Off to the Farm Market!

Organic Roosters

and the people spend their money, Farmers/Makers earn their money, the money goes back into the Earth, and the cycle begins again—that is Slow Money, that is Woody Tasch who wrote a book by the name of SLOW MONEY, which heralded a movement to support local farmers, local food entrepreneurs, and has managed to stimulate the local and national food economy.  It is all about money—yours, mine, and ours!  Support your nutrition and your money…go find a local farm market or stand today!


“I’m sad as hell and I’ not going to fake it anymore”  These are the first words of a new book by Woody Tasch.  It was his first book SLOW MONEY…that led to my total involvement in the local, healthy, organic, sustainable food movement.  His new book SOIL/2017:  NOTES TOWARDS THE THEORY AND PRACTICE OF NURTURE CAPITAL was released about two weeks ago.  In Woody’s own words, “Of Earthworms, Billionaires, AHA! Moments, Mythic Implications, and the Considerable Virtues of Bringing Our Money Back Down to Earth (Not All of It, of Course, but Enough to Matter)” is what this new work is all about.

“This is a call to farms.  A call to all who plant, grow, harvest, eat, hug, argue, clink, put up, squirrel away, fritter away, layaway, and otherwise regret that civility and community went that-a-way.  A call to gather our wits–one farm at a time, one town at a time, one county at a time, one watershed at a time, one refusal to argue about politics at a time, one sleeve rolled up at a time.”

“Just why is it anyway, that the economy keeps growing, military spending keeps exploding, drug prices keep soaring, the stock market keeps lifting off, but the strength of our marriages, the health of our kids, the vitality of our Main Streets, and the fertility of our soil keep going down?”

These are Woody’s words, and, yes, I have met him, talked with him, dined with him, and learned so much and became aware of my passion about healthy food from him… These words reflect what I believe is the foundation of Personal Sustainability, and that is why I am sharing them with you this morning…  If it gets one person to think about the quality of our soil upon which we build our lives, then I will be smiling….


Organic vegetables on a stand at a farmers market

Why Buy Local, Especially Food!


Organic vegetables on a stand at a farmers market

I am a local type person because I want all of my neighbors to benefit when the economy is “local”!  I live in a town that kept Walmart out of town, McDonald’s is so far from all of the other restaurants downtown, and Subway must have been located in town as a concession to some of the college students. I live in Oberlin.

Not only do I try to buy everything local as far as candles, books,beads, etc., but I also  frequent the farmers’ market year round.  I like talking to the farmers who grow my food; I learn so much.  I also like knowing how they grow my food, what is important to them for I believe their values are incorporated into their crops!  Honey, greens, strawberries, and more grown locally really do taste better.  They do not spend days on trucks crossing the country!

As an advocate for local food, I was a part of Slow Money coming into existence in Ohio and Cleveland several years ago.  I will share more on that in a future blog.  But Slow Money is all about local food and investing in local soil.  And soil can be a problem with our food today.  So much has been depleted from soil!  It is important to me to invest my food dollars into local land where farmers are local and not corporate, where the farmer can share the story of my food from seed to market.  It is called integrity, not only of the farmer but also of the soil.

I like integrity!

The Empower Excellence Experience 2017 is Going Back to Our Roots…


In 2011, as an active participant in Sustainable Cleveland, I had the good fortune to meet Woody Tasch, venture capitalist and author of SLOW MONEY, as he presented at the Cleveland annual summit.  It set off a path that led to a group in Ohio and in Cleveland focused on SLOW MONEY, investing in the earth by supporting local food entrepreneurs.  That chapter for me came to a conclusion as the Cleveland group had found investable money, created a website, and an advisory group.  Their future path is no longer part of my portfolio, but it ignited a fire within me that has been dormant for almost two years.  

But my evolution has continued with Empower Excellence during those years, and it continues to move ahead.  In 2017 it is my intention to move to Oberlin, ironically the location that led me to really become involved in local food.  Their aspirations through the Oberlin Project include more local food produced and consumed in the Oberlin area.  Truly local food.  

Oberlin has been my destination for a while, and my vision of me in Oberlin is a quieter but more involved version of Empower Excellence now lovingly referred to as The Empower Excellence Experience.  There is much to share at a later time about that evolution.  It is truly exciting and has really excited my soul!  

But on September 8th, I attended a dinner cooking party.  Not my usual activity, but there is always a reason for everything happening in my life.  By the end of the evening, with the help of my hostess and encouragement from other guests, an idea had hatched that I fell in love with.  It was something that touched my heart and soul so much that in the words of Tama Kieve this morning it caused me to “delve into a project with savage devotion, leaving no room for questions.”  

Beginning in the Spring, I hope to be a part of the Oberlin Farm Market doing mini cooking shows weekly using the produce of the other vendors, truly promoting good, local produce as local as it can be short of going to farms all around the area.  Yes, there is more, but that is the kernel of the idea.  I am exploring my participation in the market, but today, I love the idea so fully, that I truly believe that it is being prepped by the Universe with me.  You see, everyone’s experience with empowering excellence begins with health, it begins with good, healthy, local food.  I can be of help to the local food producers while helping local residents who attend the weekly farm market to have fun using the local produce.  I am excited, and I cannot wait to share that happiness about this idea.  Food makes people happy–growing it, cooking it, and eating it for happiness comes from other people sharing life with each other, and that is a part of the Empower Excellence Experience.  Stay tuned…

Whine, whine, whine, oh you meant “Wine”!


Worrying leads to whining, and more whining, and more and more whining!  A total waste of time!


Worrying comes from fear, which we talked about yesterday.  It is something we all face, some more often than others.  Fear is debilitating.  Fear creates worry, which creates anxiety, which creates stress, and then we can whine about not feeling well for stress is the foundation cause of so many illnesses.

So stop it!

There is a Bob Newhart clip on U Tube called “Stop It!”

Check it out on your own.   This is a blog, not a self-help book!

Oh, stop your whining, you will find it, and I want you to find it on your own, so you will enjoy what

YOU have accomplished!

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