The Power of Letting Go! #Financial Freedom

Letting Go Lets YOU GO!

RED is the color of passion, danger, and more. RED is my color of choice to talk about LETTING GO!

Letting go requires mastery but it is the natural course. Government and self-government becomes too intrusive, and rebellion is a natural choice, but we really should let Nature do the work. It is very hard to learn the art of “non-doing”. Self control and control can be good if we are “allowing”, but think of the trees as they grow they do not interfere with Nature. It is hard to embrace change, but if we think of living in the flow of life and trusting in the Universe, but living is soft and yielding while death is rigid and stiff. Going against the stream wears you out, it is like fighting against yourself.

As we learn our strengths, we discover that our usefulness is not uselessness. We stop functioning on outcomes and focus on the moment and not on the prize. We also learn to let go of excesses. We learn what we truly need while we also learn that possessions become prison cells. To live in moderation is to be on the path to peace and the Tao. We are in the flow, and we have learned to float…

Are You Acting Tough?

Butterflies   No Sense

Are you in a survival mode with your life and with money?  Many are!  And many times being in a survival mode is all about acting tough, getting a hardened shell for all to see including yourself!  It works for a time because it helps you to feel strong without being strong; it works for the short-term, but there comes a time when you need to consider being strong in reality!

Acting strong helps you, as Amy Morin in SUCCESS Magazine in April of 2017 shares, to mars your insecurities while denying your pain.  As in Tama Kieves’ book INSPIRED & UNSTOPPABLE, getting started and acting tough makes you believe you are indestructible for the time being, but it does fade so you need to recognize that you are suppressing emotions and becoming a controlling person while telling yourself that failure is not an option.  You are focusing on what others think of you when you are acting tough.

There comes a time when really being strong becomes your path as you address your weaknesses and shortcomings and you begin to strive for self control rather than controlling.  While you stop suppressing your emotions, you begin to learn from your experiences.  No longer acting tough but becoming strong, you are focusing on developing character while believing that failure is a part of your success.

Thank you to Amy Morin for sharing her insights on Mental Strength…

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The Only Energy We Can See…Are You Green Today?


Light is the only energy we can see.  Colors are powerful manifestations connected to parts of our body.  Each color affects us mentally, physically, and emotionally.  Energy work takes on many forms, but simple colors:  red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet, can also have an effect on our energy.

My logo for Empower Excellence was created with this in mind.  Following my morning meditation, it became clear that sharing the colors and their significance was my mission for the day. I am beginning that mission today with the color green!

To begin anything, we need to feel balanced in a very basic way.  We need love.  We need self control.  Self control includes discipline.  To begin any small work to change our energy requires discipline.  The simple example of getting out of bed in the morning–that requires discipline.  It requires self-control.  There is a balance of what we want and what we know we need to do.  It is the very basic demonstration of need versus want.  If we want to accomplish what we need to accomplish, we have to start the day.  It may not seem like love when you are getting out of bed, but in the end it is love for yourself:  doing what is best for you to do at this moment.  Whether it is getting up to take care of your family, going to school, or going to work, it is all a matter of self-control, love, and balance to accomplish what is yours to do in a day.  

While we cannot see the positive energy that evolves from these simple actions, we can feel that energy.  We can see the green in nature in all seasons.  But feeling the energies what propels us to do what we need to do, even if what we need to do is something we do not necessarily want to do!  Be green today, feel the energy, and maybe see energy in “light”…