Many Women, Many Lives, AWE Ageless Women Emerging…

Yes, I have been told that I am too loud at times and too meek at times. I have been “critiqued”, have you? I am a boat rocker, are you? Sometimes men are the critiques, but many times women are threatened by any power I display. Are you a powerful woman on the inside, on the outside?

Powerful women come in all shapes and sizes, in all colors, in all ages–they are AGELESS. And every woman has wisdom that is hers personally inside and/or outside. Steven Pressfield in Oprah Winfrey’s THE PATH MADE CLEAR says it best: “Most of us have two lives. The life we live and the unlived life within us. Between the two stands resistance.”

This year I invite every woman and every man who knows a woman to join me in this SUMMER OF AWE Ageless Women Emerging to explore their inside and outside lives in an effort to reduce their personal resistance and begin to live the life they have left lie dormant within. Many times this happens for fear of being critiqued. But that power within needs to be shared. It is your wisdom, and wisdom needs to be shared at all ages with all ages. Emerge with me and others in the summer of 2019 and become and Ageless Woman Emerging into all of your greatness and wisdom. Are you ready for resistance?

Our Unlived Lives…Money is No Excuse

Go for it girl

No matter if you are a woman or a man, everyone has at least one female in their life!  I am not being sexist in this message…women tend to give up what they want in their lives, and many times it is because of “money”; at least that is their excuse!   And I do want to share a quote from Carl Gustav Jung:  ” Nothing has a stronger influence psychologically on their environment and especially on their children than the unlived life of the parent.”  

It is no surprise that we tend to live the outward life, and then there is an inner life which is what we truly think and want.  Money can be a wall of resistance between the two.  There is a resolution, but many will still resist.  “GO FOR IT”, go for the inner desires, wishes, dreams, and wants.  Quit making money your scapegoat!  Stop, breathe, think, and figure it out.  You can do it if you truly want it…the question is DO YOU REALLY WANT IT?

Let the Universe Float You…

Let go

During this time of R-Evolution with Money, prepare to be surprised.  I intentionally planned to use a gift 🎁 certificate to a float therapy experience until yesterday, June 1, the beginning of Summer.  And I was surprised on many levels…

Beginning with Money, the experience was a manifested gift 🎁!  Then, totally relaxed, I went food shopping.  Money 💰 in, money 💴 out!  Balance.  Then I stressed; after all, this is a Money R-Evolution, it won’t be perfect!

On my drive back to Oberlin, my ego contemplated making several phone calls to folks I have not talked to, for good reason, this calendar year.  I persisted and did not because I was driving.  Then, because meditation has turned in the direction of Thoreau’s Walden as I move forward…. I stopped at the library for a copy of the book, which was there.  But also there was Dr. Christiane Northrup’s DODGING ENERGY VAMPIRES…  The rest is still unwritten, but 65 pages in, it is already truly life changing…

Money stress always returns in the morning, and it did; but so did the wisdom of The Universe.  Everything I meditated with had to do with my Money mind in a very good way…grateful, I went into my individual silent meditation, and then my mind went into total regression…

Today will be spent finishing the book, hibernating, and journaling with the beautiful Fall-type weather for a lifelong water fear became ready to be resolved, and Money flow will also be resolved along with forgiveness and proper resistance to allow energy to flow where it has always been meant to go.  All because of float therapy and a book, and I let go!






Butterflies…Transform Each & Every One

Gold butterflies cascading

Butterflies are the perfect example of transformation…personally and professionally, and I am here to share everything butterflies with you.  While we are at it, we are also sharing ways to transform; and I do believe personal examples can be powerful.

Have you a good story about your own personal or professional transformation which you would love to share but never get around to it?

Share your story with me through the comments, and, with your permission, I would love to share in whatever way you want, anonymously or not.  

In the meantime, April is almost over, that is 1/3 of 2018.  Unreal, but in December, finally realizing why I made the move to Oberlin, I dug in without resistance and began to transform my personal and professional life; and it is a singular life for one of the things I really learned in 2017 is that there is no division for me between personal and professional.  From here on, you will hear me refer to the combination of personal and professional as “LIFE”.  

Back 6 years ago, I paid for my original Empower Excellence with Jan website to be created.  It was a beautiful job, and the designer was to maintain it–that is where the design lost my LIFE in the process.  LIFE changed, the website did not in major ways.  I learned I needed control, but FEAR stepped in.  I never designed a website; but I learned the first step was to abolish the existing one.  After much discussion with the host of the website, I abolished it leaving me with no website until I figured out what to do.  It was a brave move but not too brave.  I had a good deal of presence on Facebook and a lesser presence on LinkedIn.  I signed up for a course to create a WIX website at a local college, but I was the only registrant, and the class was cancelled.  With a conversation with the instructor for the course, I set off to create a WIX website with a huge learning curve in front of me.  The website was up the beginning of April–I said it is up, it is not perfect, but it is the address of what my old website was––it is acceptable, and it is the canvas on which the website of the future will be built.  Enough about that…

It was a transformation, the start of a transformation:

  • Stop being a perfectionist.
  • Change what no longer works.
  • Let go of partnerships and friendships that have been outgrown.
  • Step out of the box, out of my comfort zone.
  • Trust in me.

It was an eye opening period of my LIFE…I was out there alone without the personal and professional BFFs because I realized that even BFFs can be outgrown, and they remain BFF but they are no longer your emotional go-to!  It has been hard to let go without any drama, intentional or otherwise, but there is no drama in my LIFE any more because I made the decisions to eliminate those who created the drama from any major role in my life.  They remain in the back story of my life, and they have no idea of their change of status.  It was a harder decision for me but to share their change of status WOULD HAVE LED TO DRAMA…

So, here we are with a new website.  What else has transformed?  I taught myself how to go LIVE on Facebook in February.  Another scary move, but it was not difficult.  I, once again, had a huge learning curve as I created a new page devoted to “Empower Excellence It’s Your Money LIVE and More”.  Anyone can join simply by requesting to join.  There are over 100 members of the group, and it is a group because I would like others to engage in the page.  I have learned many things:

  • Set a schedule, and take a day off periodically
  • Be there when you say you will be
  • Ask others to “SHARE”
  • Allow myself to make mistakes, but pick up quickly
  • Thank people for watching!
  • Let it all come from my head, heart, and soul.

Having to be “live” three days a week (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday), and not wanting to do this in my pajamas (I am the expert on Money Energy; must command some professionalism), I am up, breakfasted, showered and ready to go for the day at 9 am.  That is a LIFE achievement!

Enough for now, the transformation continues, and I would love to help anyone else in their LIFE transformation…just let me know how I can help you!

Would you like to do less; achieve more?

Less with more focus

For years, I thought I was very focused until 2018 arrived, and my focus intensified for many reasons.

Are you focused?  

Still, would you like to do less, have more time for what you are passionate about, and still find your abundance?

It is a beautiful Friday in Northeast Ohio, and from my office facing .75 acres of trees, puddles, and birds, and sometimes deer, the windows are open in every room, and I am breathing deeply, smiling, and getting so much done–personal and professional.  I share because too many times when the discussion centers on being focused, it is only professional.  But balance was part of the reason I have increased my focus.

This morning included over an hour of meditation–guided and free flowing, homemade healthy breakfast, my 5-minute or so “Empower Excellence It’s Your Money LIVE” session on Facebook on “Net Worth”–personal and financial, creation of an Egg/Cheese/Ham Strata to cook this evening with a fresh salad, a quick cleaning of my townhome, and more.  I have caught up on my emails, processed today’s mail, and am now doing my blog.  All before the long-awaited washer repairman appears between 12 and 5.  That is another story.  This afternoon is planned to finish my third program to be ready to be published online for Teachable and my “Transformational Moments” School there.  Why do I share all this minutia?  Because being focused has led to better sleep, more exercise, more productivity personally and professionally.  

But it is more than “focus”!  

And it is something that I plan on sharing on Teachable, on Facebook, and on this sharing piece.  What I have been sharing on social media has a lot do with my work on Money, really Money Energy; and it is time to share the back stories about Money Energy:  Flow, Vibration, Abundance, Transformation, Self Care, Oneness, Joy, Ethics, Values, Attitude, Resistance, Self Love, and Gratitude.  

And every bit of it has to do with money and money energy.  If you energize your life, your money is energized as well…

Thanks for reading “empowerexcellencewithjan” and supporting me in this way.  I hope to provide more than you can read, appreciate, and share with others.  Have a great weekend.

Money and Drama…

Polish Circus

This is a time for history.  This is a time for inauguration.  This is a time for swearing in.  This is a time for marches.  This is a time for drama.

But it is not a time for drama with money.

There are few people really looking out for you as an individual today.

We are returning to a state of chaos in many areas of American life.  It is a time of returning to fear in the fifties, sexual freedom in the sixties, women’s liberation in the seventies, and more.  I am a woman; I am for sexual freedom, for women’s liberation, and more.  During the last 8 years, I was beginning to feel that the American people were on the right path.  There was a paradigm shift occurring; Bernie Sanders can retell all about that.  I was a Bernie Sanders follower.  I am a part of working class America where my father stayed in his government position working hard for years.  My mother was a stay-at-home mother.  I am the only one of my siblings to graduate from college.  I like to think of myself as a conservative liberal who is truly a servant leader.  I have been a single parent for years.  I have never been rich, but I have never considered myself poor.  I have traveled a path to where I am today as an entrepreneur who sees my hard work, smart work, and perseverance beginning to pay off.  What is happening today is not my circus, not my monkeys.

I believe in the Women’s March, but I had no desire to join it.  I believe in the Resistance that will take 4 years to remove the current government, if you can call it that.  But I am not marching, I am not preaching, I am not posting about this on social media.  I believe it is time for me, and I am the only opinion I can express, to stay the course, to keep my beliefs, and not to become involved in all of the drama.  I am looking forward to living in small town America in the coming weeks; I am looking forward to expanding my business in the coming years; and I am looking forward to employing others in a productive, meaningful venture.  I am not seeking drama; I am not seeking money.  The drama will be all around me for 4 years; the money will flow because of Source and Flow.  But there will be no drama surrounding the money…I am determined to live so that there will be no circus and there will be no monkeys in my life!

Brave is All About Showing Up…

brave lyric 3 jpg

“The willingness to show up changes us.  It makes us a little braver each time.”  Brene Brown

Making decisions about life, making decisions about money, is really very simple.  The right decision is already within each of us.   If you are “ready”, the decision will make itself.  Energy, clarity, and more are all within you; it is the resistance that you experience that poses the problem.  This is where you have to be brave.

“Brave” is where the energy enters the picture.  “Brave” is where strength comes in.  “Brave” is where faith comes in.  Put together energy, strength, faith, and “Brave” comes on its own two feet.  You just have to face the resistance that comes from both your interior and exterior.  You just have to show up.  Show up, and you are “Brave”.  Are you ready?