A Legacy Builds Bridges…

Now that you know who and what you want your Legacy of Financial Wellness to be, realize that you now can build bridges.  Forget about the walls.  Being open and honest and a connector makes you a leader.  It makes you stronger.  It makes you open to not only to all of your family but also to the Universe as a whole.  Blessings come to those who respect themselves as well as respecting others.  I have learned that cutting people from my life doesn’t mean I hate them.  It simply means I respect me.  So respect yourself.  Respect your work.  Respect your money. Respect those who respect you.  A Legacy is a reflection of all you are about while you are living and when you transition to your future home!  Respect it.  Connect it.  Collect who you are with all who are to be with you!

What Do These Women Have to do with Personal Sustainability?

I am taking the time to talk about basic concepts before we go further into Personal Sustainability.  Why?  Because most problems with money, food, and more rest on the concept of self esteem.  We are born with all we need, and we start losing it the moment we enter the “light” where all of the […]

And Why Would You Shop There?

  Today was a day of exasperation for the second day in a row in my adventure of grocery shopping in the Oberlin, Ohio area… But it really began on Saturday at the Oberlin Farmers Market…one question there:  where are all the organic local farmers? I am a total supporter of “local”, but I also […]

What Was That Caterpillar Thinking?

Transformation is not easy.  I fact, it can take a whole lifetime; and, I am sure, that is how a caterpillar feels when its transformation begins.  I cannot help but feel that a lot of listening by the caterpillar occurs, which can lead to a lot of respect of what is happening.  That is, if a […]

Energetic Gratitude on This Thanksgiving Day…

Giving back is my theme for Thanksgiving this year… And it is giving back no matter from where the love and energy originated.  It will be the first year in many that I am making Thanksgiving with siblings a priority no matter how they want to celebrate the day.  Believe me, my idea of Thanksgiving […]

Making Decisions is Easy…

Yes, making decisions is easy.  Even making a commitment for me is fairly easy; and success comes in one way or another.  It would be so easy if we were the only ones involved in our world to “Decide.  Commit.  Succeed.”  But we aren’t.  It would be so easy to love everyone who crosses our […]

How Do You Feel About YOU?

Finding our power has everything to do with how we feel about ourselves.  Our instincts took a lifetime to develop, and we have to learn to respect our instincts.  Really.  call it instinct or intuition; don’t argue over the differences.  They are your feelings!  Respect them.  YOU need to find what you value about yourself, and then […]

Are You Still Brave? Can You Fire People?

one of the most brutal examples of “firing” people came from George Clooney in the movie “Up In The Air”…  It was a brutal job, but somebody did have to do it.  If you took my message yesterday seriously, you have created a list of clients and customers who do not respect you or what you […]