Tasch.  It was his first book SLOW MONEY…that led to my total involvement in the local, healthy, organic, sustainable food movement.  His new book SOIL/2017:  NOTES TOWARDS THE THEORY AND PRACTICE OF […]

The Empower Excellence Experience 2017 is Going Back to Our Roots…

In 2011, as an active participant in Sustainable Cleveland, I had the good fortune to meet Woody Tasch, venture capitalist and author of SLOW MONEY, as he presented at the Cleveland annual summit.  It set off a path that led to a group in Ohio and in Cleveland focused on SLOW MONEY, investing in the […]

Whine, whine, whine, oh you meant “Wine”!

Worrying leads to whining, and more whining, and more and more whining!  A total waste of time! SO WHY DO WE DO IT? Worrying comes from fear, which we talked about yesterday.  It is something we all face, some more often than others.  Fear is debilitating.  Fear creates worry, which creates anxiety, which creates stress, […]