Fulfillment is Foundational to Legacy…

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In my LIVE Facebook post this morning, I spoke of Your Soul & Money.  Using the soul as a reference point, remember that when we are young we truly believe that we have sufficient energy and time.  As we age, we are uncertain of that.  But really, all the way down to the soul level, we always have sufficient energy to reach our purpose, to become fulfilled in the NOW.

It is up to us to develop the quality of our energy and then strive to maintain it on a moment by moment basis.  The quality of our energy for our inner world, including the soul, needs energy that is not available from the outside world.  Deepak Chopra cites the following needs for our inner world:  meaning, achievement, love, self -esteem, purpose, positive core beliefs or values, and the belief in a higher power.  When we are deprived of these needs, we can eventually starve our inner world.  Fulfillment flounders and disappears.

Nourished, the inner world becomes fulfilled, creativity flows, and life energy in all forms:  emotional, mental, and more becomes filled with infinite potential and allows us to be in pure consciousness.

Fulfillment and pure consciousness are foundational to move forward with a family legacy for financial wellness…Do not deprive yourself of fulfillment!

Want to Become Sustainable: Start with Self Care…Money Stops Most!

simplicity plan breate trust let go

Money creates situations where mental stress, muscle tension, confidence and flexibility suffer.  Really!  Maybe you have experienced this, maybe you have not; or at least you do not acknowledge that money may be a contributing cause to all of this.  Think for a moment.  Breathe for a moment–that is a free gift since conception!  No money involved here, but, deep breathing rarely occurs when money is problematic.  Start with 5 minutes of deep breathing–it is work, but it does help position your mind, body in general, and organs specifically to take a time out, and it is a workout!

When you are comfortable with 5 minutes, increase the time slowly, and begin to see how you slow down all for the good!

What is this all about?

As a money energy coach, I work with all types of money transitions and concerns.  When we get down to the basics of a solution, much of it is self care.  And most people do not take the time to care for themselves.  They have been raised to believe that this is a selfish motivation and being selfish is almost a sin!  Yes, there is much more to many money issues, but self care is a foundational requirement of self worth and self esteem, and most people do not love themselves enough to care for their personal worth.  

Why should you or they begin to care more for themselves?  Well, let me begin a list of the benefits of self care:

  • boost your immunity
  • reduce inflammation
  • gain increased self control
  • improve communication skills
  • manage stress better
  • enhance working memory
  • lower blood pressure
  • improve balance
  • boost mood
  • increase confidence
  • increase relaxation
  • support fertility
  • keep bones stronger
  • improve body image
  • slow aging
  • and more!

Breathing is just the beginning, real breathing, deep breathing.  You can add more to this regimen:  yoga, aromatherapy, massage, being in nature, visualization, sauna, and more…reiki, tai chi, dancing!

Why should you do any of this?  Why should you be concerned with self care?

Because, while you may want to improve your life including your money relationship, which can improve all parts of your life, if you forget about you, your personal financial sustainability will be for nothing.  You need to create a personal LEGACY of YOU first, then you can begin to address mental, emotional, physical issues.  Then and only then will you be effective at creating a LEGACY for your family including financial wellness.  It needs to start with you because a LEGACY is left with everything you touch in your life, STARTING WITH YOU!

Ordinary Self Care…Joyful Self Esteem!

Joy in the Ordinary

Self care…really!  What does that have to do with money, honey?  And this is meant for men and women for good self care is the foundation of good self esteem.  I have just finished my Monday-Wednesday-Friday 9 am Empower Excellence “It’s Your Money” LIVE Facebook moments, and today’s topic was self care.


And while I try to keep personal stories out of the LIVE segment because it is usually only 2-3 minutes, today was full of real personal examples covering self-care:  skin cancer screening (I am ok but experienced cryotherapy for the first time yesterday!), good sleep habits(8-9 hours per night), good nutrition ( have all of my daily 8-10 fruits and vegetables at breakfast), socialization (lunch with a friend today), exercise (6000 steps to go to and from lunch in Oberlin), and a haircut (self love!) this afternoon.  Family will be covered on Sunday, and now I am off to work (here at home, which I am very disciplined about.  This evening and tomorrow, I have two new books from the library to read when I am not on Trulia scoping out the Aurora area for my next planned move within 4 years from now (Having a Dream!).  This is all self care and balance.

And for a true R-Evolution with Money, I have to be balanced, well rested, well fed, in good physical shape, and emotionally ready for whatever comes my way.  Meditation morning and evening helps with that, too!

So, men and women, take care of yourselves and each other because self care is foundational for good self esteem, and believe me all issues in our lives find their way back to self esteem, take care of yours and the self esteem of those you love!  And find JOY in doing these ordinary things in life!

2018: Can You Live “Wealthy” This Year?

Trust Yourself

In my live moment on Empower Excellence @financialwellnessforall on Facebook today, I took a brief moment to put self esteem front and center in regards to your energy with money.  The graphic above from Michael Bernard Beckwith is a strange rendition of self esteem, but self esteem is really about trusting yourself way down deep and then reaping the rewards of doing that.

While many of my clients are women, self esteem is a major issue that I deal with in order to get to solutions of problems and relationships with money.  So many times, folks simply want to get an easy formula to bring wealth into their lives, especially at the beginning of a new year.  While that does not usually work, because the problems go way deeper than just wanting to become wealthy, I believe in giving some folks what they want.  So from an article in SUCCESS magazine from January, 2017 by Tom Corley, here are 10 Tips to Achieve Financial Freedom in a Year.

  1. Broke Habit 1:  You Spend Too Much on Housing
  2. Broke Habit 2:  You Spend Too Much on Cars
  3. Broke Habit 3:  You Develop Habits by Association
  4. Broke Habit 4:  You Rely on Credit Cards to Finance Your Lifestyle
  5. Broke Habit 5:  You Spend on a Whim
  6. Broke Habit 6:  You Gamble Too Much
  7. Broke Habit 7:  You Overspend on Entertainment
  8. Broke Habit 8:  You Don’t Save
  9. Broke Habit 9:  You Don’t Track Your Spending
  10. Bad Money Habit 10:  You Don’t Bargain Shop

Simple right?  Oh yes, it is simple to just make all of these changes and begin to live a wealthy life.  You can change every one of the above behaviors, I have no doubt.  BUT, if you do not go deeper to find the reason for the behaviors, it will not last.  Yes, that is where self esteem enters the picture.  Think about all of the above and then begin to think about the “WHY” behind each one.  The author of the SUCCESS article is a Certified Public Accountant and Certified Financial Planner.  I left his industry to begin working with the real relationships folks have with money.  Until the self esteem issue is recognized and resolved, any behavior changes will only be temporary…  Recognize the self esteem issue, you change the energy, and then The Energy of Money can follow!


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Be Whole, and Be Well!

Happy Butterfly New Year

We have Friday, Saturday, and Sunday before the New Year kicks in, and I want to wish you Wholeness in the New Year.  I am a strong believer of the mind, body, spirit connection, and it has me baffled right now.  I spent a good part of the last 6 months ill with one respiratory situation after another, and I thought I had it figured out; but I was wrong.  After about 3 weeks of wellness, including a trip to the dentist for an exam, teeth cleaning, and a general exam with my traditional doctor and blood work, I have pretty well lost my voice as of yesterday.  And I have a blazing cold that began yesterday morning.  I, the nonbeliever of pharmaceutical drugs, is taking a one-a-day decongestant–strong, and it is helping with the congestion but not with the voice! I am turning it over to God, and maybe he will let me know what is really going on…

In the meantime, as we approach 2018, wholeness is wellness in all parts of our lives:  career, social, financial, physical, and community.  Being well does not live in a vacuum!  It is more than eating healthy, which I do.  It is more than working out, I have lost 14 pounds over the past year with walking; and I am waiting for the temperature to warm for that and for my physical wellness to return so that I can once again be a part of Silver Sneakers without contaminating everyone else.  But take the community involvement, and the career fulfillment; add those to financial wellness, and you should be on your way to being well on a holistic level!

And I want to take a moment to discuss “financial wellness”.  Everything to have everyone better aware of their money situation is good; but our traditional financial institutions have fallen into the habit of offering “Financial Wellness” which is primarily product driven.  After all of my years in constituent services, banking, and financial planning, the need is far deeper than that.

And that deeper level has everything to do with understanding how each of us as an individual makes personal money decisions.  I have found that working on the personal money relationship empowers folks to understand “their” personal money relationship and then to go on to choose the best decisions for them!  Festering financial problems, which employees hesitate to discuss in a group setting in their workplaces where the financial institutions offer their “free” programs can cause loss of sleep, lower self esteem and reduced productivity.  Several years ago, COSE (Council of Smaller Enterprises) included my thought sin an article they did on this topic:  “managing money issues “frees up people’s spirits and gives them more energy.”  The rest comes easier!



Are You in Need of Healing Your Money?

Just One day

If I could give you fewer than 10 steps to begin healing your life in some way, including your money, could you at least consider it for one day?

Because I can give you some steps to begin thinking about.  You notice that I did not say that you could change everything in one day, but you can begin thinking about changing in one day.  I do not believe in radical change because it does not last.  I have taken the last year to fully realize where I have had my missteps with my life in these first months in Oberlin, and it feels so good to know that I am changing.  I listen to those quiet whispers in early morning meditation to set my course for the day, and off I go, most days!

So, let’s give it a try with some ideas I have pulled together and use personally to begin making change, whether it is with money or another part of your life because a change in any part of your life could possibly result in changes in your money relationship as well.

  • The most important step is to believe that you can heal yourself.  It is probably one of the hardest as well, we are the last ones to believe in ourselves.  This is a self esteem issue which I know we will touch on in the future.
  • Once you believe enough in you to make a start, find those who will lend their support to you.  It could be one person or more.  But they must be people you trust.  After all, you are trusting you, you want them to trust you as well.
  • Begin to trust your intuition.  How?  Well, a quiet practice, call it meditation or whatever, is helpful.  Meditation scares people until they realize it is a quiet time for you that once started allows your still small voice in your head, in your heart, and in your soul to be heard.  Trust me in this process as well.  Believe me, it works.
  • Begin to be your own diagnostician.  Once you begin to believe in you and the still small voices of intuition, the answers to issues–mentally, emotionally, physically–do come to you.  It takes time, but believing what your body tells you is important in the self esteem area.  
  • This one is a little harder.  Once you begin to listen to your body and you begin to get an idea of what is going on, then you will begin to be able to prescribe how to fix it.  Yes, you can, and, yes, you will!
  • Many have a hard time when it comes to this step:  let go of all outcomes.  When you try to control the outcome, you are throwing away everything else.  Don’t try to understand this right now, but you gain control when you let go of it.  It is the self power:  it is not power until you let it go into the world!

On Empower Excellence in Facebook, I am beginning to do a live one minute daily visit before the end of the year.  You can always reach me at janicelitterst@gmail.com as well as through comments here on WordPress.

My Dad, My Boyfriend, My Husband


My husband, my boyfriend, my husband handle my money! This is a basic rule for women and money:  Learn the basics of making decisions, how to save at an early age, what goals you want to achieve with money in your life, and the world of banking and credit.  Women find themselves all through their lives facing transitions begging for decisions to be made in regard to money.  Being able to make decisions is a starting point.  Can you make basic money decisions?  Help the women in your life if they need money guidance, but let them develop their own self esteem and confidence and the rest will follow!

So What Is Courage with Money?

I Believe in Courage

Courage with money, honey, means ready to never have fear about money!  It is possible!  Start with yourself, find what your dream is, find what your passion is, develop your self-esteem, and learn about your flow of life!  Once you learn about flow–which does take courage–every day practice!  Start with thinking  💭 about being fear free…really, think about it first!  Courage, my friend!

So are You ready to be Sustainable?


Maybe you are already there:  Sustainable!  Maybe you are not.  But if you are ready to learn about you, to learn about money, to learn about health through food, to learn how to eliminate chemicals in your life, then you can become sustainable!

But it does take an awareness and it does take courage.  I have spent many blogs talking about self esteem, self worth, and courage.  I will probably wander off there, but for now, I want to move you towards sustainability in your daily life.  For a while, let’s look at the foundation, money.

Do you have the courage to look in the mirror and ask yourself today:  What is my relationship with money, honey?