Welcome Self Healing as a Path to JOY!

I Blieve in Light

You are a healer!  You are a light worker!  You can heal your thoughts, you can heal your emotions, and you can heal your body.  Don’t believe me?  Read the late Louise Hay’s work, among others, on healing your body, healing your life.  It is true, once you heal your body–any part of it–you are healing your life.  Once you heal your life, you are back to the primal feeling of JOY!

More than that, as you heal, you renew…

And, while you are at it, heal your money relationship.  You will find while you are healing your thoughts, your emotions, and your bodies, money may just become a whole lot simpler for you.  You have given away your power in many parts of your life, including your money.  It is time to take it back!  This is not selfish or egotistical!  But money many times is not a solo journey–family members, friends, and more are all a part of your money relationship.  Take back your primal powers of your mind, your heart, and your body, and spiritual healing may very well occur, and money has a role in our spiritual lives.  It is time to express your joy, your tenderness, and your caring–Start with the most important person in your life–YOU!  Be your own light worker and heal YOU!


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POWERFUL ENERGY…Mind, Body, Spirit–A Legacy


For years, I have written about ENERGY, but I do not think that I have ever, not once, defined the word!  But the day has come as I continue to write about a Family Legacy with Financial Wellness.  There is no way to create that legacy without ENERGY, Money Energy to be specific.  And we will be writing about that as time goes on.  

ENERGY has many definitions, but let’s use this:  strength and vitality required for sustained physical or mental activity.  It can be synonymous with many words, but for simplicity here are a few:  vitality, vigor, life, verve, and spark!  

There have been many influences in my work on Money ENERGY, but in the NOW, no one has had more of a profound effect than Deepak Chopra.  I must share the credit for my journey with Money ENERGY with many, but Deepak definitely!  

ENERGY is with us from the time of conception.  Let’s focus a little more on youthful ENERGY.  At the same time it is important to look at the quality of your ENERGY.  Keep in mind that childhood energy is always within no matter your age.  That may surprise you.  It may not seem that way, but it is the quality of the ENERGY that changes when it is not at the level we would like.  When we are told that we look “young”, that refers to the biological or physical state of who we are.  We are usually happy when we are told “you look so young”, and that has a lot to do with the fact that we want to remain young to be able to experience everything we want to experience in life.  I intend to live to at least 104, so that means I have at least one third of my life left.  I have a lot I want to experience.  But to be “young” is not only physical, it is also mental, emotional, and spiritual.  

Every living being with cells has their energy begin with the processing of energy in every cell every moment.  The physical energy has to do with growth, the mental with how we think and process thoughts, the mental and emotional come with development, and spiritual is there always, always has been there.  The processing of youthful energy is ageless and happens through bodily processes such as breathing and more.  ENERGY comes in, energy goes out.  Breathing, eating, digesting, healing are bodily processes involving the creation of ENERGY.  

Different people have different needs at any particular moment of their lives…ENERGY is in the NOW.  Quality also differs from moment to moment, but, when optimized, it is a restful alertness.  Know that ENERGY is constantly renewed as cells live in the moment.  ENERGY can be increased many ways including meditation which is simply a technique.  When used in combination with self care including food, ENERGY can become complete without limits adding to our wholeness, our joy, our creativity, our freshness, and our alertness.  ENERGY!



Facebook:  Empower Excellence  “financialwellnessforall”

Facebook:  Empower Excellence “It’s Your Money” LIVE and More

LinkedIn:  Janice Marie Litterst

Twitter:  @empowerwithjan

Email/Phone:  janicelitterst@gmail.com     440-670-2252

Want to Become Sustainable: Start with Self Care…Money Stops Most!

simplicity plan breate trust let go

Money creates situations where mental stress, muscle tension, confidence and flexibility suffer.  Really!  Maybe you have experienced this, maybe you have not; or at least you do not acknowledge that money may be a contributing cause to all of this.  Think for a moment.  Breathe for a moment–that is a free gift since conception!  No money involved here, but, deep breathing rarely occurs when money is problematic.  Start with 5 minutes of deep breathing–it is work, but it does help position your mind, body in general, and organs specifically to take a time out, and it is a workout!

When you are comfortable with 5 minutes, increase the time slowly, and begin to see how you slow down all for the good!

What is this all about?

As a money energy coach, I work with all types of money transitions and concerns.  When we get down to the basics of a solution, much of it is self care.  And most people do not take the time to care for themselves.  They have been raised to believe that this is a selfish motivation and being selfish is almost a sin!  Yes, there is much more to many money issues, but self care is a foundational requirement of self worth and self esteem, and most people do not love themselves enough to care for their personal worth.  

Why should you or they begin to care more for themselves?  Well, let me begin a list of the benefits of self care:

  • boost your immunity
  • reduce inflammation
  • gain increased self control
  • improve communication skills
  • manage stress better
  • enhance working memory
  • lower blood pressure
  • improve balance
  • boost mood
  • increase confidence
  • increase relaxation
  • support fertility
  • keep bones stronger
  • improve body image
  • slow aging
  • and more!

Breathing is just the beginning, real breathing, deep breathing.  You can add more to this regimen:  yoga, aromatherapy, massage, being in nature, visualization, sauna, and more…reiki, tai chi, dancing!

Why should you do any of this?  Why should you be concerned with self care?

Because, while you may want to improve your life including your money relationship, which can improve all parts of your life, if you forget about you, your personal financial sustainability will be for nothing.  You need to create a personal LEGACY of YOU first, then you can begin to address mental, emotional, physical issues.  Then and only then will you be effective at creating a LEGACY for your family including financial wellness.  It needs to start with you because a LEGACY is left with everything you touch in your life, STARTING WITH YOU!

Would you like to do less; achieve more?

Less with more focus

For years, I thought I was very focused until 2018 arrived, and my focus intensified for many reasons.

Are you focused?  

Still, would you like to do less, have more time for what you are passionate about, and still find your abundance?

It is a beautiful Friday in Northeast Ohio, and from my office facing .75 acres of trees, puddles, and birds, and sometimes deer, the windows are open in every room, and I am breathing deeply, smiling, and getting so much done–personal and professional.  I share because too many times when the discussion centers on being focused, it is only professional.  But balance was part of the reason I have increased my focus.

This morning included over an hour of meditation–guided and free flowing, homemade healthy breakfast, my 5-minute or so “Empower Excellence It’s Your Money LIVE” session on Facebook on “Net Worth”–personal and financial, creation of an Egg/Cheese/Ham Strata to cook this evening with a fresh salad, a quick cleaning of my townhome, and more.  I have caught up on my emails, processed today’s mail, and am now doing my blog.  All before the long-awaited washer repairman appears between 12 and 5.  That is another story.  This afternoon is planned to finish my third program to be ready to be published online for Teachable and my “Transformational Moments” School there.  Why do I share all this minutia?  Because being focused has led to better sleep, more exercise, more productivity personally and professionally.  

But it is more than “focus”!  

And it is something that I plan on sharing on Teachable, on Facebook, and on this sharing piece.  What I have been sharing on social media has a lot do with my work on Money, really Money Energy; and it is time to share the back stories about Money Energy:  Flow, Vibration, Abundance, Transformation, Self Care, Oneness, Joy, Ethics, Values, Attitude, Resistance, Self Love, and Gratitude.  

And every bit of it has to do with money and money energy.  If you energize your life, your money is energized as well…

Thanks for reading “empowerexcellencewithjan” and supporting me in this way.  I hope to provide more than you can read, appreciate, and share with others.  Have a great weekend.

Strong & Smiling for the Future!


There are five elements in life:  space, fire, air, water, and earth.  No matter who you are and how you are influenced, you will be out of balance on your journey to where you are headed.  Some will face imbalance more often than others, but the secret is to recognize when things are not quite right and how to get back into balance!  Some may believe in Auyurveda or other methods of staying in balance.  Some may just have the intuitive sense without a label.  When you feel that something is not going quite right, you are the only one who can see the beginning signs.  Pay attention to you, a foundation of self care, and move to make things right!  You are heading for something BIG, not small, and YOU must be BIG to reach that goal and be mentally strong with money and all parts of your life!  

A Single Parent Can be Wealthy, Too!

Show Up

I wish there had been someone there to mentor me as a single parent…I would have done a lot of things differently; but there was not, and today, decades later, I still find myself in a mindset of lack!  But really not very often.  I learned all I did and became what I became through the years in order to help others with their children and their money relationships.  So here are some hints how to become wealthy as a single parent.

First of all, you are not alone, in 2017, there were 12 million single-parent households in the U.S.  Build a network of other single parents–men and women—to create memories, laughter, and support.  This is crucial.  Reach out, help others, and accept help from others.  

Your quality of life is your responsibility.  I can speak to the meager amount of financial support my children and I received.  It has affected all of us throughout our lives.  It is hard to play catch up.  Do the best you can to work with a financial professional throughout the divorce to make sure that you maximize an equitable solution for the remainder of your life.

You are the most important person to you and your children, and self-care must be prioritized.  Find what re-energizes you and do it!

From there, learn to be selfish for you and your children.  It is not only self preservation but also the key to maximizing the wealth of you and your family, financially, emotionally, and spiritually!

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