Make Money Simple: Preparing the Legacy…Retirement


Let’s  touch on a  subject that sometimes causes breathing to stop when planning a Legacy:  Retirement!  And there is only one way to talk about retirement–in a take charge way.  It can be different for each of us as you may work full-time for a company, you may be a stay-at-home parent or caretaker, or you may be a part-time worker or are self-employed.

But, in planing a Legacy, Retirement needs some attention.  So INHALE the Future and EXHALE the past for life is about to change at least in your reality and fantasy world of planning.

AND, if you are a late saver, identify your goals.  Think realistically about what you would like to have your RETIREMENT look like.  Pay off a mortgage, if you have one and can pay it off.  Look at the amount of time you have to fund your goal realistically.  Prioritize your goals and get to work.  Once again INHALE the Future and EXHALE the past.

Planning a Legacy can help you get Retirement under control in your mind. Remember, one of the biggest obstacles for those retiring is to imagine what it is like to live without a paycheck.  Uncertainty will strike.  There are ways to recreate a paycheck in retirement:  Social Security maximization, annuitize pensions, and more.  Talking with the right financial professional can help you get through this obstacle.  

For Legacy purposes, take the time to plan this future part of your life…it needs to be considered before the Legacy is putout paper.

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Taking Back My Weird Power!

butterfly clipping wings July 6 2016

There are many days lately that I wondered what in the world I was doing even though I fully realize that being an entrepreneur is a totally forever changing world with my business.  I tend to outgrow things quickly, and, sometimes, it takes me a while!  Yesterday was a proving kind of day when according to Tama Kieves “I stop pushing and allow myself to be pulled toward my truth.”

The extent to which I am driven surprises many while their lack of drive surprises me.  I have known for years that I would never retire, but I also knew that The Universe and I were working together.  Who am I to complain!  I am alive, I am vibrant, and I am flexible.  It helps to know what my mission is and that everything I have done is to fulfill that mission.  What was really hard was to stop being scared about the money part.  I cannot compare where I am with anyone else.  I just know that it is all working out, and I will forever be fine…money is needed, but it will appear at the right times!

Why am I sharing this right now?  

Because, I tell myself, that I need to wake up to my power and do what excites me.  I need to focus.  I need to care.  I know big changes are coming as a result of the hard work I have done in 2018 and before.  This is my encore.  No, in fact, it is the major performance!  And it is why I am here.  I am taking back my power, and everyone can think I am weird but I have my wings, and I am soaring.


What in the Hell is EMPOWER Excellence?


Sorry for the profanity, but I am only saying this because when people see my logo, and then they hear my company name, they may not say it, but they are thinking:  “What in the hell is EMPOWER Excellence?”

It was not meant to be confusing, and it is not something I want to change, for this is my story of my company.

Step by step, trying not to be boring, story by story, here is what EMPOWER Excellence really is.

If you prefer the short version:

EMPOWER Excellence came into reality when I realized corporate America in the field of financial services really cared.  Not about the clients, not about the employees, not about the communities, not about the environment, not about the poor, not about the hungry, etc. etc.

What corporate America in financial services, and in all areas, cares about is the bottom line and the shareholders or investors.  To come to their defense, they have to in order to continue their existence–no dollars, no business.  

And, yes, today there are “B” corps, there are “socially responsible” companies, “social enterprises”, and more.  I am all of those, but I really want to help “people” find their relationship with the barter of centuries–money!  And that takes time when you are not making money for the corporation.  Bad!  

So, armed with faith, some money in my retirement, and a whole lot of energy, I took on the latest corporate partnership I was in.  Edward Jones.  

My time with Edward Jones — 6+ years — was not empowering.  It was the impetus for me to move forward with what was to become EMPOWER Excellence…

Stay tuned…tomorrow…


The Journey is Everything! The Journey to 104+!

Joy Ride

Now that all masks are off, I hope, a new journey begins, and it is interesting to see who cared enough about my medical diagnosis to contact me with “hugs”!  Thank you to all of you!  Yesterday’s blog allowed me to vent, clear the slates, take off all of the masks, and get started on “the journey to 104+”.

Ok, will you join me?

Let me know how old you are in “comments”.  I would like to know a little about my companions on this journey.  Why do I want to live to be 104+?  Because it took me many years to really know what my life mission is.  That mission is all about helping people with their money situations in life.  I do not sell investments, I do not represent any financial company, I do not do debt counseling, I do not do bankruptcy counseling.  I simply help people find their way with money when their life situation could be changing through marriage, divorce, children, death, job loss, new job, and more.  My 17 years in formal traditional financial services gives me the educational background, and my personal understanding, empathy, and compassion does the rest.  I care about helping people with their money when they need someone to be their guide without selling them products to “solve their problems.”

What does that have to do with the Journey to 104+?


I took my flying leap of faith gradually for a year, and then I jumped into this full-time 2+ years ago.  I had no model, no one to pattern what I was doing after.  I had my Spiritual guidance and the faith in myself that I could do this without any other income coming into my solo household.  And I am doing it!  I am doing it because I want to have my coming decades to be joyful in all areas of my life.  And I do not separate my personal from my professional life:  it all flows together kind of like the path the Universe has taken in 14+ billion years.  I have so much planned for so many years, and I know God laughs at our plans, but God is part of my plan, he and I agreed upon this before my birth.  It just took me decades to peel back the layers of life to remember what that Divine plan was.  

I am going to help as many people as I can while supporting myself to do all of the things that I am meant to do.  When I am ready, I will help not only people in Northeast Ohio but all of Ohio.  And then the region, and then nationally, and then internationally!  Ambitious?  Yes.  But God did not stop with one location.  People all over the world (I do not think I have time to go out into the Universe!) are my brothers and sisters, and if I can help them with their money, no matter what their currency is, I will help them.  And besides, as the years progress, more and more folks over 100 are being celebrated by Willard Scott and having their pictures on Smuckers’ Jelly Jars.  Why not me?  After all, that would be a great way to continue to get the word out about that crazy Jan Litterst and her simple idea in 2012 to start a company called EMPOWER Excellence.  Maybe when I reach 104+ sometime in the mid century, I will consider retiring.  After all, I think a good retirement can promote longevity.  Maybe the number should be 124!

Make Your Retirement a New Story…MAKE IT YOUR STORY!

Retirement is a new story!

Retirement is a new story!

Maybe you never saw yourself as a writer, but you are…and you can make YOUR retirement anything you want it to be:

A Drama

A Mystery

A Romance

A Comedy

A Musical

think about how you want this story to turn out…

and then bring together YOUR

Cast of Characters


Conflict, if any,