Awe, Isn’t This Selfish?

Growing up Catholic, we were taught to be kind and not to be selfish, and we all did as much of what we could to follow the rule of “what would Jesus do”? And then we grew up, we understood what we were taught, and we felt guilty when we began to take care of […]

Looking at Risks…

There are days, there are weeks, there are months when I just do not feel like moving, talking, working.  It feels like the whole world is a risk!  Today is a day when, after a good night’s sleep, I am ready to take on the world in spite of some after effects of risk taking […]

Are You Comfortable Being Uncomfortable?

The standard of being “comfortable” today is far different than even 50 years ago.  I went through my years thankful for having a safe, comfortable home in a suburb of Cleveland.  I always had enough to eat although my mother’s cooking allowed me to stay underweight for years.  I had a decent education.  I was […]

Happy, Happy, Sad, Sad!

It has been a long siege of illness for me since the end of October, but I am still a pretty happy person.  Of course, I have my sad days, and I have my happy days, and, when it comes to money, there is no telling what the day will bring so I think very little […]

Let’s Talk About the Selfish Basics!

No matter where you are on your path, make sure that the basics needed for a sustainable life are included in your plan.  Sleep is one of the greatest healers, and we many times carry with us the stigma from our parents about sleep issues.  I know as a child I was always told that […]

Finding Balance, Finding Success in 2016

This week is the last week of 2015, but it is the first week of 2016, which many view as “the future”.  But I offer to you, this moment as it moves to the next moment is “the future”. And this moment can never be regained!  Women especially face a very big challenge to balance […]

Are You Afraid When You Could Courageous: Be Brave!

as I write this blog, one of my all time favorite songs is playing on the radio–Kelly Clarkson’s “Because of You”–it is not a favorite because it is a happy song.  it is a favorite because it really depicts my childhood and how I entered adulthood–afraid of so many things.  many years later, i am […]