Are You in Need of Healing Your Money?

Just One day

If I could give you fewer than 10 steps to begin healing your life in some way, including your money, could you at least consider it for one day?

Because I can give you some steps to begin thinking about.  You notice that I did not say that you could change everything in one day, but you can begin thinking about changing in one day.  I do not believe in radical change because it does not last.  I have taken the last year to fully realize where I have had my missteps with my life in these first months in Oberlin, and it feels so good to know that I am changing.  I listen to those quiet whispers in early morning meditation to set my course for the day, and off I go, most days!

So, let’s give it a try with some ideas I have pulled together and use personally to begin making change, whether it is with money or another part of your life because a change in any part of your life could possibly result in changes in your money relationship as well.

  • The most important step is to believe that you can heal yourself.  It is probably one of the hardest as well, we are the last ones to believe in ourselves.  This is a self esteem issue which I know we will touch on in the future.
  • Once you believe enough in you to make a start, find those who will lend their support to you.  It could be one person or more.  But they must be people you trust.  After all, you are trusting you, you want them to trust you as well.
  • Begin to trust your intuition.  How?  Well, a quiet practice, call it meditation or whatever, is helpful.  Meditation scares people until they realize it is a quiet time for you that once started allows your still small voice in your head, in your heart, and in your soul to be heard.  Trust me in this process as well.  Believe me, it works.
  • Begin to be your own diagnostician.  Once you begin to believe in you and the still small voices of intuition, the answers to issues–mentally, emotionally, physically–do come to you.  It takes time, but believing what your body tells you is important in the self esteem area.  
  • This one is a little harder.  Once you begin to listen to your body and you begin to get an idea of what is going on, then you will begin to be able to prescribe how to fix it.  Yes, you can, and, yes, you will!
  • Many have a hard time when it comes to this step:  let go of all outcomes.  When you try to control the outcome, you are throwing away everything else.  Don’t try to understand this right now, but you gain control when you let go of it.  It is the self power:  it is not power until you let it go into the world!

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