What Would I Do if I Was Being Truly COURAGEOUS?

Money often times requires decisions; decisions are often times hard to make!  And, when, those decisions are in regard to something you want for you, they may be harder to make as we have been raised to think of others.  That is a valid and admirable trait, and it avoids being labeled as “selfish”, but […]

Clearing the Way to My Destination!

I love hummingbirds, and I love butterflies!  No one ever tells baby hummingbirds that they can fly, and butterflies, I am sure, in the midst of their major transformation are never given a course on flying.  They just trust, have faith, and just do it!  They learn as they go!   Tomorrow is the last […]

Why Did I Choose Pampered Chef?

And why did I choose to be Pampered Chef “healthy”?   Pampered Chef is all about food.  It is all about healthy food and learning to cook healthy food with quality cooking utensils and tools and serving pieces.  People of all ages will tell me that they do not cook; but they do have to eat. […]

Jumping for Joy!

Yes, you do have to be healthy to be personally sustainable!  There is no doubt about that.  Yesterday’s blog was about personal sustainability, and within an hour after writing it, I was faced with the first de-energizing decisions about my own personal sustainability. Without disclosing personal details, I had to live out a decision that […]

Staying in the Fog a Bit Longer…

I am in a fog–for the first time ever, I had a cough syrup hangover yesterday morning as my body rebelled against “drugs”, but “drugs” were the only thing that were working on day 3 of the “gift” from the Universe.  So, yesterday, I began withdrawal and am experiencing the authentic symptoms of this malady.  I […]

To Gain Clarity, You Need To Clarify…

Walks along Lake Erie’s shoreline at Huntington Beach is a solo, meditative experience, which I have not done often enough this year.  That is a mystery to me.  But this year has been many mysteries, and many of them have to do with money.  I am very driven about my business and my work with […]

Welcome To My World, Really! And Money is Just a Small Part of It!

Ok, the annual birthday is over! The Days of Witchcraft are over for another 365 days! You know if you were touched by my spells yesterday! Those spells had nothing to do with judgment or deserving to have a spell cast on you! This year, there were no money spells! That is important, and the reason there were […]