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Happy Valentine’s Day to all of my readers no matter who or where you are and how you celebrate and with whom you celebrate. I am glad I celebrated this day with “the little people” in person with the Fire & Ice Tower and then by mail in the last few days! It is so easy for life to take over and to miss, not by decision but by life, celebrating special days with loved ones. This is a day for the 4 and 6 year olds to be children with valentines and parties and just sugaring out!

The theme of the day should be love and beauty and courage and respect. It is for the living but it is also for those who have transitioned this past week. It is also for those who I will witness in jury duty for the next two weeks. It is for lovers, for entertainers, for the old and the young because it is what you make it. And, yes, financial freedom allows you to celebrate with love, with beauty, with courage, and with respect. But the love underlying it all can be your choice when you are feeling your financial freedom. You have removed the pressure of having to use money for every choice you make…that is the freedom!

Adding My Values… to Jan Litterst, LLC coming soon!

EMPOWER Excellence, Professional Women’s Connection and AGELESS WOMEN OF WISDOM will be joining together under Jan Litterst, LLC in 2020


WHY My Core Values are FIERCE!

I define FIERCE as a heartfelt and powerful intensity demanding passion!

FIERCE also answers the questions of “WHO AM I?” “What do I “WANT?” “WHY?”

FIERCE moreover describes the WISDOM of Money, Business, and Sharing as incorporated into JAN LITTERST, LLC by EMPOWER Excellence, Professional Women’s Connection, and Ageless Women of Wisdom.

Every action of JAN LITTERST, LLC will incorporate all of the following traits:

WHY               wisdom          honest            yes!

FIERCE           Free and fearless




                        Connecting through Communication


Copyright October 2019Janice Litterst

Time to Remember…

When Memorial Day weekend arrives, it is more than the arrival of Summer and the placement of flags on gravesites. It is a time to pause, be thankful for the service of so many, and remember that each who has passed in the service of our country deserves more than one weekend a year. They are also deserving of the respect not only of their friends and families, but they deserve constant responsible leadership to lead our country in a manner deserving of their ultimate sacrifice. It is time to begin the removal of an ignorant, belligerent, narcissistic senior citizen who is not a leader and not only does not respect those we honor this weekend but also has no respect for any of us…the time has come to remove him immediately or deliberately in 2020. And future Memorial Days will not memorialize this President, this honor will never be his…

A Legacy Builds Bridges…

Now that you know who and what you want your Legacy of Financial Wellness to be, realize that you now can build bridges.  Forget about the walls.  Being open and honest and a connector makes you a leader.  It makes you stronger.  It makes you open to not only to all of your family but also to the Universe as a whole.  Blessings come to those who respect themselves as well as respecting others.  I have learned that cutting people from my life doesn’t mean I hate them.  It simply means I respect me.  So respect yourself.  Respect your work.  Respect your money. Respect those who respect you.  A Legacy is a reflection of all you are about while you are living and when you transition to your future home!  Respect it.  Connect it.  Collect who you are with all who are to be with you!

Clutter and Money, It is True, Honey!

Butterfly Uncluttering

Money and things, boy, are they related.  You already know that, but do you ever stop and think that even the presence of clutter in your office, in your home, in your mind, are truly related to your money relationship?  

When you take the time to sort and respect “your things”, you are taking the time to allow your thought process to become aligned with your money.  A cluttered mind usually does not stop in your mind.  It spreads to your office, to your car, to your home.  

 Try this:  ick one place in your life that is cluttered.  UNCLUTTER IT!  Really, unclutter it, and then ask yourself how you feel about what you just did.  You may find yourself taking the next step to uncluttered a part of your life.  Sooner or later, you may just get to your bills, to your paperwork, to your money.

It is worth a try!

What Do These Women Have to do with Personal Sustainability?

Dolores_Huerta free wikipedia jpg

I am taking the time to talk about basic concepts before we go further into Personal Sustainability.  Why?  Because most problems with money, food, and more rest on the concept of self esteem.  We are born with all we need, and we start losing it the moment we enter the “light” where all of the adults we encounter have their own issues and do not hesitate to share them with the wonderful, fresh, newborn babies.  The babies are the beneficiaries of the good, the bad, and the ugly.  Cumulatively, as adults each of us has their own multi-layer onion of “stuff” to peel.  Good luck with that because then we meet others who are in the same situation, maybe different circumstances, and everyone believes they “are not good enough”.  And, I do not care how privileged someone seems, go deep enough, and self esteem may be an issue.

And women seem to have a somewhat larger problem with self esteem than men!  

So, I am spending 26 days, one for each letter of the alphabet, to share the stories of women who, while considered radical, rose to the position of a “leader” in their own right no matter what their circumstances may have been.  They peeled back the layers of the onion and went on to become a role model for someone or many someones.

“D” for today is for Dolores Huerta.  Raised in Stockton, California, she became a teacher of children, many of whom were from farm workers families–conditions today in the fields of the United States may be better than when Dolores began to teach, but medical situations, unsanitary living conditions, and more were obvious to her in the classroom.  Their whole families needed help, so Dolores became a community organizer for basic rights.  With Cesar Chavez, they formed the United Farm Workers Association.  New laws were passed to allow a living wage and to allow them to have healthier, safer lives.  Dolores faced sexism, and brought the issues within her own organization to the forefront and leading to the dignity and respect everyone deserves.  This is self esteem!

And Why Would You Shop There?


Today was a day of exasperation for the second day in a row in my adventure of grocery shopping in the Oberlin, Ohio area…

But it really began on Saturday at the Oberlin Farmers Market…one question there:  where are all the organic local farmers?

I am a total supporter of “local”, but I also prefer “organic”!  Tell me how you grow your food, please!  You can offer pesticide, etc. free, without certifying!

Then yesterday, based in many recommendations of trying Walmart for a good selection of organics at lower prices than other stores.  OMG, no, never again.  My feelings about Walmart remain….junk in, junk out!  They do not respect their employees, and they do not respect their shoppers!  I am not going to shop all Walmarts in the area to find one that offers quality because they feel a certain area deserves better!

Tiday at Giant Eagle in Amherst, Ohio, with an advertised special of organic mushrooms, There were three packages that looked like they should be removed because of their condition were marked down for me to 1/6 of their advertised price. And I took the best package and cooked them right away.  How bad can you get?  This is pure disrespect for the shopper!  Yes, I took advantage because it was feasible for a use I could create.

My point is that a store can create loyal customers by respecting them by offering quality choices……..whatever they desire at a reasonable  price.

And there are stores that do that….two in my area–Heinen’s and the Oberlin IGA.  AND I WANT TO SAY THANK YOU!

What Was That Caterpillar Thinking?


Transformation is not easy.  I fact, it can take a whole lifetime; and, I am sure, that is how a caterpillar feels when its transformation begins.  I cannot help but feel that a lot of listening by the caterpillar occurs, which can lead to a lot of respect of what is happening.  That is, if a caterpillar has that ability.  But, in the end, a sense of love has to emerge when the transformation takes the caterpillar from its original state into the state of a butterfly.

I have been known to compare the caterpillar’s transformation to the transformation as a general process.  And it is a beautiful comparison; but it is also a powerful comparison.  Acknowledging the butterfly’s path to becoming a butterfly, it is also unknown if the butterfly even knows that it is happening or that it has happened at the conclusion.  And that is a lesson to be learned.  So many times, no matter what the goal of a transformation may be, we as humans do not fully realize when we begin a transformation in our lives.  We may know where we are, we may know where we want to end up, and we may know the generic steps to take, but the path is never certain–there are twists and turns along the way.  And sometimes we are even unaware when we have completed any part or the total transformation.  It becomes apparent in strange ways, sometimes to others before ourselves.  

But in the end the transformation has required deep listening, respect, and a lot of love of self.  And, in the end, the transformation bestows a certain degree of power on the one that has been transformed.  In that power, comes more love, more respect, and more deep listening albeit of a totally different kind.

Energetic Gratitude on This Thanksgiving Day…


Giving back is my theme for Thanksgiving this year…

And it is giving back no matter from where the love and energy originated.  It will be the first year in many that I am making Thanksgiving with siblings a priority no matter how they want to celebrate the day.  Believe me, my idea of Thanksgiving is more Norman Rockwell, and I love cooking the meal, creating the love materialized!  But I digress…

It would be a total surprise if any of the siblings ever read my blog or pay attention to anything that is personal and passionate for me, so I can write these things with the hope that they would read it.  And I digress further…

It will be the first year in his history that my younger son will not be celebrating the day somehow with me, but w have found divisions on the side of his spousal family led him, his wife, and his two darling sons to be spending Thanksgiving at the exact time of dinner with my daughter-in-law’s splintered family as I will be breaking bread in an Italian restaurant with my “side of the family”.  Priorities this year for all of us was to unify family in small ways, and we did.

And then there is my older son in Florida from whom I received a text, and, respecting his tradition, I texted back.  There is no story there, only love, and a lack of love of communicating.  He is alive, he is well, that is what I read behind his Thanksgiving message to me.  For the I am grateful…

But there is a high energy of gratitude on this day that all of us are respecting each other’s wishes on this Thanksgiving day.  It is one day, and we are all grateful for the solid relationships we have.  Tomorrow will be another day as we march towards Christmas…and more energy, and more love, and more respect.  That is all I can ask for.

Making Decisions is Easy…

Decide Commit Succeed

Yes, making decisions is easy.  Even making a commitment for me is fairly easy; and success comes in one way or another.  It would be so easy if we were the only ones involved in our world to “Decide.  Commit.  Succeed.”  But we aren’t.  It would be so easy to love everyone who crosses our path, but sometimes they make it very difficult.  But I do it anyway.  What I am trying to convey this afternoon is that we are all connected, and those connections often stop us in our tracks to “Decide.  Commit.  Succeed.”  They are the side trips that distract us.  So, we keep on going…

That is where the love and joy come into play.  Sometimes we create our own frustrating situations in the best intention.  Sometimes we would be better off if we did not create a special situation for someone to help them in a rough spot.  I have learned, and continue to learn, there is a difference between help and enabling.  When help becomes entitlement to the recipient, it is definitely enabling.  While enabling is usually “to help”, it many times becomes resentment on the part of the giver.  It would have been best not “to help” in the beginning.  That sounds harsh but it is even harsher when the situation I had created turns into entitlement, and that entitlement becomes messy because the recipient is not respecting the giver/receiver relationship that has developed over time.  That disrespect becomes disappointment and resentment for me; but, more than that, I am a decisive person.  When I make a decision, I commit, and I succeed.  That is a behavior pattern that has brought me to where I am in my business.  I keep my word.  Period.  

I love helping people; it brings joy to both the giver, me, and the recipient.  I love the look of joy in the recipient’s eyes!  I love helping them.

But then, when the help becomes taken for granted, and the person has not been able to extricate themselves from the situation that created the need of help, and the situation becomes problematic, the enabling behavior has to stop.  It just becomes time for it to stop.  It is not always easy, but it is always the right decision.  Unfortunately, it has a negative effect on the relationship between giver and receiver.  

So, here I am on a Friday afternoon, making a decision, making a commitment, and facing new success.  My decision is to no longer enable no matter how much I care.  I am committing to that because I do not want to feel this resentment and disappointment ever again.  I hope that my decision will be short-lived disappointment for the receiver that led to this decision, and I hope they themselves will decide to commit to their own success.