Awe, Isn’t This Selfish?

Growing up Catholic, we were taught to be kind and not to be selfish, and we all did as much of what we could to follow the rule of “what would Jesus do”? And then we grew up, we understood what we were taught, and we felt guilty when we began to take care of ourselves: our needs and our wishes and our dreams. The guilt was there, and the guilt deepened when we had a significant other and when we had families. We loved all of the “family” in our lives, but we began to feel an internal rumble that was identified as “guilt”. But we put the guilt aside because we had loved ones to care for. Most of us became part of a two wage earner family out of need for fulfillment and for cash flow, and more guilt grew. The years went on, we tried, especially as women to do it all: family, work, community. And, yes, there were times and ways we tried to include self care. Successful? Sometimes, sometimes not. And now, no matter our age, we have thoughts, we have dreams, we have visions, and the guilt sometimes rears its ugly head! For all of these reasons, for all women of all ages, for all who are caring for parents, for all who have been single parents, for all who have not chosen marriage and family, for those who are young and wondering how to “have it all”, for every woman, I have created with the help of many women so far this summer AGELESS WOMEN OF WISDOM. All women, no matter the age, have wisdom. Sometimes, we just do not have the time to share it, but the wisdom is there to SHARE. Stay tuned and begin to believe that Self Care is not selfish.

SELF CARE IS THERE TO SHARE …ageless women of wisdom is there to help you SHARE…for YOU have Wisdom to SHARE! Please contact me to learn more or COMMENT on this page.

NOW is the moment forever…

My wish for you on this beautiful morning of June 12th is to give you the moment of NOW forever. It is a gift that you can keep, it is a gift that you can give away as many times as you wish and still have the gift of NOW all to yourself or to give away as many times as you want. It is a beautiful gift that has been given to me over and over. I appreciate the gift, and I am grateful for the gift. I love the gift of NOW. It holds a promise of forever, for every moment is a gift, it is NOW!

NOW is not a promise of a specific future, but it is a promise that there will always be a NOW in our current physical life. And we do not know what a transition from this life could hold, but I like to think that NOW in a future transition will be a forever NOW. For now, NOW is a moment, the moment, to be treasured, to be lived, and to wonder in.

For NOW, this is a moment of transformation…it can be anything we want it to be, and it can form future moments into a new moment different than the current NOW. Recently, I transitioned in this life from being the co-owner of a company called Ageless Women of Wisdom to being the sole owner. It was like the NOW moment was the birthing not only of a being that was expected for the last nine months ironically but also realizing that the child AWW Ageless Women of Wisdom, “AWW” for short, was totally different than our thoughts had been for her. Now that AWW is two weeks old in real life, the pandemonium of a new child in a household has settled down, life goes on, life changes, and breathing is now calm and peaceful. I am now the mother of AWW as we move forward to nurture her and have the quiet time to appreciate what AWW is in the NOW but knowing that each moment of her life is her NOW to become what she is meant to be. For NOW, she is happy, peaceful, and sharing her gifts each moment with all who want to be a part of her life. For now, AWW is AWE Ageless Women Emerging, and she will have so many NOW moments in her first Summer of AWE!

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Looking at Risks…

Sing Anyway

There are days, there are weeks, there are months when I just do not feel like moving, talking, working.  It feels like the whole world is a risk!  Today is a day when, after a good night’s sleep, I am ready to take on the world in spite of some after effects of risk taking this week.  I know it will all work out, but for now, I find myself doing Jhin Shin Jytsu exercises to quell the anxiety.  Nothing big, just anxiety that will pass.  But risk taking is something that I look at as chances to listen to and learn about myself.  And Mercury Retrograde is already in play with an actual launch date of March 22.  It goes all the way through April 15th.  So these past two weeks were weeks when intuition hit and told me to “Go for it!”  Do not wait.  “Go, go, do”!  And I did…

My new website is almost ready to announce.  I have an on-line school for my courses to be housed within:  Empower Excellence Transformational Moments.  I have a Signature Talk ready to go, and I presented it successfully in person under the worst conditions this past week.  I have upgraded my security on my computer, and I really like it when it tells me what it has stopped!  This was all for my business Empower Excellence, LLC.  However, this is a major risk I started in 2012, and it will be the supportive part of my life to reach my dreams for the next 30 years of my life.

You see, I am a risk taker from way back.  Risk taking is sometimes pushed upon us when we become married to the wrong person, we become a single parent, and we take seriously that my job as a parent was to raise my children the best I could.  I often said that I mortgaged my future for my children; and that was pure survival.  I was never raised to be the BRAVE one as Sara Bareilles sings of, so I had to learn by doing, and I did.  All the while, without knowing it, I was being prepared by The Universe to do what my mission has been since birth:  to help make money relationships better.  No detail, end of story.

So, yes, I am a risk taker.  You can be a risk taker also…  Go ahead and take a risk with life, with money, with you.  You never know where it will lead!

Are You Comfortable Being Uncomfortable?

Tree House Living

The standard of being “comfortable” today is far different than even 50 years ago.  I went through my years thankful for having a safe, comfortable home in a suburb of Cleveland.  I always had enough to eat although my mother’s cooking allowed me to stay underweight for years.  I had a decent education.  I was not challenged, I was not encouraged in the arts.  My parents came from an ethnic European and Great Britain background, and both families had an alcoholic background.  Both families were dysfunctional.  However, through it all, I developed a fairly high standard of values, educated myself over the years to have both a public and private college education and degree.  Married, had an adopted child and a natural-born child, became a single parent when my sons were 4 and 8.  The one thing that was pervasive in my life was a lack of money!  End of story.

Beginning of story:  I learned what was important to me, I learned that money was a topic of concern, and I became a banker and a financial planner.  I lived from check to check, and, it is wonderful to say that I am finally living in the flow of money.  I needed to learn this, and I taught this to clients since 1993.  That is the Introduction to Me today.  

Yes, in today’s American culture, I seek a simplistic lifestyle, I have goals for the future, but I chose to live in Oberlin, Ohio because of the more simplistic values here.  Having spent a year here, I am content in my 1100-square foot rental that provided everything I asked the Universe for.  And still, I hope to live in a home that will become part of my investment portfolio within the next 4 years.  Even so, what I have considered are not huge homes; I am looking for simplicity and spirit and a connection to nature.  The final outcome, once thought to have been decided, is not.  I am still learning who I am, what my values are today, and where I will be able to work and write and share the Money Energy that has become my passion.  It probably has been the mission and passion since my pre-conception days, and I had to have the life experiences I had so that I could really help people from all backgrounds.

But, guess what.  I could do that in a treehouse!  But there would be certain things I would want in that treehouse….

Happy, Happy, Sad, Sad!

Butterfly   By Example

It has been a long siege of illness for me since the end of October, but I am still a pretty happy person.  Of course, I have my sad days, and I have my happy days, and, when it comes to money, there is no telling what the day will bring so I think very little about money on a personal level.  Sound strange?  Yes, it does because I have had years of sad money days, but the more I followed my mission of helping others with their money relationship, the fewer sad days I have had and that is because I have learned that the Universe and faith and hope always make sure I have what I need.  And the bigger secret is that I have learned to live in the NOW most of the time.  I am neither perfect nor do I want to be perfect.  I cannot change someone else’s outlook on money unless I truly believe that our individual attitudes truly can make examples fro the rest of the world.  And they can!  My example for all to see, and hear, because I have no ego involved in this covers the gamut of dysfunctional families, divorce, single parenthood, career disasters, and more.  They were lessons that needed to be taught and learned, and they have enabled me to know that I will always be ok.  

The other lesson learned is that money is only a tool that takes us through life with a bargaining tool; it is not the ultimate, it is not that by which we are truly judged.  And, at this time of the year, it is a symbol of commercialism for many that can lead to depression and ego illness.  Money is not love, money does not buy love, but love is what this season is about.  It is love that keeps everyone moving every day of every one’s life!  Love is the attitude and example that can serve as the guidepost for all of us every day with money.    

Let’s Talk About the Selfish Basics!

Owl Evening Worrying

No matter where you are on your path, make sure that the basics needed for a sustainable life are included in your plan.  Sleep is one of the greatest healers, and we many times carry with us the stigma from our parents about sleep issues.  I know as a child I was always told that I sleep too much.  So I went around with not enough sleep, not quite as sharp as I was told I could be by teachers.  No one ever addressed the sleep problem without being told by my parents that I sleep too much!  I believed that for many years, and upon my beginning work with a holistic, intuitive doctor, I was suddenly told that I was sleep deprived.  Of course, after many years of being a single parent, burning the candles at both ends and in the middle building a life for all of us, I was sleep deprived with fatigued adrenals.  Then I began to listen to my body and soon learned that I function best on 8-10 hours of sleep.  I feel fantastic with my sleep routine.  I do try to minimize that when necessary but I can feel it within the day.  Some say that it is a selfish way to live, sleeping away a third of the day, but OMG can I tell the difference.  I guard my sleep in all ways:  caffeine intake, exercise routine, meals, and scheduling activities.  I wish I could be happy with 6 hours of sleep, but it will never work for me!  I do not lay awake 99% of the time.  I hit the pillow, go into meditation and sleep.  It is a foundation for Personal Sustainability in all ways.  When I sleep appropriately for me, I stay in a positive place with my money relationship, my eating habits, my cleaning habits, my successful Personal Sustainability practice housed in The Empower Excellence Experience.  Take the time to analyze your sleep habits and how they affect your total life.  You could be in for sweet dreams!

It is a Happy Friday…

Happy Friday

Most people just look forward to Friday to start their weekend, but, me, I am happy most days.  Oh yes, a little sadness occurs every once in a while, but it does not matter what day of the week it is.  When I am following my mission and my purpose, I find happiness at most times.  It can be brought to mind by little and big things.  Very little of my happiness has to do with money…

Over the years since taking my leap of faith and leaving corporate America and big government, money has out of necessity of my choice been a concern.  Sometimes a big concern, sometimes a little concern.  But, working with people on their money relationships has brought new enlightenment to me.  I am still a believer in multiple streams of income, and I am finally back in that practice.  Now, money is there, it really is, for what my purpose and mission is.  And that has had a change in focus over the years.

Being a single mother now for 34 years, my children were always my first priority during their pre-adult years.  Now, while they are still a major concern, it is a different type of concern.  I know it is the time in my life that I have to take care of me for the rest of my life.  And becoming older is bringing new obligations in that regard to preserve and protect my life.

All of this is leading to my longevity; but a major contributor to longevity is not directly money; it is happiness.  This weekend is a happiness weekend.  My oldest son comes back to Cleveland for the first time in many, many months not only to celebrate the birthday of my youngest grandson but also to become his god father.  That is an important thing for my son as he knows the value of having a father in his life.  Being a god father is an honor these days, and it is hoped that his role never becomes active, but, if it does, I know he will rise to the occasion in a way that he knows he can be!  It will be a time of happiness for all; that is my hope and belief.

And that is far better than money…

Finding Balance, Finding Success in 2016

This week is the last week of 2015, but it is the first week of 2016, which many view as “the future”.  But I offer to you, this moment as it moves to the next moment is “the future”.


And this moment can never be regained!  Women especially face a very big challenge to balance their personal and professional lives while seeking a level of success on both levels.

Decisions made in this moment affect our future!  And, with that in mind, I offer to you an insight into the role networking plays in all of this for women.  

As an introvert, I love my “alone” time.  It is what energizes me to move ahead with the many roles that I do play:  mother, grandmother, business owner, mentor, and community activist.  But as the creator of the Professional Women’s Connection regional networking groups, I truly recognize that balance and success comes in many forms for women.  Having traversed the path of single parent, career professional, and woman, I treasure what networking can do to help women achieve balance and success in all walks of their lives.  Networking is SUPPORT for Women.  I see it every time a group convenes, it is ENERGY.  Every woman entering the monthly program immediately connects with others who share her quest for balance and success.  There is conversation, there is laughter, there are smiles, there are hugs, there are hesitant “goodbyes until we meet again”.  They meet with each other one-on-one and THEY SUPPORT EACH OTHER’S BUSINESSES!  

In 2013, with the transformation into Professional Women’s Connection West, the original group grew and grew, even with normal attrition, to today where the group has just about doubled in size with over 60 members.  In 2015, a second group, Professional Women’s Connection East, came into existence in the last quarter and has 25 members to date.  And now, with a great deal of love and attention, Professional Women’s Connection Lorain County will launch on January 1, 2016.  The first program will be in March of 2016.  Women everywhere need a networking forum, but in Lorain County there is great opportunity for women with the influence of Lorain County Community College’s Women’s Link and the unique entrepreneurship programs offered.  In addition, the LCCC campus is home to the local Small Business Development Center.  There are Lorain County women looking for balance and success; and Professional Women’s Connection Lorain County seeks to be a part of that quest.  

During this week, I will share more information about my networking efforts in Northern Ohio as well as the pilot “The Partnering Program” which will be an adjunct group of Professional Women’s Connection Lorain County…

But for now, if you or someone you know wants more information or an application to become a member of Professional Women’s Connection Lorain County or any other Professional Women’s Connection group, please contact me at 440-670-2252 or  


Are You Broke?

Stress Chase It Away jpg

Mike Todd once upon a time expressed his thoughts about being broke very simply:

Being broke is a temporary situation.  Being poor is a state of mind.

This is so very true.  As a single parent from the time my sons were 8 and 4, I felt broke 29 days of each month.  My paycheck arrived electronically on the first of the month, and all payments were removed electronically within 48 hours!

I felt rich for those 48 hours and broke for the remainder of the month.  Not a good way to live!

That was 1983 till the mid ’90’s.  Then I felt broke and poor for most of the month because I went on to a commission-based life.  It is no wonder that I am doing what I do with my company today–helping people create peaceful and powerful money relationships.  And that is where I am today with my own entrepreneurial lack of stability.  But it is different.  I have the greatest faith in God and the Universe that I am doing what I am supposed to be doing–my mission in life–and that all will be provided from now on!  It is a great feeling.  I do what I need to do and know that the money will flow, and it does.

I had a poor state of mind for so many years because that was what my life was.  I raised my children.  Had multiple fantastic careers, and now I have arrived at what my path in life is to be.  I do not always know where the path is going, and sometimes I am broke, but I know it is a temporary situation.  I will never ever think that I am poor again because I am not.  I am so filled with a richness of life–the people, the environment, the thoughts.  I am so very rich.  Think about you–are you rich or are you poor?

Be rich and chase away the stress in your life!


Are You Afraid When You Could Courageous: Be Brave!


as I write this blog, one of my all time favorite songs is playing on the radio–Kelly Clarkson’s “Because of You”–it is not a favorite because it is a happy song.  it is a favorite because it really depicts my childhood and how I entered adulthood–afraid of so many things.  many years later, i am so totally different.  but the song remains a favorite reminding me that we really are a product of environment and that it affects everything in our life–decisions, money, relationships, and more.  

I love my life today because I am all about “being in the flow”.  out of necessity–illness, divorce, single parenthood, and more–I have become a risk taker.  that was never more evident than when I left financial services in the traditional sense and started my own business helping others have a better relationship with money.  every day EMPOWER Excellence enters “the flow” and becomes more of what it is intended to be in the Universe.  it is so good to be back “in the flow”.  it is the way I know that I am on the right path.  it is the way I used to feel when I was raising children and running a Congressional office for 8 years; however, with the latest cyber breach, I am now subject to someone in China breaking into the computer system of the Federal government.  but I digress…

what I really want to share today is from another favorite of mine, Tama Kieves, who shares the thought “Don’t wait until you’re fearless to do something.  Do it when you’re trembling.  Experience gives you power.  Experience gives you freedom.  Waiting shrinks your life.  You also don’t have to do everything at once.  A tiny step ignites the alchemy of transformation.  One small moment of willingness opens the door to everything you want.”

Getting Back to “The Flow” of Today …