My New Most Favorite Book! Food, Cleveland Food, Heinen’s…


OMG, I love this book…It is so full of  wonderfulness!  Michael Ruhlman is a local Cleveland guy!  Michael Ruhlman writes and writes about food!  But this book is so perfectly on target as I have found my way to Oberlin and am finding my way to being Healthy with local food and sustainability.  Please do not get tired of my references to the book.  It is well worth reading and owning if you care about the food you eat and the food you feed your family!  

As a Consultant with Pampered Chef and my quote of “I am Pampered Chef “Healthy”,  I really believe the path to health for all of us is taking matters into our own hands and “COOKING”.  It is the only way to control what you put into your body.  But you need quality in your cooking tools, and Pampered Chef does that as well as giving you reasonable recipes, not all that require the microwave.  I am a believer, and I will be a believer as a cook.  Understand my children grew up with THE SUPERMARKET HANDBOOK being read to them in the grocery store!  Cooking is not stressful for me, it is a stress reducer, it is creative, it is right brain!

Michael Ruhlman shares a poignant line in his book when people tell him that they do not have time to cook.  He agrees with me that the only way for us to be healthy is to cook healthy.  There are “long-term benefits of carving out the time to cook.  That’s all it really is: being organized and making time.  You never hear people say “You know I would really love to shower more, but I just don’t have the time.”