Resisting our Greatest Gifts…

“Resistance” is a popular word in my world as I work with folks to “Make Money Simple”.  Within each of us is a gift that has been with us since birth; that gift becomes hidden in the daily living of life until we say we do not have any special gifts, special talents, unearthed abilities […]

Looking for Precious Things in Life?

You can have them, yes, you can!   And, yes, there will be times when feelings such as joy, courage, and gratitude may feel out of reach.  Our life becomes cluttered many times; and many of those times are during transitions.  Transitions such as marriage, divorce, birth, death, a new job or the loss of a […]

Self Esteem = Self Trust

Very simply, and I am a great fan of simplification, self trust really is the foundation of self esteem.  Self esteem is so much of what is missing when life goes wrong and folks founder because of money, health, or chemical influences in their lives, and I am not talking just addictive chemical influences.  I […]